The Birthday Surprise

This is another story in my Jinx and Jangle series. If this is the first time you are reading about Jinx and Jangle, they are Elves at the North Pole. They are very unique elves, you never know what may happen when they are around. My last Jinx and Jangle story was The North Pole Olympics.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday…”  Jangle opened his eyes to see his room filled with several elves and Santa.  They all were singing as loudly as they could with Jinx being the loudest one. When they sang the last line there was a huge Clang!! They all had been hiding cymbals behind their backs, ready for the exact moment to smash them together. Well Jangle was definitely awake now,  no question about that!  His heart may be pounding a little faster too.  The elves were laughing and Santa’s deep, cheery laugh was easily heard.

“When you are dressed and ready, come into the dining hall, there is a special omelet made by Chef Salvo for you. ” Jinx told him. Everyone knew that Chef Salvo was the absolute best Chef around, he was Santa’s personal Chef.

It didn’t take long for Jangle to get ready knowing that, his taste buds were already salivating. He was over at the dining Hall in no time and wasn’t disappointed. His omelet was seasoned just right with the perfect hot sauce on top of it.

“What are the plans for today?” asked Jangle when he and Jinx and 2 of their other friends were the only ones left in the dining room.

“What about we all go out for a little adventure?” replied Jinx.

“Sounds great to me!”

Snowflake looked at Jinx and said, ” What kind of adventure?”

“Well we will find out once we have it, but I think it will be great!”

One couldn’t help to get caught up in Jinx’s enthusiasm so Snowflake said that he was in and Frost decided why not. Any adventure with Jinx and Jangle was bound to be exciting, for you never knew what may happen, especially if it was Jinx planing the adventure. When his wheels start turning you never know what he may come up with.

Jinx had a picnic basket filled with all kinds of tasty food. He had kindly asked Chef Salvo earlier in the week if he would prepare a special basket for a special birthday adventure.

They all headed outside to the stables where Jinx and Jangle’s team of reindeer were. The reindeer were all smiling as they tried to sing Happy Birthday to Jangle.  Jangle looked at Jinx and the others as they all tried to be polite while the reindeer sang.  Jangle was thinking that the clanging cymbals might have been better. He noticed the smirk on the tricky reindeer’s face. He was pretty confident that he was the one singing the loudest and the most out of tune one.

When they ended Jangle thanked them and told them he was excited about the adventure today. They all nodded in agreement, for they were always ready to go somewhere.

Jangle and Jinx and their friends climbed into the sleigh and they took off. Suddenly Jinx pulled on the reins bringing the sleigh to an abrupt halt. Jangle, Frost and Snowflake all flew forward and back again.

“Perhaps we would be better off if we walked, “, said Snowflake.

“Maybe”, chimed in Frost.

“Sorry! But I forgot something.”

They watched Jinx get out of the sleigh and run back to the dining hall.  He had left the special basket of food right by the door!

He handed it over to Jangle as he got in the sleigh.

“Make sure you hang on tight to that. Who knows where this adventure may take us, but at least we can depend on having great food!”

They took off again as Snowflake and Frost started singing ” Happy Birthday” once more.

Jinx chimed in and Jangle just shook his head, what a day this may turn out to be!


The North Pole Olympics


The elves had been busy practicing ever since Santa had made his big announcement.  No one knew exactly what all the Olympics would entail, but they did know there would be racing.  The reindeer were excited as well and cooperated with practicing. Well they may not have all cooperated. Yes, the tricky reindeer was up to his tricks again.

“Hey Jinx, maybe you should glue your hat to your head, then your reindeer friend couldn’t knock it off your head all the time!”

Jinx looked up from cleaning the sleigh and just stared at Jangle.  There were no words needed. Jangle started whistling as he walked away.

The day finally arrived and everyone was excitedly chattering as they were all grouped together waiting for Santa to arrive.  The reindeer were trying to stay still even though they were very anxious.

Jinx had already got knocked down twice.  He didn’t know who the culprit was but the tricky reindeer was looking very suspicious. One time Jinx bumped into Jangle sending him sprawling as well. All the reindeer laughed then.

“Attention please everyone!” Santa was standing in front of the large group.  “There will be 4 events today. The 4th one will be the big race.  Hopefully you have all had time to review the rules on the papers that were handed out.  Most importantly  the thing to remember is to have fun! Let the games begin!”

The first event was crawling through snow tunnels. Once you got out of the snow tunnels, you had to walk a little distance balancing 2 eggs on your head. Jinx and Jangle had almost made it to the finish line when they tripped and splat went the eggs!

“Hey Jangle didn’t you have the job of hard boiling the eggs?” said Jinx  as he was wiping egg yolk off his forehead.

“Well…..I was hard boiling them…but umm…I must have got distracted with the last batch.”  said Jangle, as they heard some other elves yelling. The reindeer were enjoying the show as they were waiting for the 4th event to begin. The big race!

The 3rd event was the Ice Slide.  It was a long slide of twists and turns. You laid on a mat and the fastest person down won. Jangle went and did pretty well. His mat made it to the bottom though before he did. Somehow he had slipped off his mat and was spinning around. He felt a little dizzy when he at last got to the bottom.

Next was Jinx and he was having 2nd thoughts after watching Jangle, though it was funny to watch him.  He was at the top of the hill debating. He had laid down on the mat but was just sitting there until WHOA!  Something had pushed him. He twisted around to look and saw the Tricky Reindeer smiling big! OOOH now he was going backwards! He got to the bottom and everyone was cheering, he had made it in record time.

At last it was time for the big race. The reindeer were prancing and eager to be off! Jinx and Jangle were still debating who should drive the sleigh when Santa said, “3, 2, 1!” Jangle took off so suddenly that Jinx fell halfway out of the sleigh!  Jangle quickly stopped so that Jinx could get back in and off they went.

They zoomed across the field with Jinx holding onto his hat with one hand and to the side of the sleigh with the other. They were flying over the hills, Jinx’s stomach went up and down. The next thing they knew they both were in the snow as the sleigh tipped over on its side when Jangle rounded a corner too sharply.

“I think I will take over the reins now”, said Jinx.

That was fine with Jangle, he was feeling a little shaken up.

Soon they were off again and were making great time.

The finish line was in sight and Jinx told Jangle to hang on tight that they were going to fly! They went up the hill at full speed and yes they flew across the finish line. They landed with a big bounce as they flew out of the sleigh again, but to everyone’s surprise, including theirs, they had WON!

Santa proudly handed them their trophy and the elves cheered for them. Even the elves that still had egg yolk in their hair.

Jinx and Jangle were feeling pretty proud of themselves. They had worked hard and finally got their team of reindeer and now they had won the North Pole Olympics! Who knows what could happen next!

Jinx was singing a little jig as he was cleaning the sleigh again when “Whop!” He got pushed from behind and once again got a face full of snow as his hat flew off his head. He knew who did it before he even turned around. Sure enough the tricky reindeer was grinning as he held Jinx’s hat in his mouth. Then Jinx saw his hat go flying over the sleigh landing in the snow.  Jinx shook his head as he heard the reindeer laughing and then he remembered something and he started laughing.

He went and grabbed his hat brushing off the snow and walked towards the tricky reindeer with a gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face.

“Guess what! I have something to tell all of you reindeer, good news! Santa awarded a big bag of those extra special treats that you all love as a prize for winning the Big Race.”

They all got excited as Jinx got the bag out of the sleigh and started going around to each reindeer giving them some. He then came to the tricky reindeer and said, “Hmm….this scene seems familiar.  I have a super big bag of extra yummy treats that you really want, but….I think someone got themselves into a hole again.  Guess I am going to have to skip you.”

Laughing,  Jinx walked right by him holding the bag close enough that he could smell it, but not close enough to grab it.  He came around again and this time the tricky reindeer tried to negotiate with him.

“Sorry, you don’t have anything to negotiate with, said Jinx.

“But I will tell you my name at last!”

“Nah, I don’t need that anymore, I can just call you whatever I want. That could be more fun. Looks like you lose …. Again!”

Oh the tricky reindeer made a face as he watched Jinx feeding the other reindeer.  When would he learn!  Someday, someday his luck would change. But for now he was afraid that the picture of that special bag of treats that he wasn’t getting was going to be in his mind for a long time!

Oh wait what was that. Jinx was coming toward him again and he held something in his hand. He opened it up to reveal some of the special treat and handed it to the reindeer. “After all you did help us to win the race!”  Jinx said.

The tricky reindeer munched away happily as he smiled inside. Then he heard Jinx say, “Just  never forget who you are dealing with!” and he chuckled to himself as he walked away.

The tricky reindeer wasn’t afraid, after all, he had been able to push Jinx down the hill and into the snow and he was getting to eat some special treats. He would call that a winning day indeed! Oh the fun that there was to have at the North Pole.





The Exciting News

For my new readers who may not have read any of my Jinx and Jangle stories, here is a link to my previous story which leads into this one. The Tricky Reindeer

Jangle and Jinx had just finished feeding their reindeer team and they were walking back to their cottage.  As they walked along Jangle had an idea come to him and he smacked his forehead.

“Lets make snow angels! Its been a long time since I did that.”  He laid down on the snow and started moving his arms and legs urging Jinx to do the same. At that moment Snowflake came running their way and knocked into Jinx, causing Jinx to fall on his stomach,  landing face first into the snow.

Jangle tried to hold back his laughter as he turned to Jinx and said, ” You are supposed to lie on your back to make a snow angel, but I guess you wanted to be different.”

Jinx grunted in reply and Snowflake helped him up apologizing though she had a smile on her face as well.  ” I am sorry Jinx, I didn’t see you. Hey, maybe you could get a light to wear on your head. something that shines as bright as Rudolph’s nose. That way everybody could see you.

Jangle was laughing along with Snowflake. Jinx rolled his eyes at both of them.

“Speaking of reindeer, how is your reindeer team doing?”

Jangle laughed, “They are doing fine, but Jinx still has a problem at times with the one tricky reindeer.”

“Hmm… a tricky reindeer, which one would that be?”

Jangle laughed for he knew that Snowflake knew who he was talking about. Everyone knew the tricky reindeer and the battle that went back and forth between him and Jinx.

Jinx still didn’t know the tricky reindeer’s name for no one would tell him. They all enjoyed keeping it a secret,  claiming  amnesia whenever Jinx would ask one of them. They knew how curious Jinx could be about things, which made it even more fun to keep him in the dark.

“Well are you guys coming? Santa is getting ready to make the big announcement, I don’t want to miss it.”

Jangle smacked his forehead again. “Oh yes, I had forgotten all about that. Let’s go!”

They made it just in time to hear Santa tell the big news.  There was going to be a big race which included an obstacle course. It would be called The North Pole Olympics. Details would be coming, but portions of the Obstacle Course would be a surprise. Everyone was excited about it and left right away to tell their team of reindeer.

Jangle and Jinx had finished telling their reindeer  about the North Pole Olympics and asked if there were any questions. All the reindeer shook their heads “No”, but the one tricky reindeer just smiled as  thoughts swirled around in his head.

Jangle and Jinx were walking towards their cottage once again and chatting about the big news. “I think it will be a lot of fun!”, said Jangle.

“I am excited to be driving the sleigh again”, said Jinx, “and I am curious as to what all the obstacles will be. There is only one thing that I am concerned about.”

“What is that?” asked Jangle.

“I am sure I saw a mischievous glint in that one tricky reindeer’s eyes when we were explaining to all of them about Santa’s news.  He was looking right at me.”

“Well Jinx, you do know that he still probably remembers how he didn’t get any yummy treats that one day due to you. A reindeer never forgets!”

Jangle smiled to himself, he didn’t think he would tell Jinx what he saw when they left the reindeer. Jangle had taken a quick look back and had to laugh at the tricky reindeer. He knew he was sticking his tongue out at Jinx.

Jangle had winked at the reindeer when he saw him and the reindeer winked back. Oh yes, this may be the most interesting Olympics yet. Let the Games Begin!










The Tricky Reindeer

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Decided that we can’t end this year without knowing how Jinx and Jangle’s first trip with their own team of reindeer went.  Did they make it back to the North Pole again?  If you missed their most recent story where their dream at last comes true. Here is the link.  The Magical Night  Enjoy!

Jinx and Jangle were taking a break, letting the reindeer rest some from their long journey.  They were so happy with themselves.  They had really made it to all the houses, well at least they were hoping they did!  It so happened that  a certain someone forgot the map!  There were no left over gifts, so they were feeling confident that they hadn’t missed anyone.  Jinx had to admit that he was impressed with Jangle’s sense of direction.

“You had me worried there at first,  when you said you didn’t have the map Jangle!”

“I had told you that it would be fine, I had looked the map over and memorized it.  I have a great memory when it comes to directions.”

“Yes, you proved that!  I won’t underestimate you again.  Sure am glad that you did, for I certainly had no clue where we were supposed to go.” replied Jinx.

“Hey Jangle, where did my sandwich go?  My special Potato Chip sandwich. Did you take it?”

Jangle had his mouth full. so could not answer right away.  He was eating a Nutella and Jelly sandwich.  He didn’t need to answer though,  the culprit soon showed itself.  You could hear him smacking his lips.

“I think we know what happened to your sandwich,”  Jangle said as he laughingly pointed at one of the reindeer.

The reindeer was grinning and Jinx shook his head, that reindeer had been nothing but trouble since they had started this trip!  It didn’t help that he couldn’t remember his name and the other reindeer wouldn’t help.  They found it humorous to watch the 2 banter back and forth.

The reindeer had kept snatching Jinx’s special hat off his head when Jinx wasn’t looking. One time he had scooped the hat off Jinx’s head and then lowered it into the snow before plopping it back on his head again.  Everyone had laughed at that!  Well everyone but Jinx.  Jangle was trying to hold in his laughter, but he hadn’t been too successful.

Well the witty reindeer might think he was winning, but Jinx had a plan.

He walked over to the reindeer and asked if he enjoyed the sandwich. The reindeer shook his head as he smiled.

“Hmm..well I guess since you are probably all filled up now, you don’t care to have any of these special treats that Santa sent along?”

The witty reindeer looked at Jinx as he said, ” Oh I have plenty of room for the special treats, Santa always send delicious ones!”

“No, I am afraid you had your special treat already, these are for the other GOOD reindeer!  I am sure they won’t mind dividing up your share.”  Jinx winked as he turned around with the bag of goodies and started handing them out to the others.

“Ha Ha Jinx, you are bluffing!  I’ll get my treat, I am not worried!”

He watched Jinx go around with the bag a third time and this made him start to feel a little uneasy!

“Hey Jinx I will tell you my name if you bring some of those treats over here!”

“Sorry,  you are too late!  Oh your friends are really licking their lips, these treats must be pretty special this year!”  All the reindeer started nodding their heads in agreement.

Then the witty reindeer saw Jinx walking his way with the bag and he called out. ” See, I told you that you were bluffing. I knew you would give in. ”

“Oh how you underestimate me my friend,  one thing you need to remember, I never bluff!”

In saying this Jinx opened the bag up the whole way  for the reindeer to see.  To the reindeer’s dismay it was totally empty!  There wasn’t even a crumb, but ooooh he could smell what had been inside the bag.  The smell made his tongue salivate.

“Nice smell, eh!” laughed Jinx.  ” Hey, I just got a great idea,” Jinx said,

“Jangle do you still have that spare piece of rope that we had, bring it over here please.”

“Sure thing, but why do you want a piece of rope?  What is that brain of yours up to?”

It didn’t take long until Jangle saw Jinx’s idea and he couldn’t help but laugh, all the other reindeer laughed as well!  Well almost all,  there was one reindeer not laughing, but Jinx sure was!

“Now you can smell that great aroma all the way back to the North Pole. See how nice I am to you!”

Jinx had tied the big bag around the reindeer’s neck.

The reindeer had to admit that he had underestimated this crazy elf!  He saw that he had met his match!  But that’s Okay, he was up for a challenge.  Jinx may have won this time, but there was a New Year coming.  It would be full of opportunities for him to get one over on the sly elf.  Who knew what would happen!

“Ready to go everyone!  Does everyone have their bellies nice and full?”  Jinx directed his gaze at the one particular reindeer as he smirked at him and the reindeer just rolled his eyes in reply.

“Okay Jangle lead the way!”  Off they went, all excited to get home and show everyone that they had made a successful trip!  The perfect ending to the year.  Yes, indeed!

The Magical Night

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the North Pole all the elves were working as the final hour drew near.  Well, perhaps not all the elves!

Snowflake was walking through the Toy Factory and he heard a strange sound amidst the happy chatter of the other elves and the whirring sound of the toys.  He looked around and soon spotted the source.  Over at the table in the corner.  Jinx and Jangle were snoring away with their heads on the table.  Snowflake thought he would have some fun and grabbed some cymbals that were nearby and crashed them together. He had never seen Jinx and Jangle jump so high before!   He quickly scurried away as they were looking around, rubbing their eyes, wondering what had happened.

“Well, I am awake now, how about you Jangle?”  Jangle just shook his head as he was still waiting for his heart to stop beating so hard.

“Lets get back to work, for today is the Big Day!  Tonight we may get our first team of our own reindeer!”   Jinx said with an excited tone to his voice.

“Oh I can’t wait!!” replied Jangle,  ” Surely this will be our year!”

“Yes, our year indeed!”,  Jinx was talking as he was testing the wind up “Pop goes the Weasel” toy.  He wasn’t paying attention and when the weasel popped up he jumped, making Jangle laugh.

“That weasel gets you all the time, doesn’t it!”

“Oh don’t pay attention to me, concentrate on your reading!”, Jinx replied.

Jangle was reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”,  making sure all the reindeer’s names were correctly spelled.

They steadily worked through the day, singing as they worked.  Jinx was even dancing a little jig as he worked.  They both had trouble containing their excitement awaiting the big announcement from Santa about the reindeer teams.

At last the end of the day came.  Jangle had approved the final book and Jinx had turned the last “Pop Goes the Weasel” toy.  They both had cautiously fixed the tuba like toy that had sprayed sparkly confetti all over Jinx before.

Everyone was standing outside awaiting the arrival of Santa and all the teams of reindeer.  Jinx was still dancing a jig in nervous anticipation.  “Patience my friend”, said Jangle.  “Take a deep breath and smile!”

At that moment Jinx’s foot slipped as he was was dancing and down he went into a pile of snow.  “Poor Jinx”,  Snowflake said,  as he threw a snowball at him when he was down.  “Yes Poor Jinx!” someone else cried as another snowball flew through the air.  Soon Jinx and Jangle and the other elves were involved in a massive snowball battle.

It came to a stop when they heard Santa’s  cheery, loud “HO-HO-HO!”  They all quickly brushed themselves off and turned their attention to jolly Santa.  He smiled and surprised them all as he pulled out a few snowballs from under his big red coat and let them fly into the crowd. After all, Santa enjoyed a good sense of humor too!

Splat!  The snowballs hit Jinx and Jangle.  Their friend Frost was standing nearby but had moved away just in time.  He smiled at them and said, ” Poor Jinx”, “Poor Jangle.”

Santa let out a deep belly laugh and then cleared his throat to give the big news.  “It is that time again.  Time to call out the names of the reindeer teams.  I know all of you are excited.  Just remember even if you don’t get a team, you are still very important!  There is still important work that we need you to do here.  Keep your heads up and your turn will come.  Thank you all for all the hard work that you do!  Now without further adieu I will call out the names of the teams for you.

Oh,  Jinx and Jangle’s hands were getting sweaty due to their nerves.  Their eyes were pinched shut as they listened to the names being called.  There was only one more team left.  Who would the drivers be?

Santa paused and everyone was silent.  He then spoke and said, ” For this last team of drivers I have thought very long and hard about it!  I consider this one of my most favorite teams of reindeer, next to mine of course.   I needed just the right drivers for this team.”

He took a deep breath and said, ” I hope that I made the right decision and don’t end up smacking my head, but please give a round of applause for 2 elves that have been waiting a long time for this chance.   They have worked very hard amidst some mishaps along the way….”

In  hearing these words, Jinx and Jangle’s eyes flew open.   They  looked at each other, “mishaps along the way”, he had to be talking about them!

“Jinx and Jangle Congratulations on your own team of very special Reindeer!”

Everyone started clapping and Jinx and Jangle jumped for joy and ran up to Santa with words of gratitude pouring out of them!

Their time had finally come!  They had made it!!  This was going to be such a special night!  A night that they would be sure to remember.  It would be perfect,  for what could possibly go wrong!

Santa gave them their map of directions and was busy instructing them on the names of the reindeer and telling them some  little facts about each one.  He was giving little hints of how to keep the reindeer going,  for sometimes they could surprise you and decide that they wanted a nap in the middle of the journey.  But there was no time to nap on Christmas Eve.  Some of them could be stubborn at times, and needed a little enticing.  He told them about the one reindeer who enjoyed jokes and how he could be tricky.

Jinx and Jangle’s faces were beaming and they were trying to pay attention, honest they were, but their hearts were so excited.  Their minds kept dreaming about the night and how amazing it would feel driving their own team of reindeer.   They could hear Santa talking, but their minds were talking louder.

“Well that is all you need to know,  you should be ready now,   any questions?”  There was silence as Santa looked at Jinx and Jangle.  “Jinx, Jangle, did you hear me?  Any questions?  You were paying attention right?”

“What?  Oh Santa, yes, yes indeed! Heard every word.  We are ready!  You can count on us sir!”

Santa smiled, telling himself not to worry.  Yes, his reindeer were in good hands he was sure of it!  What could possibly go wrong?  He shook their hands and patted the reindeer goodbye telling them to be good to their new drivers.  He thought he caught a glint of mischief in the one reindeer’s eye.  It was good that he warned Jinx and Jangle about him.

Jinx and Jangle  watched Santa leave and turned to each other with glee!  What a magical night it would be,  a magical night indeed!

The Adventure Continues…Part 2

“You are going to hit that sleigh full of gifts!” cried Snowflake, Jangle closed his eyes waiting for the crash.  Jinx made a sharp turn just in time,  avoiding the sleigh full of gifts.  He made a sharp turn which took him directly into a snowbank, the quick stop ejected Jinx out of the sleigh.   He did a graceful belly flop into the snow.

Jangle had opened his eyes in time to see Jinx go flying through the air.  Snowflake and Jangle were still chuckling as Jinx picked himself up out of the snow.  Santa was walking by as Jinx was brushing the snow off of him.  He looked at the sleigh stuck in the snowbank,  looked at Jinx and shook his head as he let out a deep chuckle.

“Welcome back Jinx and Jangle!  The North Pole hasn’t been the same without you two.”   Jinx and Jangle smiled bright, Santa was  happy to see them, all was well.  Maybe they would get their own team of reindeer this year!

It was their first day on the new job that Santa had appointed them too.  They were working in the section of the toy factory that double checked the toys to make sure that they worked.  They pushed buttons to make sure the doll would talk or that the toy would play music, or do whatever it was supposed to do.  After working all morning they took a lunch break.

“So what do you think of the job?” asked Jangle.  “I like it, it is pretty easy,  for all that we do is push buttons.  I can handle that!  I enjoy seeing all the different kinds of toys that come our way.  You never quite know what exactly may happen when you push the button.  There’s a little mystery with this job. I always have liked a touch of suspense to my life.”  “I agree,” replied Jangle.

The end of their shift was drawing near and Jinx was starting to get a little sleepy and ready to get off his feet.  There was one more toy to be checked. It was an odd looking toy, not like the others had been.  It was a long straight tube that went up high and then angled out with the opening resembling the opening of a tuba.  Jinx and Jangle both loved music so they fully expected music to come out when the button was pushed.

“Go ahead and push it Jinx, I pushed the last one.”

Jinx pushed it and “POOF!!”  Glittery confetti came spraying out all over Jinx.  He was covered from head to toe!  Jinx opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was speechless.  Once the spraying stopped Jangle turned the toy over and saw a wee little sticker on the bottom of it.  It read “Gag gift” .

“Well I think this gift works just fine, don’t you Jinx?  I give it my stamp of approval!”

Jinx didn’t say a word as he was too busy brushing off the confetti.

“Hey my friend you missed a spot!”  Jangle laughed as he brushed some of the glitter off of Jinx’s face.  I could start calling you “Sparkly” said Jangle,  as they walked outside.

“Splat!” A snowball landed on Jangle’s back.

“Okay perhaps I will continue to call you Jinx!”

“Gee, I can’t wait to see what toys come through the line tomorrow! What about you Jinx?”

Jangle didn’t stick around to hear Jinx’s reply.  He was walking quickly before another snowball came flying his way.



The Adventure Begins

“Wake up, Wake up!”  Jinx opened his eyes and gave Jangle his best intimidating look.  ” I sure hope you have an extremely good reason for waking me up!”

“Ooooh I have a very good reason!!” replied Jangle.  “We got a letter in the mail today.  A letter from Santa Clause telling us when to report back to the North Pole.”

At this news Jinx sat straight up in bed, ” That is great news, so when does he want us there?  We have to start packing and I need to go to the beach one more time and…”  Jangle interrupted him, “The date is the exact reason that I woke you!  According to the letter we are supposed to report to the North Pole on November 25th.”

Jinx jumped out of bed so quickly that his legs gave way and he plopped smack down on the floor.  As he was shaking his head in confusion, he sputtered, “Oh No!  Today is December 2nd!  What happened?”

“Apparently our letter was lost in the mail until now!  Oh Jinx this is not a good way to start out.  Santa is not going to be happy.  We are supposed to get our own team of reindeer this year if we do well, remember!”

Jinx and Jangle rushed around packing up their things as fast as they could.  Jinx called the airport to find out when the next flight to the North Pole was and Jangle made sure to carefully wrap their special clock.  When he went to take it off the wall Jangle felt like the little bird was mocking him as it said, “Cuckoo…Cuckoo!”  He used to think that bird was cute.

They finally found themselves at the airport and felt like their heads were spinning!  When they found their seats on the airplane, they both got comfortable and after take-off they promptly fell asleep.

“Wake up, Wake up!”  Jinx was nudging Jangle this time.  ” We are preparing to land.”  Jangle woke up and looked out the window.  Snow and more snow!  He had almost forgotten what snow looked like.

When they had collected their baggage and stepped out of the airport they went into shock!  “BRR…!” They had forgotten how cold the North Pole was!  They danced a little jig as they waited for their friend Snowflake to pull up in his sleigh.

“Hey guys, where have you been!!! Do you know how many trips I have made to this airport waiting for you?”  Jinx and Jangle looked sheepishly down at the ground as they explained that the letter from Santa  was late in arriving to them.

“Oh No!  I keep telling Santa that he needs to get a new secretary.  She has made so many mistakes at sending out letters and packages and not getting the correct address on them.  In fact there is a story going around that one package that she sent took almost a year and a half to arrive at its destination!”

Jinx and Jangle felt a little better at hearing this, maybe Santa would understand after all and not be upset with them.

“Well hop in guys! Why are you shaking, you can’t be cold, can you?”  Snowflake laughed and said, ” This isn’t Hawaii you know!  No worries, you will adapt to the weather again!”

Jinx and Jangle hopped into the sleigh feeling the excitement at being back at the North Pole starting to flow through them.

“Hey Snowflake! Think I could try driving the sleigh for a little?”  Jinx asked with a gleam in his eye.

” I will pull over and let you drive it the final mile, Okay?”

“Great!” Jinx rubbed his hands together in delight.  He wondered how it would feel to drive a sleigh again?

It wasn’t too long before Snowflake kept his word and pulled over for Jinx to take over.

“Now be careful Jinx!”

“Absolutely!” Jinx replied, as Jangle gripped the sides of the sleigh.

The ride was going smoothly until…..”Jinx, look out!  Don’t hit the….!”

(to be continued…)

A Happy Hammock Day!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I just wanted to give a brief introduction for any readers that might not be familiar yet with Jinx and Jangle.  These 2 are quite the characters.  They are elves with big hearts who  have a knack for getting themselves into crazy situations!  They are currently on  a leave of absence from the North Pole and  living in Hawaii!  They will be back to the North Pole soon and may be able to get their own team of reindeer this time! Enjoy the story and may you have many smiles today!  My dear husband is taking me out for a surprise so I know I will have smiles. Here is a link to the first Jinx and Jangle story.  The Story of Jinx and Jangle

Jinx was laying in a hammock resting his eyes, enjoying the gentle breeze.  Jangle was  out on a bike ride.  He rose early this morning and rode out to the beach to see the  sunrise.

Jinx opened his eyes for he thought he had heard something interrupting his peaceful morning.  Yes, he had.  The answer was riding into the driveway tooting his bike horn.  Jinx had bought that horn for Jangle as a joke, but Jangle loved it.  It didn’t take much for Jangle to be entertained.   He tooted it all the time.  That was one joke that had totally backfired!

“I see the monkey in the middle!”  Jinx stared at Jangle.  ” What are you talking about?  I  am used to you being confused at times, but….tell me Jangle,  how does that mind of yours work?

Jangle paused for a moment and then said, “I thought it would be simple enough for you to understand, but I clearly see that is not the case, so let me explain.  There are 2 trees, one there and one over there.”   Jangle pointed to the 2 trees at either end of the hammock.  “Then there is YOU….in the middle… MONKEY in the middle!”

Jangle smirked at the facial expression Jinx made.  Jinx shook his head and said,  ” I think I will go back to resting!”  He went to turn his back on Jangle but turned a little too far and rolled right out of the hammock and onto the ground.  He could hear Jangle laughing the whole way back to the house.  Jinx was glad that at least the hammock was close to the ground, he didn’t  have that far to fall.   With Jinx and Jangle both being short in stature (for they are elves)  they hadn’t been able to tie the hammock too high up on the tree.

He laid on the ground for a few minutes as he noticed  that the clouds looked extra fluffy today as they drifted by. Cloud watching could be so fun,  of course the hammock was more comfortable then the ground though.

After lunch they were each sitting in their recliners chatting about this and that.  Suddenly Jangle sprung from his chair almost tripping over his feet,   ” I forgot that I had something to give you yesterday.  You know how forgetful I can be at times.  You had a package  come in the mail.”

Jinx’s smile spread to his eyes, as he clapped his hands together.  He loved surprise packages.  He wondered what it possibly could be.  Jangle was only gone for a few minutes.  He came back and walked  over to Jinx’s recliner, smiling big as he laid the package on his lap.  Oh Jinx  couldn’t contain his excitement!  Someone had sent him a special package.  He  tore into the package without even looking at the address of who it was from.  In a matter of seconds  his  excitement had  turned to confusion!

“Hey,  this is the exact same thing that I sent to Snowflake the other day?  I don’t get it, who is this from anyway?”   He looked at the front of the package.  No, it couldn’t be!!  Oh he did not do that, but  the truth was staring at him in black and white.   The package was from him and to him!  Unfortunately the addresses were in his very own handwriting,  he couldn’t deny it!  Instead of addressing the package to Snowflake, he had  sent it to himself!

Jangle was doubled over with laughter as  he quipped. ” I don’t think Snowflake ever got the package my friend! If I had known that you wanted to receive packages so badly I could have sent you one!”  He was laughing hard as he walked back down the hallway.  Laughing so hard that he didn’t see where he was going and ran smack into the door!  Jinx missed seeing it for he was still staring at the package with a befuddled look on his face, oh the crazy things he did when he wasn’t thinking straight!

Jangle came back out  and suggested to Jinx that he should get ready to go out.  “Why, where are we going?”

” I am not sure where all we will go,  but you do have a package to send to Snowflake, don’t you,  so I would say the Post Office will be the first stop.”  With a glint in his eye Jangle turned back around looking at Jinx and said, ” Would you like me to write Snowflake’s address this time?”  Jinx narrowed his eyes at him,  he had a feeling that he wasn’t going to live this one down anytime soon!










The “Clever” Idea!

Hawaii was brought up in conversation this week-end, and that made me think of our 2 crazy characters. The fun 2 elves who make Santa pull out his hair at times. Santa needed a break, which is why Jinx and Jangle got sent to the lovely island of Hawaii. They didn’t mind. The nice warm climate was a welcome change to the North Pole!

If you have missed the introduction of Jinx and Jangle, here is a link to the first story. The Story of Jinx and Jangle. Now let us check in and see what trouble they are up to this time!

Jinx was looking out the window watching the rain fall. Didn’t look like they would be riding their bikes today. Oh well, he wasn’t going to let the rain spoil his day, he was sure that he could still have a great day. He was waiting on Jangle to finish making his delicious omelettes now.

As they were eating their breakfast, Jangle was working on a crossword puzzle. “What is a 4 letter word for clever?” “Well that is easy,” replied Jinx, ” It is my name… J..i..n..x..!” The look on Jangle’s face said it all. Sometimes no words were needed.

As the rain continued to fall, they both sat in their comfy recliners and started to read their favorite books. They were rather large books, for they had very pertinent information in them that they needed to know. These books were so full of valuable information that they would probably need to read them twice in order for all the details to sink in.

They wanted to get them finished before they went back to the North Pole in September. They knew that  when they went back there wouldn’t be much time for reading, they would be busy working for Santa again. Trying once more to be good enough to earn their own team of reindeer! They had a strong confident air about them that this time would be the magic charm. Santa would be so impressed, as well as all the other elves who had dared to laugh at them. They would see what Jinx and Jangle were truly capable of!

Soon Jinx and Jangle started to doze, the books were such heavy reading that they couldn’t keep their eyes open.  It was the cuckoo clock that woke them up. “Cuckoo!” it called as the clock struck 10.

“Hey, it stopped raining!” Jangle said as he noticed the sunlight streaming in the window. “Let’s go for a ride.” Jinx agreed and soon they were on their bikes and heading towards their favorite trail. The Kauai Bike Path, right along the shore. The beauty of the water added to the delight of the ride.

They never knew what they may see when riding. Sometimes beautiful birds flew right in front of them. At times a pretty seashell would grab their attention while riding by and they would stop to pick it up. They had made quite a nice collection so far to take back with them to the North Pole. They wanted mementos to help be a remember of  their wonderful time in Hawaii.

Jangle was lost in thought and almost ran right into Jinx as he didn’t notice that he had stopped! “Next time that you are going to suddenly stop, blow your horn! Santa put that horn on there for you to warn people with you know. It is a ” Look out, I am coming!” horn.”  ” Well if you would have been paying attention to where you were going, you would have noticed that I stopped! Anyway look at what I found.” Jinx held up a nice shiny hand held mirror.

“What do you want that for? We have mirrors at the house.”  ” I have an idea,” said Jinx, “Let’s go home, and I will show you!” They turned around to head home. When they arrived home Jinx went into the kitchen to find some rubber bands and duck tape. Jangle was looking at him very curiously. He was  wondering what was going on in that brain of his now.

“Done!” announced Jinx proudly, as he showed Jangle the finished product. “Well I have to say that was a pretty clever idea, it should come in handy! Can you put one on mine to?” “Sure, I am always glad to help, all you need to do is ask”, said Jinx.

Jinx had fastened the mirror to the handlebars of his bike so that he could see what was behind him. “Now I will see you, before you crash into me Jangle!”

Jinx was feeling quite smart as he looked into the mirror and said, ” Mirror, Mirror on the bike, who is the most clever…” CRASH! The rubber band snapped, the duck tape came loose and the mirror shattered on the pavement.

“On second thought, I really don’t need a mirror!”, said Jangle,  as he made his way into the house trying to control his laughter.

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