Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Are you feeling like you can tackle any challenge that comes your way, or are you identifying with Peppermint Patty today?


Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps some V-8 juice. My husband used to drink that a lot. I am not crazy about tomatoes plain or in juice, now in spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce though I can handle them. Whatever your favorite drink is, have some as you kick back for a few minutes and enjoy some quotes. Have  great day!



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5. wp-1581389338083.jpg This is true … along with the beach being my favorite place as well! 🙂


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy February everyone! It may be February, but felt like Spring yesterday. Supposed to be another warm day today and then our bodies will go into shock again by it getting really cold, like its winter or something! Whatever the weather may be like take after Pooh and 10d9602cda5243d21c841a4e08167b85  see how many of these type looks you can get! 776b5f39b69d4b8ac13f1528846898e0


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  6. 1b8a2884f5ebc16d910ad27be64da4b8 this is our Yorkie, except she doesn’t meow!
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Starting the day off with Honey roasted Pistachios, Yum! I love pistachios, they are my favorite nut I would say. Then cashews and pecans. Do you have a favorite nut? Did you know that in China the pistachio is called the “Happy Nut”? What more reason do you need. Grab some “Happy Nuts” and Smile! May your Tuesday be great and not drive you nutty!

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  3. best-funniest-friendship-quotes-collection-best-friend-sayings No more needs said. 🙂
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Here is hoping that you are having a Terrific Tuesday! We may at last see some white stuff fall from the sky today. I am ready to watch the first snowfall. It is truly magical. Am I the only one who still has their Christmas tree up? I know Christmas is over, but I still like the lights at night. It will be down before next Tuesday. 🙂 Enjoy your day and hope the quotes bring light to your heart!


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  5. quote-i-like-integrity
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  7. wp-1578409634584.jpg
  8. wp-1578409575851.jpg now you have! You are welcome. 🙂
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  10. the-best-seed-short-story

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Big plans or are you trying to decide what clothes you will wear while sitting on your couch? We usually stay home, friends come over sometimes and family and sometimes its just been us as we all clink our glasses at the stroke of midnight. Whether you go out or stay in, and whether you see in the New Year or just the back of your eyelids, have a special evening and may your New Year start off on the RIGHT foot!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Its not looking like we will have a White Christmas, but that’s okay, I know there are several of you that live where its warm so you don’t get see snow on Christmas either. You also don’t have to bundle up in layers to do your Christmas shopping. I had mentioned to my daughter the other week on a cool, windy day when we were out, that Christmas should be in the summer! I thought I would share some more Christmas music with you today, as you read the quotes.  Enjoy! May the meaning of Christmas warm your heart. Take a breath and enjoy a peaceful moment, for peace and love is what Christmas is all about.



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  6. 6480961a4e636730c47494b9400c4958-1 🙂
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Can it really be 8 days til Christmas?! Are your stockings hung by the chimney with care? What is playing on your stereo? The following well known song is one of many that get played from our favorite Christmas CD’s this time of year. Pretty sure you will recognize the title and know who it is by without me saying it. Enjoy! And remember to enjoy the quotes as well! Now you have background music for them. 🙂


1.FB_IMG_1576299352278.jpgTHANK YOU!

2. FB_IMG_1576565695345.jpg Sorry for the groans this may have caused, but I knew there were some that would appreciate it! You are welcome! 🙂


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Our Sheltie is lying under the tree, she loves that spot whenever we sit up the tree each year. December is here, let the December magic begin! We had a great time over Thanksgiving being with my husband’s family. Lots of food and laughter and many hugs. We just got back last night and now there is laundry and grocery store shopping to do, but first you all need some quotes right? Enjoy and have a great first week of December! December is an extra special month here, for there is a certain someone’s birthday, plus our anniversary, plus Christmas! We have the beginning, middle and end all covered! Oh and we are anxiously waiting for my nephew and his wife to have their first child this week! Can’t wait to snuggle a newborn in my arms again!


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  8. problem-quotes
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? Yesterday, felt like a Spring Day, it was beautiful here. Had the door open and washed some windows to see a little brighter. My day was also made a little brighter by a surprise that came in the mail. Gave a little extra skip to my day. How can you make someone’s day a little brighter today? Pass out some smiles today and have a Terrific Day!


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  7. 7fc1101e79cba8906d0af8ba693c3984 Why I didn’t like Math in school!
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Its supposed to be a rainy day here all day, perfect day to curl up with a book. Or to just watch it rain as you spend time in reflection. I sometimes love watching it storm. The rain coming down so hard as the sky lights up. It can create such a peaceful feeling, even when the thunder roars.

I realized the other day that on Sunday I didn’t share my answer to the question I had posted.  For those who missed Sunday’s post, the question was to share a quality of yours that you really like. Just a simple exercise in appreciating ourselves. I thought I would share my answer today. I am thankful for my wit, which keeps me laughing, for we all know how beneficial laughter is! It is a wonderful coping mechanism when you hit the road bumps of life and its just plain fun! So thank you to all the ones who help keep me laughing! Some excel very well at it!  Children know how fun laughter is, they laugh a lot more times per day than your average adult does. Be above average today, be like a child!


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