Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! This time last week I was sitting on a beach with my feet in the sand ….  and ….  Ahh! The memories. Allow me to post one more picture of my friends please. They were literally swarming around me, as I had just fed one.  Let me tell you they know how to spread news quickly!


May you soar through this week with happiness! Enjoy the quotes!


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  2. a19f279be553a26f7b985cd19214051470592309_2508157569222411_4865257254040895488_n Who can relate?
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  9. 7ab2a64d59d1a4a33f560d372ab99be4 Go splash in the puddles and run in the rain!
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What has you smiling today? I hope your week started off on a good note and will continue that way! I was in Walmart yesterday and there were 2 little girls in front of me in the line at the register. The cashier asked if they were excited about school and they responded by jumping up and down. Their Mom replied that she sure was ready for school to start. I smiled and thought how I wanted to tell her not to blink, for soon her little children would be grown!

Enjoy the quotes and don’t blink! 🙂



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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is this really the last week of July? Where did the summer go? In less than a month my youngest will be starting their Senior year of High School!  The last, first day of school pictures coming up. Thinking that they will not wanting me to come to college next Fall to take a first day of college photo. 🙂 As my friend Jodi, often says, “Cherish the Moments!”

Cherish the moments of this day and have a great one!

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  2. ae818e1b44798bfb05315944c05cb287 Yes! my kids did this! Can anyone else relate?
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Time is ticking away and the sound of a train coming down the tracks is getting closer! Want to let all of you know that if I disappear off the radar in the near future, have no fear, the Wicked Witch or the Queen of Hearts did not find me. If confused, you can see yesterday’s post, How Should it End? Nope, all is well,  I will be enjoying riding the rails to … hmmm…. maybe I found a ticket to Wonderland! 🙂  Have any of you taken a trip on a train before?  This will be a first for us!  While your wheels are turning at wondering where my family and I may be off too, enjoy the quotes for today, they won’t leave you in suspense! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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  3. b9cb124dee62538a65dd5984fc444538 Truth! 🙂
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here, after all the rain we have had, these past couple days have been very nice. 70 degree weather, so not too hot. I hope your week is going well and that today will be filled with moments that make your heart smile!



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  5. 9b550716a5770b3aff0e3b7931820b76
  6. 24-fairy-quotes17 And now you know! You are welcome 🙂
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Back to reality today, woke up to the sound of the buzzing alarm clock. We had a nice day off yesterday and just enjoyed relaxing and being together instead of everyone going their different ways. I hope all of you enjoyed a nice start to the week and that it continues to be a great week. The sun is shining here and my flowers  that I bought at the beginning of this month, are still blooming, much to the surprise of my family! I may be setting a record. Let kindness bloom in your heart today and have a wonderful day!

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Swan Lake 2006-05-28 Thanks Yahooey for this one! I remembered to use it. 🙂

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Hope your day is off to a great start! I thought I would answer the questions I had asked all of you in my post last night. For a career, I used to think an airline stewardess would be fun, problem is I don’t exactly meet the height requirement and me wearing 7 inch heels and walking at the same time just isn’t going to happen! For a superpower, well reading minds of course! No guessing at what people are thinking, problem with that though is would I always want to know what the person is thinking?  I think I would have to be selective with that superpower, may turn it off at times! Describing myself with the first letter of my name ? Compassionate, and of course there is Crazy as well which may fit. What do I like to do, starting with the first letter of my last name? Sleeping is something that is usually enjoyed!

Have a great day, and I hope you get to do something that you enjoy today!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy April! Spring is trying its best to come! Been chilly here, but its supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope that this month started off great for you!

May these quotes help bring a smile to your face and give you something to ponder as well.  Enjoy!


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  6. 56ae293caab2c363fdf5ca6999733ecc
  7. 389fe1d9da82eb3ec66520b7a1bf41fc
  8. best-45-quotes-images-of-friendship-saying I’m a nice friend, I promise! 🙂
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I hope your morning is off to a great start or depending where in the world you are, your day may be about done as you are ready to visit dreamland soon. If so, I wish you a restful sleep and happy dreams!

Here is a picture to start the quotes off with a smile!


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