Dr.Seuss Solving the Confusion?

I thought this post may need a small introduction. Back in February I wrote a story that I thought would just be one simple story. I was totally wrong! The story was A Mama for Anna

The story has kept going and going! The story has had a lot of twists and turns and has caused a bit of confusion. In an effort to help bring some clarification I am summing up the whole story thus far in a Dr.Seuss kind of way.  I am definitely no Dr. Seuss, but I do hope that you still enjoy it.


Once upon a time in a land called WhoknowswhereVille, there were 2 little girls. Girl 1 and Girl 2, Anna and Annie, causing great confusion as to Who was Who!

While Annie was sweet, Anna was not, and that just was sad, it was sad by a very lot!

Annie needed a Mama and a Mama she got. This made her so jumping, jollydoodle happy, that now she smiled so often, so very often a lot!

Annie was friends with the “Chicken Man”, but perhaps his real name was Sam. He really liked coffee, he liked it a lot. He could drink it here or there, he could drink it almost anywhere. He could drink it in the barn, he could drink it with a cow. He could drink it in the woods, he could drink it in a tree, or drink it with a bee.

He didn’t have a cat in his hat, but he did have a chicken in his cabin.  He talked to it and it talked to him. Have you ever talked to chickens, and they talk to you? You should give it a try, you might like it, you may, you may like it a lot.

There were 2 other guys that Annie did like. They wore polka dots and stripes, and funny bow ties. They wore hats on their feet and shoes on their head, and socks on their arms. They owned a Fluffer Nutter Shoppe, for they were the nuttiest nuts around. Smiles they gave to many, and many were their friends, they were friends to everyone around.

All was quite fine in this town, until one day the whole town did frown. Whatever had happened, oh what could it be, who could ever have done such an awful deed? The “Chicken Man” who also was Sam had let out his last squawk and no more was to be heard. Not here, not there, not anywhere. His chatterer was silenced forevermore.

Rumor had it that Anna was guilty, not Annie, but Anna, girl 1, not girl 2. Did she really do it, was it really so terribly, awfully truly true?  But if not her, than who?  How loud can a cow moo?

Some say the chicken wielded an axe and that’s what shut the chicken man’s trap, but did you ever see a chicken with an axe? Not me, that is a sight that I surely have never seen.  A chicken with a sax perhaps, or maybe a bax , nax or hax, but never an axe!

One day Anna escaped, and she ran. She ran up, she ran down, she ran all around. Oh how she did run, until a boat she did find, finally sitting her tired body down. Then she rowed and she rowed, and she just kept rowing, til rowing she could do no more.

When at last she reached shore her heart had perhaps grown 3x larger than it was before. No longer did she want to be Anna, but Tanya was the name she now claimed.

She now lives in a cottage and loves the sea, one fish, two fish, … or often more she does see. She has put life as Anna behind her and is making a new start, feeling so very, very smart.

Nothing can bother her, now she is all safe and sound. No safer or sounder could anyone be. She feels free, as she frolics and dives in the sea. Only one thing haunts her, as haunting as can be, why does she keep seeing in her dreams that little white cross by the tree?



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

It is the last week of April, and we have been having April showers, but we haven’t yet today. Looks like we will be celebrating another family birthday in quarantine. My husband’s is on Sunday, May 3rd. Think we will go out …. to the back porch! Perhaps if its a nice day, we can have a campfire in the evening. Roast some S’mores. Yum, right? What can be a better combination than graham crackers, golden brown marshmallows and a chocolate bar? Brings smiles to my taste buds. Enjoy the following quotes, and may they bring smiles to your heart!


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Challenge Accepted

Jim from https://jborden.com/2020/04/25/you-paid-how-much-for-that-jigsaw-puzzle/ did an interesting post today that I think all of you would enjoy, especially the ones who love puzzles. His blog offers an array of different subjects, when you have a chance, go visit it, I am glad I did.

This post isn’t about puzzles though. Jim was another blogger who had participated in my Trivia challenge and while his answers were not correct, I was impressed with his creativity. As a reward for his creative answers, I offered him the chance to suggest a subject for me to do a blog post about. If I had only known what I was getting into!

His suggestion was that I explain my thoughts of Professor Yuji Ijiri’s concept of triple bookkeeping.

Math and Science were my worst subjects in school, with Math being the absolute worst! My Math teacher took a sabbatical after I graduated, just saying.

So Jim’s suggestion posed a real dilemma, for while I am not one to pass up a challenge, I was already confused as I read the first 2 paragraphs behind the concept of triple bookkeeping. Yes, I did actually look it up and read it. With all due respect to Yuji Ijiri, I cannot adequately explain his concept, which I am sure he put a lot of intellectual thought into.

I had to try to explain it somehow though, before Jim had the satisfaction of thinking he stumped me! Below this paragraph you will find my thoughts of Triple Bookkeeping explained. I do believe that all of my readers, whether they excel at  Math or not, will understand it, and that maybe it would even make Professor Yuji Ijiri smile! I should point out that he was Jim’s Professor in college, so for those of you who would like to know more in depth facts about triple bookkeeping, feel free to ask Jim! Thank you Jim for this suggestion , it gives me confidence that if I can tackle Triple Bookkeeping, I may be able to do a post on just about any other subject out there!

e8927fdd5e3833f8ca6bc3997f721282  Bookkeeping

c0ff0278dc7ba54c0b0317af514e2db1 Double Bookkeeping


f0094c8089b6af7f1517f0a00ca9b4aaf0094c8089b6af7f1517f0a00ca9b4aa Triple Bookkeeping!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Rain is in the forecast today and strong winds, but yesterday was beautiful. We walked for about an hour outside. No wind, beautiful blue sky and warm temps. We chatted and laughed about the little things from long ago. Its amazing the things kids can remember when they were so young. I sometimes find out things that I never knew before when my kids get to chatting about memories. I apparently am to “blame” for telling my children when they were little that Unicorns were real ! My one insists that it was more upsetting to find out that Unicorns really don’t exist then it was about Santa Clause! There goes my “Mother of the Year” award. I had no words as I just looked at them and shook my head. I really didn’t remember conversations about Unicorns. Glad to say that all is well now, they have fully recovered, they were just letting me know. Children! You gotta love them!

Hope that brought a smile to your day and that the following quotes will keep you smiling! Have a great day!


  1. df570be9d357e7cb36334657b5025473 I hope none of you have started counting grains of rice yet!
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  3. wp-1587477638452.jpgI probably shouldn’t have posted these two, but… 🙂
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A Tasty, Accidental Recipe!


So I may be going a little crazy! How do I know? We were sitting at the dining room table eating supper, when my son asked why there were sweet potatoes in the dish I made. He said there were no sweet potatoes in the recipe that I had shown him last night. I said yes, there was.  He went and got the cookbook and showed me the recipe.  Well it turned out he was right! I turned the page and there was a recipe with sweet potatoes in it. I turned back and looked at the other recipe and started laughing. Somehow I had made a meal using 2 recipes without knowing it, using about half of the ingredients from one recipe and half from the other. The good thing is that my family agreed that they liked it! So it was a WIN! I wish I could say that my ingenious mind thought of the idea of using both recipes and that it wasn’t  an accident. But hey sometimes accidents can turn out to be a good thing!

Is there a time when you have done something by accident that turned out to be a good thing? Feel free to share below.

I would like to share that the 2 recipes I made my dish from were from a wonderful cookbook by blogger friend Lynn from https://lynzrealcooking.com/2020/03/11/strawberry-jelly-roll-recipe/

Her cookbook is called “Mom Plus Nine Cooks” and has very tasty recipes in it. If you enjoy Middle Eastern food you will be delighted and there is American food in it as well. The 2 recipes I used were Bangladesh Potato Curry and Sweet Potato Curry.  We have been enjoying the recipes from it and I would love to invite you to give it a try, though I recommend that you try only one recipe at a time! Its available off of Amazon, just one click away.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Have you made bread yet? With this pandemic, more people are baking and apparently bread is one of the more popular things being made. I made blueberry bread last week and today I plan to make Amish Cinnamon bread. I am already imagining the taste of it hot and fresh out of the oven. If nothing else, it will make my kitchen smell good while baking.  What is a favorite scent of yours?

Right now I would love to breathe in the smell of the salty air at the beach! Breathe in your favorite scent, whether you have to use your imagination, or perhaps its the cup of coffee in front you. Let it bring a smile and then sit back for a moment and enjoy these quotes!


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Alabaster’s Surprise (Part 2)

If you missed Thursday’s post, here is a link to Part 1. Alabaster’s Surprise

Everyone was in good spirits! Santa had promised a special surprise that afternoon and they couldn’t wait to see what it was. There had been some rumors about what it might be, but no one knew for sure. Well no one, except for Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball. They had even managed to keep the surprise from Jangle.

Jinx and Snowball apologized profusely to the Easter Bunny when he finally stirred in the snow. It had been some tense moments for all of them as they had wondered if he would be okay. Snowball was sure to point out to the Easter Bunny that it hadn’t been  him operating the sleigh. Jinx rolled his eyes at him and Alabaster just shook his head as  Snowball said that he really hoped he would still get some of his delicious peanut butter eggs! They all helped gather up the eggs that had been scattered in the snow and loaded up his basket. They were able to slip him into Santa’s house without anyone noticing. Santa was very glad to see the Easter Bunny, but he did wonder why he was limping.

They were all sitting in Santa’s house sipping some hot  cocoa. Snowball told the Easter Bunny to just sit back and relax that he would get his Hot Cocoa for him. He grabbed a stool for the Easter Bunny to prop his leg up on.

“Here is your Hot Cocoa with some whip cream on top.” Snowball said, as he handed the mug to the Easter Bunny.

“Thank you kind…Ooo!” The Easter Bunny yelled, for Snowball had accidentally kicked the stool with his leg making it move and causing the Easter  Bunny’s leg to hit the floor with a thud!

With a red face Snowball quickly put the stool back in its place and gently lifted up the Easter Bunny’s leg again to lay on the stool.

Once Snowball had sat back down, Jinx quietly said to him, “I wouldn’t count on getting any peanut butter eggs, if I was you.”

Alabaster had been close enough to hear him and he chuckled, for he knew he would get the eggs that he wanted. After all he was the one that had helped Santa get the Easter Bunny to the North Pole. He had suggested to Santa that they surprise everyone with a visit from the Easter Bunny, but Santa wasn’t sure they could get him there. Alabaster did his research and Santa was very impressed with the flight route that Alabaster had mapped out for the Easter Bunny. Everything had been going so smoothly, until the final stretch when they met up with Jinx and Snowball’s wild sleigh!

“Jinx, are you all ready?”  Santa asked.

“What?” Now it was Jinx’s turn to turn a little red. He had missed what Santa said while talking to Snowball.

“Do you have your game ready for the other elves?”

“Yes!” Jinx replied, with a smile. “Its all prepared, the elves just have to play a guessing game, and if they guess correctly they win an extra special egg.”

“You didn’t make the questions too hard, did you?”asked Santa.

“Who, me?” replied Jinx with a gleam in his eyes as he rubbed his hands together and smiled.

Santa laughed. “Well then I think we are all set! Lets go and get this party started!”

The elves cheered in surprise delight when the Easter bunny appeared.

Jangle was wondering if he had a fever and was delusional when he saw the Easter Bunny.  He was too stunned to say much when the Easter Bunny handed him an egg , but when he bit into the coconut cream egg, he knew he wasn’t dreaming!

Everyone had a good time, and were so thankful for the yummy goodies that they had received.

Alabaster was delighted with his special black coffee eggs. Jinx got black jelly beans and Snowball was very relieved to receive his peanut butter eggs.

When the time came for the Easter Bunny to leave, Alabaster was starting to feel a little sick from all the black coffee eggs he had eaten. Jinx volunteered to take the Easter Bunny back to the airport but the Easter Bunny suddenly became very pale when he heard that. Jangle thought of the perfect idea, why not have Dinosauris fly him back. Santa thought that sounded like a great idea and Dinosauris was more than willing to help out the Easter Bunny, for he was a very nice dragon.

All the elves gathered around to see him off, as he hopped up onto Dinosauris back and soared up into the clear, blue sky.

Everyone agreed that the Easter surprise from Santa and Alabaster was a great one! Jinx and Snowball had tried to keep the sleigh ride incident quiet, but word got out about it. They all just shook their heads, glad that the Easter Bunny wasn’t seriously hurt. Plus they all agreed that when Alabaster, Snowball, Jinx and Jangle were involved with anything, one just never knew what may happen!



Alabaster’s Surprise

The room was full of chatter as everyone had gathered in the dining room for a special Saturday Breakfast, by Chef Salvo. He was making each of them a special dish, so they all had to patiently wait, but his meals were always worth the wait.

Jinx and Snowball were the last ones waiting, and their stomachs were starting to growl. Alabaster looked at them and smiled as he said, “Are you sure Chef Salvo didn’t forget about you two?”  while putting a nice juicy bite of sausage in his mouth, washing it down with some strong black coffee.

“No! He couldn’t forget about us!”, they replied with confidence, but Snowball was beginning to wonder. It did seem to be taking extra long. More time passed and Jinx was thinking of going back to the kitchen to see what Chef Salvo was up too, when out he came.

He was carrying 2 platters and he was apologizing as he walked towards them.

“I am so sorry that your platters are late, my friends.  I had written down everyone’s orders on special sheets of paper so that i wouldn’t forget them. Somehow I got my words scrambled and messed up with yours. Sorry again for the wait, I hope you still enjoy it!”

Jinx and Snowball assured them they would. The meal was very good. Scrambled eggs and sausage with some donuts on the side was Snowball’s order. Jinx had a soft boiled egg with some biscuits and gravy, and a fruit salad.

They finished up and then asked Jangle and Alabaster if they wanted to go take some spins on Dinosauris. Jangle was up for it, but Alabaster said he couldn’t for he had other plans. When they asked what they were he just gave a coy smile, said they would see and walked out the door whistling a happy tune.

The others looked at each other. “Well, I wonder what is up with him?” said Jangle. The others nodded their heads in wonder too, and then left to take a ride on their favorite dragon.

Alabaster was still whistling as he got to his little house and started getting ready for his adventure. He was excited about Santa trusting him with something so important, he sure hoped that nothing would go wrong.

Meanwhile the rest were having fun with Dinosauris who was zipping through the sky. After the 3rd ride, Jangle was a little unsteady on his feet and decided that he needed to go back home and rest some. Snowball and Alabaster agreed with one look at his pale face.

“What do you want to do now?” asked Snowball. “We have a couple hours until Alabaster is gong to reveal his surprise.”

Alabaster had found them earlier and told them he would be gone for awhile but that he would be back in a couple hours with his surprise.

“What about a sleigh ride, we should be back in plenty of time.” Jinx said, so off they went to get ready to go on a little sleigh ride adventure.

Jinx was going rather fast around the corners and Snowball was egging him on to continue.

As he went around one sharp corner, Snowball said, “Wow! Good one, Jinx!”

Jinx turned to face him and put up his hand to give him a High five.

Thud! The sleigh hit something big and bounced up in the air for a little way, before it landed back down in the snow on its side. Jinx and Snowball fell off into the snow.

“What did you hit Jinx?” asked a dazed Snowball as he stood up brushing himself off.

“I have no… wait, what is that sound?”

They looked in the direction of the sound  and were shocked to see Alabaster running towards them yelling.

“Do you guys know what you just did?” said Alabaster jumping up and down while waving his hands in the air.

Jinx and Snowball looked at each other, and back at Alabaster.

“Well, we hit something but we are OK, so why do you sound and look so agitated ?”

Before he could answer, they took a closer look around them, seeing colored eggs scattered all over the snow.

“Where did all these…?”

“You ran over the Easter Bunny!” shouted Alabaster. They all gasped, as they noticed him lying just a couple feet away from them not moving.

“Is he.. is he…. dead??’ Snowball asked. They all stared, not saying a word.







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

So what thought popped in your head just now?  If you are like me, there are several thoughts going through your head. Lots of tabs open. Hopefully amidst all your open tabs you can take the time to sit  back and relax a little as you add some of these thoughts to your brain. May they bring some smiles and some encouragement! Have a wonderful day!


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Fresh Brownies!



I was wondering what I was going to post today for April Fools. Wanted to bring some laughter and thought how I should have waited to post my “Back at the Farm” story for today. Think of what else could have happened to Jinx, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster on April Fools Day! But…. since I already had, I kept thinking. Thinking as I enjoyed 2 walks today. One by myself, and one with my kids, in the light rain. Both were enjoyable!

Then the idea came to me and I made “fresh brownies” for my family. They didn’t look exactly like what is in the picture, but same idea. 🙂  The Letter E, cut out with paper and colored in brown. I served up Brown E’s! and the look on my husband’s face was priceless!

Oh yes, laughing is fun, so if you haven’t laughed today yet, hopefully this helped! 🙂