Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I am missing the beach but I will be fine. Grateful I got to go and that we had better weather than expected. I am also thankful that my phone is not alletgic to the ocean. It got swept away in a wave but is working fine. I am typing on it right now. I had laid it down after taking a picture and a big wave came and it went for a swim.

Enjoy the quotes. Feel free to share which quote or quotes stood out to you, and have a great rest of the day. As always, thanks for reading!











The Rising of the Sun

Ocean City, MD sunrise

The beach was silent as Patrick watched the masterpiece in the sky unfold.

Patrick needed this week away from his high stress job as an FBI agent. He needed time away to deal with the mixed emotions of his heart.

Even though it had been 3 years the memories of what changed his life forever would always be engraved in his mind.

Due to what happened on that day he had once thought he would never set his feet on the beach again.

That day was supposed to have been one of the most special days of his life. Shondra was the woman of his dreams, his life had been so much better with her in it!

They had been running on the beach in the early morning hours when all that they heard was the crashing of the waves. Running was something they had done together often. Patrick hadn’t been prepared. He wasn’t prepared when she had suddenly collapsed beside him in the sand.

He called 911 with his heart thumping in desperation, as his world came crashing down. The day that had started out with so much promise had quickly become the worst day of his life.

The waves rolled as Patrick was lost in the memories of yesterday, watching the seagulls flying over them.

He lost the love of his life that day. She had suffered a stroke and never recovered, dying a few days later. Never will he forget standing by her bedside. The kind nurse had told him he could take as long as he wanted to say goodbye.

He had pulled out the tiny box that had been bouncing in his pocket while they were running, before she had collapsed. The day his nightmare began.

With a lump in his throat he had pulled out the diamond ring and he slipped it onto her finger. He tried to speak but the words were caught in his throat. After he had slipped it on her finger he just had stood by her squeezing her hand, letting the tears roll.

The sun started shining brighter as Patrick sat on the sand reflecting back. It had taken him a long time to go to the beach again after Shondra died, but he did and the more he did the more his heart had begun to heal.

Finding love again was the last thing he thought would ever happen but it did. His heart filled with passion now when thinking of Catherine. How blessed he was to have a second chance at love!

He was glad he had came to the beach to sort out his emotions. A peace was settling in. While he would always remember Shondra, he could move on and he should move on. He didn’t have to stay stuck in the pain of yesterday. Love could be his again.

Like the rising of the sun, the light had broken through the clouds and hope was alive in his soul once more.

Ocean Cjty,MD

The Secret Sister

This is the 2nd part to http://www.The Missing Twin Monday’s post.

“Would you like me to pour some more tea into your cup, that way you would actually have something to stir?”

Belinda looked up at Lisette’s eyes. Warmth was shining out of them. She looked back down at her empty cup that she had been aimlessly stirring for the past several minutes.

Lisette had been such a pleasant hostess to her. She didn’t treat Belinda any different from the other guests. For why should see, Belinda doubted that she knew who she was.

Her perfume line was popular in the states but she kept a low profile, and rarely came to the States. It was fine with her to be inconspicuous,  she preferred it that way.

Now though Lisette  might be starting to wonder what kind of guest Belinda really is. She had been so quiet the past couple days.  Sadness had enveloped her like a dense fog, ever since she had heard the news.

Belinda got up from the table. “No thanks, I think I will take a walk. Check out the woods nearby.”

She made her best effort to smile at Lisette,  She guessed that it looked as shaky as a toddler’s drawing of a smile, for that was how she felt inside. Her emotions shaking inside of her.

“The woods are so peaceful, one of my favorite places to go. Enjoy!”

Belinda managed to say Thank you to Lisette, before walking out of the room.

Staring after her Lisette wondered what her story was. When Belinda had first come she was upbeat and had a cheerful spirit around her.

The past couple days though made Lisette wonder what had happened to change her. She had stayed up in her room and barely talked to anyone. The one day she had requested meals brought to her room. Her joyful spirit had deflated, like the air going out of a balloon.

While cleaning up the breakfast dishes Lisette couldn’t get her out of her mind. When Belinda had come she asked for directions to the orphanage, but she hadn’t said why she wanted to go.

Now Lisette wondered if she had been hoping to adopt a child and maybe it fell through. That would have been devastating news for sure.

The orphanage had gone through a total remodeling that it had badly needed. It was in such disrepair when the new owners bought it.

Lisette didn’t know a lot of details but there had been rumors of the previous owners messing up records and kids falling through the cracks. It had been a huge mess but now for the past several years things were running smoothly.

The orphanage didn’t even look like a orphanage. It was a beautiful home and the owners were so caring and loving. The children meant the world to them. It warmed Lisette’s heart to know the orphans were loved.

Belinda kept walking. The coolness of the woods felt good and she was beginning to feel herself relax. Tears still threatened to fall, but she felt more in control than she had these past couple days.

Anna was dead. The owner of the orphanage, Mrs. Rose was so sympathetic and Belinda knew it had been hard for her to share about Anna.

If telling Belinda that she was dead wasn’t a strong blow, telling her about Anna and the life she had led knocked the wind out of her!

Shaking her head, she kept walking. The brisk pace helped her think more clearly. What Belinda had joked about before had come true. She had an evil twin! A murderer!

Lisette was dusting the furniture when the doorbell rang. She put down her cloth and went to open the door.

She was surprised to see Mrs.Rose standing on her porch.

“Hi! Mrs. Rose, what a nice surprise. Would you like to come in?”

‘Hi Lisette, ” Mrs. Rose gave her hand a warm squeeze and followed her inside.

Looking around Mrs. Rose’s green eyes were bright. “This Inn is so charming,  the eye you have such a keen eye for decorating.”

Warmed by her praise,  Lisette thanked her. “Would you like to have some tea and visit for awhile?”

“That would be most delightful someday but I am afraid I am here on a more serious matter. I really wanted to check on one of your guests, “Miss. Belinda, is she here?”

Lisette’s heart quickened , “She left  some moments ago for a walk in the woods. Is there something wrong?”

Mrs. Rose’s eyes filled with distress. “I just haven’t been able to get her out of my mind. I need to go find her. “

With those words she turned around and walked out the door, leaving Lisette bewildered.

Belinda sat staring at her reflection in the water. She had stopped to rest awhile by the lake.

Was that a murderer’s face staring back at her? Was evilness in her blood too, was it inevitable how she would end up?

She heard footsteps coming towards her and looked up.

“Mrs. Rose, what are you doing here?”

“I thought you may need someone, you been dealt a heavy blow. I went to the Inn to speak to you and Lisette said that you had come to the woods. Before you ask, No, I didn’t tell her about you.”

Belinda felt grateful, she just wasn’t ready for anyone else to know yet.

“You aren’t her, you know. She was your twin, but that doesn’t mean you are like her.”

They sat there in silence, for a little while. Then Mrs. Rose spoke.  “After all, Anna didn’t have a line of perfumes made by her.”  She winked at Belinda.

“Your “Magic of the Sea” is my favorite perfume! And I want you to know something, you being Anna’s twin , is a secret that I will never tell. Its entirely up to you if you want anyone to know.”

Tears brimmed in Belinda’s eyes. She would be okay. Mrs.Rose was right, she wasn’t her sister and noone needed to know.

For the next hour they talked and by the end Belinda was laughing at a crazy story about a cowbell. She definitely had to talk to Lisette when she got back.

Belinda ended up staying for 3 more weeks. It had been a truly, remarkable time and Belinda felt at peace when she flew home.

Six months later Mrs. Rose smiled when she saw Belinda’s new perfume in the store. “Secrets of the Heart”.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Hope, Love and Laughter…. been making life sweeter for decades. Sweeter than any amount of sugar ever could, and calorie free!

Remembering back,years ago, when my child excitedly told me he found a sign of Spring. Pointing to our flower bed he said, “Look Mommy, a weed!”… He knew the flowers would be coming.

Don’t lose hope when things look dark, for rarely can we see the big picture … we just see the weeds!

A New Dawn

Image from Pinterest

There was stillness in the early morning twilight hour. The only sound was the call of the lone raven, from his perch in the tree.

The lady woke up before dawn. She poured herself a cup of tea, grabbed her jacket and walked out into the cool morning air. The tea warmed her as she stood by the lake, listening to the raven’s call.

The man reached over and felt the empty space next to him. He opened his eyes and looked groggily at the clock. It was barely the crack of dawn, where was she?

His wife heard his footsteps behind her. Soon she felt his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Gently he put his hand on her belly, feeling the baby kick. She put her hand over his and they marveled togethet at the new life growing inside of her.

The old man was sitting in the boat, listening to the call of the raven. There was no rush, he had no where to be. He could simply enjoy the peace. He didn’t know how much longer he had, each day was a gift, and he was going to enjoy it. He rowed into the morning’s light.

She put her head on her husband’s shoulder and smiled. They watched the rising sun’s reflection over the water.

A new day was dawning and hope was stirring, as she felt the baby kick again. No words were said. The only sound was the raven’s call, welcoming the dawn.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

A shout out to my dear Mother in law today. It’s her birthday! Perhaps if you all yell “Happy Birthday” loud enough she will hear you the whole way out in the cornfields of Indiana. I really am thankful for her, there are so many horror stories you hear about MIL’s, but I am blessed to have a wonderful one! She of course is mutually blessed to have the best daughter in law! 🙂

I also can’t forget that if my brother was still alive, we would be celebrating his birthday today as well! Though my MIL”s cake would obviously have the most candles on it.

So in honor of 2 very special people have a great day! Cherish the Moments and find something that will make your heart smile!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! The morning is getting away from me again, but I still may get this post done before noon. How is July going for you so far? I know for a lot of people summer plans either got put on hold or totally changed due to the virus. We should be in the cornfields of Indiana right now, visiting my husband’s family, but we are waiting. I hope that even if plans have changed for you, that you can still find ways to make it a good summer! May today bring you smiles! As always thanks for reading and for your comments. For without all of you I definitely wouldn’t have as many smiles!


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The Power of One

My sister shared this video and I found it very moving. It is almost 6 minutes long, but I feel it is worth it! I love bringing smiles to all of you, sometimes with crazy stories and sometimes with some powerful words by someone else. Enjoy, and would love to know your thoughts!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy June! I hope your first week of June brings some happiness amidst a world gone crazy right now! I know that it can be so easy to fear what may be coming next, but I heard a great quote on the radio yesterday. The person said, ” We have to learn to let go of what we can’t control so that we can grab hold of the things we can control!”

For a few moments as you read the following quotes I hope that you can let go of some of the fear and anxiety that the world can bring right now. The sickening feeling that comes when you read and see the news! I hope they can bring some smiles to your heart!


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Mr.Rogers’s life was love in action. He didn’t feel the need to pose for a picture in front of a church holding a Bible, he lived the Bible!