The Boiling Frog



When I was in school and first studied about Hitler I remember feeling sickened by what I learned. It was mind boggling to me how a Country could let someone so evil take over power and do all the horrible things that he did!

What I grew to realize was that he wasn’t outright evil all at once. It was a growing thing. He didn’t call for the extermination of the Jews right away. He started slowly taking their rights away, and then encouraging people not to buy from them and so on. He persuaded people to believe that he was doing the right thing for the Country, that he would make Germany great again. He was disgruntled about how Germany was.

There are articles that say that his stare could be mesmerizing and intimidating and he would use that when making speeches and making eye contact with others. It is also written that he used the power of fear. People were more fearful of what may happen, such as Communism taking over,  then they were of the things that he was doing. Due to that fear they turned a blind eyes to the things that he was doing that they didn’t like.

Hitler may have wanted to make Germany great, but instead he was behind one of the greatest tragedies of our History; the Holocaust! Hitler wasn’t just against the Jews, he was against anyone that he didn’t think lived up to his standards of the “perfect person” . He was against the disabled, the elderly, homosexuals and the list goes on.

Hitler wanted a Country of “perfect humans” , the others he wanted to send back, send away to Concentration camps, in his mind they didn’t deserve to live. I can’t help but think if Hitler’s first speech would have been, “Kill the Jews!” , that there would have been a big outcry, and people would have risen up against him. For Jews were a part of the community. They were people’s neighbors, Dr’s, grocer’s, businessmen and friends.

Its like planting a seed. It starts out as very small, but then it grows. Hitler planted seeds of hatred but it was disguised until it was too late!

Hate is what made a man drive several hundred miles from Dallas, TX to El Paso, so that he could go to a largely Hispanic community and shoot to kill. Hate is what made the young man in Dayton, Ohio shoot and kill 9 people in 32 seconds and injure many others! He had lists compiled of people he wanted to kill and ones he wanted to rape.

Hate is horrible and when someone in a place of power can fuel hatred, it becomes even more dangerous.

Back when Columbine happened, there was outrage!! People were so very shocked and declared that nothing like it would happen again, but it has happened, again and again and again.

The pot is simmering and sales are skyrocketing for bullet proof backpacks for students!

The pot is simmering as more guns are bought.

The pot is simmering as people close their eyes!

The pot is simmering and all simmering pots can boil over!