Where Beauty is Found

In life we all go through a lot of things that can cause us to feel anger, bitterness and guilt. There are things that happen to us and to our loved ones that we cannot control.  There is something though that we can control.  We can control how we let ourselves be affected by what happened. We alone can make the choice to decide whether to hold onto the negative emotions or to let them go.

I have met many people throughout life and heard their stories. Stories about their joys, but also stories of their struggles. Stories of things that had brought them pain.  What has stood out to me the most as I listened, was their attitude when sharing the painful things. How with some, no matter how sad their story may be, a gentle, tender spirit shined through their words.  There was an inner joy, not based on past or present circumstances. An inner joy because they had made the decision to shine. They chose to  not carry around the heavy load of bitterness, anger or guilt. They had let it go.  I could see the softness in their eyes and yes, some tears they may shed when sharing, but the beauty of peace still radiated from them.

I heard a story on the radio that touched my heart and  it made me realize again how important your attitude is. It also showed how once again we really can learn from children.

A Mom was sharing the story about how her husband had left her and her 5 year old son and then ended up in jail, which meant no child support. She had to move her and her son into an old camper to live. One day she went to the school to pick him up and she overheard him talking to his new friends. They asked him where he lived and he told them in a camper. The Mom cringed in shame, embarrassed for her son. Then one child said to her son that he bets he wishes that he had a home to live in. The Mom again felt her heart ache as she waited for his answer. Than she cried at his response. Her son replied that he already has a home because his Mommy loves him and that’s what makes a home!

I want to be like that precious little boy, don’t  you?


Every year Autumn shows us a visual reminder of the beauty that can be found in letting go. Enjoy this short video clip.






The Illuminated Half — Hablando Sola / Talking to Myself

You start getting used to being just you again. Even if you don’t want to—you do. It’s not like everything is always a surprise every day like it was at first. It starts out like “50 First Dates,” with you having to tell yourself the whole story from beginning to end every single morning, but […]

via The Illuminated Half — Hablando Sola / Talking to Myself

The above was written by my friend Diana, who recently lost her husband. I feel she has captured her emotions so well in this piece that I just had to share it. I hope it touches your soul and perhaps you know someone that could really identify with this right now. Share it with them, help them know that they are not alone with the feelings that they are having. Most importantly continue to be there for them in their silence, and when they want to talk. BE that friend that helps to light up their dark!



Riding Free

The girl was shivering,  she was so very cold.  She was shivering even though the sun was shining brightly and the air was warm.  Warmth was not to be found inside of her.  She shivered from the chill in her soul.  She had wandered for so long, wasn’t sure who she was anymore.  What was really inside her heart?   Where had the little girl gone?

At times her heart felt as solid as steel,  there as no way anyone could get in.  Other times life caught her unaware and cracks would start to appear. The light would shine through the cracks for a bit letting warmth creep in.  She couldn’t keep it that way though, it was too risky.  She believed that she needed to patch up the cracks and so she would.  Sealing them tight to shut out the light.

Oh, but the chill was wearing her thin.  How much more could she take?  The sun was beating down on her as she laid in a meadow,  but still inside her body did shake.  She was oblivious to the warmth of the sun,  feeling the sunshine was something she had long forgotten.

Her eyes blinked, what was she seeing?  Was it just a mirage?  How could she trust it? She had  learned that trust was so easily broken.  No one was going to betray her trust again, not when her heart was protected, by being sealed up like a tomb.

She couldn’t quit staring as the mirage moved closer to her.  It was almost like she was under a spell.  It looked directly in her eyes as it kept plodding forward.  Its beauty couldn’t be missed!  It was the most magnificent horse she had ever seen!

It’s long honey brown mane flowed with each gentle step that it took.  The white heart seemed to dazzle against its dark brown skin.

The girl couldn’t move, she was glued to her spot.  All she could do was watch as the horse kept coming towards her.  She was mesmerized by the horse’s eyes, it was almost as if he  was trying to send her a message.

At last the horse made it to her.  The magnificent horse was standing right in front of her.  She could feel its breath on her face, but she wasn’t afraid.  It stood there patiently waiting.  Timidly she put her hand forward and stroked his side and the horse stood perfectly still.  She kept stroking him and then after awhile she moved to his face.  The horse nuzzled her hand and the girl let out a little laugh.  It startled her, what was that sound?  She didn’t recognize it anymore.  It had been so long since she had let that sound emanate from her.  Was the little girl inside of her waking up?

Time had passed, but yet to the girl and the horse it was like time was standing still.  They were lost in each other’s eyes, feeling each other’s hearts.

The girl fell asleep in the meadow after the wonderful encounter, she didn’t even realize that she had stopped shivering.

The next day and the next the magnificent horse would show up.  Day after day he would stay longer.  One day he was still there when she awoke in the middle of the night.  He was standing right by her  and he bent his head down to her when she sat up.  A smile once again crossed the girl’s face.

More and more she started to smile, as the cracks of her heart were starting to break apart.  More and more the warmth started to seep through her weary body and give her a strength that she didn’t know she had.  Until one day she felt that she was ready.  Ready to trust again.

She had been stroking the horse,  who she had come to love and  she looked into his eyes and said, ” I’m ready!”

The horse stared back as he nuzzled her hand and neighed shaking his head.  Again the music of laughter echoed from the girl  She climbed on his back and gave his neck a pat and off he went.  He galloped as she hung on, enjoying the breeze that blew her honey brown hair.  The breeze felt good,  not one shiver did she feel.

They galloped across the meadow and her soul felt free.  She laid her face against his neck as his mane tickled her cheek.  They galloped and trotted and raced with the wind.  They would stop for a drink at the creek and rest for awhile and then be on their way again.

The sun started to go down and the air started to get cooler. The air may have been cooler, but the girl didn’t notice it at all.   Her body was filled with the powerful warmth of love.  She was alive, no longer was her heart sealed like a tomb.  The horse neighed and the girl laughed,  love had found her again.