The Crazy Adventure

There was excitement in the air. It was vacation time. Work had stopped at the North Pole and now it was time to kick back and relax! Jinx, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster had their bags packed and they were ready for adventure.

Snowball almost made them all late, for he had overslept, but they made it to the airport in the nick of time. As they were running to the gate, Alabaster tripped while running and  dropped his carry on bag. It opened up spilling the contents everywhere. A red faced Alabaster picked up everything as fast as he could and they at last made it to the gate.

They drew straws on who got the window seats. Poor Jinx and Jangle got the short straws. so they just put their headphones on to listen to music as they closed their eyes.

Snowball got out his writing tablet, he was busy writing his life story, as he looked out the window from time to time. Alabaster stared out the window and snapped pictures of the beautiful sky.

Several hours later the plane landed in warm, tropical temperatures. Such a nice break from the North Pole. This is why every summer they visited Hawaii!

Jinx and Jangle had been to Hawaii before, but this was the first time for Snowball and Alabaster. All of them were eager to explore, but first they were very hungry. After going to their hotel to change clothes and drop of their luggage, they headed for a nice restaurant and filled their stomachs.

Walking out of the restaurant, they were discussing where to go first.

Alabaster was dragging behind a little bit.

“Feeling a little too full?” questioned Jinx to Alabaster.

“I wouldn’t doubt it if he did.” said Snowball. ‘He sure did eat a lot of rice! He said he had a craving for it and he wasn’t kidding!”

They all laughed as Alabaster made a face at them.

“So are we all in agreement? We are going to visit the Aquarium?”  asked Jangle.

“Yes!” They all replied.

it was just a few blocks from the restaurant and the weather was lovely, so they all enjoyed the walk, and didn’t mind going a little slower for Alabaster.

The building was huge and they had a great time exploring the Aquarium. They saw manatees and jellyfish, sharks, and sea turtles. The sea turtles were Alabaster’s favorite.


Jinx really liked the Mola-Mola fish. The others thought it was a little strange looking though.

sunfish-mola-mola-1024-512 photo credit -pinterest

Snowball’s favorite fish was the Clown fish of course, though, all of them liked that one as well and there was one for each of them!


“Oh look there is Candy Cane’s favorite fish!”  The Angelfish!


After a couple of hours of being there they decided they would return to their hotel and call it a early night, for they were feeling pretty tired.

They were walking back to the hotel when Snowball said, ” Look! There is a Wax  Museum, why don’t we go in for just a little bit.”

They agreed and walked in. They thought it strange that when they walked in no one was at the desk to greet them and in fact they didn’t see anyone! Well perhaps it was soon time to close. They decided they would just look around a little and then leave. They were impressed, the wax figures really did look real! They half expected them to start talking.

Jinx was walking and started to trip over a piece of carpet on the floor. He put his hand out against a wax figure to catch himself, and the figure began to wobble!

“We better get out of here, before Jinx touches something and it breaks!”

They all made their way back to the front entrance, still finding it a little strange that no one else was in the building.

Snowball pushed on the door and ….

“Umm guys its not opening!”

“What do you mean its not opening!” said Jangle, “Let me try.” He jiggled the handle and sure enough the door didn’t open.

“Being the modest person that I am, let me just point out the fact that it was not my idea to come in here!” said Alabaster and all eyes looked at Snowball.

“Hey! All you guys agreed with me.” said Snowball.

“Well lets be logical about this now, I am sure that there is probably another exit out of this building. We just have to find it.” Jinx said.

They all went different directions looking for another exit, and they all returned to the entrance with the same conclusion. There was no other way out of the building.

“So Mr. Logical, now what do we do?” asked Snowball.

“Well if you ask me, it looks like you all got yourselves in quite a predicament!”

They all looked at each other in shock. Had they just heard what they thought they heard?

“Oooh that wax figure didn’t just say what I think it said, did it?” said Jangle.

The rest nodded their heads in silence, wondering what may happen next!

***Part 2 will be coming***



A Surprising Adventure

It was a bright,  beaming,  beautiful day in Hawaii!  The weather was so pleasant, that Jinx and Jangle could not stay indoors.  They decided to go hiking to a place where  they hadn’t explored yet.  Exercise is always good for you, and they were always up for an adventure.

The place they had decided to go too was called Haleakala.  They wanted to hike to its summit and see the volcano.  They packed several water bottles for the trip and just had to finish their breakfast of omelets and grits and then they would be off.  Jangle was drinking the last couple gulps of his V-8 juice and Jinx was almost finished with his green tea.

At last they were off and were excited to see the beautiful views that they had heard about.  They had to take a Taxi to Haleakala for it was a little distance away.  The ride was a little long, but they passed the time by playing the Alphabet game.  Jinx won, Jangle ended up getting stuck on J.

When the Taxi stopped they paid him and put their backpacks on and were ready to explore.  They were admiring the views already and hadn’t even started hiking yet.

After hiking for a little while and taking snapshot after snapshot they decided to stop to rest a little and to enjoy a little snack.  Jangle pulled out a bag full of food, while Jinx just pulled out a small one.  “Doesn’t look like you packed very much to eat.”  Jinx shook  his head as he agreed. “Nope, I didn’t.  I like to keep things simple.”  He pulled out a Fluffer-Nutter sandwich and began to eat.  Jangle was munching away on some carrot sticks and a  granola bar.  He had already finished 2 BLT sandwiches.

After dozing off for a little bit,  they were ready to resume hiking their way to the summit.  When they reached the top they were stunned by the beauty!  “I am eager to get back to the North Pole, but I am really going to miss the beauty of Hawaii”,  said Jangle.  “I agree”, replied Jinx.  “I guess we just will have to visit as many places yet as we can before we head back.  Make the most of each day!”  Jangle shook his head in agreement as he was focusing on taking another picture.

Time passed quickly.  It was getting close to the time when it would be dusk and Jinx and Jangle wanted to hike down from the summit before it was dark, so they started hiking their way down.  Not many people were around anymore.  It was very quiet and they were enjoying the serenity of the evening.

They had veered off course a little and were on a path that wasn’t tread by very many.  A lot of people didn’t even know the path was there.  Jinx and Jangle liked to explore remote places at times, away from the crowds.  As they were walking they heard something and followed the sound.

“Awh! Look Jinx, its a pretty cat!”  Jinx came over to Jangle and they both were admiring the cat’s green eyes, but something appeared wrong with it.  It was holding up its paw and whimpering.   Jinx had a big heart for animals, so he gently took the cat’s paw in his hands to see if he could find the problem.

They both were focused on the cat when all of a sudden they heard the flapping of wings and felt a “Whoosh!”  of air pass over them!  “Hey!”  “That owl took my hat!”  Jinx yelled.  He and Jangle looked up as the majestic owl flew over their heads and sure enough it had Jinx’s hat in its claws.  Jangle started laughing and then noticed something else.  “Look Jinx, our “hurt” cat is running in the same direction as the owl!  Doesn’t look quite so hurt now, does it!”  They both watched them until the owl and the cat  were quite a distance away.

“Well,  I never thought I would see that happen!”  “See what?”, asked Jinx  “See you be outsmarted by an owl and a cat!  I do believe that is what happened, don’t you?”  Jinx looked at Jangle’s smirk as he muttered just one word.  “Yes.”

Jangle was laughing as they got back on the path to head back to get the Taxi.  “It does make you wonder, eh!  Why would an owl want a hat and how did that cat learn to be so clever?”  Jinx just rolled his eyes and said, ” Whatever!”   Jangle laughed, ” You don’t have much to say, do you?  Cat got your tongue!”    Jangle doubled over with laughter as the Taxi pulled up to them.  Jinx got in without saying a word, but there was something he couldn’t deny.  They had wanted an adventure and today he would say they surely got one.  They were awestruck by beauty plus it wasn’t every day that one gets fooled by an owl and a cat!

Yes, Haleakala is a real  Volcano  in Hawaii. Thanks to Google for its information and pictures. Plus it is known to be somewhere that you can see the Pueo Owl, along the back paths that lead to its stunning summit.