Be a Ringo!



“Ringo, you can’t be in every picture! Let your brothers and sisters in too!”

Ringo backed off, but he still was smiling. He couldn’t help it, he was a very happy Emu and wanted everyone else to be happy too!  He loved having fun and spreading cheer, even if it wasn’t always appreciated. More often than not he would get certain looks from his sister Regina.


Regina didn’t always understand Ringo, but they still got along fine. Ringo liked to keep Regina on her toes by never knowing quite what to expect. Was Ringo going to just give her a passing smile or was he going to holler ….

7fc9bdc094c264c61dfc76be665bde0a making everyone turn and look his way.



No one ever knew what Ringo may do. You know what they say, every family has its clown! Ringo was happy to take the job. It came to him so naturally and though some may give him strange glances at first, he usually succeeded at turning the frowns into a smile.  At least with some.


And if Ringo could make at least someone smile then he was happy!


(All photos were from Pinterest)



Bluebird of Happiness


The Bluebird of Happiness sings his song for all who take the time to listen!

What things bring a song to your heart and light your face with a smile?  Here is a list of a few of mine.

The comfort of having a furry companion near and watching their antics.

The uninhibited joy that a toddler can express!

Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty around me.

The gift of laughter that is bestowed on me countless times!

Listening to music, letting it speak to my heart.

Surprise Dates with the One I Love!

The fun, fabulous friendships that I cherish!

Surprises in the mail!

Writing and being surprised as to where the pen leads.

A tight hug.

A gentle kiss when it rains.

Wrapped in a blanket, watching a favorite movie that I have seen numerous times.

The contentment of feeling blessed.

Continue singing your song  oh pretty Bluebird, and for the reminder that there is  always reasons to celebrate  Happiness!