What do you think?

I love quotes, but as much as I love quotes, I sometimes come across quotes that totally get a black X on them. This happened today when I came across this quote. I just feel it is giving the wrong message! Kind of like the whole “Real men don’t cry”  message that goes around which is so wrong! I am very glad that my husband has a sensitive side. Why does society feel the need to label?  Not all women love wearing dresses or wearing make up either, does that make them less feminine?

Why is masculinity determined by whether you own a gun? My husband does not need to carry a gun in order to defend  and protect my children and I! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will do anything within his power to protect us, even if it means giving his own life. I know his heart. We don’t have guns in our house and we never will, and that doesn’t make him any less of a man.  He doesn’t need to hunt in order to be masculine and whatever food is on his plate surely doesn’t determine his masculinity! But all of this is just my opinion. What do you think? I really am interested in hearing your thoughts.



Not your typical Back-to-School Ad!

Different ideas were going around in my head this morning for a post, but nothing was quite feeling right. Then I came across this short but powerful clip and knew I had my post. It was put together by a group from Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is the school that had a school shooting in 2012  which took the lives of 20  little children and 8 adults! Warning. this video will NOT leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling! I’m sorry.

Is this the new America now, where every day school supplies have now become something much more! Will this be how America stays?


A Nation in the Dark

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the 7 victims in the mass shooting this past Saturday. Once again 7 lives cut short, ranging in ages from 15 years to 57 years. My thoughts are with the 22 others as well, who were injured in the shooting rampage. I no longer have words, but I have pictures.

How many more caskets will be filled?


How many more tombstones will be wept over?



Until the government realizes that action needs taken, before all the lights go out!





The Boiling Frog



When I was in school and first studied about Hitler I remember feeling sickened by what I learned. It was mind boggling to me how a Country could let someone so evil take over power and do all the horrible things that he did!

What I grew to realize was that he wasn’t outright evil all at once. It was a growing thing. He didn’t call for the extermination of the Jews right away. He started slowly taking their rights away, and then encouraging people not to buy from them and so on. He persuaded people to believe that he was doing the right thing for the Country, that he would make Germany great again. He was disgruntled about how Germany was.

There are articles that say that his stare could be mesmerizing and intimidating and he would use that when making speeches and making eye contact with others. It is also written that he used the power of fear. People were more fearful of what may happen, such as Communism taking over,  then they were of the things that he was doing. Due to that fear they turned a blind eyes to the things that he was doing that they didn’t like.

Hitler may have wanted to make Germany great, but instead he was behind one of the greatest tragedies of our History; the Holocaust! Hitler wasn’t just against the Jews, he was against anyone that he didn’t think lived up to his standards of the “perfect person” . He was against the disabled, the elderly, homosexuals and the list goes on.

Hitler wanted a Country of “perfect humans” , the others he wanted to send back, send away to Concentration camps, in his mind they didn’t deserve to live. I can’t help but think if Hitler’s first speech would have been, “Kill the Jews!” , that there would have been a big outcry, and people would have risen up against him. For Jews were a part of the community. They were people’s neighbors, Dr’s, grocer’s, businessmen and friends.

Its like planting a seed. It starts out as very small, but then it grows. Hitler planted seeds of hatred but it was disguised until it was too late!

Hate is what made a man drive several hundred miles from Dallas, TX to El Paso, so that he could go to a largely Hispanic community and shoot to kill. Hate is what made the young man in Dayton, Ohio shoot and kill 9 people in 32 seconds and injure many others! He had lists compiled of people he wanted to kill and ones he wanted to rape.

Hate is horrible and when someone in a place of power can fuel hatred, it becomes even more dangerous.

Back when Columbine happened, there was outrage!! People were so very shocked and declared that nothing like it would happen again, but it has happened, again and again and again.

The pot is simmering and sales are skyrocketing for bullet proof backpacks for students!

The pot is simmering as more guns are bought.

The pot is simmering as people close their eyes!

The pot is simmering and all simmering pots can boil over!

Once again ….

I once again find myself without words.  How can I adequately express my sorrow at another story of 12 lives snuffed out by bullets from a gun. In the town of Virginia Beach, twelve people went to work yesterday not knowing that they wouldn’t be returning home. Not having any clues that their lives meant nothing to a disgruntled employee that had a gun.

12 people had their dreams forever silenced, due to one angry man with a gun. 

12 people will never see another gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

12 people will never walk here on earth again, not feel the soft green grass on their bare feet, or smell a rose, so very sweet.  Not hear the call of the mourning dove or the sound of a mighty waterfall.

A countless number of people, friends and family members of the 12 victims, now have had their lives forever altered. Heartbreaking pain, all because of one angry man, who had a gun.

What has happened to respect for human lives? What is happening to society? When did the Golden Rule disappear?

Why is it so hard to just be kind?

Why are so many still so blind?





Sounds of School

One parent finds it hard to stop talking to their child, even though they are all moved in. With one more hug goodbye the parent walks away from her child’s dorm room and wipes at the tears that they had been trying to hide.

One parent finishes up school shopping for their child who is about to enter Middle School. Gone are the days of the cute backpacks, now they need something cool!

One parent tucks their excited 5 year old into bed, as they babble on about being so excited to ride the  big yellow bus and the parent tries to swallow the lump in their throat. Where did their little boy go?

School time is in the air and some kids are excited while others drag their feet and groan.

Once again there will be noisy buses with the chatter of many students, while some try to drown out the chatter with earbuds as they lose themselves in the music.

School hallways around the world once more will be filled with the sound of students. Some happy as they wave to their friends and some dreading the test that is coming. Wishing that school would suddenly dismiss early and save them from the test!

Students of all ages and sizes will be walking through the school doors. Students from all different backgrounds, coming together for one sole purpose. To learn. To get an education,  to help prepare them for a future where they can strive to make their dreams come true.

School is in session again and I pray that the sound of gunshots will be one thing that is not heard in the hallways this year, for every child deserves to have an education that’s not interrupted by the sound of gunfire or by the sight of the splattered blood of their classmates.  Our children are walking into the doors of a school, not into some House of Horrors.

May this year be the year where the sound of gunshots ringing throughout a school will be forever silenced!



The Empty Chair


The chair remains empty as it stands still.

Someone should be going to work today, but their desk remains untouched.  Someone should be going to school today and chatting with their friends, but their seat in the classroom remains empty.

A deep sadness echoes from the family portrait hanging on the wall.   No one knew  that it would be the last one taken.  The bike stands in the garage waiting for its rider who didn’t know that they had taken their last ride.  The little Tyrannosaurus Rex stands on top of the mound of sand in the sandbox.  His days of conquering mountains are over.

There is a  gift wrapped box that will never be opened.  There is a  wedding dress that will never be worn. 

The faithful dog watches for the return of  his Master to come down the road.  His eyes never waver as they stare,  not realizing that this time his Master won’t be coming home.

The cat lets out a pitiful cry as it longs to curl its body up against its human’s feet.

Someone will never go to their first dance or have their first kiss.  Someone will never graduate and celebrate. 

A little boy will go to bed without his Mother’s kiss and a little girl will no longer ride on the shoulders of her Daddy.

Once more lives have been cut short by the shooting of a madman’s gun.  Once more we look to the sky and cry out, “Why!” as our thoughts swirl about like the  clouds. 

My thoughts and prayers  go out to the family and friends of the victim’s of last night’s mass shooting, which is now beings called America’s deadliest mass shooting yet!  My heart has no words!