A Time for Change

Yesterday was The March for Life across the US and around the world. It was about how desperately change is needed, how an end has to come to all these mass shootings that keep happening.  How schools should not be war zones!

We were watching some of it on TV and I was impressed with the speakers. You could feel their passion. What most impressed me though was just seeing the massive crowds of  young people that there were.

Our young people have had enough and they aren’t going to back down easily! I think the government is thinking that this outcry will end soon and no change will have to happen. Unfortunately that is what has happened too many times. A mass shooting happens and lots of people cry out for change but then the voices dissolve into silence and life goes on as usual until another shooting happens. The thing is life doesn’t go back to normal for everyone. The lives of the families and friends of the victims are forever altered!

It is past time for change but I feel hope is in the air. Yes, its going to take more than marches and protests, but at least that stuff is happening. It has been over a month now since the shooting in Parkland, but the outcry for change and new laws hasn’t stopped. I pray that this is the start of history changing and can be something recorded in our history books for the future. The Time When America  finally WOKE UP!!

Here are two short video clips of some of the speeches that were made yesterday.




The Cries

I have tried to write a post several times in my head today.  A post about something totally different from the posts of the past 2 days. but my heart just hasn’t been there. I just hate the gun crisis that America is in right now and I wonder how long it will take until it gets better!!

I am reading different posts from  people around the world. That is one thing I love about WordPress, how you can get to know people from all over.  There is one thing I read over and over again.  What is America thinking?!  Why do they keep killing each other and still no changes in gun laws?

I speak for myself and a lot of other Americans when I say that I wish I knew what America was thinking, that I wish I knew why there hasn’t been changes made in gun regulations. Well I may have some ideas, and one has to do with the way money talks very loudly!  Its really shameful to admit that though when we have people dying!

I got caught up in a Facebook debate about gun regulations and it blew my mind at some of the comments.  One specific one is what I have the most problems with.   A man said how his guns are his “toys”.  That some people have luxurious boats and cars, well AR-15’s and AK’s,  automatic rifles are his “toys”.  No one asks people to get rid of their boats and cars so why should he get rid of his high powered automatics!

I really couldn’t even respond to his comment for I just don’t get it.  I am not talking about regular guns here.  I am talking about the type of guns that the shooters involved in these mass shootings have used!  They use them because in only a few minutes you can shoot off rounds of ammunition without having to reload.  These can be bought legally, please someone tell me WHY!!!

Tell me why you can’t drink alcohol until you are 21. but at 18 you can buy a high powered rifle?  Why you have to go through hours and hours and months of driving on the road with a driving permit before you can apply for a license and you have to study for a test and take a test before you get your driving permit.  Why is all that required?   It is because you will be getting behind the wheel of a high powered machine that can be very deadly.

Yet at the age of 18 one can walk into a store and purchase a highly powered automatic rifle and go home with it, all in the same day!  Why?  Because its his “right” to be able too!

This same guy can go into a school and blow away innocent children and teachers, snuffing out their lives in minutes.

“It’s my right” is a cry that echoes across America!  “It’s my right to have my “toys” cries the man with the automatic rifles.

What about the child cowering under the desk listening to the screams of their classmates.  The child watching in horror as he sees his teacher fall to the floor when he was trying to close the door.  The children running through hallways flowing with the blood of their peers,  praying they will make it outside into the safety of their parents arms.

What about my dear child who tries to speak confidently, and reassures their sister.  Says how considering that their school is so big it is unlikely that they would be the ones to get shot at, if someday the unthinkable would happen at their school. The simple fact that my child has to have those thoughts go through their head turns my stomach.

“Its my right!” is a cry that echoes across America.  Echoing so loudly that it overpowers the cries of the innocent children wondering when their rights will be heard. Their right to be able to go to school without fear!



17 Lives

Yesterday in Florida there was a mass school shooting. While people were celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, 17 families were mourning due to an act of hate.

17 young lives tragically cut short! Another mass shooting amidst so many! The madness continues to sicken me.

I wasn’t going to write a post about it, for what can I say differently in this post that I haven’t said in any of my other posts about mass shootings?

I wasn’t going to write, but there are 17 victims who have the right to be remembered.

17 victims who will never awaken to another glorious sunrise, with the hope of a new day.  17 victims who will never experience the peace of swinging on the porch swing. Admiring the beauty of another sunset with the one they love beside them.

17 victims who will never again walk along the beach listening to the roar of the waves, as they feel the ocean breeze.

17 victims who will never again will feel the tender embrace of a hug.

In 1999 we had the first mass school shooting at Columbine. We all were stunned with great sadness. 13 lives were lost! We all were greatly shocked!  A tragedy like this had never happened before. How can we stop it from happening again? America was rocked by such a senseless tragedy.

19 years later Columbine doesn’t even make it on the list of the Top 10 Mass shootings in the USA.

Yesterday there were 17 victims and their families who wish we would have learned from Columbine.

17 victims whose laughter is forever silenced and whose dance ended way too soon!