Sharing the Joys



Happy Thursday! With all the chaos in the world, it always helps to focus on the Happy things! What are some things that make you happy? Today for me,  it was the simple pleasure of swinging on my porch swing, eating dark chocolate peanut M’Ms , lounging on the couch and getting a great shoulder massage. Massages always make me happy!

So what Happy things are on your list? When you take the time you may be surprised at how many things come to your mind. Don’t let the darkness in this world shut out the many things that can make your heart shine! Like the warmth of my dog’s body against my foot as she softly snores. Feel free to share below what makes your heart smile and most of all BE THANKFUL for the little joys life brings!


Those who Care …



My heart goes out to the police right now. Especially to the families of the ones that have recently lost their lives, due to the rioting going on. YES, what happened to George Floyd was HORRIBLE, BUT…. that doesn’t make all police bad! They aren’t responsible for the bad cops that are out there! There are so many good cops around and for that I am very grateful and I can’t imagine having a job where my my life may be on the line someday!

I have so much appreciation for the cop who dealt with my daughter’s case a few years ago. I have mentioned about it before in my posts, the nightmare with my her sexual abuse case. It was a long process, the whole investigation and court trial. No one ever wants to have to go through something like that! But I can tell you that having a cop who was so compassionate, caring, patient and had a great sense of humor, helped so much! We were blessed and he remains our friend today.

Don’t let some horrible cops tarnish the profession where there really are those who are dedicated to upholding the law and protecting their citizens the best they can! Ones who truly care and have a wonderful heart!


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

I know lots of artists, and I know lots of songs …  just may have trouble playing a matching game with them.  If only the artists knew all the songs I have given them credit for.

Don’t let November’s chill cool your heart … Protect  your heart with layers of gratitude and love!

When the mountain ahead looks so steep … but than you find yourself looking down the mountain, and your heart filling with joy at how far you have come. 


A Priceless Gift!

Sweet Laura from  had a prompt today about the word “Heart”.  Feel free to join in on the prompt by a story or a song, however you want to do it.

Hearts are something so very precious! Our hearts can soar to the top of the sky and they also can fall very hard and shatter into a million pieces. An amazing thing about the heart though is that it can be so strong. Broken hearts can mend and though they have been hurt, it doesn’t mean they can’t soar again.

The heart may be very small in actual size, but I have known people with hearts whose size can’t be measured. Whose hearts overflow with kindness, compassion and love and ones who I am forever grateful for!

I am also very thankful for a healthy heart! Health is something I don’t want to take for granted for I know so many that would love to be in good health! Good health is something that is priceless and I know I need to remind myself of that at times. I want to treat my body right. One way of doing that is regular check ups and today just happened to be my heart check up.

I have tachycardia. A common problem, but mine is made more complicated due to myocardial bridging, which is not so common.

The most simple explanation is that in most hearts your artery runs over top your heart muscle. With myocardial bridging the muscle runs over top of the artery. Not really a problem, except when my pulse rate starts going too high which then makes my heart muscle clamp down on my artery. That in turn can create a blockage in my artery, stopping the blood flow,  and we all know what can happen if the blood flow is stopped for too long.

To help prevent that from happening we just need to control my tachycardia. I am on a beta blocker which has been working very well. Have had to change the dose of it a couple times but that’s all.

The reason I brought this up is because I never had a tachycardia problem until 2012. Now I do. Things happen that we don’t expect. This is very minor compared to some health issues that strike people out of the blue but it does show how things can catch us by surprise.

I want a healthy body for as long as I can and there is a part of that I can’t control. Sicknesses and accidents happen! But for the things I can control I want to. I have so much to live for and you do too! We only get one body, be nice to it! Believe me, I am no expert as far as healthy living goes, but I am learning.

Hearts are a precious gift, treat them that way. They really are much more precious than your finest possession which you may polish and shine often, you make sure that you keep it safe from getting damaged. How are you protecting your heart?

Thankful Thoughts

One of my friends posted on Facebook different questions to help you think about what you are thankful for. I thought they were interesting and would like to  give all of you a chance to think about them. Feel free to share your answers on here if you would like.

  1. What are your favorite smells?  Flowers, cinnamon, bread baking, salty air of the ocean

2.  What are your favorite sounds?  Laughter, the cooing sounds a baby makes, the waves crashing against the seashore

3.  What is something you use every day that you really like?   my voice 🙂  Now let me explain, when I say I like my voice, doesn’t mean I like hearing it on a recording. For that’s not how I think I sound, does your voice sound normal to you when you hear it?  But I am very thankful for it! I have had periods of time where i have lost my voice for 6-7 days, and I mean totally gone, barely can whisper. When your voice is gone that long, you really realize how much you miss it! I am thankful I have a voice.

4. What is a memory you are a thankful for?  This is hard, because there are so very many.  I think I shared this before on here quite awhile ago, but its one that popped in my mind with Christmas coming closer.  It is a Christmas memory. It is about a gift that  I gave my older brother. We were 10 years apart so in my childhood we spent a lot of time wrestling with each other and yes, he let me win a lot of times. 🙂 One time I accidentally ripped his t-shirt, I was strong for being so little, LOL! It was just an old t-shirt so we kept at it, he didn’t care.  I was probably around 7years old at the time.  This happened one summer. Well he had thrown the tattered shirt at me when we were done and I decided to save it. For Christmas that year I wrapped it up in a nicely gift wrapped box. Seeing his expression when he opened it was priceless!

Your turn now! 🙂

Always remember that no matter what you are going through in life, there is always something to be thankful for. Sometimes it can be harder to see, but the sun is still shining, even behind the clouds.

Irrepressible Spirit

“The wonder of dawn, each sunrise a gift.

   Reflected in upturned eyes.

Blessings abound, my cup runneth over,

Magnificent passion to live!

Thankful my heart – a tulip, a rose,

  blossoming in my soul.”

                                                                                                         by Vickie Baker


The above poem is from a book that I just started reading. It is called “Wings of Joy” by Vickie Baker.

It seems like I go in stages with books. Either I am wondering how it could happen that I have nothing to read, or I have a stack of books calling my name. I need a beach trip, sitting on the beach with a book and listening to the roar of the waves!  Ahhh! what better place can there be?

What image do you get in your mind as you read the short poem above?  Would you be surprised to know that the author is a quadriplegic? She used to be a trapeze artist but one wrong landing ended her career and the life she used to know. But yet she can write the words, ” blessings abound, my cup runneth over!”

Are you like me? Did you do a little gulp thinking, “Wow, how can I even think of complaining about little things when someone who is a quadriplegic can say that their cup runneth over!”

This is such a winning attitude and it really is the difference between living a life of self pity or deciding that you can rise above whatever life throws at you! Realizing that you may have a lot of challenges with this new spin on your life, but knowing that there are still many joys that await you and you aren’t going to miss out on them!

This wasn’t an overnight attitude that Vickie developed, she did have her hard days, days she wanted to give up, but she didn’t. Its not about her falling down, its about her determination to get back up! She didn’t let herself drown in a mire of self pity.

There is one more quote from her book that I wanted to share. It is so true!  In her book Vickie shares that humor was a big help in her recovery. She writes, “When we take a nosedive, humor is the safety net that helps us bounce back into the swing of things.”

Keep swinging and may your cup run over with JOY today about the things you have to be thankful for!

Feel free to share below some things that you are thankful for today!



Home Sweet Home!

We are back from vacation! We are tired from the long drive but we are happy. Happy to be in our own home. Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time visiting family, but ti just hit me as I was walking around the house putting stuff away at how good it feels when you come home.

You can flop on the couch and just stare at the wall if you want, you can walk around the house with one sock on and one sock off if you so desire or bundle up in your robe, even though its still early. The point is that its your house, your home and you can feel comfortable doing whatever you want to do. There’s a special warmth and coziness in being home, no matter what wonderful places you may go visit, its always nice to come back home!

As I was soaking in the feeling of being home, it struck me how sadly not everyone can experience the warm, cozy feeling of “being home.”  For many people, home is a park bench, under a bridge or on a street corner. I ache at that and it reminded me how not to take my home for granted. Not to take my family for granted. I just can’t imagine how it would feel to be all alone in this big world and so I say a prayer of Thanks and I pray for those out there who don’t have a home and for my heart to always have compassion to help them.

We all desire to belong, to have somewhere where we can go and everyone knows our name and they are glad we came. Perhaps its being tired from the the long road trip, but somehow the theme song from the old Tv show “Cheers” is running through my mind. Some people just want to go where someone knows their name.

Colin, a friend and wonderful writer, wrote a powerful poem about the ones who have no home.  Here is a link to his post,  and if you are someone who likes moving, thought provoking, easy to understand poetry I highly recommend his book, “Just Thinking”, it will touch your heart!


Feeling Thankful

Yesterday our family took a walk in the woods.  It was so nice and relaxing.  I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy the outdoors. It calms the soul.

My daughter and I went to a movie several months ago called “Midnight Sun.”  I do recommend it, just make sure to have your tissues in hand.

Its about a girl with a rare disease, called  xeroderma pigmentosum , or simply known as the XP disorder. Yes, it is a real thing, a rare blood disorder. Sadly it is a fatal genetic disorder. I had heard long ago about this disorder, I remember watching a  documentary about it. The children that have it become children of the night.  This girl used to take her guitar and go out at night sitting under the stars and playing her music.

The movie makes you think about how much we take for granted!  Think of all the things you do outside.  What if you couldn’t do them?  A simple walk in the woods or through a garden,  can be so harmful to the ones suffering from this disorder.  Just a brief walk down the block can have fatal consequences.

I think of how easy it is for us sometimes to get so caught up in all the things that we do inside that we forget there even is an outdoors to enjoy.  When we walked outside after watching that movie, and as we dried our tears,  the sun felt so much more intense. The deep blue color of the sky seemed more vivid and the fluffy white clouds looked a little more fluffy.

Breathe in the wonder of nature when outside. We really are surrounded by a wonderful world, don’t take it for granted. Appreciate it and remember there are so many things we take for granted in this world that others would be so very grateful for!  I admit I complained some about how very humid it is today, we are having a scorcher of a week-end, but …  there are people out there who would absolutely  love to feel the heat of the sun shine on them and to see its beauty.




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  I have a Thankful heart this morning but will share more about that tomorrow for today is Quote day!  I promise it will be in my post tomorrow.

We are getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow.  Another 8 hour trip, but I have my books. I am ready.  Headed to the cornfields of Indiana again to be with family and see good friends as well.  Good food will be on the menu, as well as a plentiful supply of laughter and love.

I can’t forget the annual Black Friday traditional shopping that my dear sister-in-law and I do!  We shop and we sit and drink Latte’s and chat.  My husband informed me of how cold it is supposed to get  and asked if I was sure that I wanted to go shopping.  I said “Of course, we just bundle up!”  Plus honestly it gets so hot in the stores at times that coming out into the cool air can feel good!  For a short time at least!”

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be celebrating this week and I hope that everyone has things that they can be thankful for this week!


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