By the River


Once upon a time where the water flowed, and the fish swam, there lived Freddie the Frog. Freddie was mad, for his supper had just been snapped away by another frog.  Now he waited impatiently for another dragonfly to fly by, his stomach was rumbling, so it better come quick!

Ahh! He saw one and it was coming close. Gulp! It was tasty as it went down his throat.

Savannah was sitting by the river watching the frogs, and she saw how the one snapped up the dragonfly in the blink of an eye. She had come to the river to write, but she wasn’t getting very far. She had 4 words on her paper so far. “There once was a ….”  and that was all that came to her mind, as she sat on the river bank, with her chin in the palm of her hand.

She watched the frog who had caught the dragon fly and was now appearing to be smiling as he floated down the river on his pad.


She stared back at her paper, “There once was a ….”

Oh look at that pretty fish that just popped his head out of the water, looking straight at her, as if to say ” HI!”


Nature was so beautiful, that’s what she loved about being out in it. It was so peaceful, listening to the water flow, the frogs croak, and the splash of the water, as the fish jumped.

Savannah watched the river a little longer, and then the idea struck her! A smile spread across her face. She wrote and she wrote, and the gentle breeze blew. At times she would pause and watch another dragonfly fly by and smiled as it flew right by the dozing frog and up into the sky.


The sky was starting to get dark, she should be starting for home, soon she told herself, real soon, just a little more to go. Her head was bent as she kept writing. Finally she let out a contented sigh, looking into the sky. One more thing left to add, “The End!” she wrote with a twinkle in her eye, and another dragonfly flew by.