So Many Questions!

Tristan walked slowly to the house as he flipped through the mail in his hand. Bills, bills, junk mail, and …. a letter? Who was writing him a letter? Letters were something rarely heard of these days. He was trying to remember the last time he had received one. There was no return address, so he really had no clue who it might be from.

He walked inside and laid the mail down on the counter, as he walked into the kitchen to get a cold drink from the fridge.  Picked up the letter again and walked over to the table and sat down. In his profession one couldn’t be too careful about mail. He was a lawyer, and there were a lot of people sitting behind bars, not feeling too happy with him.

Staring at the letter, he looked at his fish tank across the room and remembered he had to feed them. He loved his saltwater tank, with the clown fish and other brightly colored fish swimming around, darting in and out of the little caves that he had. Dodging around the plants.

Still holding the letter in his one hand,  he walked over to the fish tank and shook the food in, watching the fish swim to the top to eat it.

He walked over to his overstuffed chocolate brown couch, sat down, opened the letter and slowly read it.

Mr. McFerral,

“I am sure you are wondering who this letter is from and I will tell you straight up that once you finish this letter you will have even more questions.

I assure you I am not a stalker and I am not trying to blackmail you.

If you think you feel nervous reading this, I feel even more nervous writing it. Many times I started this letter and many times I wadded up the paper and threw it into my wastepaper basket. I lost count as to what number this letter is.

The bottom line is I need your help and that is what gives me the courage to write as butterflies flutter around in my stomach. If you had asked me last year if I would be writing a letter to you I would have said No, but so much can happen in a year. Life is full of the unexpected!

I need to ask you a question and its a question that carries a lot of weight. A question that won’t be asked in this letter. I will be sending my next letter in a few days which will reveal more about me.”


Jane Doe

Tristan stared at the letter in his hand for a few moments before folding it and slowly putting it back into the envelope. He listened to the gurgling of his fish tank and watched the damselfish swim around.  She had a question for him? What kind of question? Who was she? Thoughts swirled in and out of his head, just like the fish darting in and out of the castle that he had recently put in there. What would the next letter say? 4aa4c06f40498313e927996201e6d5bephoto credit Pinterest


Where is He?


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Where is He?

Sheila and Anthony came back up for air and got on their boat to head back to the mainland.

“I am so glad you convinced me to go scuba diving!” Sheila said.  ” The sights down there are just amazing! We got so close to that huge sea turtle!

Anthony smiled, he figured Sheila would enjoy it. He watched her as she was removing some of her gear. He was the luckiest man alive, he still felt like he had to pinch himself to believe that she was his wife. Their honeymoon had been so wonderful and he was just soaking up the joy. If only they could just stop time, did they really have to go back to the States tomorrow?

“Hey, Anthony?? Did you hear me?”  Sheila asked.

He blinked his eyes at the sight of her standing right in front of him.

“You looked like you were miles away!”

“Sorry, I may not have caught exactly what you said, but I think it had something to do with going to grab a bite to eat?”

Sheila laughed. “No, but I am getting hungry so yes, lets go grab some dinner.”

They went back to their hotel to get cleaned up and after a few hours were on their way to dinner.

“Its so beautiful here! I think I have taken over a 1000 pictures.” Sheila said as she laughed, while they were walking to the restaurant. It was a lovely 80 degrees and they had just passed a couple of Banyan trees.


Anthony took Sheila’s hand and agreed about the beauty. ” I am blessed to be able to wake up to beauty each day, when I gaze at you.”

Sheila leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, with a twinkle in her eyes, promising more later.

“Whoa! What was that?”

Sheila stumbled as she had quickly stepped aside to avoid falling into the hole in front of her.

“They should cover up that hole or at least have something blocking it, someone could fall in there and hurt themselves.” said Anthony.

They walked on, not hearing the faint cry for help that was coming up from the hole.

Meanwhile back at the Emerald Sea Hotel …

“It has been quite the week, hasn’t it! We had so many adventures, here in Hawaii! Too bad that we have to leave tomorrow, but it will be good to see our friends back at the North Pole.”

“I agree, but really can’t think of much more than food right now. Where is Alabaster? He should have been back with our food awhile ago now!” said Jinx.

The sounds of snoring came from the bed.

Jangle and Jinx got on either side of the bed and on the count of 3 they yelled real loudly. “WAKE UP SNOWBALL!”

Snowball jumped smacking  his head on the headboard.

While rubbing his head and sitting there a little dazed, Jinx said, “Oops, perhaps you should wear a helmet while sleeping. I think I saw Alabaster with some. He was making them in Santa’s workshop.”

Snowball made a face at Jinx. “Speaking of Alabaster, where is he? My stomach is rumbling!”

“That seems to be what we all are wondering at the moment. Think we should go out and look for him?”

All 3 elves looked at each other, unsure of what to do, as night was coming and it was getting dark. From inside their hotel room they couldn’t hear the little voice outside in the night.

”Help! Anyone out there?” came the voice from down deep in the hole.




Reasons to Smile!

Happy 4th to everyone who is celebrating the 4th of July today! To those of you who aren’t I still hope you are having a great weekend! I will not get into all the things that drive me crazy about our Country right now, for no matter how many things there may be, there are ALWAYS things to be thankful for! Love, Friendship, and Animals, and the list could go on. Here are some “red, white and blue” pictures to bring a smile to your day! ENJOY!

photo credit to Pinterest

  1. abd47be7b9ab3bb64a1639ee6c6d963f
  2. a540353eed8c6917b8dfbd09b40bc6d9
  3. 3d806ddce1d0a25f96943a5743254359 I can’t believe I am posting this, BUT for certain people….. AND… it is a nice shade of blue! Can’t promise that  you will ever see a snake on here again though! 🙂

Smile Therapy

Here is a picture for your smile therapy today! My friend is doing Baby Animal Picture Therapy each day on Facebook, and this just made me laugh. This is very real. Its an Axoloti, also known as a Mexican Walking Fish.


Now since you had your smile therapy, here is some brain therapy for you. I found these questions on Pinterest  and I think they could create some interesting answers, and probably bring even more smiles. Give it a try! Feel free to think of you own questions too and share them.

Name a bad job for someone who is accident prone.

What is something you would hate to find under your bed?

What is something that a man may buy before going out on a date?

I leave you with a lesson that we can learn from Cats, we can always learn from animals!








By the River


Once upon a time where the water flowed, and the fish swam, there lived Freddie the Frog. Freddie was mad, for his supper had just been snapped away by another frog.  Now he waited impatiently for another dragonfly to fly by, his stomach was rumbling, so it better come quick!

Ahh! He saw one and it was coming close. Gulp! It was tasty as it went down his throat.

Savannah was sitting by the river watching the frogs, and she saw how the one snapped up the dragonfly in the blink of an eye. She had come to the river to write, but she wasn’t getting very far. She had 4 words on her paper so far. “There once was a ….”  and that was all that came to her mind, as she sat on the river bank, with her chin in the palm of her hand.

She watched the frog who had caught the dragon fly and was now appearing to be smiling as he floated down the river on his pad.


She stared back at her paper, “There once was a ….”

Oh look at that pretty fish that just popped his head out of the water, looking straight at her, as if to say ” HI!”


Nature was so beautiful, that’s what she loved about being out in it. It was so peaceful, listening to the water flow, the frogs croak, and the splash of the water, as the fish jumped.

Savannah watched the river a little longer, and then the idea struck her! A smile spread across her face. She wrote and she wrote, and the gentle breeze blew. At times she would pause and watch another dragonfly fly by and smiled as it flew right by the dozing frog and up into the sky.


The sky was starting to get dark, she should be starting for home, soon she told herself, real soon, just a little more to go. Her head was bent as she kept writing. Finally she let out a contented sigh, looking into the sky. One more thing left to add, “The End!” she wrote with a twinkle in her eye, and another dragonfly flew by.



A Smile Break!

My mind was very busy this weekend. Just one of those times where it feels like your mind is going all the time.  I feel it is time for a “Smile Break!” I can always depend on Pinterest to give me pictures to smile about.  Found some rather different animals this time. Hope you like them!  Feel free to make a caption for the picture or you can just say “Awh!” 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!

  1. globefish The Globefish- it makes you happy just looking at it! It is found in the deep seas of Australia.
  2. 4604339 The Blobfish ( really that is its  name)  It lives in the deep seas of Australia and New Zealand.
  3. enhanced-buzz-11806-1377639710-5 Dumbo Octopus
  4. enhanced-buzz-2829-1377640238-25 The Okapi is found in Central Africa
  5. 0da62601a6c5d735e84fe9ec086ba420  The Probiscus Monkey is from the forests of Borneo


There really are amazing creatures all over our world!  I am so glad! This world would be pretty dull without the wonderful animals that inhabit it and that sometimes can really teach us humans a thing or two!

We also couldn’t do without the more typical animals who make amazing pets!