“Little Flower”

Image from Pinterest

Dancing had always been a passion of Darcy’s. Her Mom said she danced when she was inside of her. Always moving around, keeping her from sleeping at night.

Darcy had dreamed of someday dancing on Broadway. She had watched the NutCracker and Cats several times and was always mesmerized by the performances.

Her Dad often called her his “little flower” and had come to every recital, beaming with pride.

Darcy was warmed by her parent’s approval and encouragement. With them supporting her she felt like her dreams were possible, that she could reach for the stars and touch the moon.

She never saw it. The speeding truck had come out of nowhere and hit her head on. She spent a month in a coma and it had been a grueling, heartbreaking, 2 steps forward, 1 step back, road to recovery! But she did it and she was so thankful to be alive. At least now she was, it hadn’t always been that way.

When she learned that she would never walk again she was devastated! Her dreams that had seemed within reach were now unattainable. Everything had changed in one blinding instant.

She watched her favorite ballet performances with tears streaming down her face and her heart screaming the phrase, “Why Me?” She thought her life was over, but in a way it was just beginning.

It wasn’t turning out anything like she had expected but she realized that there were other things she could do.

Spending hours in her room moping, she started drawing one day. Gradually she began enjoying it more and more. Surprising herself by the decent job she did. She was eager now to try her hand at painting. Making a blank canvas come to life excited her.

Her parent’s eyes glistened with tears as they watched the light come back into Darcy’s life.

One night her Dad walked into her room and saw the latest drawing she had completed. He put his arms on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. “My little flower is blooming once again!”

Yes, she was, thought Darcy and once again she could reach for the stars and try to touch the moon.