Surprise at Sea

Tanya listened to the waves as she was on her boat. She hoped that she was remembering Patrick’s directions accurately when he had told her about the location of the heart shaped cave. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. The sky was a lovely azure blue and she was feeling good. She was ready to go exploring under the sea.

What was that sound interrupting the peacefulness of the sea? Tanya looked and saw a speeding boat coming her way. The boat was huge and they were coming so fast, like they didn’t even see her!

Patrick couldn’t get that new girl out of his mind. The town was small and it wasn’t like they had new people come into town very much, so it hadn’t been hard to spot her when he had first seen her. She had made about 3 trips into town so far and each time he tried to talk to her and get to know her a bit. She really wasn’t a talker. It was like pulling teeth to get any words out of her, but she didn’t strike him as the shy type. He was thinking that there  was another reason she was being quiet. He couldn’t pinpoint it, but he was intrigued and wanted to keep talking to her.

Her eyes had lit up when he was talking about the undersea cave to her. it was the first time that she really appeared interested in anything he was saying.  Perhaps next time he saw her he would invite her out on his boat with him. Maybe being out on the open sea with the calming waves would help her feel more at ease and perhaps conversation could flow more smoothly.

There was nothing he liked more than being out on his boat on the crystal blue shining water. The weather was perfect today, he was glad that he had decided to come out today.

What was that up ahead? It looked like someone had fallen out of their boat and was hanging onto it!

As he got closer to the boat, he was shocked to see that it was Tanya! She might have been really quiet in town but she was sure saying a lot of words now! When his boat got up right beside her, her face turned a shade of pink as recognition dawned on her.

“Do you need some help?” he asked? She shook her head as she managed to climb into her boat.

“Thanks, but I will be fine, though my plans are ruined for the day. Thanks to the speed boat that almost hit me, all my diving gear fell into the water when the boat flipped!”

“Oh, you were going diving today, alone?”

Tanya gave him a look, “Yes, alone, just me and the sea.”

“You do know that is not  really safe, right? Especially from what I have gathered from you before, you aren’t a real experienced diver, correct?”

Tanya grabbed her paddles and started to row away.

“Hey, not so fast! We can get you some new gear, and I would be glad to take you some time. Why don’t you go home and get out of your wet clothes and meet me for lunch later in town at the Pearl of the Sea Cafe? They have the best oysters!”

Tanya shook her head, “No thanks, I …”

Patrick interrupted, ” I could tell you about the legend of the heart shaped cave? There is believed to be hidden gold down there.”

Hidden gold… thought Tanya. That reminded her of something! She smiled as she looked at Patrick. “I am feeling rather hungry after my little spontaneous swim”, she rolled her eyes, but Patrick caught the glint of a smile.

“I will meet you there at 1.”

“Sounds good!” Patrick replied, as he watched her row away. He was going to add that he hoped she managed to stay in the boat this time, but thought again and had bit his tongue. He wondered what lunch would be like. What was it about her that intrigued him?  He usually kept to himself, but here he had gone and invited her to lunch! If they were going to be diving together though, he may as well start getting to know her. What was she thinking attempting to dive alone? How crazy was she? He shook his his head. How crazy was he, at wanting to get to know her? He guessed that answer remained to be seen.




Dr.Seuss Solving the Confusion?

I thought this post may need a small introduction. Back in February I wrote a story that I thought would just be one simple story. I was totally wrong! The story was A Mama for Anna

The story has kept going and going! The story has had a lot of twists and turns and has caused a bit of confusion. In an effort to help bring some clarification I am summing up the whole story thus far in a Dr.Seuss kind of way.  I am definitely no Dr. Seuss, but I do hope that you still enjoy it.


Once upon a time in a land called WhoknowswhereVille, there were 2 little girls. Girl 1 and Girl 2, Anna and Annie, causing great confusion as to Who was Who!

While Annie was sweet, Anna was not, and that just was sad, it was sad by a very lot!

Annie needed a Mama and a Mama she got. This made her so jumping, jollydoodle happy, that now she smiled so often, so very often a lot!

Annie was friends with the “Chicken Man”, but perhaps his real name was Sam. He really liked coffee, he liked it a lot. He could drink it here or there, he could drink it almost anywhere. He could drink it in the barn, he could drink it with a cow. He could drink it in the woods, he could drink it in a tree, or drink it with a bee.

He didn’t have a cat in his hat, but he did have a chicken in his cabin.  He talked to it and it talked to him. Have you ever talked to chickens, and they talk to you? You should give it a try, you might like it, you may, you may like it a lot.

There were 2 other guys that Annie did like. They wore polka dots and stripes, and funny bow ties. They wore hats on their feet and shoes on their head, and socks on their arms. They owned a Fluffer Nutter Shoppe, for they were the nuttiest nuts around. Smiles they gave to many, and many were their friends, they were friends to everyone around.

All was quite fine in this town, until one day the whole town did frown. Whatever had happened, oh what could it be, who could ever have done such an awful deed? The “Chicken Man” who also was Sam had let out his last squawk and no more was to be heard. Not here, not there, not anywhere. His chatterer was silenced forevermore.

Rumor had it that Anna was guilty, not Annie, but Anna, girl 1, not girl 2. Did she really do it, was it really so terribly, awfully truly true?  But if not her, than who?  How loud can a cow moo?

Some say the chicken wielded an axe and that’s what shut the chicken man’s trap, but did you ever see a chicken with an axe? Not me, that is a sight that I surely have never seen.  A chicken with a sax perhaps, or maybe a bax , nax or hax, but never an axe!

One day Anna escaped, and she ran. She ran up, she ran down, she ran all around. Oh how she did run, until a boat she did find, finally sitting her tired body down. Then she rowed and she rowed, and she just kept rowing, til rowing she could do no more.

When at last she reached shore her heart had perhaps grown 3x larger than it was before. No longer did she want to be Anna, but Tanya was the name she now claimed.

She now lives in a cottage and loves the sea, one fish, two fish, … or often more she does see. She has put life as Anna behind her and is making a new start, feeling so very, very smart.

Nothing can bother her, now she is all safe and sound. No safer or sounder could anyone be. She feels free, as she frolics and dives in the sea. Only one thing haunts her, as haunting as can be, why does she keep seeing in her dreams that little white cross by the tree?



Adventure Awaits!

1553ee1a5c9f6cf422032c93aefc63fb Picture from Pinterest

The sun streamed through Tanya’s window waking her up early. She looked forward to early mornings. She felt more peaceful in the morning, at night her brain would start overthinking and fears would creep in. Then sometimes she would have the craziest dreams.

A nice, fresh cup of coffee or blueberry tea while she sat outside breathing in the sea air, chased away her night fears. Then she would stretch and get ready to go for a jog. Tanya wanted to stay in shape, and running helped her deal with her anxiety when unpleasant  memories flashed in her mind.

This remote island was the perfect place for her to calm her spirit. She had been to town a couple times now. Still tried to keep a low profile, and not talk to anyone more than she had to while she was there. For the most part it seemed to work, she would just politely say “Hi” and everyone would exchange pleasantries with her and  then go about their business.

Everyone but this one mysterious man, that is. His name was Patrick and he was very friendly.  He always seemed to bump into her when she was in town.  He wore a blue baseball cap on his head. The hair that she did see poke out from under his baseball camp was a nice chestnut brown. It matched his dark brown eyes. He was pleasant but he wasn’t content to just stop at “Hi”, he asked her questions every time that he saw her, trying to get to know her. She didn’t want to be rude, so she would patiently listen to him as he told her about the town. He also talked about the sea. He loved to take his boat out on it. He told her that there was a cave under the sea that he was anxious to explore. The opening of it was told to be shaped like a heart. That peaked her curiosity but she didn’t let on that it did. After a little while, he bid her good day and tipped his hat as he excused himself. She watched him as she walked away and she wondered if she could find a store that sold diving equipment.

Today excitement and a little bit of nervousness stirred inside of her.  She had found a store with diving equipment and had practiced using it for some short dives. She felt like she was ready now to go and find the cave that Patrick talked about. The thought that perhaps it would be wise for her to wait to go with someone did enter her mind, but she pushed it away. What could possibly go wrong?


Taking a Ride on the Pony Express

Do you like Unicorns? Well if you want to chase them, you should visit Tippy’s blog.   It is well worth your time!

I am giving another shout out today to Tippy for his close answer to one of the questions from my Trivia post on Saturday. The question was asking how many months the Pony Express ran for. The correct answer was 18 months, he guessed 26, so he got a prize! His prize was choosing a topic for me to write about and he suggested  for me to do a story around the Pony Express. I didn’t think that would be too hard, until he asked that I give all the ponies a name. Then I delved more into reading about the Pony Express and found out that there were 400 total ponies. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone by NOT filling my story with 400 names of ponies. If so, I will try to make it up to you somehow. I may not have named all the ponies but there are some true facts mixed in with this fictional story. I hope Tippy and the rest of you can enjoy this little journey back in history, to a time long, long ago!


Skippy was taking a break. He thought he would sit under the shade of the big Oak tree on this nice Spring evening, in 1860. He needed some time to check out the back of his eyelids for a little, and it was so peaceful listening to the running water in the nearby creek.

His horse Udella was munching on some grass and taking a much needed break as well. Skippy liked Della, he called her that, often forgetting the “U” that was in her name. She could run as fast as the wind, one of the fastest horses, among the 400 that were used for the Pony Express. He always liked when he got Udella on his last run,  for he knew that he would be finished with it in half the time. After changing horses 8-10 times along the 75 mile route, he was glad to end the day with a fast horse.

Skippy was just about to enter dreamland when he saw something that set his heart to racing. A horse was galloping towards him and he heard some hollering. It was an Indian raising his hand in the air and waving it around. Skippy was scared, for he had heard stories from some of his other comrades who had met up with Indians, as they were traveling their routes.

There were 120 men that were riders for the Pony Express, so among all of them they gathered lots of stories. The stories had sent chills down the spine and made the hairs on his arms stand up! Especially the story about the 14 year old rider that had been attacked by Indians. Skippy was only a year older than him. He hadn’t known the rider well, besides his name, William. He wondered if he had been an orphan too, like a lot of the riders were. Riding for the Pony Express was really dangerous, part of why they wanted riders under the age of 18. Didn’t want no married fellows. Now Skippy was a quivering as he hid behind the tree, and having doubts of why he had ever taken this job.

He knew what the boss man said, that the riders were expected to protect the 20 pound mail pouch with their lives. He told his employees how he paid them well at $100 dollars a month so he expected their dedication. They had to swear on a bible before they took the job, but right now he was ready to just throw that mail pouch at the Indian and ride Udella as fast as he could. The problem was that the Indian was between him and Udella, for she had wandered off to another patch of grass that had some clover, oh what was he going to do?

Skippy could tell the Indian was a young boy as he rode closer to him. Perhaps he would be friendly or maybe not. He took a deep breath and prepared to meet his doom, as he stepped out from behind the tree. The Indian was smiling, and Skippy gave a shaky smile back. Skippy considered himself a happy guy so he may as well keep smiling, even if he was to meet his end.

The Indian boy stopped and pointed to Skippy’s canteen. Skippy knew there wasn’t a lot of water left but hey if water could save his life the young boy was welcome to it! He handed him the canteen and the boy smiled at him as he gulped it down. He handed the canteen back and motioned to the creek. Skippy was feeling pretty hot, and he began to feel a little more at ease. The boy really did just seem thirsty. Surely if he had meant to kill him, he would have done it by now!

“Come!”The boy said, as he motioned towards the creek again and started towards it.

Skippy stood for a moment debating, but then he couldn’t resist as he watched the young boy splashing in the creek.

Soon they were both cooling off in the creek and having a good time!

Sometimes boys just needed to have fun!






The Golden Arrow

75a3882a24f94930aa343e48becf75a6 picture credit from Pinterest

Little Caleb was hard at work. He was drawing his boat that was out on the sea. He wanted to make sure to get every detail just right. Caleb always liked Thursdays when he could stay after school, drawing  on the chalkboard, letting his imagination flow.

The Golden Arrow was making its very first voyage. Caleb had made sure to have all the provisions that he would need for the journey. He had 5 bananas and 5 Golden Delicious  apples, for Mommy always said that fruit was good for him. A box of chocolate chip cookies, because they were his favorite and 2 boxes of Teddy Grahams. He couldn’t forget his gummy worms either. He had 3 boxes of them. Peanut butter and jelly was his favorite type of sandwich, so he made sure to pack 6 of them. Nothing like Skippy crunchy peanut butter and grape jam. He also brought along a pack of 10 juice boxes, 5 packs of red fruit punch and 5 packs of red grape juice.

Caleb loved his ship. It was a fiery red color with 2 golden yellow arrows painted on each side of the ship. In case of anything breaking on the ship or the ship springing a leak, he had brought along a roll of duck tape. Daddy had always said that Duck tape fixed everything.

Yes, Caleb was all set. He was heading West to see new sights and discover new lands. Oh No! A storm was must be brewing, the waves were getting higher and he felt his boat shaking.

“Caleb honey… its time to wake up, your Daddy is here. That’s a great picture that you drew.”

Caleb was lying on the floor, with the chalk still in his hand. He opened his eyes to see Miss.Marjorie smiling at him with her hand on his shoulder.  He rubbed his eyes as he looked at his teacher. “I was sailing on the wild sea Miss. Marjorie, I really was. Do you want to hear my dream, but first do you have any chocolate chip cookies?”  Caleb took Miss. Marjorie’s hand and continued chatting as they walked out of the schoolroom.

No More Running …

9e56f835414a5c9fd6dbb2727f78f6b5 (pininterest)

She took another sip from her glass. It was so nice to be here, she thought, as she breathed in the salty sea air. Finally she could stop running. The feeling of peace had escaped her for so long, but now it at last had found her.

It had been quite the journey for her to get here. She had some heart stopping moments, thinking surely she wouldn’t be able to escape, but she did. She made it to her own little paradise. No one would find her here, not on this remote island.

When she first came she laid really low, kept to herself, but now she was feeling confidence build up inside her. She thought she may venture out into the only town nearby. Finding herself running out of necessary provisions really gave her no choice. She knew she had to venture out.

Shaking off any lingering thoughts of doubt, she let peace envelope her. This was her home now. This place was so far off the beaten path, she would be fine. She highly doubted that anyone in this town would have heard about her in the news. Stepping into her boat she started to row. All she had to do was  remember her new identity. Tanya was her name now. Anna was no more.


Alabaster’s Surprise (Part 2)

If you missed Thursday’s post, here is a link to Part 1. Alabaster’s Surprise

Everyone was in good spirits! Santa had promised a special surprise that afternoon and they couldn’t wait to see what it was. There had been some rumors about what it might be, but no one knew for sure. Well no one, except for Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball. They had even managed to keep the surprise from Jangle.

Jinx and Snowball apologized profusely to the Easter Bunny when he finally stirred in the snow. It had been some tense moments for all of them as they had wondered if he would be okay. Snowball was sure to point out to the Easter Bunny that it hadn’t been  him operating the sleigh. Jinx rolled his eyes at him and Alabaster just shook his head as  Snowball said that he really hoped he would still get some of his delicious peanut butter eggs! They all helped gather up the eggs that had been scattered in the snow and loaded up his basket. They were able to slip him into Santa’s house without anyone noticing. Santa was very glad to see the Easter Bunny, but he did wonder why he was limping.

They were all sitting in Santa’s house sipping some hot  cocoa. Snowball told the Easter Bunny to just sit back and relax that he would get his Hot Cocoa for him. He grabbed a stool for the Easter Bunny to prop his leg up on.

“Here is your Hot Cocoa with some whip cream on top.” Snowball said, as he handed the mug to the Easter Bunny.

“Thank you kind…Ooo!” The Easter Bunny yelled, for Snowball had accidentally kicked the stool with his leg making it move and causing the Easter  Bunny’s leg to hit the floor with a thud!

With a red face Snowball quickly put the stool back in its place and gently lifted up the Easter Bunny’s leg again to lay on the stool.

Once Snowball had sat back down, Jinx quietly said to him, “I wouldn’t count on getting any peanut butter eggs, if I was you.”

Alabaster had been close enough to hear him and he chuckled, for he knew he would get the eggs that he wanted. After all he was the one that had helped Santa get the Easter Bunny to the North Pole. He had suggested to Santa that they surprise everyone with a visit from the Easter Bunny, but Santa wasn’t sure they could get him there. Alabaster did his research and Santa was very impressed with the flight route that Alabaster had mapped out for the Easter Bunny. Everything had been going so smoothly, until the final stretch when they met up with Jinx and Snowball’s wild sleigh!

“Jinx, are you all ready?”  Santa asked.

“What?” Now it was Jinx’s turn to turn a little red. He had missed what Santa said while talking to Snowball.

“Do you have your game ready for the other elves?”

“Yes!” Jinx replied, with a smile. “Its all prepared, the elves just have to play a guessing game, and if they guess correctly they win an extra special egg.”

“You didn’t make the questions too hard, did you?”asked Santa.

“Who, me?” replied Jinx with a gleam in his eyes as he rubbed his hands together and smiled.

Santa laughed. “Well then I think we are all set! Lets go and get this party started!”

The elves cheered in surprise delight when the Easter bunny appeared.

Jangle was wondering if he had a fever and was delusional when he saw the Easter Bunny.  He was too stunned to say much when the Easter Bunny handed him an egg , but when he bit into the coconut cream egg, he knew he wasn’t dreaming!

Everyone had a good time, and were so thankful for the yummy goodies that they had received.

Alabaster was delighted with his special black coffee eggs. Jinx got black jelly beans and Snowball was very relieved to receive his peanut butter eggs.

When the time came for the Easter Bunny to leave, Alabaster was starting to feel a little sick from all the black coffee eggs he had eaten. Jinx volunteered to take the Easter Bunny back to the airport but the Easter Bunny suddenly became very pale when he heard that. Jangle thought of the perfect idea, why not have Dinosauris fly him back. Santa thought that sounded like a great idea and Dinosauris was more than willing to help out the Easter Bunny, for he was a very nice dragon.

All the elves gathered around to see him off, as he hopped up onto Dinosauris back and soared up into the clear, blue sky.

Everyone agreed that the Easter surprise from Santa and Alabaster was a great one! Jinx and Snowball had tried to keep the sleigh ride incident quiet, but word got out about it. They all just shook their heads, glad that the Easter Bunny wasn’t seriously hurt. Plus they all agreed that when Alabaster, Snowball, Jinx and Jangle were involved with anything, one just never knew what may happen!



Alabaster’s Surprise

The room was full of chatter as everyone had gathered in the dining room for a special Saturday Breakfast, by Chef Salvo. He was making each of them a special dish, so they all had to patiently wait, but his meals were always worth the wait.

Jinx and Snowball were the last ones waiting, and their stomachs were starting to growl. Alabaster looked at them and smiled as he said, “Are you sure Chef Salvo didn’t forget about you two?”  while putting a nice juicy bite of sausage in his mouth, washing it down with some strong black coffee.

“No! He couldn’t forget about us!”, they replied with confidence, but Snowball was beginning to wonder. It did seem to be taking extra long. More time passed and Jinx was thinking of going back to the kitchen to see what Chef Salvo was up too, when out he came.

He was carrying 2 platters and he was apologizing as he walked towards them.

“I am so sorry that your platters are late, my friends.  I had written down everyone’s orders on special sheets of paper so that i wouldn’t forget them. Somehow I got my words scrambled and messed up with yours. Sorry again for the wait, I hope you still enjoy it!”

Jinx and Snowball assured them they would. The meal was very good. Scrambled eggs and sausage with some donuts on the side was Snowball’s order. Jinx had a soft boiled egg with some biscuits and gravy, and a fruit salad.

They finished up and then asked Jangle and Alabaster if they wanted to go take some spins on Dinosauris. Jangle was up for it, but Alabaster said he couldn’t for he had other plans. When they asked what they were he just gave a coy smile, said they would see and walked out the door whistling a happy tune.

The others looked at each other. “Well, I wonder what is up with him?” said Jangle. The others nodded their heads in wonder too, and then left to take a ride on their favorite dragon.

Alabaster was still whistling as he got to his little house and started getting ready for his adventure. He was excited about Santa trusting him with something so important, he sure hoped that nothing would go wrong.

Meanwhile the rest were having fun with Dinosauris who was zipping through the sky. After the 3rd ride, Jangle was a little unsteady on his feet and decided that he needed to go back home and rest some. Snowball and Alabaster agreed with one look at his pale face.

“What do you want to do now?” asked Snowball. “We have a couple hours until Alabaster is gong to reveal his surprise.”

Alabaster had found them earlier and told them he would be gone for awhile but that he would be back in a couple hours with his surprise.

“What about a sleigh ride, we should be back in plenty of time.” Jinx said, so off they went to get ready to go on a little sleigh ride adventure.

Jinx was going rather fast around the corners and Snowball was egging him on to continue.

As he went around one sharp corner, Snowball said, “Wow! Good one, Jinx!”

Jinx turned to face him and put up his hand to give him a High five.

Thud! The sleigh hit something big and bounced up in the air for a little way, before it landed back down in the snow on its side. Jinx and Snowball fell off into the snow.

“What did you hit Jinx?” asked a dazed Snowball as he stood up brushing himself off.

“I have no… wait, what is that sound?”

They looked in the direction of the sound  and were shocked to see Alabaster running towards them yelling.

“Do you guys know what you just did?” said Alabaster jumping up and down while waving his hands in the air.

Jinx and Snowball looked at each other, and back at Alabaster.

“Well, we hit something but we are OK, so why do you sound and look so agitated ?”

Before he could answer, they took a closer look around them, seeing colored eggs scattered all over the snow.

“Where did all these…?”

“You ran over the Easter Bunny!” shouted Alabaster. They all gasped, as they noticed him lying just a couple feet away from them not moving.

“Is he.. is he…. dead??’ Snowball asked. They all stared, not saying a word.







Back at the Farm

Snowball couldn’t believe that his friends were still sleeping. They apparently had grown used to the rooster crowing at the break of dawn.  Today was their last day down at the farm and they had slept right through the rooster’s “Cock a doodle doo!”

Eating his last bite of scrambled eggs, a sly thought came to Snowball’s mind. With a smile he mentioned his idea to Luke and Luke heartily agreed to it.

Jangle and Alabaster shot out of bed, and Jinx was holding his head in his hands wondering what had just happened. One moment he had been having sweet dreams and the next …. his ears were ringing!

Snowball and Luke were laughing with tears streaming down their faces. The trumpet was now resting in Luke’s lap.

“Had I told you guys that I was a star trumpet player back in school?”  Luke said, with his eyes twinkling.

Jinx, Jangle and Alabaster stood there with dazed expressions on their faces.

“It is a beautiful morning isn’t it!” said Snowball, “Hurry up and get dressed now, the cows are waiting. Betsy is waiting for you especially, Alabaster.”

Jinx looked at Snowball. “What has you so cheery this morning?”

“Remember the fortune cookies we got at the restaurant last night? Well I had forgotten to read mine until this morning.  It said, ” Today will be a bright, beaming, wonderful day, nothing bad shall befall you.”

Snowball was all smiles, “Today is my day! See ya all out in the barn!” and he was laughing as he closed the door.

The day did seem to be turning out just how Snowball’s fortune had said.  His friends were having mishaps, but his day was shaping up perfectly.

While Alabaster was stacking up some hay, he slipped and fell into a pile of manure. He told Snowball that he was sure Betsy was silently laughing at him. Betsy may have been silently laughing, but Snowball and the others weren’t so quiet.

Jinx was trying to plow the field with the mule, but the mule had sat down and was refusing to listen to Jinx’s pleas to get up. Jinx finally gave up and decided he would get a start on digging some holes that Luke had wanted dug. He was pretty good at digging holes. At least he had thought he was, until he hit one place where the dirt wasn’t budging , he put a lot of force on his shovel and before he knew it he had done a belly flop onto the ground , with dirt flying into his face.

Jangle had tried getting eggs from the Henrietta and managed to grab 4 of them, before getting pecked on his hand.

Meanwhile Betsy had cooperated real nicely for Snowball when he milked her and then he enjoyed lying on the hammock, taking a nap under a nice shade tree. Annie had come out to him after his little nap with a glass of sweet lemonade. She also carried her favorite book in her arms, for him to read to her. “The Odessa Chronicles”

He enjoyed the book as much as Annie did, laughing at all the crazy antics of the characters. She had also sneaked some donuts out of the kitchen for them to have. She gave an impish grin as she gave one to Snowball. Oh, was it yummy!

The day flew by and too  soon it was time for Julia to drive the guys back to the airport so they could catch their plane back to the North Pole.

Luke and Julia were so appreciative of all their hard work and invited them to come back anytime! They all felt bittersweet about leaving, for Luke and Julia were really nice and Annie was simply adorable. Alabaster though was not going to miss Betsy the cow at all!

They were all settled in their seats on the plane and were chatting about the week they had at the farm. Amidst the mishaps, it had been a really good time, but they were eager to see their friends at the North Pole again.

A stewardess interrupted them and leaned down to Snowball and said, ” Congrats sir! You have won the prize!”

“A prize?” said Snowball in shock. Then he turned to the others and said, “See how right my fortune was, the day just keeps getting better and better.”

The others just shook their heads in disbelief.

“Out of all the passengers on this plane, your name was drawn. You get a nice box of chocolates, from all of us here, hoping you will fly our airlines again!”

Snowball grinned from ear to ear as he thanked them for his chocolates and he was nice enough to offer some to his friends.

“Yup today sure has been…”

Suddenly the plane rocked, the stewardess lost her balance and her full pitcher of ice cold water fell right into Snowball’s lap.

The stewardess apologized profusely, but his friends were laughing.

“What were you saying again about your luck today?” said Alabaster.

“Oh Snowball, you do know you can’t always believe everything you read, right? Including a fortune from a fortune cookie. ”

Snowball just sat there not saying a word, but smacked his head with his hand, forgetting it was the one that now had soggy, melted chocolate on it.

Yes, sometimes the things you read are just too good to be true.






The Bridge of Questions … Part 2

If you missed Part 1 yesterday, here is a link. The Bridge of Questions

Thanks to those of you who helped contribute some questions, to help Sabrina get across the bridge. Some of the questions were tricky for sure! But I have come to expect that from certain “followers” . Hope you enjoy the story!


Sabrina was almost at the bridge. She felt full of confidence and was anticipating meeting the old man again. It wasn’t that she was so eager to cross the bridge but the old man had stirred up her curiosity now about what questions he could possibly have.

She saw him from the distance, as she was approaching the bridge. He turned and saw her, and this time he didn’t just stare at her, but he smiled. When she got closer to him he called out. “Hi there missy! I see you didn’t chicken out.”

Sabrina smiled as she shook her head. “Nope, not a chance! So what’s your first question?”

The old man stood there quietly, looking at her for a moment, and then he spoke. “Before we start, I am curious, why do you think I should be able to make you answer my questions, do you think I could really stop you from crossing this bridge? ”

Sabrina wasn’t quite sure what to say, she wasn’t expecting him to say that. He was standing right in front of her just giving her a piercing gaze, making her feel a little intimidated. He was an old man though, so she probably could just push him aside and walk on across the bridge. He really wouldn’t grab her, would he?

It was like he was reading her thoughts, for he said, “I am just a weak old man, you could push me off the bridge if you wanted to.”

Sabrina shook her head. “Well yeah I could, but I am too sweet and nice to do that! Besides, you have me curious now. You were all bold yesterday about these questions that you had, so I want to hear them.  Why don’t we take a seat on the bridge while you ask me them.”

They sat down and let their feet dangle out over the rippling water in the stream.”Okay, here is your first question. What kind deed did you do for someone before you left the house today?”

Again she was shocked by the question. “Why should it matter what kind deed I did today?” she asked him.

“Well you just got done saying that you were sweet and nice, so what did you do today to prove that.”

Sabrina looked down at her feet as she thought of the way she talked to the delivery guy that had come to her house this morning. He was just doing his job, but she had been in a hurry and was rather short with him. And then there was the person who called on the phone.

“Can we just go to the next question please?”

“Well, we can, but I hope you won’t let the day go by without doing something that is kind. Doesn’t have to be anything big.”

Sabrina nodded her head and agreed that she would make sure to try.

“What is the purpose of life? ”

Sabrina put her head in her hands, she didn’t think the questions would be this difficult!

“That would take way too long to answer right now. I will come back later with the answer, okay?”

The old man smiled. “Make sure you do, I will be waiting.”

They sat there in silence again watching the water flow.

Just as Sabrina thought that perhaps he didn’t have any other questions, he spoke up.

“Don’t you recognize me?”

Sabrina’s heart jumped. Was this someone she knew? She scrutinized him carefully, but no, he didn’t seem familiar at all.

“No, I don’t, should I?”

“Nope, just wondered what you would say!” and the old man laughed.

Sabrina shook her head, this guy was crazy.

“Here is an easy one for you. Do you know who won the International Polo Cup back in 1876?”

Sabrina almost lost her balance as she turned to look at him. “You are crazy, aren’t you! How could I possibly know that!” Her hands went up in the air as she shook her head.

“Its not really looking like you will get across the bridge today, missy, is it?”

Sabrina wasn’t quite sure what to say and she watched him take some rocks and throw them as they skipped across the water. They chatted about other things for a little. How he enjoyed the woods and how she liked the beach. He talked about how life was so different way back when he was a child and she found it interesting to hear his tales. She actually forgot that she was trying to get across the bridge, as they kept chatting.

As they skipped some more rocks, she happened to glance at her watch.

“Oh My, I didn’t realize the time. I gotta go, or I will be late for work this evening.”

“Do you want to take a short cut back home?” the old man asked.

“A shortcut?” she looked at him quizzically.

“Yes, there is a hidden tunnel I could show you.”


The man slapped his knee with his hand and started laughing.

“No, there isn’t a tunnel that I know of, but your eyes sure did get big!”

Sabrina made a face at him but couldn’t help to let out a laugh. “You are one interesting character, old man! i gotta go, but perhaps I will be back again. I don’t need to cross the bridge, maybe we can just chat again and skip some rocks, if that’s okay with you.”

“I am often here at this time of day, so come by whenever you want. I do have one more question for you.”

Sabrina raised her eyebrows, “Really, one that I can actually answer?”

“Perhaps.” and his eyes crinkled.

Sabrina laughed. “I will see you later, take care, old man.”

“You too, missy”, he said,  with a wink and a smile.