Facing Uncertainty

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The fog was so thick this morning. Katy was really glad that she didn’t have far to go to work. Driving in fog in NYC traffic had her stressed out by the time she arrived at work.

She had worked at the law firm for 6 months now and still couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of her brass name plate on the door.

Stress from the traffic started to melt away as she sat down at her desk, ready to start the day.

“Good Morning Katy!” Matt said, as he waltzed into her office and sat a hot cup of Peppermint Mocha on her desk.

“Thanks Matt! Appreciate it.”

“You are welcome. I thought you might need it to prepare you for whats coming today.” He replied.

“Prepare me? What do you mean?”giving him a quizzical look.

“Meeting at 2pm, you will find out everything then.” he said, and turned away.


He turned back around and gave Katy a reassuring smile. “It will be OK, I believe in you. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have asked you to be my partner. He gave her a wink and walked out the door, leaving Katy to wonder.

Well, the stress had been melting away. She took a sip of her peppermint mocha and tried to tell herself not to worry. She trusted Matt, he had been great to work with. A month ago they had celebrated their victory over a murder case that they had worked on together.

Katy’s heart broke for the victim’s family, but she was glad that she helped in bringing the family justice. Nothing could take away the pain of their loss, but at least one less murderer was walking the street.

It was a busy morning with phone calls and meeting with 2 clients. Before she knew it the time had come for the meeting with Matt. She walked to Matt’s office feeling confident, as she knocked on his door.

“Come in.” Katy turned the knob and walked in, surprised to see another gentleman in the room.

Matt walked over to Katy and said, “i would like you to meet Mr. Patrick Duvette. He is a FBI agent.

Katy’s heart started beating a little fast and her hand shook some as she put it out to shake Patrick’s hand. What was he doing here, she wondered.

“Lets all take a seat and we will explain everything, Katy.” Matt said. “Patrick is here to take you away for your own protection for a little while.”

Katy’s eyes grew bjg. “What! What are you talking about? I have only been working here for 6 months!”

Matt sighed. “I know, but that case we won last month seems to have left you some dangerous enemies. We received a death threat and they specifically mentioned you. I am sorry, I know this comes as a shock to you. I will do all I can to get to the bottom of things, I promise. For now you need to work with me in making sure you are safe. Patrick has a safe place to take you too.

Katy’s mind was swimming with questions and fear! Someone had made a death threat against her! She started feeling a little sick.

Patrick noticed her looking pale. He walked over to her and took her hand. “I understand this is frightening but let me reassure you that you will be very safe at this place. You won’t be alone!”

Matt offered her a bottle of water which she drank, while Patrick filled her in on more details.

Katy shoved her journal into her bulging suitcase and took one more look around her apartment. She didn’t know when she would be back. At least she had been able to go see her first Broadway show last week. The Lion King had been amazing!

Patrick was waiting for her right outside her door. She gave him a brave smile and said, “I’m ready.” She said the words but her stomach was in knots. Patrick couldn’t tell her exactly where she was going. He did say that she would have deliciois food there though. She laughed, well food was important.

Katy watched out the window as they drove out of the city. She felt exhausted from the stress of her day. Her eyes grew heavy and sleep overtook her, as she headed into another new beginning.

The Dragon Cure

Jinx stared at the crossword puzzle in his book. He was trying to pass time by working on it,  but it wasn’t helping, he couldn’t concentrate. He had only figured out 3 words so far. “Yes”, that word was easy, for what other word was the opposite of “No.  “Dynamic” was a little trickier to come up with, and then there was “Jackalope”, that was a fun one. He was well acquainted with Jackalopes. The other words though were proving more difficult.  He had no idea of what started with a R, had a P in the middle and ended with a T! He closed the book and turned to Jangle.

“Jangle, don’t you think he should be coming out soon?” asked Jinx.

Jangle put down the book he was reading. “I sure hope so, for I have read this same paragraph 3x now, just can’t stop worrying about him. He really looked pale, don’t you think?”

Jinx nodded his head and they sat watching the door. Within a few minutes it opened up and Dr. Doodly  walked out with a smile.

He walked over to Jinx and Jangle and spoke, ” Dinosauris is feeling bad, but its nothing that can’t be cured.

Jinx and Jangle sighed with relief and smiled. “That is great! We knew you could fix him up! You have the magic touch Dr.Doodly”. they said.

“Well, actually I didn’t cure him, you two are the answer to that! Thank you so much for volunteering to take Dinosauris on a little trip. I know I can always count on the two of you.”

“Whoa! Wait a minute…When did we say…”

The Dr interrupted. ” I will ask Santa to give you off work for the next 3 days. Sound good? ”

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other, adventures were fun, and they were always up for one, so why not! They smiled and said, ” We will do anything to help our friend, sure we will go.”

“Wonderful!” It shouldn’t take you that long to get there. In fact you could probably still make it there today, if you left right away. I will go tell Santa Any questions?”

“Well yeah, where exactly are we taking Dinosauris  and what is wrong with him? they asked.

The Dr  chuckled, “Yes, I guess you do need to know that, I was getting ahead of myself. Dinosaris just needs some cheering up. He is very glad that you all brought him to the North Pole, but he is feeling antsy, needs some adventure. I know just the thing to cheer him up, but I thought it would be nice if his friends would accompany him. I want to send you all to visit the little giant!”

“A giant!” Jinx and Jangle both said in unison.

“No need to fear, he is a little giant.” replied the Dr. ” He is little in size, but he has a giant heart and he is wonderful at spreading smiles.”

Jinx and Jangle were visibly relieved to hear that. They were getting excited now. Sounded like this little giant would be a fun person to meet.

It didn’t take much time for them to get ready. Dinosauris had a little more color in his face, he was already getting happier. Eager to go on an adventure with Jinx and Jangle.

Everyone gathered around to see them off. They were glad that Dinosauris was a little happier, he was special to all of them. They hoped that this little adventure would be the perfect cure for him, that he wouldn’t be a gloomy dragon anymore dragging his tail behind him.

They were flying through the sky and Jinx and Jangle were feeling pretty content. Nothing like just sitting back and enjoying the ride!

As Dr.Dooly had said, in didn’t take them too long to get to their destination. Dinosauris landed and they slid off his back looking around. Wasn’t a whole lot to see, didn’t look like anyone was around, but they had seen the sign. A simple sign that read , “The Home of the Little Giant!”

Jinx and Jangle decided to stretch their legs and go on a little walk. Perhaps they would find the “Little Giant”. Dinosauris wanted to rest, since he had done all the work, while Jinx and Jangle just enjoyed the ride.  They said they would be sure to bring the “Little Giant” to him if they found him.

“Well, it feels like we have been walking for awhile and we haven’t seen any signs of a little giant.” Jinx said.

“Perhaps we should go back to check on Dinosauris, and we could have some supper. I am getting rather hungry.”  said Jangle.

Jinx agreed and they started heading back.

After they were walking a little ways, Jinx stopped, “Jangle, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“Ssh! Just listen.” said Jinx.

They both stood very still and then the sound came again.

“Wow!Am I hearing what I think I am hearing?”

Jinx grinned, “I believe so, the sound of a dragon laughing is pretty distinct! Hurry, lets go!”

They ran the rest of the way and were shocked to see that Dinosauris wasn’t alone. There was a little boy standing with him. They were both laughing so hard, that tears were in their eyes.

Neither of them could speak when Jinx and Jangle first got there.

Finally Dinosauris caught his breath and said, “HI guys! So glad you made it back! I want to introduce you to my little friend. His name is Benjamin.”

Jinx and Jangle shook his hand as they smiled at the boy whose face just beamed with happiness.

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other and then back at him. ” Do you happen to be the little giant?”

“I sure am! So glad you all came to visit me, we are going to have so much fun together!”

Jinx and Jangle looked at Dinosauris smiling and they didn’t doubt for a second that the next 3 days surely would be a a fun adventure!

They all gathered in a circle to eat the wonderful picnic supper that Chef Salvo had packed.  He made plenty, and Benjamin had  juice boxes that he shared with them all  plus very tasty donuts for all of them. He was so sweet.

As they ate Benjamin continued to regale them with stories of his adventures with his best buddies Jellybean, the rabbit and Jaxon, the one and only Jackalope. The louder Dinosauris would laugh the louder Benjamin would laugh. Jinx and Jangle couldn’t help but join in, it made them so happy to see their friend happy once again!

Benjamin kept giving Dinosauris tight neck buster hugs around the neck and Dinosauris just loved it. Hugs always felt good!

There was no doubt, sharing happiness and laughter with a new friend was a wonderful cure !




The Secret Castle ( Part 2)

If you missed Part one of “The Secret Castle”, here is the link to it. The Secret Castle

The Secret Castle (Part 2)

She took one look  and fainted, collapsing right inside the door!

“Oh No! I do believe we frightened her!”

Jangle was walking up to the door where he saw Jinx and the Dragon staring down at the poor girl lying on the floor.

“May I ask what you were thinking, opening the door with the dragon beside you! Of course you frightened her, what did you expect her to say, “Oh, HI Mr.Dragon, may I come in?”

Dinosaurius looked down and Jinx patted him on the head assuring him that she would be alright, but that perhaps he should go in another room before the young lady woke up. Dinosaurius being the kind, understanding dragon that he was decided to go lie down for a bit. Snowball was taking a nap as well and missing all the excitement going on at the moment.

After Jinx and Jangle rubbed some wet, cool washcloths on the lady’s forehead she started to stir. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw the anxious faces of  2 men staring down at her.

“Welcome! I am Jinx and this is Jangle, who are you?”

The young lady sat up and gave a tentative smile as her eyes wandered around the room.

“Thank you! My name is Cassie. I hope you don’t mind me coming here, but my car broke down and I didn’t know where else to turn. Your castle is lovely, how long have you lived here? 

“Oh just a few day, but this isn’t our castle.  We don’t know who it belongs too. It appears to have been abandoned. We were on our way home to the North Pole, but apparently we have a  very directionally challenged dragon and…”

Cassie’s face began to drain of color as she said, “Excuse me did you say dragon, was there a dra … dra … dragon  with you when you opened the door? I was beginning to think that was just my imagination.”

“Yes, Dinosarius the dragon, was by my side, but trust me you have nothing to fear! Dinosarius is a very friendly dragon, he is really sorry that he scared you earlier. ”  Jinx explained.

Cassie started to chuckle as she shook her head. What a day this was turning out to be. She had met 2 cops who appeared to be more like Laurel and Hardy then cops. Then she found an abandoned, yet not so abandoned castle with a dragon inside it and 2 short men. Suddenly she remembered something else that they had said.

“Did you say you were headed to the North Pole?”  Cassie asked them.

“Yes, we were, and we are soon ready to head back. We found out the right directions this time. Snowball knows the way. If he would have stayed awake when we were flying before, he would have been able to stop us from taking this detour, but he can’t pass up a good nap!  Jinx replied.

“Wow!” My family will never believe this story! Why oh why would  you be headed to the North Pole, if I may ask?”

“Well to work for Santa of course! Why else would anyone go to the North Pole. We are Santa’s elves.

Cassie was beginning to wonder how hard she had hit her head when she fell. She had questions whirling around in her brain and she wanted to ask them but yet at the same time she hesitated. She had learned that asking questions doesn’t always help ones curiosity, sometimes it only adds to it!

She smiled and said to Jinx and Jangle. “It is my pleasure to meet you  both and I do think I would like to meet Dinosarius again if I am able. ”

“Sure! I know he would be glad to meet you!” Jangle said. “I will go get him and see if Snowball is awake yet, so that you can meet him too. He is Santa’s newest elf.”

Cassie shook her head, one just never knew what a day may hold. She was in a beautiful castle with a dragon and 3 of Santa’s elves!  What else could happen?

Knock! Knock!

Jinx went to the door wondering who it could be. He opened the door and to his surprise there were 2 men standing there and a police car parked in front of the castle! 

Oh gosh! What trouble had Jangle and Snowball went and got themselves into now! thought Jinx.

“May I help you?” questioned Jinx to the men.

“We were looking for a young lady. … Oh there you are!” they said, as they noticed Cassie staring at them with her mouth wide open. She hadn’t expected to see them again.

“We just wanted to make sure that you were alright Miss, we saw your car still sitting out there and thought we would check up on you.”

“Thanks guys, that was very nice of you.”  Cassie said as she came walking over to them.  Their faces blushed a little at her praise.

“I think I will be fine, I just need to get the tire fixed on my car.

“Oh, I can take a look at your tire.” said Jinx, ” Always glad to help when I can. I may be able to fix it.”

They were all still  talking when the color suddenly drained from the men’s faces. They had quickly turned around, bumping into each other, as they both tried to squeeze out the door at the same time!

Jinx and Cassie were confused, until they looked behind them and saw Dinosarius, Jangle and Snowball coming towards them.

Jinx went to the door to yell out at them, but they were gone! He came back in chuckling. 

“Well they are gone now, but they will be back!”

“How can you be so sure they will be back,” questioned Cassie.

“They were running down the road, they totally forgot about their car!” he said.

Cassie started laughing too, and they both went to see the others.  Cassie was delighted by Dinosarius when she got to know him and had fun getting to know Snowball too.

“Well Cassie, why don’t you take me to your car and I will see if I can fix your tire”, said Jinx.

“Okay”, said Cassie.

“I think it has a hole in it and that is what made it go flat. ” she said.

“Oh holes! I know all about holes, let me share with you some lessons on holes”, said Jinx, and they went out the door.

Later that night, after a delicious hot supper made by Snowball,  Cassie said that she would have to leave to head home. Snowball made sure to fix his special coffee for her to enjoy on the long drive back home.

“I can’t thank you all enough for your hospitality and for helping me fix my tire. I won’t forget you guys and I really hope you have a safe trip back to the North Pole! Do you think you can put in a good word to Santa for me?” Cassie said, with a grin on her face. 

“Yes!” replied Jinx.

“It would be our pleasure”, said Jangle and Snowball.

Cassie thanked them once more as she shook all their hands and gave Dinosarius a pat on the head, and then she walked out the door. Her heart was full. At first she had been so upset when her car broke down, but look at the pleasant surprises that had come out of it.  Sometimes you can find new friends in the most surprising ways!




Taking the Leap

Glenda rolled over in her bed.  Her teal green sheets were in a tangled mess. A sign that she had been tossing and turning all night with her body as well as with her mind.  Rubbing her green eyes and taking one more stretch she made herself step out of her bed, sinking into the plush blue carpet.

She headed towards her door when she caught the reflection from her mirror of the certified letter laying on her dresser.  The letter that she had received yesterday.   The one with the shiny emerald green seal. It was addressed to Dr. Glenda Totonia.  Her heart still never failed to  skip a beat when she saw the title Dr. in front of  her name.

What was wrong with her?  Shouldn’t her heart be sparkling with joy, she should be floating as high as the clouds in the bright blue sky. Why wasn’t she?  The letter was offering her a position as the head Doctor at the highly esteemed Emerald Green Medical Center.

She was honored to get the offer. It definitely was thrilling to think of the adventure that could be waiting for her, so what was holding her back?

Later that morning Glenda decided that she needed to take a walk to clear her mind. Walks were always good for that and it was a beautiful Spring day. She stepped out into the lush, deep green grass and stood still for a moment breathing in the fragrance of Spring.

The lilacs and honeysuckles were blooming.  The scent that they gave off could be intoxicating. You couldn’t help but smile when you caught a whiff of their fragrance.

Glenda walked out of her backyard and  down the long country lane that she had walked down hundreds of times.  She heard a bird chirping away and then she spotted the Bluejay who was such a pretty shade of royal blue.  He puffed out his chest looking like royalty as he sang a cheerful tune.  It was so fast and tiny that she almost missed the beautiful green hummingbird that flew by.

As she walked she let herself take in the natural beauty around her  and she tried to release the worries from her brain. When she rounded the bend she heard the sound of the creek flowing and she noticed the rope swing hanging from the Weeping Willow tree.  She smiled as she remembered the fun times from her childhood.  Hours spent  with her friends jumping  from the rope swing and swimming in the creek.

A thought came to her mind and she wondered if she dared. She looked around, there was no one to be seen. Should she? She paused for a moment and thought, “Why not!”

Taking a few swings on the rope she finally let herself go as she splashed into the creek below. Oh it was so cold! At the same time  it felt refreshing as the water flowed around her. The flowing water around her and the azure blue sky above her was just what she needed to calm her heart. A calm heart as she reflected about how her life might be headed for a very big change.

The next morning Glenda was up bright and early. She was still wrapped in her fluffy teal green robe as she drank a cup of her favorite peppermint tea.  She soaked in the stillness of the morning, her heart was at peace with the decision she had made.  Soon she was showered and dressed in a casual green dress. One that brought out the emerald green color of her eyes.

With the letter in her hand she was ready to go. First stop was the Post Office to mail her certified letter and then she had a long list of things to do. She had to shop and pack and prepare to move, for  adventure was awaiting her.  Awaiting her at the Emerald Green Medical Center, located in the Emerald City, in the wonderful land of Oz.