The Inheritance!

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Jacob stood awestruck in front of the castle. He was mesmerized by the reflection in the water and the glow on the castle.

While he was standing there the doors to the castle opened and Lady Tatiana invited him in.

“Welcome! Thank you so much for coming.”

“I am very glad to offer my services. This is the first time I have ever been to a castle, its stunning!” Jacob said.

“Thank you, it has been in our family for generations. At one time this castle was full of activity and people. Now it is only Sir Nicholas and I, along with our faithful cook and chauffeur.”

Jacob followed her through the long hallway and the twists and turns that it took. She was pointing out the portraits on the wall, explaining who they were. Sharing the family history as she walked.

She was talking a mile a minute as Jacob tried his hardest to catch everything that she was saying. What was it about woman that made them talk so fast?

They made another turn and Jacob saw a portrait of a lovely lady with a little girl. Lady Tatiana stopped in front of it and she was quiet, not saying a word. She just stared at the portrait with a wistful expression on her face.

Jacob wasn’t sure what to do, so he said nothing. The silence now was deafening, such a contrast to the happy chatter only moments before.

“This is my daughter Gwen with her darling daughter. They look so happy here, but within a few weeks they were gone.” Lady Tatiana said.

“I never saw them again. I knew Gwen was mad after an argument we had, but I never dreamed she would leave. I have tried over the years to find them but haven’t been able too. You are my last hope!” she said, looking at Jacob with pleading in her hazel eyes.

Jacob felt like there was a rock in the pit of his stomach. He had great success stories as a private investigator but he had unsolved ones too. Looking into Lady Tatiana’s eyes he hoped that the odds would be in her favor. That he would be able to reunite her with her daughter and granddaughter again.

He took her hand and said, “i promise I will try my best to find them! You have my word!”

Lady Tatiana’s eyes shined with gratitude, as she squeezed his hand.

“One question. What is your granddaughter’s name?” he asked.

“Amanda. She was the apple of my eye! Her laughter was music to my ears.” Once again there was silence as Lady Tatiana was lost in the memories of yesterday.

( to be continued…)

Words from the Heart


A memory has been in my mind the past couple days, and when I saw this quote I thought how well it fit with it.

My memory is woven tightly into my heart from something that happened when I was in the hospital back in 2012.  It was a rather scary time for all of us, because no one quite knew what was wrong and the possible diagnosis being thrown around wasn’t something we wanted to hear.

My family and friends wanted to take away my pain, but they couldn’t! They wanted to fix me, but even the Doctors didn’t know how to fix me. What they could do though and what they did do, was let me know I wasn’t alone.

That is the best gift you can give someone who is hurting. As one friend shared with me when I was going through a hard time, they would be holding the light for me.  I can’t remember the whole quote they shared, but I know those words about holding the light warmed my heart, they let me know I wasn’t alone.

So what is the specific memory that tugged at my heart and inspired this post? It was one night that my husband and children had come to visit. My hand was having a spasm that I couldn’t control, it kept hitting my leg. My 10 year old was sitting beside me on my bed and he was watching without saying a word. Then he gently took my hand and put it over his leg saying, “Hit my leg Mommy!”

Those 4 little words will forever be one of the most powerful “I love you” statements that I ever heard!

The Secret Treasure

 The two sisters were sitting in the law office staring at the mahogeny hardwood floor.  Leticia kept looking at her watch, tapping her fushia manicured nails on the chair. 

“Where is he? I have my Swedish massage appointment in an hour.”

Carissa rolled her eyes at her, ” Relax, I am sure he will be here soon.” 

“Do you have any idea what this is all about?” Carissa asked.

“No, I got the same letter as you. All it said is to report here to see Grandma’s lawyer.”

They both turned as they heard the door opening, and a tall man with brown wavy hair in a pin striped suit walked into the room. He walked over to them and shook their hands as he introduced himself.

“HI! I am Mr. Matthew Lescu, thank you for coming today.”  He walked over to his desk and took a seat behind it.”

“I will get right down to business, as I know you are both curious as to why you are here. Your grandmother left you both in her will.”

The sisters gasped. They hadn’t been extremely close to their grandma, though that wasn’t their grandma’s fault. She was a sweet lady and was always inviting them over to visit with her, but life was busy, they had things to do. They would politely decline her invitation over the phone, but their grandmother never gave up trying. She kept saying they needed to slow down and smell the roses. Grandma was old, she just didn’t understand they would tell each other, when guilt would sometimes plaque them. Yes, they had enjoyed being with her when they were little, and she gave them milk and cookies, but they preferred caviar and wine now.  Though she did make the the best peanut butter chocolate cookies ever.

“So how much did she leave us?” Leticia blurted out.

The lawyer cleared his throat, “She didn’t leave you any money.”

The girls looked at each other, “Oh, well okay, so what did she exactly leave us?”

“She put the two of you in charge of her garden.”

“Her garden?!?” they both exclaimed.

“Yes.” said Matthew. “Along with some rules.”

“She wants you both to restore it to its natural beauty. As you both know she was ill for awhile, and she couldn’t take care of her garden the way she always loved too, so now you both are its caretakers.”

There was silence in the room for a little, then Carissa spoke up.

“Well no problem, we can hire someone to restore it, if that is what she really wanted, but why would she care about it now?”

“Oh No, I have strict orders to make sure you both are the ones that restore it. She says there is a hidden treasure to be found in it, which is only meant for the two of you.”

The girls faces brightened a little at hearing the word “treasure”. They looked at each other and shrugged, “Well if there is treasure involved, count us in. I mean how hard can it really be to restore a garden.”

The sun was beating down, and sweat was dripping from Leticia’s face as she pulled what felt like the hundredth weed from the garden.

“Are you ready for a break sis? I need a drink or I believe I will die! This treasure sure better be worth this.”

They sat at the little table under the shade tree and poured themselves some lemonade. Leticia took off her gardening gloves and sadly looked at her fingernails, oh would they ever be the same she wondered.

“Remember sitting at this table as little girls?” Carissa asked.

“Yeah, I do, Grandma would tell us stories as we watched the butterflies and bees buzz around the flowers.”

“I always loved smelling the flowers, especially the honeysuckle.”  They smiled, as memories started coming back.

As they worked in the garden they started talking and sharing more with each other. They lived close, but each other was so busy with their life, that they really didn’t see each other much except if they attended the same party at times.

They got excited as they went to the greenhouse to choose some flowers to plant, trying to remember what their grandmother’s favorite flowers were.

Carissa remembered how they used to dance in the garden pretending they were fairies on a summer’s night when Grandma sat out on the porch watching them. Her face shining with peace as they would come and climb beside her on the porch swing. Then they would sing together.

Leticia started singing as they planted and Carissa joined in.

Weeks passed and the garden started looking really nice, they were proud of themselves. One day they were sitting under the shade tree once more, laughing over a joke one had shared when Carissa spoke up.

“I had a thought, We have dug through every part of this garden, but we didn’t find any treasure.”

“You are right, I had totally forgotten about that.” said Leticia.

Silence fell between them as they thought about the hours of hard work they have put in, digging in the dirt with their manicured hands. They also thought about the hours of laughter and secrets shared, of how time seemed to stop for both of them when they were in the garden. Appointments were forgotten and often after working in the garden all day, they would go to each others house for the evening and talk some more.

Their eyes started glistening, as it dawned on them what their grandmother had meant about finding a treasure. They had found a treasure, a treasure of love.





When Love Shines Down!

Like a wonderful RAY of SUNSHINE


Little Miss. Charlotte Ray made her grand entrance into the world today!


WELCOME my precious great-niece! I am not quite sure how it happened that your dear Dad, my nephew, who I remember being born, now has a daughter of his own! Oh how time flies, but you won’t figure that out for awhile! I promise that you are in wonderful hands having him as your Daddy and doubly blessed with your sweet Mama as well! They both have been longing for you to come and are filled with immeasurable JOY and a heart full of LOVE for you! Be patient with them, this parenting thing is a learn as you go journey. Just remember you couldn’t be more blessed, for not only are you loved by them, but an amazing family of other relatives love you too! Yes, it may be a crazy family at times but don’t worry, I will try to bring you some sanity when needed. Love you little one. Welcome to this journey of LIFE! It can be quite the ride, so Hang on! But for now, just sit back and let everyone wait on you hand and foot! Soak it up while you can! 


Feeling Blessed!

Today I want to give a shout out once again to my dear family, if you all don’t mind!

I want to honor my sisters today. I was blessed with 2 older sisters and cherish them both!

I will get to see my one sister in a couple weeks which I am looking forward too. I have many fond childhood memories of growing up together. We rushed our stuffed animals to the “vet” many times in our bedroom and we danced in our family room as we pretended to be Princesses, waiting for our Prince. We shared a bed and she often had to tell me to be quiet and stop laughing so that she could go to sleep! Yes, my face was pushed into my pillow many times by her to muffle me before our parents heard!


I love you Sharon!

My other sister had a birthday today, and I was so glad to be able to spend the day today with her!


We got our Happy on, as we chatted, enjoyed a shrimp lunch and made Orchid gardens.




My sister’s orchid wasn’t blooming yet, but it will. The love and happiness she spreads will continue to bloom as well to all those around her long after the orchid’s bloom is done!

I love you Karen, and its not just before you will hit every decade before me. 🙂 I know I shared my Dad’s age when I posted for his birthday, but I think I will be quiet about my sister’s. I don’t want her to follow through with the threat when I was younger, about selling me to the circus! I know, can you imagine, how she could possibly feel like doing that to someone sweet like me!

My heart is full and I found this on Pinterest which describes the relationship with my sisters pretty well! Perhaps you will identify with it as well, your love for a sibling or for a dear friend!




It All Started with a Letter … Part 2

This is Part 2 of a story that I didn’t think would have a Part 2. 🙂  For part 1 you can follow this link. I hope you enjoy both parts.  It All Started with A Letter


Samantha had been driving for about 2 hours now, her stomach was still full from the delicious breakfast at the diner and her excitement was growing. She should arrive at her destination in the next hour.

She noticed that she was heading deeper into the country. She had left behind the tall buildings of the city and was passing by  farms and creeks. Her smile grew bigger, for she loved traveling on back country roads.

The Weeping Willows trees by the creek  were so lovely! Then a few more miles down the road she saw two farmers  standing out in the field. The one was holding a shovel in his hand, while the other one was peering down the hole. She wondered what might be in the hole.

Only 3 miles to go! Her hands started getting a little sweaty, she soon would be there!

Rounding the bend, she gasped. The house was beautiful. It was a stone house, a lovely shade of russet brown, and it had a wrap around porch with a porch swing that looked so inviting.

Samantha pulled into the long drive, her heart was pounding as she parked. This was it! She would finally see her grandmother again, after way too many years of separation.

She had fond memories of her grandmother, but she had been so young when she had seen her last. She remembered how they would go berry picking together and she would let Samantha help her make strawberry pie. Then as the pie baked, she would hold her on her lap and they would read fun stories together out of Samantha’s favorite books. Samantha wiped a tear as she reminisced.

Her separation from Grammy Ella had been so abrupt and Samantha had cried and cried, for she was so confused about why her family moved so far away from her Grammy. Her Mom had let her write letters, but it wasn’t the same, she wanted to feel her hugs. Then suddenly the letters stopped. She was told that her Grammy had moved and they didn’t have the address, but that didn’t make any sense. Her parents acted strange but she couldn’t get anything out of them and eventually she went on with her life. She got busy with friends and school, but she never forgot her childhood memories of her precious Grammy.

When a certified letter came for her from her Grammy, she was speechless! There wasn’t much in the letter besides her Grammy telling her how she has thought of her so much over the years and that she longed to see her. For her to please come and visit. She sent money for the plane ticket. There was so much to explain the letter had said.

Samantha was a little hesitant to tell her Mom about the letter, but she did. Her Mom didn’t say much besides giving Samantha a big hug and telling her with some tears in her eyes, that she should go and see her. That it was time.

Samantha smiled through her tears when she saw her Grammy step out onto the porch. Her heart was in her throat. Suddenly her nerves about seeing her after so long vanished and she couldn’t get to the porch fast enough, as she ran.

“Oh my sweet Sammi! How I have missed you!”  her Grammy threw her arms around her and Samantha got lost in the magic of her hug. They had so much to discuss, so many things to explain, but for right now the questions didn’t matter, for finally she was once more,  back in her Grammy’s arms of love!




Ssh! It’s a Secret


What do you think of this quote? Are you one that bares your heart and tells all, or do you keep silent about some more private things? Do you have someone that you can unload the secrets of your heart with, that you feel you can trust?

I have been reading a book that deals with a family and a secret they are keeping. It got my mind going and I thought I would see what all of you thought.

Are there times that its okay to have secrets? Obviously we aren’t going to tell the cashier at the grocery store our whole life story but should there be someone that knows your whole life story? I am not talking about every tiny detail, but the major things that have happened in your life.

Life’s moments as you grow are what help shape you into the person you are. So sharing your moments with others can help them know you at a deeper level and understand you more. It can strengthen your bond.

There can be people who may be helped by hearing your story. In that aspect I believe sharing secrets is a good thing and perhaps secrets isn’t the right word. I am talking about sharing from the heart, sharing things that you may not tell every Tom, Dick and Harry, but that you will share with someone who has your trust.

In the case in the book, the family wasn’t sure who they could trust, and so were afraid to tell. They decided they would just wait and see, but then they got so used to keeping the secret that it made it harder to tell. Instead of them keeping the secret, now the secret was in a way controlling them.

Are there times when you felt keeping a secret hurt you?

These are just thoughts swirling around in my head, feel free to add yours.

Sparkling Gold


Joe was ecstatic, he couldn’t wait to show  off the gold nuggets he had found! All those days spent panning for gold had finally paid off. He had told Mary he would find gold and he knew she didn’t believe him, but bless her heart, she still was supportive of him leaving their home and going on this expedition.

He still could see the pain in her eyes as he hugged her bye. She was trying to be strong as their two little ones were pulling at her dress. He had his own lump in his throat as he gave her one more kiss on her sweet lips. Oh how he would miss the touch of her smooth skin has he brushed his hand against her cheek. He did wipe some tears from his eyes when he headed down the road with his horses.

Now he was wiping tears again, but these were tears of joy! Now he could start for home and he couldn’t wait to swing his Mary around in his arms as he told her about the gold nuggets that he had found!

He took a look of them again, at how they sparkled. They may be shining but nothing compared to the shine in hie heart, at seeing his family again. They most definitely were the most precious gold nuggets of all!


The Special Surprise (Part 2)

Happy Wednesday! If you missed Part 1 of Jinx and Jangle’s story, here is a link. The Special Surprise (Part 1) So who do you think Santa’s surprise guest is? Grab a drink and kick back, as you escape to the North Pole to see what the surprise is!


The Special Surprise!

They were all sitting in Santa’s house as Jinx and Jangle were still trying to get over the big shock that awaited them at the airport!

Jinx took another gulp from his cup as he shook his head. Whoever would have thought!

Jangle swallowed the last drop of honey milk from his cup. He felt like he was going to burst with happiness as he looked around the room. A room filled with love!

They had arrived at the airport in plenty of time. Dino was the speediest method of transportation that they had. It was so fun flying on him. They sure did cause a stir though when they landed in the parking lot!

The trip back on Dino still felt like a dream, for they had been in complete shock. They definitely hadn’t guessed what Santa’s surprise was, he totally had pulled one over on them! When they got back they found out that everyone else had known as well! They had been the only ones left in the dark! Everyone else except Snowball, that is. He had been sleeping when Santa had made the announcement to everyone, during the time that Jinx and Jangle were on their way to the airport.

While at the airport and waiting at the gate Jinx and Jangle had talked about who they thought were coming. Then Jangle heard his name called and he looked up. Much to great joy he saw his parents coming. Warmth flooded through his soul as his heart started beating fast! He hadn’t realized how much he had missed them until there they were coming straight for him. When they embraced in a big hug, his eyes got a little moist!

Jinx was watching, feeling very happy for Jangle, when his heart almost stopped. A lump formed in his throat. His parents were coming through the gate as well. Jinx heard his Mom’s laugh and saw the twinkle in her eye. He couldn’t feel his legs as he ran to greet her.

Jinx and Jangle were so overcome with emotion and then they heard someone else calling their names. They looked up in surprise. Who else could be coming?  It couldn’t be, was that really her? Yes, it had to be! Jinx could see her radiant smile. He couldn’t believe it, but it was his Grandma, his gem!!

Before they knew it, she was embracing both of them. “Oh my precious ones, so good to see both of you!”

Jinx and Jangle were so happy but yet totally confused, how did she know both of them?  Their parents were smiling at each other and at them and soon everyone was talking at once.  It seemed that there was still another big surprise for Jinx and Jangle. They were cousins!

Jangle’s parents had moved across the country when Jangle was very young and that’s why Jangle had not seen his Grandma much, but she faithfully had always sent cards. The one memory he did have of her when he was very young, was making honey milk. He and Jinx actually had shared cups of it together when they were at her house at the young age of three!

Sadly Jangle’s parents and Jinx’s had lost contact after they moved. They had only touched base again once both Jinx and Jangle moved to the North Pole. The parents were thrilled to know that the cousins had met and became friends, having no idea that they were cousins! They didn’t want to tell them in a letter, they wanted to surprise them in person and finally Santa managed to work it all out in flying all of them to the North Pole for a surprise visit!

While Jinx and Jangle and the guests were at Santa’s, the other elves were over at the dining hall getting everything ready for a celebratory meal. Chef Salvo had been working on some secret recipes all week and everyone was excited to try them out.

Candy Cane and Snowball were working together in choosing music and in decorating.  They had picked out some some CD’s by Blackmore’s Night, Celtic Women and Tangerine Dream, as they had heard that Jinx and Jangle’s Grandma really liked their music. In talking to her they had found out so many interesting little facts about music, and books as well. It was quite enjoyable talking to her.

“Did you see Jinx  and Jangle’s faces, when they arrived?”  laughed Candy Cane.  ” Their eyes were so big!”

Snowball agreed, “For one of the first times, they both were speechless! That doesn’t happen much! ”

Candy Cane chuckled, as she finished hanging the last streamer.

Snowball looked as his watch, ” They should be coming soon, we got done just in time. Guess I won’t have any time to take my mid morning nap.”

Meanwhile over at Santa’s place everyone was still reveling in the simple joy of being all together.

Conversation had died down for just a moment and Santa took advantage of the silence.

“Ho-Ho-Ho! Who is ready for a fabulous meal?”

They all agreed that they were getting rather hungry after all the excitement of the morning.

Jinx and Jangle’s parents started talking again as they headed out the door with Santa. Then Mrs.Clause and Grandma were talking about the best cookie recipes as they headed out leaving Jinx and Jangle staring at each other.

“Cousins! Really? Who would have thought?”

“Yes!” said Jinx.”So now when you think I may be a little cracked, just remember I am related to you. That explains a lot, eh!”

Jangle rolled his eyes as he hurried to catch up with Grandma. ” Hey, Grandma I have a question for you, who was the best behaved 3 year old, me or Jinx?”

Grandma turned her head back and laughed at the question. “Oh that is a hard question, …. most of the time you both were NUTS!”, she said with a twinkle in her eye. Then she  put her arms around both of them and they walked to the dining hall together.






Family Love

Its National Siblings Day I am told. Who makes up all these days anyway? I want to apply for that job! I would be glad to think of something to come up with for each day of the year. The ideas are already swarming. What is something that you think should have a National Day? Think about it and let me know in the comments. 🙂

I was blessed with wonderful siblings and I am so glad to be able to have a strong bond with them! Wouldn’t make it through the tough times in life without them!! Life also would not nearly be as fun or crazy without them!

My brother Nelson was the oldest, he was 10 years older than me, followed by my sister Karen, who is 8 years older, followed by my other sister Sharon, who is 6 years older than me. Yes, i am the youngest, the SURPRISE baby. Was I spoiled? Well of course not!  🙂

We fought as normal siblings do, but we also always had and always will have each others back!

My brother may be gone from us now,  and though he is dearly missed, he will never be gone from our hearts! The impact he had on our lives and the memories we made with him will always stay.

My sisters are always there when my faith needs a boost . We can always count on laughter when we are together, even in the times that it may be mixed with tears.  We may not always agree, but they love me for who I am, in spite of the fact that I may make them roll their eyes at times. They make me roll my eyes too, we keep it even. They are my rock and I would want it no other way.

The love  I have in my heart when I think of them overflows! I am blessed!