The Magic of the Moon


He was out of breath from running. His mind was swirling with what he had just read in the note that Belinda had left on his truck. He was busy at work, working overtime to meet a deadline, and hadn’t been able to meet her for supper. He had come out of work and found her note on his truck. She couldn’t be serious. could she?

His life had taken a turn for the better he had thought, since he had met Belinda. Now though, he felt like he was going crazy. He thought back to the day he had met her.

He was fishing off the dock, with his brain in a whirl. His girlfriend had dumped him and he didn’t know how to feel. It wasn’t that she broke his heart, for she was actually beginning to get on his nerves. It was kind of a relief that she dumped him, but she had caught him by surprise! He had thought that she was head over heels for him, and then just like that she dumped him. By a simple text! They hadn’t been dating real long, but he thought he deserved more than just a text.

While those thoughts were going through his mind is when he had turned his head and noticed Belinda for the first time. She was wandering around on the dock, almost like she was lost. At first she was hesitant to speak to him, but the next day when he came back, she was there again. She was sitting on the dock, staring out to sea. Her long, honey blonde hair glistening in the sun.

Brian had packed 2 tuna fish sandwiches and offered one to her. He recalled how slowly she ate it. It was almost like she had never ate a sandwich before. They talked some more and soon it became a routine for him to pack 2 sandwiches and meet her at the dock.

A week had passed and they had seen each other quite a bit. They would meet there and then go out for supper, and maybe catch a movie. The first movie they went too, it was like she was mesmerized by the big screen! She still hadn’t opened up much about herself, but she had a great listening ear and a very kind heart. She also loved to ask questions. She found the littlest details about Brian’s life to be fascinating. Brian had never met someone that seemed to be in awe of everything around them. There was an aura of mystery around her, which intrigued Brian.

Yesterday she told him that she had something to tell him, but didn’t know how to say it. Her eyes looked so tender as she spoke and like they had a hint of sadness in them, that he didn’t understand. She had told him that there was a full moon tomorrow and that she had to go. He had asked her where, and she just gave him a soft smile as she brushed her hand against his cheek.

As he stared out to sea, he remembered the look in her eyes from the night before. So full of care, and he felt those caring words in her note. She had thanked him for being such a kind gentleman, and answering all her questions. The moon was full so she had to go back, but she hoped that at the next full moon he would be at the dock to meet her again.

Perhaps he was going crazy, but he knew that the next full moon would find him back here. For who knew, maybe mermaids really did exist, maybe fairy tales do sometimes come true.

Return to the Castle

If you missed Part 1 of Olivia’s story here is the link. Castle of Dreams


Olivia was sitting in her room trying to read. The book was intriguing, but not intriguing enough to stop her mind from returning to the castle. It had been a week since she had ran away from the castle. She tried to distract herself with other things and forget about the abandoned castle that she had come across on her walk. The one she had visited, dreaming about her Prince. What had caused the crash of the wine bottles that day she was there? What caused the shadow that she had seen, as she ran out of the castle in fear? She was one to not let go of questions easily, so she knew what she had to do. Putting down her book, she went to take a walk.

Inside she was shaking as she knocked on the door of the castle. She waited and started to turn the knob as the door suddenly opened, causing her to jump! In front of her stood a young man who she guessed to be in his 20’s, like her. He had sandy brown curly hair, and a smile that made her speechless.

“HI! May I help you?” the man asked, as Olivia  stood there with her mouth open.

Quickly she shut her mouth, but still no words came out.

“Are you Okay Miss?” The man was still smiling, but beginning to look a little concerned.

“I….I….just didn’t expect anyone to be here?” Olivia said.

The man looked at her, a little perplexed, “Then why did you knock?”

“I mean, I didn’t expect you to be here!”

Oh what was she saying, Olivia’s cheeks were starting to blush, she was always having problems with her words getting her into awkward situations!

“I am sor…sorry…I really should go.” She turned to leave, but the man reached out and touched her on her shoulder.

“No need to run off, I was just getting ready to eat, you are welcome to join me. My name is Brantley, what is yours?”

Olivia thought for a moment, dare she really go in? It wasn’t like her to just say Yes to lunch with strangers but Oh that smile! She did know karate, and wasn’t afraid to use it, so she gathered her courage and replied. ” My name is Olivia, and thank you, I would like that.” and she walked in the door.

She followed him down the long hallway to the table that she had seen before. There was one bottle of Chardonnay sitting in the middle of the table.

“I didn’t fix anything fancy, didn’t expect company. Especially not someone so pretty.”

Olivia felt her cheeks grow warm and she smiled.

“Not too many people show up here, its usually animals that I see. They are fun to watch, but don’t exactly make great conversationalists!”

They sat down at the table to eat some Strawberry-Avocado salad with ham and cheese sandwiches.

Olivia was talking when something brushed up against her bare legs, making her gasp!

Brantley laughed. “I see that Midnight came to say Hi! I hope you aren’t allergic to cats.”

Olivia looked down and saw the a coal black cat with emerald green eyes looking up at her.

“He can be quite the troublemaker sometimes! The other week he broke my wine bottles sitting on the table.  He is lucky that he can also be so sweet when he purrs and just wants to lie on my lap. He keeps me company. This big castle does get lonely at times. Being out in the middle of nowhere enables me to be able to leave the door unlocked when I go out a lot, but loneliness can be a drawback.”

They talked well into the afternoon as they moved outside to a beautiful garden. Sat on the patio and shared some Chardonnay.

Olivia smiled to herself as they talked, and a warm feeling began growing in her heart.  She laughed to herself remembering how he had tripped as they walked out to the patio. He said he felt like he had 2 left feet a lot. When he poured their drinks he accidentally spilled some on Olivia’s hand, while she was holding the glass. The poor guy apologized shaking his head.

“Being graceful is not a strong point of mine!” he claimed.

Who said that a Prince couldn’t be a little clumsy, thought Olivia. She was enjoying his company, feeling very relaxed and thinking that sometimes fairy tales do come true!



Love in the Air

Once upon a time there was young lady on her way down a long dirt lane, for she had received the invitation of a lifetime and she was ready for adventure! She came to a bridge that crossed a brook and was shocked when a troll blocked her way.

“Where do you think you are going young lady?” said the troll who had big bushy eyebrows and huge eyes as round as saucers.

“Well to the other side of course, where else would I be going?” Rosalie boldly replied as she stared down at him with a frown.

“Now if you would kindly move aside , for I really have no time to waste. ”

Just as those words left her lips a large white rabbit came hopping down the road and onto the bridge. “I’m late, I’m late!” was his cry.

The young lady was speechless and the troll didn’t know what to think as he watched the large rabbit cross the bridge.

Seeing her chance Rosalie followed the rabbit as the troll just stood there scratching his head. What was happening?  He now  saw a Cheshire cat riding on the back of a turtle coming his way.

Once they all crossed the bridge and were out of sight the troll was still standing there in disbelief at all that had happened.

I really must stop drinking coffee, its causing me some strange visions, he thought to himself as he went back under the bridge to take a long nap.

After crossing the bridge the white rabbit, cat and turtle went one way and the young lady went another.  No time was there for words, for they were all in a hurry and must not be late.

Rosalie saw the house just up ahead. It was so very tiny she had almost missed it. She knocked on the door and much to her surprise, it was opened by a little dormouse. “May I help you Miss?”

“I am here to see Thumbelina please, is she ready to go? ”

“I will check on her, please come in.”

Rosalie  didn’t want  to be rude, but she wasn’t quite sure how she would fit inside the door, for it was so very small.

“No Thank you, I will wait out here.”  she replied, and the dormouse nodded his head as he shut the door.

While waiting she heard a boy yell. She looked to see what where the boy was and what was wrong, just as Thumbelina was coming out the door.

“Where is that boy who is yelling, what do you think is wrong?”asked Rosalie.

“Oh no worries, that’s just Jack, he  must be practicing jumping over a candlestick again. He needs to learn not to light it. Shall we be on our way?”

Rosalie had to smile as she shook her head, she remembered reading about Jack. “Yes, lets go, for we don’t want to be late!”

They walked a little way down the road when they passed the most strange looking house that Rosalie  had ever seen.  It was shaped like a shoe!

Farther down the road they went and they were enjoying a nice conversation when a piercing scream ran through the air.

They both turned to see a a young girl running to a house.   Thumbelina started to laugh. “All is okay, its only  little Miss. Muffet. ”

Rosalie was so enjoying herself, it had already been quite the adventure, and she hadn’t even reached her destination yet.

On they continued down the road chatting again. This time about their sweet friend Mary, wondering how she made her garden grow.

Over the hill they went and almost got run down by horses! Their hearts were beating madly as six white horses raced past.

When Thumbelina caught her breath she exclaimed, “I guess that is what the town has all been abuzz about. They said she would be riding six, white horses when she comes. ”

Rosalie was still catching her breath when she saw it just ahead.

“There it is!” , she shouted.  ” We made it!”

“It looks amazing!” Rosalie  said in awe.

She still couldn’t believe that she had been fortunate enough to have been invited to the royal wedding. Cinderella had found her Prince! It would be a wedding to remember for sure!

“Thumbelina, isn’t this so…”

Where was Thumbelina? She had just been standing right by her. She looked around at the guests who were gathered at the gate and then Rosalie spied her and had to smile. Thumbelina had found her love, Tom Thumb.

Rosalie smiled, she had a feeling that she knew whose fairy tale wedding would be next.





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  One of my dear reader’s told me last night that today is “National Share a Fairy tale Day.”  In honor of the day I have included some fairy tale quotes. What is one of your favorite fairy tales? Remember we are never too old for them! As one quote says, ” Soon you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”  Keep the magic alive in your heart, fly with Peter Pan and make frequent visits to Neverland! Keep the joy of the 7 dwarves, (well except for Grumpy) as they whistle a happy tune. Keep believing like Cinderella! You never know what may happen when you believe in fairy tales!





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