Whose Candle?

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Dameon) To honor Brandon I light a candle and put it in his room. Then I sit there watching the light burn on.:

Candles really do brighten up the dark! Whose candle are you being today? Whose world are you helping to make a little brighter?

No, you can’t take away all the darkness, but you can shine through it. There is a dear friend who a while ago now, said something to me that I won’t forget. I had written about the dark times our family was going through. They wrote in response at how I will get to the end of the tunnel, and when I do they will be there holding the light. Touched my heart.

This came back to me, as I was talking with another friend this afternoon. They were saying how they really wish there was more that they could do for us right now. This person has done A LOT! To sum up that statement though, it meant, I wish I could just take this all away for you. I know that friend isn’t alone in that sentiment. I am blessed with so many that wish they could wave their magic wand.

I know the feeling.  I wish I could wave my magic wand as well for people. I want to wave it for the dear friend who has a terminal illness, wave it for the friend who has been abandoned by her mate, for the ones struggling so hard with finances and jobs. I want to wave it for a family that I don’t even know. What I do know, is that they just lost their little boy in a freak accident. His life was snuffed out just like that. As my co-worker told me about it, I had goosebumps go through me  and my heart ached. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing ever in life! Where oh where is that magic wand?

The magic wand is inside each of us actually, we just need to set it ablaze. Its not the magic of being able to make troubles completely disappear, but it is in the magic of warming someone else’s hurting heart by your light. The magic of making them smile, laugh and sometimes cry the tears that they need to cry.

We each have the power inside of us to help light up the dark for someone else. We don’t need no fancy degree or fancy lingo,making sure we know the right words. We light up the the dark with our hearts. Our flames inside us speak their own language. Sometimes it is  with words, sometimes with actions and sometimes with silence.  Silence,  for when the moment is too powerful, and there are no words.

Whose candle will you light today?

My new FAV quote! Spread the love and inspire others! www.ivynewport.com:

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.:


Headed to Timbuktu

Sometimes you just have to laugh! I had finished typing up a email to a friend and had mentioned in it about my lack of sense of direction! I closed the email by saying I had to write my post for today, but had no clue what to write about. Went to the WordPress site and saw the topic suggested today for the Everyday Inspirations class that they have running. It was about MAPS! It said about picking a map and describing where you want to go or have been. Talk about timing, so here you go. Enjoy!

Have I ever been to Timbuktu? No 🙂 Has it been told to me many times that I could probably end up in Timbuktu if I try finding a place on my own? Oh yes! And before you think that these people are jumping to conclusions let me explain.

When the skill for having a sense of direction was handed out, I apparently was already lost, instead of being in line. I can get lost in parking lots, malls, and the list goes on. Many times I thought for sure someone must have stolen my car, for it was not in the place where I was sure it should be! Only to spy it later, about 4 rows away from where I was 🙂

It is well known in my family that if we are at a Amusement Park or Concert Hall, etc. that someone really should be with me or who knows when I will come back. With that being said, I have managed to find my way around by myself at those places at times. So I may take the long way around, but hey I make it to the destination! My family greets me with knowing smiles at what took so long. Oh yeah I forgot to mention hospitals, but hey those hallways can be confusing!

When my friends give me directions, its very much spelled out. Left at this light, Right at that one. No North, South, East or West directions please! I do know my left and right thank you, but yeah I still manage to get lost at times even with the best directions.

But you know I am beginning to think that instead of lacking a skill, I actually have a skill 🙂 I mean seriously it does take skill to get lost in your own home town right? 🙂 Skill to get lost in the mall’s large restroom? To clarify tho  I was not lost, tho my daughter would say differently. I only turned the wrong way to get out the door. There is a difference there 🙂

So could I possibly end up in Timbuktu, wellll…..if you all stop seeing posts from me someday that very well may be what happened 🙂 Feel free to comment below if you share this skill along with me. We have to stick together 🙂 Or if you have advice, tho trust me I don’t think there is any help to be had. Please don’t give me a map. Yeah the blue is water and the lines are roads and I can read the names of the roads on the map, but using it to tell me how to get places. Nope! And that invention called GPS. The lady gets irritated with me 🙂 but hey its not my fault I turned into a field instead of the road. She said to turn, I turn!

Thankful for a husband with a awesome sense of direction so that my girls can see places besides our backyard!


If we were to have coffee…

Hi Friends! The SUN is shining beautifully and its a great day! Summer vacation for my teens has officially begun! They got out earlier this year than they ever did, being that last summer they started earlier! Started in mid-August which they did not like, but now are reaping the rewards 🙂

WordPress suggested that you do a post on inviting people into your life. Doing with them what you do with friends, chat over a cup of coffee. I would literally LOVE to be able to chat face to face with the wonderful bloggers I have met on here, but for now this will have to suffice. Come have a coffee date with me!

If we were to have coffee…I would first greet you with a hug, for a warm, tight hug is some of the best therapy you can get! We then would sit out on the nice patio at one of our cozy coffee shop/restaurants. For today is much too nice to spend indoors.

If we were to have coffee…I would ask what your summer plans were? Vacation plans? Would share how I plan to RELAX this summer how last summer that just did not really happen! Would tell you how we want to go on day trips, hiking, boating and other fun things. How a beach trip is in the plans for sure!! My HAPPY PLACE is waiting to greet me with open arms and I am ready to feel the sand between my toes and the ocean water on my feet. Ready to hear the sound of the waves and see their power and throw my cares into the ocean; letting the waves carry them away!

If we were to have coffee..I would talk about my precious children, for they are very important to me and they are on my heart. I would share the way they make me laugh and the unique traits that each one has, ones that I am so thankful for. I would share memories of when they were little and wonder how time passed so quickly!

If we were to have coffee… I would slowly begin opening up to you more about my struggles and the things that have made my bright eyes cry. I would share because its always good to get things off your chest, and healing to share with someone who you know cares. I would share to encourage you, for we all have struggles, but there are times we are convinced that we are the only ones. Times that we are sure everyone else has the perfect life and think that no one could possibly understand the troubles we have had. Many times we would be surprised at what the other is going through, and our eyes would be open to the fact that  they may understand more than we think. We only  need to open our hearts.

If we were to have coffee…I would want to know about you as well. What are the things that make you smile and the things that tear your heart? What were you like as a child? I was the youngest of 4 and the Best one of course;  just ask my parents. LOL! If we were face to face and you heard me say that, you would almost spit your coffee out. Either due to the face I would be making, or due to the fact that you know me to well in order to believe that 🙂  I would ask what your dreams are.  I would try to encourage you to keep pursuing them, don’t always think it is too late!

If we were to have coffee.. we would most definitely be laughing,  to be my friend you must enjoy humor and wit!  I would most likely have some recent tales I could share of something crazy I did, due to being flustered, discombogulated or twitterpated (see my last post called Feeling Twitterpated…for more info on that :)) or it could be something that was done just because I am me!  As the ones who know me real  well like to say, “Only you.. that only could have happened to you!”

If we were to have coffee… the sun would start to set and we would have to go.  We could not leave tho without scheduling another time.  For to get through this crazy life coffee dates are a must! We would share another hug and I would leave with a smile on my face, lost in thought,  hoping you were as graced and touched by our time together as I was. My heart would be warm…and OOPs….guess the light is green and that is why the horns are honking. You would drive by me shaking your head saying to yourself , “Only you…only you!”

PS. So this was not planned, but as I click post on this post I am getting ready to leave for a actual “coffee date” 🙂 Texted my friend halfway through this saying my daughter had a hour appt, do you want to meet at Wendy’s?  And hey it suited! Love spur of the moment things like that 🙂 May not be having coffee, but in all honesty in my book Frosty’s are even better!

Dear Worry,

Dear Worry,

You know you are really getting on my last nerve! I have had enough of you! Do you hear me? Probably not, cause for now you are sleeping. Keep it that way! Monsters are best left not disturbed. You really don’t serve a purpose, other than to  make life more difficult.

I have never heard someone say. “I am so glad I was worried about that thing I couldn’t control! Sure helped me feel better. I got the rewards of no sleep, stomach ulcer and a constant headache!” Yeah, that really sounds like a tempting ad for WORRY doesn’t it? Yet people cling to you, why??

Why do we feel that we have to have you?? You make the water come out of our eyes more and you sure don’t bring any warm fuzzies with you. You cause concentration problems and make us more uptight, so that things are more quick to set us off. Draining the joy from life is what you do and its gotta STOP!

Life may give us many things that qualify us to own you, BUT  we can DISOWN you whenever we want! Faith, Hope, Joy and Peace help me a lot more to get through the rough times. Yeah, I know you don’t like them, they are enemies of yours. BUT you are not the one who gets to call the shots! For now you are going out the door!! Goodbye Worry, don’t bother coming around anymore. The door is locked and bolted and I am the one who holds the key!


Your enemy!

The Magic of Quotes

Good Morning! Today’s assignment is to start a story with a quote. With SO MANY quotes to choose from I asked for help last night from my readers. They were to pick a quote from my Tuesday’s Thoughts posts. It was late when I posted but 2 readers did respond and since the beginning is a good place to start I will start with the first one. 🙂 If you would like to see a story from a one of the quotes I post on Tuesday’s Thoughts, feel free to post it below in a comment. I love the inspiration quotes can give. And now I know how this story will start, but how will it end?


Comedy, Suspense, Drama??

“There will be many chapters in your life, don’t get lost in the one you’re in now.” It is no secret, I love to read! I am able to lose myself in a book no matter if the room is crowded and noisy or not. I can tune out the noise and soak in the chapters.

You know how it is when you get to that chapter that has you  holding your breath. Your heart is thumping and your brain is in shock of what may be happening. Everything else takes a back seat in that moment, for you have to keep turning the pages to find out the outcome.  Your eyes eyes are glued to the pages as the drama unfolds before you. If it gets too intense and you can’t handle everything that  the characters are going through, you simply close the book and take a breather.

In real life tho there is no closing the book and saying “Time Out, I do not like how this story is shaping up, think I am going to stop reading for awhile.” In real life we go through so many chapters. Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Drama, you name it… we have all been there. Some long for more romance and may want more comedy, but I don’t know any who say,”Gee, I sure wish my life was more suspenseful and that more dramatic things would happen to me!”

What chapter are you in right now? Does it seem never ending? Are you ready for a change?  Even in the longest books, no chapter goes on forever! It may seem like each chapter is bringing more of the same, but it will change and it can change in the blink of a eye.

Remember the times you turn the page and your heart jumps! You exclaim, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming!” Life can be exactly like that! So if bogged down by this chapter you are in  take courage my friend; the change could very well be in the very next page. I can hear you now, “Well will someone please HURRY and TURN THE PAGE!!”

What chapter am I in now? Well…..I ran out of time, that story will have to be told with another quote 🙂

Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

A four photo collage of a person in the woods, a person in a church, a person jumping in to a lake, and Grand Central Station

Yes, it says a Single Image in the title and your eyes are not playing tricks on you, there are 4 images you see. But the computer was playing tricks on me and wouldn’t let me just post the 1 picture I chose, so here you go. You can pick which one you think I chose and then see if you are right in the caption  below 🙂


The Dare

What had she been thinking when she made that bet?? Seriously! Here it is way too early in the morning and she is about to dive into the lake! Which if it isn’t at least 80 degree water, it is too cold! She tried to wheedle her way out of the bet, by naming some other options, but her friends were so “stubborn”, Ha! Well the quicker she does it the better, before she gets pushed in! Two things she knows for sure; # 1 is that she will definitely be wide awake once she hits the water and #2 is the next time she makes a bet, it won’t have anything to do with water!

Assignment 3 -HOPE

For our 3rd assignment, (I am almost caught up :)) we were told to pick one word out of 6 that were given and write about it. This was the first word and I knew I needed to look no further, that I had found the word. Hope is something I have clung to and continue to as I travel these many side roads, detours and potholes that life has thrown. My children know it, for they have commented on it to me, and I feel blessed for passing it on to them. Even at the times where they tell me they don’t see the hope that I see.

Hope is in the bloom of a flower poking up its buds after the harsh winter. It is the caterpillar breaking out of its cocoon to fly away and soar to heights that it never could reach before. Soar to heights as a beautiful butterfly!

Hope is in the waves of the ocean that keep crashing back on the shore. They never end. Never stop and say , “I’m tired I am not going to move anymore.”

Hope is that feeling you have as you lay down your precious baby that had been crying for a long time. Praying they won’t start crying again as soon as you pull the covers up under your neck. Yes, I do remember those times 🙂

It is sitting beside a friend who has tears streaming down their face. Giving them that shoulder to cry on and letting them know that even if it feels like their world is falling apart that you are there!

It is in each Sunrise as a new day begins. Hope for what the day will bring.

Yes Hope is what keeps us going no matter what, for you never know when the tide will turn!

:-) I think we all no matter if we have a religion or spiritual background- regardless in my life I have seen it, most of us that keep going- have some form of faith. not the bible kind- just similar to this- folks this is faith- only way to not get stuck.♥ One thing I have noticed-at 43. XO lacey"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." Nelson Mandela quote  <a href="http://{http://celesteandpearl.blogspot.com/2013/12/hope.html%7D" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">{http:/...</a>I think a lot of times I try to convince myself that things will always be how they are.. that some things in my life are "unfix-able". It is in those times I need to remind myself that my God can make all things new. That there is always hope.

Assignment 2 -Write a list

We all make lists: grocery lists, the famous TO DO lists, Christmas lists and the list goes on 🙂  So having this as the second WordPress  assignment I didn’t think too hard. Only hard part is not making list too long! We had 4 options to choose from and I chose A list of what I Like 🙂 Hope you enjoy. They are in no particular order of what I like the most, just what came to my mind. When I first thought of this one of my favorite songs started going through my head. Thought I would share it, for how can you have a FAVORITES list without it 🙂

  1. Books
  2. Ocean
  3. Waterfalls
  4. Dogs
  5. Koalas ( still have  pair of stuffed koalas that I got from my sister when she went to college) 🙂
  6. Swinging on a porch swing on a Summer’s night
  7. Music
  8. Holding a sleeping baby
  9. Hugs
  10. Making good memories!

Day One: I write because….

I enrolled in another Writing course that WordPress offered. They are actually on Day 3 now, so am a little behind, but that is OK. You can enroll anytime, so to my blogger friends if you want ideas for posts go and sign up! 🙂

Why do I write? I write for its part of me, its in my soul. I have stacked up journals from the time I was 13. I wrote Family Newspapers when I was 8years old. Writing has been something I have always enjoyed doing, and that has come naturally. Writing is a way for me to speak my heart. A way for me to put my thoughts together and a way to be surprised. I am surprised at times when I follow a prompt, to see what comes out. For I don’t always think about what I am going to write. In fact with the short short stories that I have posted at times on my blog the story forms as I type. I am surprised at times to see how it ends up. I now understand my favorite author, when she says how she cries at times over her novels, and some of the things that happen to the characters. I would think, But you made it happen?? I understand more fully now how our heart takes over when writing and yes even the Author can be surprised.  Do you fellow writers relate?

I write to inspire others. To help lift others up. I feel its one gift that I have, and we should never waste our gifts. Use them the best we can. This is one reason why I have decided that I really want to make it a goal to go to a Writer’s Conference this summer. I have always got flyers about them in the mail and been intrigued, but never went. Now is the time. I want to further my writing and  learn what I can. I have enjoyed writing as a hobby for so long, but I am feeling more drawn now to see if I can make it more. No matter what happens, I won’t give up writing. It is a part of me as much as breathing and I don’t plan on giving up on breathing for a LONG time yet!!

Thank you to all who have encouraged me in my writing, we all need encouragement and affirmation. Take a moment to really let that person know how much you enjoy their gift. For you would be surprised probably by the number of people out there who don’t see what they do as a gift. Who may not think its as great as what others think. I feel its because they compare a lot to others. I know that I compare to my favorite authors and to other bloggers and then I look at my posts and are like, Hmmmm…I am not as impressed 🙂 But we can’t do that. We each have our own personal way of writing and tho our style might be different doesn’t mean it is not as good. But that is humans for you. We live in a world of comparisons. The neighbor’s house is better, their lawn is better, their clothes are nicer and the list goes on and on and on. STOP! You were made YOU and all you have to be is the BEST you can be. I don’t plan on being another J.R.R. Tolkien or J.K. Rawlings or Karen Kingsbury, etc.  but I do want to be the BEST I can be and that is all that matters! And my timer just  went off so I am done. You were supposed to set your timer for 20 minutes and just write.