Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Logic can sometimes be overruled by emotions. 

Books and music are  wings to our soul. Wings that can help us delve into our innermost parts, and other times take us on a ride to new heights! 

The child dances in the moment with unabashed joy, the dog wags his tail with glee, and the cat purrs contently, neither one worried about what the next moment may bring, so why do we? 


Where Beauty is Found

In life we all go through a lot of things that can cause us to feel anger, bitterness and guilt. There are things that happen to us and to our loved ones that we cannot control.  There is something though that we can control.  We can control how we let ourselves be affected by what happened. We alone can make the choice to decide whether to hold onto the negative emotions or to let them go.

I have met many people throughout life and heard their stories. Stories about their joys, but also stories of their struggles. Stories of things that had brought them pain.  What has stood out to me the most as I listened, was their attitude when sharing the painful things. How with some, no matter how sad their story may be, a gentle, tender spirit shined through their words.  There was an inner joy, not based on past or present circumstances. An inner joy because they had made the decision to shine. They chose to  not carry around the heavy load of bitterness, anger or guilt. They had let it go.  I could see the softness in their eyes and yes, some tears they may shed when sharing, but the beauty of peace still radiated from them.

I heard a story on the radio that touched my heart and  it made me realize again how important your attitude is. It also showed how once again we really can learn from children.

A Mom was sharing the story about how her husband had left her and her 5 year old son and then ended up in jail, which meant no child support. She had to move her and her son into an old camper to live. One day she went to the school to pick him up and she overheard him talking to his new friends. They asked him where he lived and he told them in a camper. The Mom cringed in shame, embarrassed for her son. Then one child said to her son that he bets he wishes that he had a home to live in. The Mom again felt her heart ache as she waited for his answer. Than she cried at his response. Her son replied that he already has a home because his Mommy loves him and that’s what makes a home!

I want to be like that precious little boy, don’t  you?


Every year Autumn shows us a visual reminder of the beauty that can be found in letting go. Enjoy this short video clip.






Touching the Heart

I went to bed last night with tears on my cheeks and No, it wasn’t due to the Eagles winning the Superbowl.  I really don’t care about Football, sorry to all the Football Fans out there. I will say though that out of the teams that were playing, I am glad the that the Eagles won.

The tears on my cheeks came from ” This is Us”, the highly rated drama that we had waited all week for. It was a very emotional episode this week. I squeezed Brad’s hand so tight as the emotions stirred in my heart.

Here is my question. What is it that makes one get so emotional over fictional characters?  When the character on the show died I knew that it wasn’t real that he wasn’t really dead, but oh try telling that to my heart as I watched the wife sobbing.

Have you seen the movie, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?”  It has been so long since I have seen that, but I still remember how the tears were running down my cheeks at the end. You could have heard a pin drop when the movie was over. No one made a sound while walking out. It was a fictional movie, but my heart was gripped by it.

I get the same way while reading books.  The story weaves its way around my heart and I empathize with the characters. It doesn’t matter if the characters are real or not.  What matters is if I can feel like I am in the story with them.  Do I feel like I am right there with the characters as the story is happening?  Does my heart feel their emotions of joy and sadness along with them, as if its happening to me?  Or do I feel that I  am just looking through a window, never getting totally pulled in to the story.

What books or movies have been especially poignant to you?  Which ones draw you in, grabbing your heart.   What made them that way?

Just some thoughts swirling around in my head. This post would be too long if I told you all of the thoughts that have been swirling in my head today!