“Presents” from Above

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The following story is Part 2. For my recent followers who haven’t seen any of my stories about Santa’s elves before, they are recurring characters. Santa’s elves started out as a Christmas story post a few years back,  but they were too fun for just a one time post, so they will pop up every so often. Enjoy! 


The waves were rising higher, they were perfect for surfing but Mason was having a hard time today. He had wiped out a couple times already. Instead of the song “Surfing Safari” going through his head, it was the “Wipe Out” tune that kept playing. After a few more spills, Mason decided that he may as well give it up for today and try again tomorrow. While swimming back to shore, he looked around, hoping the elves  hadn’t been watching him today. He still found it hard to believe that he had talked to Santa’s elves. He really didn’t know what to think. If he went back to the coffee shop and told Cara that he and Tippner had talked to Santa’s elves, she would lose it! Once she stopped laughing, she would tell him that he was “off his rocker!” and maybe she would be right! 

Thinking about the coffee shop made him start to worry a little. With Cara in charge, who knew what he would come back too! Telling himself to not think about the coffee shop right now he wondered about Tippner, hopefully he was having a good morning. 

What a beautiful day, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the bright blue sky. Tippner was feeling happy and carefree. He hadn’t gone surfing with Mason this morning, for he had wanted to do some sightseeing. He had decided to rent a bicycle for the day and ride by the water. It was turning out to be a great decision, as he rode along with a gentle breeze at his back. 

SQUAWK! SQUAWK! A swarm of seagulls came out of nowhere and were diving for his head.  SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Tippner felt the goo running down his head, onto his neck. He was biking as fast as he could but the seagulls followed him. What was wrong with them! CRASH! He ran into a bush, and fell over the handlebars right into the middle of it. At least it was a soft landing and the seagulls flew away. 

Tippner climbed out of the bush and heard laughter from nearby. He looked around and spotted the elves he had seen earlier in the week. They were sitting on the park bench with their friends and all of them had amusement on their faces. 

“If I had known I was going to see such a great show, I would have brought popcorn along.” said Alabaster with a grin. 

Tippner shook his head, feeling the “presents” that the birds had left on it. He felt self conscious, but said HI, and Snowball introduced him to Jinx and Tink. 

“Where is your friend that you were with the other day?” Snowball asked. 

“He wanted to surf some more, I thought I would do some sightseeing.” 

“Well you got a close up view of that bush and those birds sure seemed to have it in for you!” Snowball said. 

“I would stay and talk, but yes the seagulls did have it in for me.  Now I need to go clean off their “presents!” so, if you will excuse me.” 

They couldn’t hold back their laughter as they said goodbye and watched him ride away. 

“So are you all ready to go tour the Everglades and maybe see some alligators?” asked Snowball. 

“Yes!” said Jinx, with the rest echoing in agreement. 

They started walking to catch a bus to take them to the Everglades. Tink was so glad that his stomach was feeling a lot better, he had been sure to steer clear of the bacon on the breakfast buffet at their hotel. 

Mason was all showered and cleaned up when Tippner walked into the hotel room. Mason looked at him and opened his mouth to speak, but Tippner said, “Don’t say a word! Don’t ask me about my morning, and I don’t ever want to see a flying seagull again!” He walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Mason stared at the door thinking that perhaps his morning hadn’t been as bad as he thought. He may have kept getting swept off of his surfboard, but at least no birds flew over his head, leaving presents behind. 

Later in the day Mason and Tippner decided to take their beach chairs and go out and sit on the beach for awhile. Sitting in the sun and hearing the sound of the waves made both of them fall asleep for a little. They woke up when they felt the cool water on their feet. 

“Whoa! I think we better move our chairs!” Tippner said. 

Mason quickly jumped up, and bent down to grab his sandals. “Where are my shoes. I had put them right…” Tippner and him watched as a big wave came right to the spot where he was pointing at. 

“This is only a guess, but I have a strong feeling that you have lost your shoes. I think they are swimming in the ocean right now.” Tippner said. 

The rest of the day was fortunately uneventful. They were able to enjoy relaxing on the beach, and even did a little more surfing in the evening. This time Mason stayed on his surfboard. 

As they were walking back to the hotel they saw the elves walking just a little ahead of them. Should they call out to them they wondered. Then Jangle turned around and saw them. “Hey everyone, look who is behind us!” The other elves turned around and greeted them. 

The elves were so friendly and cheerful, but what else would you expect from Santa’s elves?  He wouldn’t hire grumpy elves would he, thought Mason, as they were chatting away to Tippner. 

After chatting awhile they said their goodbyes and parted for the night. When they got to their room Alabaster started combing his hair. 

“What are you doing?” asked Jinx. 

“I want to see if I can style my hair the way Mason has his. It looked pretty cool.” 

The other elves looked at him and rolled their eyes. Alabaster always did care about his hair. After a snack of sour cream and onion potato chips and some leftover sausage pizza they all went to bed. Tomorrow would be a fun day of exploring the Flamingo Gardens. They were all sleepy, except for Tink and Jangle. Tink pulled out a folder and was going through papers. 

“What papers did you bring along?” asked Jangle. 

“Santa’s financial statements from the past couple months.” 

Jangle shook his head, “I used to think I wanted to work with numbers, but nope, not for me! I would much rather tinker with toys, and listen to my music.” He put his earbuds in as he laid back down. It didn’t take long before the numbers started blurring in front of Tink’s eyes and he put them back in the folder and closed his eyes to enter dreamland. 

Mason couldn’t sleep. Tippner was snoring, but that wasn’t all that was keeping him awake. He was thinking about the dreams that he had been having ever since they came to Florida. Betsy, the cow, kept appearing in them! He hadn’t seen her since their fast trip to Switzerland, why was she in his dreams now? It was probably due to him eating tacos before bed. He threw another pillow at Tippner and rolled over, hoping for a peaceful night. 










To Surf or Not to Surf …


The elves were in a celebratory mood. They were getting ready to go on a mini vacation and couldn’t wait! It had taken awhile for the 5 of them to agree on where to go, but at last they made a decision. They were off to the land of sunshine and beaches, Florida! Snowball was hoping to be able to see some alligators and Alabaster thought he may try to surf some waves. How hard could it be! Jinx was looking forward to relaxing, watching the waves. Jangle thought of taking a speed boat ride. Tink was excited, but his head was also full of calculating figures, and breaking down the cost of their vacation. 

A hotel on the beach, it was perfect! Everyone agreed that Tink had found the best place to stay. Tink was happy for he had got a great deal on it. The hour was late when they had finally arrived at the hotel after the long flight. They were all exhausted, so it didn’t take long for them to call it a night. Sleep came quickly for everyone. 

Alabaster was the first one up the next morning. He was wide awake and ready to meet the day, after already having had a cup of coffee out of his blue mug. He was up at the crack of dawn for after all, he couldn’t miss the ocean sunrise. Walking out onto the beach in the early morning hour he wasn’t disappointed at all with the colors of the changing sky,  it was beautiful! He enjoyed the beauty that was all around him as he watched the sunrise and the sea gulls fly. The only thing he was upset about, was that he had forgotten to grab his camera out of the hotel room, but tomorrow was another day. Tomorrow morning he would be sure to remember his camera. 

When he got back to the hotel, everyone was up and enjoying the complimentary hot breakfast that the hotel provided. Once their stomachs were full they were ready to hit the beach for a day of fun. The cooler was packed with drinks and sandwiches and Jinx had brought along a shovel and a bucket. 

“Why are you bringing a shovel and a bucket?” asked Snowball. 

“One is never too old to build a sandcastle!” Jinx replied cheerfully. 

Alabaster made sure to grab his camera this time, he wanted Snowball to take some pictures of him surfing. 

They hadn’t been on the beach long before Tink started groaning, and looking a little pale. 

“You don’t look too good!” Jangle said, and the others agreed. 

Tink groaned again and said, “I am not feeling too well. My stomach really hurts.” 

The others looked on sympathetically but Snowball shook his head. “Well I can tell you the cure, so that you don’t feel this way tomorrow. Don’t eat so much bacon at breakfast! I saw your plate this morning.” 

Poor Tink couldn’t argue with that, and he laid back down on his towel waiting for the stomachache to pass. 

Jinx was smiling away sitting in his beach chair with his feet in the sand, and a drink in his hand. 

“Ok Snowball, are you ready? You remember how I told you to work my camera, right?” 

“Of course, I know how to work a camera, no problem!” 

Alabaster grabbed his surf board and Snowball followed him out to the water. 

“So how much experience do you have exactly with surfing?” asked Snowball. 

Alabaster didn’t answer, he only stared straight ahead at the waves, and looked down at his surf board. He had watched it being done so many times, he was sure he could do it. You paddled out to a big wave and then stood up and surfed the wave. Nothing to it. 

“Wish me luck!” he yelled to Snowball as he paddled out. 

“Break a leg!” Snowball yelled back and then realized that perhaps that was the wrong thing to say. He got the camera focused on Alabaster and was all ready. 

Moments later, Snowball was shaking the camera as he laughed. He tried to get himself under control when he saw Alabaster walking towards him carrying his board. 

“I got some good shots! Want to see them?” he asked, ignoring the look in Alabaster’s eyes. 

“Here you are starting to get up, then you are down, up again, down again. Here you are standing the whole way up, but Splash, there you are down again!” 

Alabaster took his camera back without saying a word, as Snowball tried to catch his breath from laughing. Snowball quickly caught up to Alabaster walking back. He patted his shoulder and suggested that they go on a boat ride. Jangle was looking for a speed boat to take out. Alabaster brightened up at that thought and he took his surf board back to where Tink still laid in the sand, putting the board by him. Tink was busy building his sandcastle. 

Jangle  had found a speedboat that would be ready to go in 15 minutes. They walked to where they were supposed to get it and stood there chatting while they waited. 

“Oh look at those guys!” said Alabaster. “They make it look so easy!” 

Snowball and Jangle turned to look where Alabaster was pointing. 2 guys were surfing the waves and doing a terrific job! After one particularly big wave they started swimming towards the shore. 

“You guys did great out there!” Alabaster said, when they got to shore and were walking toward them. The 2 guys looked around not seeing who was talking at first and then they looked down.

“Thank you very much! We enjoy surfing. I am Mason and this is my friend Tippner. Who are you?” 

“Oh, we are Santa’s elves, I am Alabaster, and these are my friends, Snowball and Jangle. Tink and Jinx are with us too, but they didn’t want to come for a speed boat ride. Tink is Santa’s accountant, and Jinx works with us in the toy shop.” 

Mason and Tippner looked at each other and back at Alabaster. They stood there looking rather dumb at first, feeling at a loss for words. Tippner was the first one to speak up. “Santa’s elves?? Umm.. nice to meet you. I do get confused easily, but if you are Santa’s elves shouldn’t you be at the North Pole?” 

“No, this is our vacation break. Elves can’t work all the time, you know! We need to have fun too!” 

Mason and Tippner shook their heads, once again feeling speechless. In fact they both smacked their heads saying, “Vacation, yes, of course. Elves need vacation time too.” 

Just then the speedboat pulled ashore. “Well, we gotta go, but keep up the great surfing.” Alabaster said and they waved goodbye to a dazed Mason and Tippner, as they walked away to go for their ride on the speed boat. 

Mason and Tippner  stood frozen in the sand. “Do you really think they are Santa’s elves?” asked Mason. 

“Well, they are short!” said Tippner. “Though the one who called himself Alabaster, his hair was sticking straight up, which made him look a little taller.” 

Shaking their heads some more, with dazed expressions on their faces,  they walked back to the hotel. Mason was thinking that he could use some strong coffee. He and Tippner had come for a week of relaxation and here on the first day they meet Santa’s elves. What was in store for the rest of the week??

(to be continued…) 




Inside Santa’s Workshop


“All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus,,,!” sang Alabaster as he was putting finishing touches on a toy. Tink looked at Alabaster, “You do realize this is the 3rd time in a row that you are singing that song, right?” Snowball gave Tink a wink and pushed a button on his toy of a chipmunk that was hula hooping.  The Chipmunk Christmas song of Alvin wanting a hula hoop drowned out Alabaster’s singing, much to his dismay!

Tink smiled and went back to was working on putting together a counting toy for kids. He was very happy in helping kids learn how to count. Working with numbers was his favorite thing to do. That was why he loved being Santa’s accountant, but today they needed all the elves to work on the toys! It was Christmas Eve and they were racing against the clock! 

Jinx had finished making the toy xylophone and was having fun playing it. After all he had to make sure that it worked. Jangle had a pair of headphones on that he was testing. Everyone was busy, and Chef Salvo was keeping the coffee flowing for them! He also had plenty of Eggnog available, for you had to have Eggnog at Christmas. Snowball  wasn’t a coffee drinker, but he was guzzling down the Eggnog. 

“Watch out that the reindeer don’t run over you with all that Eggnog that you are drinking. Remember what happened to Grandma!” Jinx said to him, and soon Alabaster was singing “Grandma got run over by a reindeer!” 

Snowball rolled his eyes, as he took another gulp and continued working on the next toy. They were making progress the list was getting scratched off and the toys for Santa’s sleigh were piling up higher and higher. They were all excited for the party they would have after all the toys were ready! Santa always gave them one gift on Christmas Eve. 

The cups of coffee and Eggnog kept coming and the music kept playing, accompanied by certain elves belting out their own Christmas tunes at times. Snowball started singing “White Christmas”, and Jinx looked at him saying, “Have you looked outside recently? You do remember we are at the North Pole, right, not Hawaii!” When Jinx said Hawaii, Alabaster started singing, “Mele Kalikimaka”. and they all started dreaming of being somewhere warm!

Finally each elf was working on their very last toy and they were all excited. The end was very near and then ,,, “What happened to all the gift wrap!” yelled Jangle.  His question was met by stunned silence as they all looked at the empty cardboard tubes of wrapping paper lying all around. What were they going to do now? 

“I have an idea!” said Snowball. “I will be right back.”  and before anyone could say anything, he was out the door. The elves looked at each other wondering what he was up too. While waiting for him they kept busy with bonking each other on the head, for what else did you do with cardboard tubes? 

Soon Snowball burst in the door carrying a big bag in his hand. What was in his bag? He walked to the center of the room and started pulling out rolls and rolls of colored toilet paper and throwing them to the other elves. There was enough to layer the gifts well. 

He walked over to his table with his friends and they all stared at him in surprise. “Where did you find so much toilet paper?” asked Jinx. “Oh, I always stock up on toilet paper, you never can have too much, right?” His friends just shook their heads, as they laughed. Alabaster grabbed a cardboard tube and bonked him on the head saying, “I deem you the Toilet Paper King!” 

It didn’t take long at all for them to finish up and a cheer arose as Jangle put the last gift on the pile, accidentally causing the stack to come crashing down. They all helped to restack the pile and then anxiously awaited Santa’s arrival for the party to begin. Santa soon would be walking in the door with his “HO! HO! HO!” and sack of gifts for his hardworking elves. When the song, “Santa Clause is coming to town” started. they all turned and looked toward the door. “My favorite song!” said Tink, as he danced to the music. 

Santa handed out the gifts and all the elves were delighted with a flitterygibbet toy of their own and then each of them got one more. Tink got a Sudoku book, Jangle got new sound cancelling headphones, so that he can rock away to his “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” music, Jinx got a new CD to add to his music collection, Alabaster got a book full of puns! The others wondered what Santa was thinking, for Alabaster didn’t need any help! Snowball got a new History book that he was eager to read. they also all had a small lump of coal hidden in their gifts. They wondered who else might have had a hand in wrapping their gifts! 

The party was fun, but it couldn’t last too long as they needed to get the toys loaded on Santa’s sleigh. Jinx, Jangle, Tink and the others started to head out of the party at the same time. Alabaster and Snowball were walking right behind Tink, when suddenly a reindeer came running towards them! They all jumped out of the way, well except for Snowball who hadn’t been looking. The reindeer knocked him down and ran right over him. 

He was dazed lying in the snow, feeling a little loopy, but the reindeer had lightly treaded on him so he wasn’t hurt too bad. Jinx said, “I tried to warn you about what happened to Grandma…when drinking too much Eggnog.”  The others started laughing as Alabaster once more burst into song. 

Later that night after Santa’s sleigh was loaded and all the elves had gathered to send him off into the sky, Candy Cane stayed outside looking at the stars in the sky, enjoying the magic of the Silent Night. 









“Did you guys hear the news?” asked Tink, who seemed to bursting with excitement. 

They were sitting at lunch, taking a well deserved break. All the elves had been putting in long hours and working hard, for this was the busiest time of year for Santa’s elves. Alabaster finished his 3rd cup of plain black coffee and said, “What news?”

“Yeah, what news?” the others asked, all looking at Tink. 

“Santa has decided that this year has been a hard year for everyone and that no one is on the naughty list! Well almost no one, there may still be a few. All the information is right here. https://jborden.com/2020/12/05/thanks-santa-theres-no-naughty-list-this-year/   Tink passed around the memo for all to see. 

“Wow! No naughty list! I am one lucky elf for sure!” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said Alabaster, and Jinx and Jangle were nodding their heads in agreement feeling very happy. 

“Don’t be so sure!” said Candy Cane, walking over to them.

“Santa wasn’t referring to the elves. Of course all of Santa’s elves are good, but there are some that are very prone to mischief! So it might be in your best interest to still be on your extra good behavior! Then again, that might be too hard for certain elves, who shall remain nameless.” She laughed, as she walked away. 

“She thinks she is so smart!” Snowball said, and the other ones made faces in agreement. 

“Santa is a jolly guy, I am sure we are included on the NICE list. I mean really, I have been good all morning!” Alabaster said. 

“Well I been good for the past hour.” said Snowball. 

Jangle was thinking of the gag gifts he had given recently to someone, and his face turned red. Jinx quickly said that he had been good all morning too and Tink said he was good last week. They all were feeling a little bit more solemn than they had earlier. It was hard to be good! 

The lunch bell rang and it was time to get back to work. 

They were busy at work putting sparkles on toys and making sure the spinning toys spun and the robots worked. The clock said 4:30, one half hour until quitting time. The doors opened and in walked Santa and Candy Cane. They were both carrying 2 large deep buckets with lids on them. They set them down in front of them and Santa Clause spoke. 

“I would like to thank you all for your hard work, so here you go!” 

SPLAT! Whip cream pies were flying through the air, and had hit JInx and Jangle right in the face. Snowball ducked, and Alabaster was laughing,  until he got hit with one in the back of his head. One flew over Tink’s head and he thought he was lucky, but then SPLAT!  

No one could say that Santa didn’t have a sense of humor. Soon all the elves were throwing pies. It was a great stress relief to the end of the day. 

The elves were feeling more light hearted when they went to bed that night. Being good didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun, so they may be on the the good list after all! 



Living the Dream


This is the conclusion to the story I posted on Thursday. Here is the link, if you missed it. Once Upon a Dream…


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Snowball dropped his trashcan lid in fright and the others stared wide eyed! They had never seen such a strange sight before, what was it?

Before any of them could speak, the strange creature’s voice cackled. “Please help me! I am under the spell of the wicked witch.”

Alabaster nudged Snowball, “So what were you saying again, about not believing in the wicked witch?”

Jinx looked at the creature and said, “I am always glad to help when needed, but how exactly can we help you? We don’t have any special powers!”

The rest of them nodded their heads in agreement, looking at the creature and waiting for it to reply.

“Its really easy, you don’t need special powers. I will tell you a phrase to say and then you all repeat it back to me 4 times, and the spell on me will be broken.”

“Okay, we will do it, what is the phrase?”

“Nosotras somos locos”

Alabaster looked confused. “What does that mean?” he asked the creature.

“Its just the magic phrase, you don’t need to know what it means.” the creature said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

“Whatever!” said Jinx

On the count of 3 they all repeated the phrase, “Nosotras somos locos” 4x and suddenly there was a man standing in front of them wearing a huge smile. “Thank you sooo much! You don’t know how long it took me to find someone to repeat the phrase to me. That was the only way to break the magic spell! Good luck to you all!” He turned his back on them and ran away laughing.

Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball could only stare at each other in great shock! They were furry all over with bulging green eyes. They had turned into the strange creature!

“Well Snowball, you may not believe in the Wizard of Oz, but right now I sure am hoping you are wrong! We need to find that Wizard as soon as possible, lets go everyone!”

Starting to all run, they all bumped into each other and fell down. They weren’t used to running on paws!

Since running didn’t go too well, they walked, if you could call it walking. For a while they were silent, lost in thought. Then Alabaster spoke up.

“If this is the yellow brick road that leads to Oz, than where is Dorothy and her little dog Toto?” he asked.

“They are probably in the land of Oz already.” Jinx said.

“If there really is a land of Oz,” Snowball muttered under his breath.

They continued on, all them feeling more worried than they let on. How long would them remain this way? Was there really a Wizard, and even if there was, could he help them?

“Hey look I see the gate! Its the emerald gate!” Jangle said.

The rest looked at where Jangle was pointing and Jinx said, “It is a gate, but it most definitely is not emerald, its BLUE! Do you not know your colors?”

“Who cares what color it is, lets just hurry, the sooner we get through the gate, the sooner we find the great Wizard.” Alabaster said.

They all hurried up as much as possible and made it through the gate. They actually climbed up and over the gate, for none of them could open it.

They quickly realized that they were better at climbing up something than climbing down. All of them ended up falling as they were climbing down. They landed in a big mud puddle on the ground.

“We sure look great to see the Wizard now!” stated Jinx and he heard snickering behind him.

He turned around and saw 2 girls holding their hands over their mouths with merriment in their eyes.

“HI, my name is Dorothy. Do you all need some help, looks like you all had an encounter with the wicked witch.” said the girl.

“Well we didn’t see the wicked witch but yes we got tricked and now we are under her spell! I figured you would be here Dorothy. I knew this was the land of Oz,” Alabaster said, feeling proud. “Where is your dog Toto?” he asked.

This caused the girls to dissolve in more laughter.

“I am not that Dorothy!” the girl replied back. You aren’t in Oz!”

Snowball yelled, “I knew it! I knew there was no Oz!”

“Oh No! There is very much a land of Oz, but we aren’t it. This is the land of Waz!”

Everyone felt so confused and Jinx spoke up.

“Whatever this land is, Waz, Paz, or Maz, there is just one important thing that we need to know. Do you have a magic wizard in your land of “Waz?” Jinx asked, feeling doubtful.

“A magic wizard? Welll…not exactly a a magic wizard, but…” the pink haired girl interrupted Dorothy with a nudge and a wink, causing her to stop mid-sentence.

“We will take you to someone who will be glad to see you!” the pink haired girl said, giving Dorothy another conspiratorial wink.

The others felt like they had nothing to lose, so they followed the girls. When the girls passed the castle they all wondered where they were going. Shouldn’t the wizard be in the castle, even if it wasn’t really a wizard?

Instead they kept walking, until they came to a brilliant blue meadow. They couldn’t believe their eyes, there in the middle of the meadow they saw a blue alien like creature. While the girls went up to the alien and started talking to them, the others lagged behind, wondering if this day could get any more strange!

Oh what was that high pitched wailing noise, they all covered their ears. The next thing they knew they were surrounded by little blue aliens.

“We are very glad to have you! We are so very anxious to start our experiments!”

“Experiments, what experiments exactly?” Snowball asked, feeling his stomach turn.

The aliens didn’t respond they just grabbed them and started dragging them all away! The poor, poor, pitiful guys were feeling hopeless, like this was the end, when suddenly a flying dragon appeared in the sky!

The aliens quickly let go of the guys, screaming as they ran away! As the dragon got closer something looked very familiar to all of them. Had they seen this dragon before?

it swooped down and said, “My name is Dinosauris, quick, hop on my back!” He didn’t have to tell them twice they climbed on and up in the sky they flew!

“BUZZZZZZ!” Alabaster fumbled for the alarm clock to turn it off. He looked around the room. He was in his cottage, in his own bed, oh home never looked so good! He bounced on the bed in excitement causing the picture above his bed to fall and klunk him on his head.

Jinx woke up with a start, almost falling out of bed. He quickly ran to the mirror. YES! No fur! His head shined bright. He was so relieved!

Jangle woke up with the word “loco” stuck in his head. What did it even mean?

Snowball stumbled into his bathroom, still feeling sleepy. He looked in the mirror and …. OOOOH NO, his eyes were bulging and green! Oh he sure better still be dreaming!

The Surprise Shower

If you missed Part 1, here is a link Now what??

They all stood in front of the door of the mysterious house reading the note that had been under the doormat. Tink was holding the key which had been under the mat as well. In the note it has said that he was supposed to be the first one to walk in the door. 

“I wonder why you have to walk in the door first.” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said the others, and Tink’s face grew red. 

“I am not sure that I want to walk through the door first. Who knows what is in there?” 

“That is true, a strange bird could come flying out and attack you!” said Snowball. 

“Or perhaps a hippo!” said Alabaster. 

Everyone gave Alabaster a strange look. “A hippo?” said Jinx. 

“Hey, you never know!” replied Alabaster, looking sheepish.  

Tink shook his head as he put the key in the door. What did he have to be nervous about? He was letting his imagination get the best of him. 

He turned the lock, and said “Here I go!” The others stood back a little as they watched him. 

Tink walked in and “KERPLUNK!” a large bucket fell on him dumping out a ton of confetti all over him! He stood there in shock as the others were laughing. 

They all noticed the banner stretched across the room at the same time. “Happy Birthday Tink!” 

“Hey, we didn’t know it was your birthday!” Snowball said. 

“Well apparently Candy Cane found out.” said Tink. 

“Ahh! Santa must have told her, Santa knows everything!” Jinx said. 

Spying the large Double Chocolate birthday cake on the counter, they all headed over to help themselves. 2 pots of coffee were beside it. 

“Wow! This is one BIG cake and look at ALL the candles, how old are you Tink?” asked Snowball. Tink’s face flushed once again. 

“I am not sure if we should light all of them,  look how many candles there are! Is it safe?” Snowball asked. 

“Sure!” said Jangle, “Here, I will light the match” and he picked up the matches that were lying on the counter. 

After all the candles were lit, they told Tink to take a deep breath for there were soooo many candles. 

Tink took a deep breath as he made a wish and then he started to blow. He blew as hard as he could, but there were just too many candles and it started getting smoky!

“SPLASH!!!” Tink and his friends were suddenly getting rained upon inside! That is when they noticed the sign on the stove saying about how there was an indoor sprinkler system installed for fire protection. 

It didn’t take long at all for the candles to go out and the smoke to go away causing the sprinklers to stop. The friends all looked at each other and were speechless for a moment as they were dripping wet. Then Snowball spoke up. 

“Do you think Candy Cane knew about this sprinkler system?” 

Alabaster said, “Do you think that she purposely put that many candles on the cake knowing that it would set off the sprinkler system?” 

“Nah!” Jinx replied , “but yet….” and they all were thinking. Suddenly they were startled by a sound. Turning their heads they looked out the window and saw Dinosauris landing on the top of the hill. They were ready to go, they had some questions for Candy Cane! 


Now what??

The North Pole was starting to get busy again. There were lots of toys to make and toys to repair. Tink had finally got all the money to balance and he was glad to see that they had enough money left over to make more flibbertigibbets! He was pretty confident that this would be the best toy of the year! 

Tink happily put away his calculator and put the money back in the safe. He was looking forward to the evening. He was going to take a ride on Dinosauris for the first time, since he had come to the North Pole. Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball were going to go with him as well. He couldn’t believe it! He was actually going to ride on the back of a flying dragon! He had met Dinosauris before and he was the nicest dragon he had ever met, of course he also was the only dragon he had ever met! 

They all had a great supper that evening. Chef Salvo had surprised everyone with delightful whoopie pies! They were bulging with cream and oh so yummy! 

“So, are you ready to go flying?” asked Jinx, with a wink. 

“Oh yes! I have been excited all day!”, Tink replied. 

The group headed over to where Dinosauris was waiting for them. Dinosauris was smiling, he always enjoyed taking elves for a ride. He was so glad to be surrounded by friends, he had been so lonely before. He was so glad that the elves brought him to the North Pole. 

“Where would you like to go? Anywhere specific, or should we just fly around?” Dinosauris asked Tink. 

“Let’s just fly!” said Tink, filled with anticipation! 

They all climbed up on Dinosauris back. 

“Are you all ready?” Dinosauris asked, “Everyone on?” 

“Yes! Oops! Wait for Jinx! Jangle shouted. Poor Jinx had climbed up and then fell off the other side. He tried again and made it! 

They all shouted “GO!” sounding a little like ducks, when they all go QUACK!

Up, Up and away they flew! Tink was speechless. He was totally enjoying it. 

Around they went in the sky, soaring past the marshmallow clouds. They all were having a great time, chatting and laughing. At one time Dinosauris had made a sharp turn and poor Alabaster smacked his head on the back of Tink, making him smack his head on Jinx, and they just all went down the line like dominoes. 

They had been flying for quite awhile and were beginning to wonder how long of a ride Dinosauris was giving them. 

They continued to fly a little more and Jangle was just getting ready to ask Dinosauris where they were when he started descending. 

In a short time he landed at a place where they had never been before. 

“What on earth … where are we ? I thought we weren’t landing anywhere that we were just flying around?” said Jinx

“Surprise!” said Dinosauris. 

They all climbed off his back. Poor Alabaster fell as he got off, cracking the 2 eggs that he had with him. 

“Why did you bring eggs?” asked Snowball, while the others were laughing at the mess all over Alabaster’s hands. 

“They were supposed to be hardboiled eggs, in case I wanted a snack. Candy Cane had offered them to me. 

“OOPS!” the others said, as Alabaster just shook his head and muttered. “I knew I shouldn’t have listened to Candy Cane, she is sly!” 

They all started looking around at where they were at and noticed the house at the top of the big hill. 

“Why are we here?” asked Snowball. 

“Yes!” said Jinx. “Why?”  Jangle, Tink and Alabaster nodded in agreement. 

Dinosauris smiled. “You will find a note under the mat in front of the house, which will explain it all. Have fun and I will see you later!” 

“La-Later! What do you mean later?” they shouted. 

“Its all in the note!” Dinosauris replied and just like that he took off soaring into the air. 

The others looked at each other with befuddled expressions. 

“Now what?”” asked Snowball, as they all looked towards the house at the top of the very big hill. 

*** to be continued** (on Sunday)