Breaking the Spell

Once upon a time there was a man who lived near a beautiful lake. He loved his lakehouse, far away from the craziness of the world. He enjoyed the solitude immensely, everything was perfect. Well almost perfect!

One crisp Autumn day he was sitting on his deck looking at the lake. He had taken his morning swim and was enjoying sitting in the sun, alone with his thoughts. Would the day ever come where he would finally spend more time in his home, than he did on the lake?

His story was a little tragic, for long ago he had been captured by an evil fairy, who had placed a spell on him. She had turned him into a Duck!

Fortunately his friends had rescued him from the forest but they hadn’t been able to break the spell! He still looked like a duck, waddled like a duck and quacked like a duck, so he was a duck, though not really! He was able to talk, but after every few words he would let out a QUACK! It drove the poor guy crazy! Not to mention, his friends as well, when listening to him.

They promised that they wouldn’t give up trying to find out the cure and today was the day that they planned to try the latest cure.

His one friend told him to cross his fingers and toes in hopes that it would work. He then laughed as he remembered that he couldn’t very well do that, for he was a duck!

The poor man couldn’t wait to have his hands and feet back again! Oh to look like a human again! No more duck face! If his friends told him to make a duckface one more time for the camera he was sure to lose it! They thought they were hilarious!

Hearing a car pull up, his thoughts were interrupted. They were here, the time had come. Would this cure work?? He waddled towards the car with his webbed feet and a pensive duckface.

After greeting the 3 guys and chatting and quacking a little, they got down to business.

“Here is the magic potion for you to drink. Its coffee made with extra special beans. A raspberry, caramel,banana, marshmallow flavor.”

The poor guy grimaced and had a very pouty duckface, he hated coffee! But he hated being a duck even more!

He went to start slurping it, for its not like he had hands to hold the cup. His friends said, “Wait! Has to be rigbt at Noon! You have 2 minutes to wait.”

He gave his friends a look, but they had straight faces as they told him he had to follow the rules exactly.

“Go!” They shouted! “Keep slurping until its all done!”

Mr.Duckface slurped and slurped, and a few times he felt like puking! At last he finished, but he was still a duck!

Now we need to say a chant over you and you need to stick your head under the water while we say it. He gave them a questioning look again but waddled down to the lake. Stuck his head in the water and his bottom in the air.

His friends started chanting and suddenly he was sputtering! He lifted his head up spitting out water. He was human again!!

“It worked, it worked!!” He shouted with utter joy, dancing a jig. His friends were ectastic. Everyone was in high spirits when Kendra pulled into the driveway.

She was grinning from ear to ear. “I see that this is a day of celebration!”

Mr. No longer Duckface had a broad smile! “Yes, that magic potion coffee was the worse and being upside down in the water wasn’t fun but it was all worth it!”

Kendra had a confused look, “a magic potion….upside down in the water?? But all you had to do was…”

His friends quickly interrupted Kendra. ” Hey buddy, lets all pose for a pic and how about going for a ride on your boat?”

“Wait! I want to know what Kendra was going to say.”

All eyes were on Kendra and she noticed the pleading look in his friends eyes. It took her a moment but she figured it out, and had to restrain her laughter.

“So no more duck lips, eh? Too bad, I thought they looked good on you.” He made a face at her and she laugbed, telling them to all go out on the boat and she would whip togethet a celebratory meal.

Watching them go she shook her head laughing. Oh, if he only knew that all that was required to break the spell was the chant. Something his friends were fully aware of! She walked back to the lakehouse. Fun was always around when one had crazy friends!

The Ugly Ducklings and The Three Little Pigs (with a twist)

a3e16f1b29375a11691ee692c40df22cphoto by Kevin Day from  Pinterest.

“Make way! Make way!”  cried the bold swan.  Charlie had no thread of shyness in him. He was loud but very friendly. “Make way! Make way, for my new friends.”

All the swans turned their heads to see what all the fuss was about. They got out of the way, for when Charlie spoke everyone knew to listen.  If they didn’t listen the first time they were sure to not make the mistake again,  after experiencing Charlie’s not so gentle bite.

They all gasped though when they looked at Charlie’s new friends.

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They had to be some of the ugliest ducks they had ever seen! What was Charlie thinking?

They watched as Charlie swam around with his new friends. He seemed like he was having a fun time. Later in the day some other swans did swim over to them to introduce themselves and soon they were having fun with Charlie and his new friends too.

The other swans still watched from a distance, they weren’t sure of these odd looking birds.  They were curious though.  Gradually other swans, one by one,  swam over to join the group. Slowly the one group began to diminish in size and the other group sure looked like they were having more fun.

Everyone cheered, when at long last Ebenezer came swimming over to join everyone else and introduced himself to the new ducks.  Ebenezer was about as grumpy as Charlie was friendly, but don’t be fooled, underneath his rough exterior, there was a soft heart.  You just had to be brave enough to see through the walls that he tried to put up.  By nightfall all of the swans had met Charlie’s new friends and had warmly accepted them.

As time passed the swans had forgotten that they  had ever thought of the other ducks as odd or ugly. They had a much better name for them now. The name “friends”,  and they swam together happily ever after.

The Three Little Pigs

On one cold day a bad storm was raging,  and the 3 little pigs were so happy to be all together in  their nice cozy home by the fireplace. They were all playing cards when they heard a knock on the door. The youngest brother Ollie  went to open the door. Upon opening it and seeing who it was he quickly shut it! His brothers looked up from the table, ” Why did you shut the door? Was no one there? Why are you looking so pale?”

Ollie was shaking all over as the knocking was heard again.

“It was the wolf! Remember the one who we heard was going to come and blow our straw house down!”

The color quickly drained from his brothers faces when they heard the news. After a little bit the knocking stopped as they remained frozen to the floor.

“Perhaps he left now, Ollie try peeking out the door.”  the oldest brother said.

Oliver opened the door just a crack and to his surprise the wolf was sitting on the ground crying!

Ollie opened it further, for he had a tender heart, he didn’t like to see anyone cry.

“Why are you crying oh wolf, shouldn’t we be the ones crying? Aren’t you here to blow our house down?”

The wolf looked up at Ollie and wiped as his eyes. “No…No….I…I …just am very cold and wet and l-l-lonely.”

Ollie’s  heart felt a  strong tug and the next thing he knew he heard himself inviting Mr.Wolf into their house to warm himself by the fire.

Ollie’s brothers thought that it had finally happened. That crazy Ollie had totally lost his mind!  The oldest brother, the most logical one,  Sigmund, went into the kitchen to quickly write his living will and testament.

Jasper stayed with Ollie, not saying much but keeping a very close eye on the door in case he needed to make a very quick exit.  He wasn’t too afraid, for he knew he had 9 lives, oh wait, he was confused again. That was cats not pigs!  Jasper shook his head,  he got confused so easily at times. Now he was beginning to feel more scared.

After some awkward silence Ollie asked the wolf a question.

“How good are you at playing cards, Mr.Wolf?”

The wolf smiled showing all his teeth and Ollie and Jasper immediately shrunk back in fear.

“I’m sorry!” the wolf replied, “didn’t mean to frighten you! I promise that you can trust me. You were so kind to let me in out of the cold and rain.  You took a chance and I won’t let you down. ”

Ollie and Jasper smiled as their hearts began to slow down and a sense of peace came over them. They all had a seat at the table, letting Mr. Wolf be the closest to the fire to dry his wet fur, as they began to teach him how to play Old Maid.

Sigmund finally ventured out of the kitchen later to join them in the game and soon all of them were laughing into the night as they played cards and told tales.

After that day Mr.Wolf spread the word around  to the other wolves about the 3 little pigs that had given him shelter in the storm and that they were not to be hurt! Woe to any wolf that tried! The 3 little pigs lived happily ever after knowing that no wolves would ever be a threat to them again.

Oh, and every Friday night Mr.Wolf would show up to play cards. Ollie,  being the youngest, needed more sleep and usually fell asleep before the others would finish playing.

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