Blast Off!

“10,9,8 ..”

“MOMMY!!Come quick!”

Carissa came running outside hearing her daughter’s screams. Oh not again, she thought, when she saw why Callie was screaming.

She marched over to Jarrett, “How many times have I told you that it isn’t nice to tease your sister!”

Jarrett made a face, as his Mom unstrapped Callie’s Barbie doll from his rocketship. Grown ups always ruined his fun, thought Jarrett.

Callie hugged her Barbie close to her and stuck her tongue out at Jarrett when her Mommy wasn’t looking.

He watched them walk back into the house. How was he ever supposed to learn how to send things to the moon? Looking up into the sky he dreamed that the day would come when he could walk on the moon!

Years passed and Jarrett worked hard at keeping his dream alive. He studied hard and excelled in his science classes.

His family was so proud of him when he got accepted into the NASA program. Now the day that he had dreamt about for so long had finally come! He was going to the moon!

Jarrett couldn’t describe his feelings. He was overwhelmed with various emotions. The hour had come. It was a moment of a lifetime! This was it, no turning back. He was strapped into the rocketship.

“10…9….8…” He looked at the good luck charm his sister had given him. He had laughed when she handed it to him, not knowing she had saved it all these years.

“7…6…5..” He heard the countdown. “Well Barbie, are you ready for your first real trip to the moon?”

“4…3…2…1!” He soared into the space, squeezing the Barbie doll in his hand. Some dreams really do come true!

A dream or??

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Stefan couldn’t be seeing what he was seeing, could he? But if that lady really wasn’t playing the piano, than where was the music coming from? He stood there transfixed, watching the lady’s fingers move up and down the keyboard. Who was she?

He was having second thoughts about staying at this house. The Shepler’s , their neighbors, were going on vacation for a week, and they had wanted someone to stay at their house, while they were gone. They had a Boston Terrier and a Sheltie, that needed taken care of, plus a pot bellied pig!

Stefan had been excited at first, for he loved dogs and he couldn’t wait to take Penelope the pig for a walk. He had no qualms of being alone in a house for a week. His parent’s lived  next door.  He was looking forward to being alone, having peace and quiet. Time away from his tattle tale sister and pesky brother.

The first few nights were fine, but then he started hearing the music. The first time he heard it he just ignored it, he was too tired and went back to sleep. He was wide awake tonight though when hearing it, so he couldn’t resist checking it out.

He had crept down the stairs. Why he had crept, he didn’t know, what was he afraid of? He probably had left the stereo on. He hadn’t had it on a classical station though and it sure wasn’t rock music that was playing!

Now he stood frozen in place, not knowing what to think or do! Snickers, the Boston Terrier had her ears straight up, while looking at the piano. Trixie, the Sheltie was snoring away.

Dare he call out to the mysterious lady? He thought about it, but then he remembered he didn’t believe in ghosts! This lady had a strange glow around her. The burgler alarm hadn’t gone off, so how did she get in here?

She kept playing, and Stefan felt himself get a chill, starting to shake all over. He needed to get back under his covers. Running up the stairs he jumped in his bed, and pulled the covers over his head.

When he woke up the next morning he tried to tell himself that it was all a dream. He kept repeating that to himself all day, trying to get himself to believe what he was saying.

That night he stayed awake as long as possible, afraid to go to sleep, but he finally gave into it. He slept peacefully all night long. The next night he did too, and he began to relax. It must have been all a dream, probably from eating a cold  anchovy pizza. before bed. He played with the dogs the next day, took Penelope on a walk and was happy, feeling all was well.

What was that noise? NO! It couldn’t be the music again! He was awake, he pinched himself to prove it! He had just gone to bed a little bit ago.

Pulling the covers over his head, he tried to tell himself to stop shaking. Just one more night to go, surely he could make it for just one more night.

The music seemed to go on forever as he laid under his covers. Finally it stopped and slowly he felt himself relax , feeling  his eyelids get heavy.

Fortunately the next night all was quiet and the Shepler’s came home at noon the next day. Stefan was more than happy to go home! Even if meant dealing with a tattle tale sister and a pesky brother. He actually found himself missing them. He would take them over ghosts any day!!

The Golden Arrow

75a3882a24f94930aa343e48becf75a6 picture credit from Pinterest

Little Caleb was hard at work. He was drawing his boat that was out on the sea. He wanted to make sure to get every detail just right. Caleb always liked Thursdays when he could stay after school, drawing  on the chalkboard, letting his imagination flow.

The Golden Arrow was making its very first voyage. Caleb had made sure to have all the provisions that he would need for the journey. He had 5 bananas and 5 Golden Delicious  apples, for Mommy always said that fruit was good for him. A box of chocolate chip cookies, because they were his favorite and 2 boxes of Teddy Grahams. He couldn’t forget his gummy worms either. He had 3 boxes of them. Peanut butter and jelly was his favorite type of sandwich, so he made sure to pack 6 of them. Nothing like Skippy crunchy peanut butter and grape jam. He also brought along a pack of 10 juice boxes, 5 packs of red fruit punch and 5 packs of red grape juice.

Caleb loved his ship. It was a fiery red color with 2 golden yellow arrows painted on each side of the ship. In case of anything breaking on the ship or the ship springing a leak, he had brought along a roll of duck tape. Daddy had always said that Duck tape fixed everything.

Yes, Caleb was all set. He was heading West to see new sights and discover new lands. Oh No! A storm was must be brewing, the waves were getting higher and he felt his boat shaking.

“Caleb honey… its time to wake up, your Daddy is here. That’s a great picture that you drew.”

Caleb was lying on the floor, with the chalk still in his hand. He opened his eyes to see Miss.Marjorie smiling at him with her hand on his shoulder.  He rubbed his eyes as he looked at his teacher. “I was sailing on the wild sea Miss. Marjorie, I really was. Do you want to hear my dream, but first do you have any chocolate chip cookies?”  Caleb took Miss. Marjorie’s hand and continued chatting as they walked out of the schoolroom.

The Secret Keeper


The night was still, the air was cool, and the moon shined bright in the azure blue sky.

The swing was there, as it always was, hanging from the sturdy oak tree. It was waiting for her. it had been there for her so many nights. Nights when she was broken hearted and she would cry into the wind. Nights when she was full of joy, shouting with happiness, and  swinging high with glee.

Many dreams she had spoken to the moon, and many secrets she had shared. The moon was her keeper of secrets, it wouldn’t even share it with the stars.

This swing was her place of rest. Her time-out, for when life got so busy. Her place of solitude and peace.

She would exhale any of her fears and doubts as she would swing into the wind and inhale hope. Smiling she would look at the moon and give it a little wink, as she continued to swing, underneath the azure blue sky.



The Night of Dreams

a0aea1c7fc530ca5d848105e0c3dc55b from Pinterest


The starlit sky was bright, lighting up the night. Jane pulled her coat a little tighter against her, to fight off the chill of the frosty night air. Christmas was over, and Jane was enjoying the peacefulness of the night.

She often liked to take a walk in the woods, even when it was cold. She continued on, walking the same path that she did most nights. Jane quietly sang “Silent Night” as she walked through the quietness of the  woods. Christmas may be over, but the songs still played in her heart.

What would the New Year bring she wondered. What dreams of hers may come true. She thought back to when she was a little girl and the special Christmas where she got her last doll baby. She still could feel the excitement that she had when she unwrapped  her and hugged her tight. Her Mom had sewed such a pretty dress for her doll baby and her heart was full of love for it.

Oh, sweet memories. She remembered too when she got Lite-Bright for Christmas, oh the hours she spent  making all kinds of pretty pictures with the different colored pegs.

How time changes things as you grow.  As a child she opened the gifts with great anticipation. Now she still enjoys the gifts that are bought with love for her but even more special are the gifts that can’t be unwrapped.

The smiles on the faces of her family as they unwrapped their gifts. The laughter that rang through the house. The hugs freely given. Time spent together enjoying each others company. Time, a gift that can’t be bought and one that is so valuable! Time spent having fun with each other which makes the turkey get forgotten and put in the oven a little late, but no one minds having a late supper on a magical Christmas night.

Yes, so much more that she cherishes now that doesn’t come wrapped with a bow.

Just then something came shooting through the sky. She was seeing her first shooting star. She wished upon the star and her heart was warmed, as she smiled the rest of the way home. Thinking about her wish that couldn’t be wrapped with a bow but one that filled her with a deep, incomparable joy!



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Some dreams are plain crazy …. and some can be our sub-conscious speaking. If dreaming of sugarplums dancing, you may have had too much eggnog.

2. Peace, joy, and love aren’t gifts to be unwrapped only at Christmas. Let them fill your heart 365 days of the year!   

3. Did Santa make you happy, or are you wondering where your hippopotamus is?


Do You have a Dream?


“I have a dream”….  I have always enjoyed this song from Mama Mia. I love to watch the moonlight shimmering on the water,  Its so peaceful to just watch and listen to as I think  about the dreams that I have for me and my children.

Ask children what they want to be when they grow up and they will always have a reply for you. They have big dreams and stars in their eyes, nothing is impossible!

What happens when we grow up? Too much life piles upon us and smothers our dreams at times, but we need to keep them alive! Grandma Moses loved to draw at a young age, but as an adult she put her passion aside. When she was 78 she started painting once again and went on to have her paintings displayed in a museum , sold at art auctions and put on greeting cards.

Did you know that Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t publish her first book “Little House in the Big Woods” until she was 65  years old, her last book came out when she was 78!

Gladys Burrill ran her first marathon at the age of 86 years old and completed the Honolulu marathon at the age of 92!! I can’t even run a mile, much less a marathon, and I am a lot younger than 86 years old. The difference is that it was a passion of hers and she pursued it. I know someone who used to be a co-worker of mine and she took up running recently, completing her first marathon. She was thrilled about it and she should be, it was hard work, but she did it! She’s not a household name because of it, but she has deep personal satisfaction and that’s what its all about.

Its not about having some grandiose dream, that makes you famous! Its about fulfilling the passion that is inside of you.

What is important is not to let your dream die, don’t give up, thinking that you reached an age where its too late to dream dreams and to pursue them! As the above examples show, its never too late to  pursue a dream! Do you have a dream?

How Should it End?

I am going to take you on a little trip into my head today. Yes, I know, it could be a little scary, but you all are brave, right?

I want to explain to you the dream I had last night, as its still vivid in my head this morning. Its just one of the very many dreams that I have each night. My brain is busy at night!

To start with I made the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz angry for my house landed on her sister. My house didn’t just land on her it totally fell apart after killing her, but my dear friends put it back together again. Sadly I couldn’t live in it because the Wicked Witch was on the hunt for me, so I ran. While running I encountered the guards from Alice in Wonderland who attacked me for no reason. 7e01ede9f84a410bd9da3a66bca67254

But i grabbed a wooden stake, stabbing them, causing them to fall to the ground with a thud.

Now I have the Queen of Hearts mad at me as well, as she shouts, “Off with her head!”


I went into hiding in a field, and then my dream ended, leaving me stuck in the field.

I can’t stay stuck in the field can I?  How do you think my dream should end? There obviously is no wrong answer, its your call! I only have one request, I would prefer to keep my head! 🙂