Tuesday’s Thoughts!

There is something nice about your kids growing up. They don’t cry anymore and pull on your leg when you leave the house. Now you hear, “Drive safe Mom, I want to see you tonight.” I think they may have heard that last line a few times before.

If you are on the road today, do be safe! Hopefully you can find the time today for a coffee break and exercise your smile with the following quotes.

5. Some things you just have to post. 😂

The Surprise Roommate!

Image from Pinterest

The snow kept falling under the moonlit sky. Trent kicked himself for not having left earlier. He could have been at his destination by now, instead of having to drive at a snail’s pace. The visibility was so bad, he couldn’t see the lines on the road. He hoped he was still on the road.

After driving a few more miles he made the decision that as soon as he saw a sign for a hotel he was stoppimg.

30 minutes of tense driving passed when to his relief he saw a flashing vacancy  light for the Oak Lodge.

Trent pulled into the parking lot and stepped out into the frosty air. Pulling his hood a little tighter around his head, he hurried into the Lodge.

“Hi! Welcome to Oak Lodge. Help yourself to some Coffee, Hot Cocoa or Hot Apple Cider.” the smiling front desk clerk said.

Trent walked up to the front desk. “Thank you!” he said, as he poured himself a cup of Hot Apple Cider.

“How long are you planning on staying?” Rhonda, asked.

“Just one night please. Hoping the roads will be clear by tomorrow.”

A blast of cold air blew in as an older man walked in the door and a dog squeezed in the door right before it closed.

The golden retriever shook and snow flew off his fur, melting on the floor.

“Excuse me sir, we don’t allow dogs in here.” Rhonda said, with her brunette bobbing as she was shaking her head at seeing fur flying through the air.

“Well you will have to tell the dog that. Its not my dog, he just followed me in.”

Trent loved dogs, and there was no way he was going to let Rhonda put him out in the cold.

“I will take him, he can stay in my room.” he said to Rhonda.

“Being that it is snowing quite hard outside Okay, he can stay with you. I will hold you responsible though if he chews anything.” she told him.

“No problem!” Trent bent down and patted the dog, while saying “I hope you don’t snore!”

Rhonda smiled as she shook her head. “Now please just go to your room, the wet dog is smelling up the whole lobby!”

The dog was right at Trent’s heels as he walked down the hall and around the corner to his room.

Trent walked in and was pleased by what he saw. Nothing fancy but it looked nice and clean.

“Looks like you have a bed all to yourself!” he said to the dog. As if the dog understood him he jumped up on the bed.

So much for taking the pretty bedspread off first, thought Trent, as he sighed. The dog laid his head right down on the pillow and looked up at Trent with his dark brown eyes. Sitting down next to him, rubbing his head, Trent said, “Would you like some food, buddy?”

He ordered room service. There wasn’t exactly dog food on the menu but he didn’t think Buddy would turn down hamburger.

While waiting for the food he wondered where Buddy had come from. He didn’t have any tags on him. Was there someone looking for him or was he all on his own?

What a night this turned out to be! He gets caught in a snowstorm and ends up with a dog. What would tomorrow bring?

A question came to his head, would they let him have a dog where he was headed to? He couldn’t just abandon him. Buddy nuzzled Trent’s hand with his wet nose , like he was agreeing.

Trent heard the knock on the door, the food had arrived. He had ordered pizza. Buddy’s eyes had started to close, but he perked right up when he smelled the hamburger. He gulped that hamburger down in no time!

After his 3rd hamburger Buddy finally looked like he was ready to go to sleep. Trent was glad, it had been a long day of driving. He was glad that his final destination was only a short drive away tomorrow. Turning off the lights he sank down into his bed that was as soft as a cloud and it didn’t take him long until he was in dreamland.

What was that noise? Something was scratching at the door. Who was trying to get in? Groggily Trent turned on the lamp by his bed. Buddy was scratching at the door. His head was muddled from sleeping, he had forgotten all about the dog.

Groaning Trent got out of bed, the alarm clock flashed 3am! Pulling on his coat and gloves he opened the door and out shot Buddy. Trent ran down the hall to catch up.

A woman in her nightgown screamed as Trent bumped into her. He apologized but kept running so that he wouldn’t lose Buddy. He didn’t need to worry. Buddy was sitting at the front door looking all innocent.

The night clerk’s eyes were wide open in shock! “Thats thats a dog!” he stammered out. Apparently Rhonda hadn’t filled him in on their special visitor.

Trent quickly took Buddy outside and shivered as he waited for him. He was glad that Buddy seemed to be anxious to get out of the cold too and he hurried up!

Soon they were back in their beds. Trent watched Buddy fall asleep, he looked so sweet with the blanket on him. He felt his heart already getting attached. He sure did hope that the Inn he was going to would allow dogs.

Once again he turned off the light and closed his eyes, ready to sleep. A few moments later he grabbed one of the extra fluffy large pillows and put it over his head. He needed something to muffle the snores now filling the room! Well, at least Buddy was going to get a good night’s sleep.

Finding Love

The sky was an extra special shade of blue today, as Charlie  walked home. Charlie had never quite seen the sky look that way before. He had been lying in the field, by the river gazing at the clouds for a little too long as he played with fuzzy caterpillars. He knew he should pick up the pace, for his Mama was expecting him home for supper soon. He  started walking faster and then suddenly stopped when he heard some whining behind him. He turned around and there was a dog, sitting by the side of the road.

He was chocolate brown, but far from the prettiest dog that Charlie had ever seen. His face was shaped strangely and his hair was all matted. In fact as Charlie got closer he wasn’t sure if the dog really was a chocolate brown or was that mud? Hmm.. he could use a good bath probably, just like Mama made Charlie do, whenever he came in from playing outside in the dirt. The dog’s eyes begged Charlie to come closer. He approached slowly and held out his hand for the dog to sniff. The dog sniffed it and then whined some more as it looked right at him. Charlie felt like the dog was looking right into his soul, there was just something special about his eyes, and as Charlie looked closer he noticed something. The eyes were 2 different colors! This dog was a strange looking dog for sure, but Charlie felt compassion for it.

He sat down by the side of the road and slowly started petting him. Then he remembered that he still had half of a ham sandwich left that his Mama had made for him on for his outing to the river. He pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to the dog, who gobbled it down in an instant and than gave Charlie a big lick right on his cheek and Charlie laughed.

Charlie sat by the side of the road petting it for a little, wondering what to do.  He needed to get home, but he didn’t want to leave the dog all alone.  Would it follow him? He  took a few steps and looked back and the dog sat there looking at him. Then he took a few steps more and looked back and the dog had got on its feet. He smiled and took a few more steps and soon the dog was trotting right beside Charlie, and they headed home.  Charlie’s stomach was nervous with excitement, hoping that just maybe his Mama would let him keep the dog. He pinched his eyes shut tight wishing and praying and wishing some more that he would finally be able to  have a dog of his own.

Charlie rounded the corner and saw his Mama in the yard hanging wash on the line. He had been thinking of ways to ask his Mama about the dog, but all the words left him in his  nervousness and he just ran up to his Mama and gave her a big hug.

His Mama bent down and hugged Charlie and then started to say, “What took you so long? I was beginning to ….” and that’s when she noticed the big, shaggy chocolate brown dog right at Charlie’s side. “Wha-Who do you have here?”

Charlie started to stammer out, “He-he-he followed me home, can-can- we ….” His Mama held up her hand to stop him. ‘Honey, I know you so badly want a dog, but I just don’t know, they are a lot of responsibility? And what if he belongs to someone else?”

Charlie’s  eyes lost their spark as he hung his head, but before he spoke, the dog did.

He offered his paw as he said, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am and I am so pleased to meet you and your little boy. I would love to live with you, I have been traveling alone for quite awhile now, looking for the right owner.”

Charlie and his Mama stood there speechless as they started at the talking dog.

“Many people have passed me by, but your Charlie wasn’t scared off by my looks, he came and sat beside me and even gave me some his food. He gently petted me and I just would love to have Charlie as my human? May I please keep him ?”

Charlie’s Mama was shaking her head in disbelief as Charlie was hugging the dog around its neck saying, “Mama please! Oh please! I will take care of him I promise and I’ll even eat all my broccoli and carrots,”  he said, as he made a face.

His Mama laughed, as she took her hand and tousled Charlie’s curly locks on his head. “How could I possibly say No to such a polite speaking dog?” She turned to the dog and patted his head, ” i would love to have you live with us!”

The dog wagged his tail and spun in a circle. “At last I have a human! A human of my very own! Oh Charlie, we are going to have such fun together!”

Charlie’s Mom watched as the 2 played in the yard and her heart was warmed, she felt like this was only the beginning of many adventures to come! A talking dog! Who would have ever thought! She was still shaking her head as she walked into the house.


A Sunday Scramble

This is a little bit of everything for today’s post, with thanks to Pinterest for the pictures.

I saw this  first picture and thought how it might get a good discussion going on how as a society we are more quick to want meds and surgery to fix something that a simple lifestyle change might go a long way in fixing. Do you agree with the picture?


This second picture stood out to me, for we have seen the movie Balto lots of times. Our kids loved it and it is a good story. It is animated, but its based on a true story. Have you seen it? 

Gunnar Kaasen and his team of 13 dogs, led by the Siberian husky, Balto, completed the last leg of a 1925 trip to deliver 300,000 units of diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska.


This 3rd picture is just a picture that made me go “Awh!” and every day we need a “Awh!” moment. 🙂 



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

The temps have cooled down, we are no longer feeling like we are walking outside into an oven! For those of you who still do, I am wishing you relief soon!

So last Tuesday I was supposed to have cataract surgery, and then it got cancelled. Now it has been scheduled for Thursday, the 25th. Just 2 more days. Hopefully it will happen this time!

Last evening I had a nice conversation with my youngest, who is now 17. I treasure those times. Its a bonus of having your children grow older and being able to have good conversations. Though sometimes it can quickly go back to just one word answers to your questions. You just never know!  We go through so many stages with our children.

Talking to them when they can’t understand a word we are saying, and they just respond with smiles. Then when they do begin talking we think they will never stop. I still remember how my one child always wanted to tell you every single detail to the story they were reading. Plus when they wrote stories for school they wanted to put every detail in their writing. In 2nd grade the teacher would assign them to write a short story about something, meaning  like a couple paragraphs. My child’s was a couple pages long every time.:)

Have a great day and remember to keep “King Ray” and his royal servants, Colin and Carol in your thoughts today!




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For the Love of Animals

I have been around dogs since I been little. A love of animals was instilled in my heart, especially for dogs.

Having a soft heart for dogs is the reason behind this post today. Today my heart is with  a dog named Ray. He is the star of Colin’s blog. Over the years through Colin’s tales of him and his pictures, many have fallen in love with Ray. Those big brown eyes of his just melt your heart and you are under his spell!

Sadly Ray is having some health issues right now and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove a malignant tumor.

A poem that Colin had written came to my mind today as I was thinking about Ray.  The poem is from his “Just Thinking”  book. A collection of  heart felt poetry about different situations in life, that you can easily find yourself identifying with. Being that Ray takes up such a large part of Colin’s heart, its no wonder that Colin included in his book some poetry dedicated to him.

Enjoy the following poem where you can get to know Ray a little, and his history if you aren’t already acquainted with the “Handsome star!”

Go on a walk with your pet, or give them a hug, or belly rub, or whatever they prefer. Cats may not want to go on a walk with you. Pets play a very special role in our lives, and I am so grateful that God made animals of all kinds!

As you are enjoying your pet or just feeling thankful for animals in general, send your thoughts and prayers Ray’s way for his surgery tomorrow please. There are are lot more trails for him to walk, scents to sniff, water to splash in and TimBit treats for him to eat!


                                                                  “A Stray Named Ray”

They were found on a farm

Not too far away,

But… where was their home?

Two dogs, frightened, hungry,

So very tired and,

Surviving somehow on their own.


The rescue van arrived,

And the crew discussed

How best to capture this pair.

Traps were determined

To be the most humane,

But… so many questions were there.


Why were these two dogs

Having to scavenge for food?

Why were they out on their own?

The treats in the traps,

Put an end to all that,

And they were captured, scared… and alone.


They had no collars; no tags;

No microchips were found.

They were just two dogs without names.

Their faces were expressionless,

And their fur in poor condition.

Were they siblings? Perhaps their mother was the same?


Once back at the shelter

They were caged together,

But then a fight ensued.

Trainers intervened,

And gave them separate cages,

But then had to decide what to do.


One (they later named Ray) was not unfriendly,

Although cautious and rather aloof.

He seemed to know he was no longer alone.

He was given a bath and a bowl of food

And, with some loving care (they thought),

He could possibly adapt to a home.


He was a sorry sight,

And no doubt a once proud dog.

Clearly a German Shepherd cross,

Just managing to survive,

By eating scraps to stay alive.

To explain him, they were quite at a loss.


They tried to find his owners.

They checked the Missing Pets files,

But there only seemed one option.

He now belonged to the shelter

And… as he was neither reported lost, nor stolen,

He would be trained for adoption.


Four months later he was ready.

His adoption photo was published,

And all were looking for a sign.

He needed a family,

To love… and be loved by.

This will, hopefully, be his time.


Eventually a couple arrived

Who clearly were drawn to him,

And regular walks were arranged.

It was soon to be seen

That his life, as it had been,

Was quickly going to change.


His day of adoption came.

The staff all said their farewells.

Smiles, and tears, were all around,

For the life of a stray;

Of a dog they named Ray;

A life almost lost… had been found.


                          I couldn’t resist also sharing the first stanza from another  poem about Ray.

                                                            “A Man, a Dog, and the Sky”

                                                                 Laying on the grass

                                                              On a summer afternoon,

                                                   And watching clouds caress the blue sky.

                                                Listening to the birds, as they sing their songs,

                                                       But I’m thinking of  …. just you and I.





















Time to Nap!

This afternoon I felt sleepy, and dozed off for a little in the recliner. I may be older, but I still like my naps, just like I did when I was little.

My hubby has had times where a nap is needed as well!


Our Yorkie thinks nap times are  wonderful too!



Our Sheltie loves naptime in her bed and she does have a bigger bed, a nice new one, but she prefers this one that she barely fits in anymore.


She loves napping in the shade of our tree too, though right now this

grass is covered by snow as it is presently falling.


Yes, people and animals alike love to have good naps! Our ferrets sleep alot too, though in this shot he is wide awake for he wanted to say HI!


Hope you enjoyed these pictures and if they make you feel a little sleepy, then stretch out and take a little nap. Or you might be ready to go to bed for a much longer nap depending what part of the world you are in. As for Lily, she’s ready for bed. Sweet Dreams and Good Night! 🙂






It All Started with the Cat

I wasn’t planning on writing another post about the Emerald City today, but an idea came to me and so ….  Keep an eye out if you didn’t see your name in the the post I did on Thursday, The Return to the Emerald City you just never know, it might be in this post. And if you still don’t see your name, don’t give up hope, don’t feel bad please, another story will come! 🙂

It All Started with the Cat

It had started out as an ordinary day in the Emerald City. Glenda was walking to her job at the hospital  and the city was quiet in the early hours of the morning.  She was enjoying the peace when out of nowhere a cat ran right in front of her. It was so pretty. She quickly recognized it as Mollie, one of Kate’s cats. Kate had such a big heart for animals, cats were always coming to her door.  They may be sassy cats at times, but she loved them! http://coffeekatblog.com/2018/11/02/sassy-cats-odds-and-ends/

Glenda didn’t have long to wonder about Mollie, for close behind her came Charlie and Ray. The silence of the morning had been broken by Mollie’s screeching and hissing and the barking of dogs who felt like they were on a mission. Glenda watched as the Mollie raced up a tree and Charlie and Ray started howling up at it!

The dogs were followed by Kate running down the street yelling for Mollie. Glenda pointed to the large Oak tree on the corner by the city park. It’s leaves were so pretty this time of year. Kate and Glenda were discussing how to get Mollie down and soon from around the corner came Jodi calling for Charlie, who was followed by Colin calling for Ray. Both dogs quickly turned at the sound of their names and took one more look at the tree and then at their owners and started walking back to them. They were good dogs, but they couldn’t pass up the fun of chasing a cat.

Everyone was talking about how to get Mollie down. Kate was trying to coax her down by calling up to her, but Mollie was not convinced in the slightest and wouldn’t budge an inch.

About this time Maggie came walking down the street with her owner Di, who always had a smile for everyone.
Just in time Glenda noticed Di coming and told her to watch out for there was a pile of slippery wet leaves that she was coming up to. Di heard her and walked around the leaves so that she wouldn’t slip.  https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2018/10/30/tuesday-photo-challenge-slippery/

Maggie was glad to see her friends Charlie and Ray and soon the 3 dogs had forgotten about Mollie and were having fun running in the park with each other.

Colin had decided that he would go home and get his ladder and they could use that to get Mollie down from the tree. He and Ray started back home as Kate still tried her best to sweetly coax Mollie down. Jodi took Charlie home hoping it might help Mollie be more confident about coming down. Maggie was no threat as she had curled herself up in a ball under another tree in the park.

Meanwhile Mitch was walking down the street, stopping in at Jodi’s diner to get some of her delicious blueberry scones. Jodi was behind the counter feeling a little frazzled, for she had almost been late opening up the diner because of Charlie’s little escapade. She told Mitch about it and he thought poor Kate and Mollie. He was hoping that his cat was still inside their home being a satisfied cat on top of its fluffy cushions and hadn’t got any wild ideas of going on an adventure.  http://mitchteemley.com/2018/10/08/a-satisfied-cat-2/

The bell chimed as the door to Jodi’s diner opened up again. It was getting to be busy, for this was the place to be in the morning for delicious danishes, scones, and muffins. Nancy came in, it was hard for her to make up her mind today so she told Jodi that she wanted a little bit of this and that, pointing to all the various delicacies. https://nrhatch.wordpress.com/2018/10/23/a-bit-of-this-that/

Kate, Glenda and Di were standing at the Oak tree still sweetly talking to Mollie and slowly ever so slowly she started coming down the tree.  Then POUNCE, she startled Kate as she had jumped and landed on her shoulder digging her claws in a little. Kate winced but was very glad to have Mollie safely out of the tree.

Shortly after Mollie had made her leap from the tree, Colin came walking up to them with the ladder. He was smiling when he saw Mollie. “Guess you don’t need this ladder anymore, eh!”

Kate laughed as she replied, “No, I don’t think I do, but thanks for bringing it. Now I think I will take her back home and check in on my other 2 mischievous darlings. See you all later” and she waved bye.

Glenda looked down at her watch, ” OH I need to hurry, going to be late for my rounds at the hospital, bye, have a great day!”

Di looked at Colin and said, “Well, would you like to go to Jodi’s Diner, you probably worked up an appetite with carrying that ladder all this way. ”

“Sure, I could go for some of Jodi’s fabulous donut holes and a latte.”  replied Colin,  and they started towards the diner when they heard Mike calling to them from down the street.

“Hey Colin, could I use your ladder please? I saw this amazing yellow warbler and I would love a closer look at it to take a picture.”  Mike was always looking for wildlife to take pictures of and he did a great job at getting wonderful shots.

“Sure, here you go. Glad I could help.”

“Thanks, it looks like an angel, hopefully its still there!” Mike replied as he took the ladder and hurried off to the tree.  http://michaelqpowell.com/2018/05/03/looks-like-an-angel/

“This day has just started and already so much has happened”, said Di.

“Well to quote the great wise Pooh Bear, “Today is the perfect day to have a perfect day!” said Colin. They both laughed as the bell chimed once more when they opened the door to Jodi’s diner which was full now,  with friends eating and chatting. Good food, good friends, the day was off to the perfect start!



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Rainy Tuesday! Keep Smiling through the raindrops. 🙂 How is your week going? I am counting down the days to the beach! Yes, I do realize its Fall now and that we are heading into October which isn’t usually beach weather, but…  The ocean waves can still work their magic charm no matter what time of year it is. Plus you don’t need to fight the crowds at the beach when you go in October. Yes, some people may still think I am crazy, and maybe they are right! 🙂

63283bb005fc255314bc93217b84b8bc I just had to share this picture. How many times do you have an owl laugh at you? 🙂

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