Storytime at the Fluffer-Nutter Shop

If you missed Monday’s story, here is the link.  Untangling the Web Enjoy the conclusion, or it might be more accurate for me just to say, the next part of the story. I have found that certain stories seem to never end! 

Where were they? Lisette wondered. They were standing in the middle of a dirt road with lovely Oak trees lining it. She started walking down it, not knowing what else to do. Betsy followed behind her, not saying a word. Not that Lisette expected her too, but she sensed something very different about Betsy, besides the fact that she had an enchanted bell hanging around her neck. 

“There you are! I figured I would find you out here just dilly dallying around, when there is work to be done!” An older woman carrying a bucket was shouting at her as she came towards Lisette, not looking very happy at all! 

“The cows need milked, and there are eggs to be gathered, and … ” the older woman paused in mid sentence, taking notice of Betsy. “Where did you get that cow? Is she the one who trampled my flowers this morning? They are all ruined!” She glared at Betsy, and noticed the cow bell. “What’s that?”, she reached out to touch it and Lisette stopped her.

“I wouldn’t touch that if I was you?”  she told her. 

The lady frowned, “Why not, its just an old cow bell.”  Suddenly Betsy let out a loud “MOOOOO!” and pawed at the ground, scaring the older woman so much that she dropped the bucket she was carrying. 

“I will see you back at the barn! Hurry it up!” she spouted out at Lisette, while she quickly headed down the road, back to the barn. 

Lisette started laughing as she watched the older woman hustle down the road while Betsy kept Moooooing. 

Betsy stopped once the lady was out of sight. Lisette looked at Betsy and if she wouldn’t know better, she would say that Betsy had a glint of mischief in her eyes and was smiling! 

Lisette knew that she didn’t want to go back to that older lady’s farm, so there was only one thing to do. She tugged on Betsy’s bell 3x. POOF! The brilliant purple and pink smoke was all around, and once more Lisette had to pick herself up off the ground once the smoke settled. 

They were smack dab in the middle of a town and it seemed to be in an uproar. People were shouting and cops were around. Lisette was confused at first, and then she saw Miss. Libby and Miss. Jill. She was back in their town and they were being escorted out of Miss. Jill’s store by the police! 

Lisette felt sick to her stomach. She had really liked Miss. Jill and she had thought that Miss. Libby was a sweet old lady, but oh, what she hadn’t known! She watched them get into the police car and figured that was probably the last time she would ever see them. They were likely to be in prison for quite awhile. But maybe Miss. Jill was innocent, like she had tried to tell Lisette. If so, she hoped that they would be more lenient on her. 

Soon the police cars were gone and the sirens faded in the distance. The townspeople were still gathered in little groups talking. Lisette overheard one lady say how she didn’t know what the town was coming too. First Anna and the Chicken Man, and now this! 

The Chicken Man! Lisette remembered how Miss. Libby had never shared that story with her, like she had said she would. She figured now she would never know. 

Lisette’s stomach was rumbling, she thought she could really use some coffee with some tasty donuts from the Fluffer Nutter Shop. Then she remembered Betsy, but she didn’t see her anywhere! How did a cow just disappear from the center of a crowded town? There was definitely something strange about that cow. She shook her head and walked across the street to the Fluffer Nutter Shop. 

Opening the door she saw that others had the same idea, there was a long line at the counter. That was okay with Lisette, for she had no idea what she was going to do next so she didn’t mind waiting. Finally it was her turn, everyone else had left. 

“Hi Lisette! Are you okay? Quite the excitement today, eh? Were you in the shop when the police came?” 

Lisette didn’t know how to explain where she had been, so she just said that she hadn’t been working at the time. 

She ordered a peanut butter filled donut with sprinkles on top and some French Vanilla coffee. Then she took a seat up at the counter to enjoy it and visit with Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter some. 

“I suspect they will take Miss. Libby and Miss. Jill to the same prison that Anna is in.” Mr. Fluff said. 

“Who is Anna?” asked Lisette. “I have heard her name mentioned quite a few times around town, and I heard Tanya mentioned too. Miss. Libby also told me that it was really sad what happened to the Chicken Man, but she never explained.” 

Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter sighed when they heard Lisette mention the Chicken Man, they did still miss their crazy friend. 

“Well if you have time, we can tell you the whole story.” Mr. Nutter said. “But be aware, it can get quite confusing!” 

“I have plenty of time.” said Lisette, with her curiosity piqued now.

“Just give me a minute to put away this Battleship game.” said Mr. Fluff. 

“Battleship? I thought you guys played checkers?” 

Mr. Fluff laughed, “Well we did, but someone got tired of losing all the time, so he decided to try and beat me at Battleship. No more checkers for him.” 

Lisette laughed and remembered some of the games she played as a child. “Have you ever played CandyLand, Mr.Nutter? Perhaps you could win at that.” 

Mr. Fluff and Lisette laughed at Mr. Nutter’s face. He then poured himself some coffee and sat down. “I do believe there is a story you would like to hear?” 

“Yes, please! I am all ears.” said Lisette and Mr. Nutter began. 




Spinning the Web

Miss. Libby was sitting in her bright sunflower yellow kitchen, deep in thought. Lisette had left to do some shopping, so she was all alone. She still couldn’t get over the fact that Lisette had gone and applied for a job at Miss. Jill’s Dress Shop. The fact that Jill had actually hired her was an even bigger surprise!  How could she have hired her? Wasn’t she afraid that Lisette would find out and if Lisette found out, who knew what would happen. What would she do with the information?  Libby shook her head, taking another drink of her Vanilla Chai tea. Perhaps she needed something a little stronger. Her stomach was in knots. 

Things had been going so smoothly. She had the perfect set up with Miss. Jill, and now some stranger from out of town, just appears and risks ruining everything. All the hard work that Miss. Libby had put into the lucrative side business. She needed this business, as her Inn wasn’t doing very well presently. She set her cup down hard making some of of the tea splash out onto the white tablecloth. Something had to be done, and she was going to do it. She was going to make a phone call to Jill and give her a piece of her mind. 

Miss. Jill was pacing the floor with the phone in her hand. “Yes, I know but…”  “She is a nice la…”  Jill rolled her eyes, she could barely get a word in. “Just calm down and listen!” she finally said in a little sterner of voice, finally Libby got quiet. 

“I am not firing her, the girl didn’t even start yet! I think this could be a very good thing. I could really use the extra help in the store, especially when the special customers come.  Lisette can stay out front with the other customers, as I take the special customers to the back room. 

Jill sighed, as Libby ranted again, but by the time they ended the conversation, Libby did seem a little more warmed up to the idea. She would come around, thought Jill, at least she hoped she did. Dealing with an irritable Libby was not pleasant.

There were times Jill wished that she had never got involved with this side business in the first place. All she had wanted to do was own her own Dress and Fabric store, and then she met Miss. Libby. Before she knew it, she was caught up in a tangled web of secrets, and she kept getting deeper entwined. 

Miss. Libby hung up the phone feeling a little better. Perhaps Jill did know what she was doing. Lisette did seem pretty innocent and naïve, so she might be the right one to help out at the store. It would free up Jill. Maybe business could increase if Jill had more time. Libby saw dollar signs in her head and her smile grew bigger. This really may be a good thing, a very good thing, she thought.  She was thinking of what all she could do with the extra money, as she headed upstairs with her silver Persian cat following right behind her. 

Lisette was dumbfounded. She had come back to the Inn, because she forgot her wallet and she had overheard Miss. Libby on the phone. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but when she heard her name spoken, she couldn’t move from her spot in the hallway. 

Miss. Libby wanted Miss. Jill to fire her!? Why? Did she have that strong of dislike for Miss. Jill? She listened some more and things just weren’t adding up. Miss. Libby said that Lisette couldn’t find out about their other business dealings. That they all would be in jeopardy then. What other business? 

Lisette’s mind was swirling. Something wasn’t right and suddenly she was uncertain about working for Miss. Jill. Maybe she should rethink this whole idea of staying in this town. What was she getting into? She needed to take a walk to clear her brain about the troublesome conversation she had heard. 

She didn’t really have a destination in mind she just left the Inn and kept walking, pondering things over. 

When she finally decided to pay attention to her surroundings, she figured out where she was. She was near the creek where she had met the little Annie before.  She had walked out of town. Perhaps sitting by the creek was just what she needed to relax and think straight. 

Walking a little ways more she saw the babbling creek and it didn’t look like anyone was around. Lisette relished the idea of sitting alone for a bit. She slipped off her shoes and dangled her feet in the water. The cool water felt good, she hadn’t meant to walk so far and her feet were a little sore. She found a pebble in the grass and skipped it across the water. She was beginning to relax, when she heard a “MOOOOO!” right behind her! 

Jumping up, she almost lost her balance!  She caught herself and turned around to see Betsy, the cow staring at her, with her deep brown eyes. 

Lisette tried to catch her breath and calm down when she noticed something hanging around Betsy’s neck. It was the enchanted cowbell! Oh Lisette was really tempted to grab it off her neck and shake it for all it was worth! It just had to work again. She went to grab it, but something stopped her from touching it. Never had she been so intimidated by a cow’s eyes before. 

Betsy continued to stare at her and then just as quickly as she had appeared she turned her back on Lisette and walked back towards the barn. Lisette stared after her. Oh how she wanted that bell, but … She sighed. No, she wasn’t going to give up, she would go to work for Miss. Jill and see what she could find out. Perhaps all those Nancy Drew books that she had read as a child would finally pay off! 

(to be continued….next week) 

Trouble by the Creek

I had thought about letting Lisette riding in the gondola, from yesterday’s post Treasure in the Wheatfield , but decided to share one more of her adventure’s. Enjoy! 

Lisette was really enjoying riding down the river on the gondola. She thought she could really get used to this. After a hour the gondalier finished playing his accordion and pulled up to the dock. Lisette thanked him kindly, as she took his hand to help her step out of the boat. 

The sun was shining and she decided to take a walk in the little town. There were open fruit markets and flower and craft vendors, that she enjoyed stopping at. 

After browsing she stopped at an outdoor cafe , thinking she would treat herself to a dark chocolate raspberry latte. She was sitting there savoring the sweet taste when she heard a woman yelling, “There she is! That’s her! She’s the thief!” 

Lisette saw the policeman and the lady coming towards the cafe. She looked around at the other customers, seated outside, wondering who the thief was. 

“Where is my purse?” the lady shouted at her! 

Lisette was startled, the policeman was standing right in front of her! 

“I…I…don’t know what you are talking about?”  Lisette said. 

“She is lying, she looks just like the lady that left the store I was in.” the lady said to the policeman. 

Lisette’s stomach was turning into a big knot, what was she going to do? She looked at the cowbell next to her latte. That bell was starting to cause her trouble. Could she go anywhere without being mistaken for someone else? She didn’t know what would happen if she shook her bell again, but anywhere had to be better than where she was now! She grabbed it and shook it 3x. POOF! Purple and pink smoke again everywhere. 

The smoke cleared and Lisette found herself  sitting by a creek, with a large Weeping Willow tree by it. It was quiet and much more peaceful than having a lady scream at her. She sighed deeply, thinking she may rest here for a bit, and then decide what to do next. 

This cowbell obviously had special powers to take her to different places, but could it make a house appear for her too? Like where was she to go, after resting at the creek? She was almost afraid to walk around town, wondering who she would be mistaken for next? If she could only be mistaken for a famous person, now that might be fun. Living in a mansion? Oh the possibilities that existed with this strange new bell. 

Her thoughts were interrupted by a gentle touch on her shoulder. Lisette jumped, she hadn’t heard anyone coming . She turned her head and noticed a cute little girl staring at her. 
“What are you doing?” the little girl asked. 

Lisette wasn’t sure how to reply. Was she on someone’s private land? She looked around a little more and gasped when she saw a little white cross, not far from the tree. This was someone’s land. 

“Annie, Annie! Time to come in for supper!”  Lisette saw a woman standing in the distance, calling to the little girl. 

The little girl smiled and took Lisette’s hand. “Mommy, can she have  supper with us?” Annie yelled back. 

Annie started pulling her along as she walked towards the house. Lisette didn’t know what to do. What was she supposed to tell Annie’s Mom? That a mysterious cowbell brought her here. The Mom would wonder what kind of strange nut her daughter had found! 

While walking towards the house, Lisette saw a cow grazing, not far from them. 

“Do you want to see Betsy?” asked Annie. 

“Betsy?” replied Lisette. 

“Yes, she is our cow. She is really nice, though she has a habit of disappearing at times, but she always comes back.” 

Lisette couldn’t say No to this sweet, spunky girl.

“Sure, lets go say Hi to Betsy.” 

They started walking towards her and Betsy looked up from her grazing, watching them come. Lisette felt her eyes looking directly at her. The closer she got the more intensity she saw in Betsy’s deep brown eyes. She had never been scared of cows before, but this one was giving her a strange, unnerving feeling. 

Suddenly Betsy started running straight towards her and she did not look happy! 

Fear struck Lisette and she shook her bell 3x! Nothing happened! What was wrong, had the bell lost its power, she shook it again and nothing and Betsy was almost upon her! Lisette dropped the bell and took off running towards the road. 

Down the road she went until she had to stop. She bent over with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath! Looking behind her she didn’t see any mad cow running after her, much to her relief. But now, what was she to do? How did she get back home? 

It was growing dark, she decided that for now she would follow the sign she saw, heading towards town, hoping she could find a motel. She needed a deep, long sleep after this crazy day! She would figure out her next step in the morning. 



The Sunflower Cow

image from Pinterest

Sally and Mikey were so excited! They were in the family room talking about the fair that they were going to tonight. There were carousel rides, where Sally loved to pick the pink horse to ride and Mikey picked the black and gold one. This year Sally was looking forward to going on the Ferris Wheel. She had been scared the other years, but she was bigger now and Mikey promised her that he would hold her hand if she got scared. 

Mikey liked to tease her a lot, but he was a kind big brother when she needed him. 

Mikey told her that if she rode the Ferris Wheel that he would win her one of those really big teddy bears. All he had to do was knock down all the bottles with the ball. He had almost done it last year, so surely he could this year! 

Sally couldn’t wait to have a bear almost as big as her! 

They also were looking forward to the food, corn dogs and funnel cakes! 

“Mikey and Sally, are you finished cleaning your rooms? You know we can’t leave for the fair until they are clean!”  

Sally lifted her head from the book she was reading and Mikey stopped playing with his matchbox car. They looked at their Mom’s face as she stood in the middle of the family room. Uh-oh, she had her serious face on. They quickly got up without a word and ran to their rooms. 

it seemed to take forever, but finally their rooms were clean and they were all in the car heading to the fair. 

What fun they had! Sally rode the carousel 3x and she rode the Ferris Wheel. She got a little scared, but the view from the top was so cool! Mikey kept his word and he spent all his money trying to win her the big bear. On his last throw he knocked them all down and Sally cheered, giving him a big hug. Oh, she was so happy! 

“What are we going to do now?” asked Mikey and Sally, looking at their Mom and Dad. 

“How would you guys like to see a Dog Parade?” 

Mikey and Sally jumped up and down, they loved dog! 

“Really, a dog parade, here?” they asked. 

“Yes, its a special event for the first night of the fair. It should be starting pretty soon, lets go find a good place to stand and watch.” 

This was the bestest night ever thought Mikey and Sally!

“YAY! Its starting!” They shouted, as the music began to play and they saw the first dog, leading the group. A St. Bernard, followed by 3 poodles in little tutus which made Mikey laugh. Then there was a Labrador and the cutest Boston terrier you ever did see. 

Suddenly there was a commotion, the dogs all started barking and Mikey and Sally’s eyes got as round as saucers! 

“Daddy, Daddy! What is a cow doing in a dog parade?”

Mommy and Daddy were speechless, almost everyone was, as they all stared at the huge brown cow walking proudly with sunflowers around her neck! 

“Mommy, the cow is smiling!” said Sally. 

Her Mom had never seen a cow smile, but she couldn’t deny that the cow did look very happy as she walked down the road. She seemed to know where she was headed. 

The crowd didn’t seem to bother her, as she walked down the road and out of the fairgrounds. She was the talk of the whole town, though Miss. Bloomfield did not like how her little, chihuahua Clarabelle did not get to be the star of the show!  

Mikey couldn’t stop talking about the cow all the way home and Sally just loved the pretty yellow flowers that had been around the cow’s neck. . 

“Mommy, I want a bunch of  yellow flowers to wear around my neck, please oh please!” she begged. 

It took awhile for Mikey and Sally to fall asleep that night due to all the excitement. They also may have had a little too much ice cream and funnel cake. 

Early the next morning Tucker had just pulled onto the interstate and he couldn’t believe what he saw out of the corner of his eye. He had seen a lot of strange sights while trucking, but never one quite like this! There was a cow walking in the field, but this wasn’t just an ordinary cow, this cow had sunflowers around her neck! The cow seemed happy just trotting along, as  Tucker cruised down the road. He smiled as he turned on the radio, the trucking life, sure could be filled with surprises! 




Betsy’s Escape … The Conclusion!

You don’t have to wait any longer, the conclusion to Jason’s tale is here! ENJOY a dose of laughter for your day. Here is the link to Part 1 if you missed it. Betsy’s Escape

Laughter always makes the day brighter, and you will get it with this story. Thanks again Jason for sharing your creative imagination with us all. Who would have thought that Betsy would have such a major role in this saga. I really had thought that she was just a simple cow on Luke’s farm. But, what did I know!


A guard wandered by. Betsy swished her tail and chewed her cud. After the guard was far enough away, Betsy said “I can get yoooou out of this place. There is a nanny goat just beyond those trees. She is not a very smart goat, but she’ll doooo.” Betsy whispered, like only a cow can, “Work your way over there and when the guards aren’t loooooking, give your clothes to the goat. This goat cannot resist playing dress-up with huuuuuman clothes, so she’ll put them on and wander around in your orange jump suit. The guards will think that the goat is you. I have other clothes for you to put on in a small basket nearby.”

“Then what?” Tanya asked “We are a long way from town.”

“I’ve arranged transportation.” Betsy answered “but I hope you don’t mind strange gnuuuuus.”

“What news? Is something else happening?” Tanya asked.

“No not news, …. Nevermind. There will be a truck and a, um, wildebeest in it down by the road. He’s a thickheaded sort, but he’ll keep his mouth shut.” Betsy said.

With that, Betsy wandered back over to the trees and the guards paid her no attention.

After a few minutes, Tanya had worked her way over to near the tree line and saw a goat near a tree. When the guards were not looking, she stripped out of her orange jumpsuit and threw it to the goat. The goat looked at the clothing for a second, as if trying to decide whether to eat them or put them on. Tanya was feeling quite exposed, but finally the goat slipped into her jump suit, stood on its hind hooves and wandered out in the field to be with the other strange animals wearing orange jump suits.

Tanya darted for the woods, and soon found a basket with some clothing. Annie’s clothing. Well, that would be fitting. Tanya made it through the woods and sure enough there was a truck with a wildebeest behind the wheel and Betsy in the back.

“Now for your part of the deal” said the cow.

“So, you want to leave Luke’s farm, but don’t want him to come looking for you.” Tanya said. “You need what you just gave me: a decoy.”

“You mean a decow.” Betsy snickered, “And where do you propose to find a decoy for me? For I am quite moonique.”

“Ugghhhh” Tanya said “enough with the puns. They are only funny to the person making them. Everyone else just groans.”

A small tear appeared in Betsy’s eye and rolled down her cheek.

“I met a woman once name Tonya. She has a cow named Bessie that looks remarkably similar to you.” Tanya continued. “But this cow isn’t smart like you and can’t talk. So, we buy Bessie and put your brand on her. You stick her in your barn with your cowbell and old Luke will be none the wiser.”

Tanya and Betsy both had mischievous glee in their eyes at this plan and set about to put it in motion. Tanya gave Gnippy directions to Tonya’s farm, hopped in with Betsy and they sped away.

Late that evening, Lou once again hid in the shrubbery eating the occasional unlucky grasshopper, when a truck came down the road and stopped at the barn. Lou stifled a honk and watched as two cows emerged from the truck. He couldn’t tell them apart from this far away. That wildebeest from Borden also got out of the driver’s seat and went into the barn with the cattle.

Lou, risking detection, flew across the pasture to the barn hoping to see the goings on inside. But he was too late. He heard the truck drive away and saw its taillights heading down the road in the darkness. He heard mooing and a bell clanging in the barn. ‘Betsy’ he thought ‘now I can see where she hid the gold.’

Lou crept in the barn and there she was. But, it wasn’t Betsy. Sure, this cow would fool any person into believing she was Betsy, but Lou knew right away that this was an impasture, um imposter.”

But Lou also knew something else. He knew that for the first time in his long goose life he was feeling love at first site. He always thought that he would meet some nice goosy or maybe even a swan and settle down someday. He never thought that he’d fall for a cow. But such a beautiful cow and one look in those dark topaz brown eyes, and Lou was over-the-moon in love. He forgot all about Betsy and her gold.

Luke thought he heard honking and Betsy’s cowbell ringing in the barn that night. Odd cow.

Gnippy and Betsy had one stop to make. Not far from Luke’s farm was a tree with a white cross marking the spot under it where Betsy had hidden the treasure under the cover of darkness. Gnippy stayed at the truck, mystified by the fireflies dancing around, while Betsy went and unearthed the treasure chest.

A year later on a tropical beach, a strange, horned woman in a grass skirt and an odd bikini top lounges on a chair, drinking something with a tiny umbrella in it and listening to the surf role in. Betsy and Lou had each found their own paradise. And none of the human people were any the wiser.

Back up north in Borden, Patrick walked down the street to his office. In the shadows a silhouette of a woman emerged and began following him.

Betsy’s Escape

I am beginning to think these characters have cast a spell, making it impossible to end their story. Jason realized that there were still some loose ends to tie up from Part 2, so he did another great job again with Part 3. Betsy is really wanting her time in the limelight! Enjoy! Just a tip as you read, you may not want to be drinking anything while reading, if you don’t want to find yourself spitting it out! Yes, the master of puns has managed to do it again!  I split his Part 3 into 2 parts. On Thursday I will post the conclusion. 🙂 

Betsy’s Escape

It was the kind of warm sunny evening that would make you feel like you could just sit outside scratching insect bites all night. A full moon was rising, frogs were croaking, and fireflies flashed in and out among the trees. Lou had been watching Luke’s barn for two days now, waiting for Betsy to leave it unguarded, but the cow would not stray far from her pen.

Lou was getting hungry. He had caught a few grasshoppers, but they just weren’t filling enough. He may have to resort to eating fireflies, though they did give him heartburn.

Inside the barn Betsy was making plans. Acquiring the gold had only been a means to an end. What Betsy really wanted was to be free of Luke’s farm and liver own life. Sure, three square meals of hay a day were nice, but Betsy yearned to be free and not under Luke’s yoke. She also didn’t want to be around any more talking animals. With talking animals it could go either of two ways: really bad, orwell, and she had lived with them since 1984 and now she was through living on an animal farm.

She did enjoy having fun at Luke’s expense from time-to-time. Knowing Luke had never met his dad, Betsy sometimes stood at his bedroom window in the middle of the night while he was sleeping and bellowed in a deep voice “Luke…… I, am your father.”  Luke often awoke screaming after this with Betsy in the shadows outside chuckling.

But a nice warm sunny beach is where Betsy longed to be. Not boggy and rocky like Borden, but somewhere sandy down in the tropics where she could lay in the sun and tan her hide. And, if she could avoid eating it, she could wear a grass skirt and blend in with the locals.

But she needed a plan, for Luke was smart and he had well-placed cousins that would track Betsy to the ends of the Earth if she just stampeded away. She decided that she must visit Tanya. Tanya knew how to disappear, but she had a weakness for men. Betsy had no such weakness for she tolerated no bull. Yes, maybe she could persuade Tanya to help her devise a plan to escape from Luke’s farm.

So, as the moon rose, Betsy set out for the Mandy Guardtower State Women’s Prison where Tanya was locked up. Betsy crept out of the barn and headed up the river on her way to the big house.

Finally, Lou saw some movement at the farm. The barn door opened and a bovine silhouette emerged and quietly sneaked away, well quiet except for the occasional clanging of her cowbell. At last Lou had his chance. He waited until Betsy was out of site and slowly goose-stepped to the barn door. He looked around to see if anyone had seen him, suppressed a loud honk, and entered the barn.

Lou found Betsy’s lantern and lit it revealing piles and piles of hay. The gold could be anywhere and he didn’t know when Betsy would be back. He quickly grabbed a pitchfork and got to work. After a few minutes of going through stack after stack of hay, and finding several needles but no gold, he heard a distant voice say “I’m just going to check on Betsy before bed time.” Oh no, farmer Luke was coming to the barn.

Lou could hide in the hay, but what would Luke do when he didn’t find Betsy. Lou was so worried he almost started honking nervously. He then let out his best ‘mooooo’. He hoped it sounded convincing to the farmer. The footsteps stopped for a second, and then turned around. Luke was returning to the man-barn. “Whew!” Lou sighed and then honked. He froze until he heard the door of the man-barn shut.

That was a close call. Lou redoubled his effort with pitchfork in wing and sought out Betsy’s treasure. He searched well into the night and left no straw unturned, but he could not find the cow’s valuables. He did find several pies though, cow pies. Uck, he was getting more and more sick of this cow by the minute.

The next morning Betsy arrived at the prison as the prisoners were working in the field. The prison guards took no notice of a cow walking around so Betsy was easily able to walk right up to Tanya. Betsy swished her tail and swatted Tanya’s head. Tanya turned around, and after a brief second of confusion, recognition entered her eyes. “You’re that Luke’s cow. I never quite knew what to think of you.”

Betsy bent down gathered some alfalfa in her mouth and started to chew.

“You know, I could swear I saw you driving a boat once.” Tanya said “Come back here to finish the job?”

“Nooooo,” Betsy mooed “I need your help and I willing to help yoooooou in return.”

“What could I possibly do to help you?” Tanya asked

“I need to leave Luuuuke’s farm and I don’t want him to come after me. I want to be gone for goooood.” said Betsy.

“I’ll help you plan this out, but I need out of this prison. Orange is just not my color you see. And I’ll have my revenge on a certain man down in Borden one day.” Tanya said.

Betsy’s Tail … Part 2

I am happy to share with you a drawing for Part 2 of Jason’s story! His creative daughter was kind enough to draw this picture of Betsy for us. If you missed Part 1 of Jason’s story, his continuation from my Anna/Tanya saga, here is the link A Fun Surprise! Enjoy the exciting conclusion.  Fair warning : If puns make you “smack your head”, be prepared,  but you will find this entertaining! It also may bring back to your memory the name of a really old Tv show! img_2637


Betsy’s Tail Continued…

Twilight fades as the sun appears on the horizon across the bay. Betsy rowed the boat, weighed down with precious treasure into a cove near the quaint village of Borden. She hid the boat and treasure chest among the reeds where no one could see and hoofed it into town. She must find someone to hire that could transport her and her treasure chest back to the farm before farmer Luke became suspicious. And this someone needed to be able keep their mouth shut. She also knew that Luke’s cousin Patrick lived in Borden and she needed to avoid his notice. Fortunately, Betsy had found some clothing to disguise herself back in Tanya’s old cottage. Oddly though it was all men’s clothing. Tanya must have led quite a wild life out there on that island.

She slipped into a seedy diner down by the docks and sat down for breakfast. “What’ll it be, miss..ster?” said the bartender.

“Coffee.” Betsy nearly mooed. She had been up all night and needed the caffeine.

“Would you like cream and sugar with that?”

Betsy snarled and jerked her head so hard that her bell nearly rang out, “Do I look like the kind of cow, er, man that wants cream and sugar?!? Hot, black coffee. As strong and bitter as you have. And bring me a large plate of sorghum too.”

“Right away, m’am, sir.” The waiter said and hurried off to the kitchen.

Betsy began to get the eerie feeling that she was being watched. She felt it in all four of her stomachs, but that could just be lingering pain from the pork chops and cold cuts that she got in her struggle with Portia. The pig was a worthy opponent, but Betsy had gotten the upper hoof when she hind-shanked Portia in her jowl and layed her out flat. All she had needed was an apple in her mouth to complete the picture.

Betsy turned to see if anyone was watching her. For an instant she swore she saw a goose, but the stranger quickly lifted a newspaper in front of their face. Betsy turned around and thought about it. It would be really strange for a goose to be this far north this late in the year. She looked again but saw that it was just a thin pale man with glasses and a mustache. She shook her head.

As she finished her breakfast, she noticed a crusty old fisherman enter the joint. She decided that she’d prod the fisherman to see if could hook her up with transportation.

When asked, the fisherman said “Aye, come with me. I know just the fellow.” She followed the fisherman down the street.

Lou C. Goose was a failed photographer from down south. He had tried his wing at being a portrait photographer for children as he noticed that the humans always wanted photos of their little personlings or whatever they called them. But, Lou had the annoying habit of uncontrollably honking loudly whenever he pressed the shutter release. Turns out people wanted pictures of their little ones smiling, rather than startled with eyes wide and mount agape.

So, he pawned off all his camera equipment and flew north to find the gold of the heart shaped cave. He arrived late last evening to see a cow coming ashore on an island dragging a treasure chest that he assumed must be the secret gold. He tried to stay on the cow’s tail but lost her in the dark.

Lou figured the cow must come to town in the morning and he would pick up her trail there. Sure enough the next morning, he saw what looked like a cow in human clothing walking into town. Most people wouldn’t take notice of such a thing, but the horns were a dead giveaway. Lou followed her into a low rent sort of diner and took a seat at a table to her hindquarters to keep an eye on her.

The cow suddenly turned to look Lou’s way. Quickly he grabbed his newspaper and pulled it in front of his face. He hoped she hadn’t seen him. He then put on a pair of glasses and a fake mustache to disguise himself. Hopefully, he would look just like one of the local nitwits now, as long as he didn’t start honking.

The cow left the diner with a fisherman and headed down the street. Lou followed them carefully.

When they got to a feed store, the fisherman told Betsy “Now you go around back. There is usually a wildebeest back there getting supplies this time of day. For a few bucks he’ll do just about anything.”

Betsy went around back and sure enough, there was a wildebeest loading his truck.

“Ah, hello Mr. Wildebeest…” Betsy said

“That’s Gnu.” said the fellow.

“What’s new?” asked Betsy.

“No, not new, Gnu. G – N – U. I’m a Gnu, not a wildebeest. The name Gnippy Gnu” He pronounced it Guh-nippy as the G in Gnippy is not silent like it is in Gnu “and I’m the Mayor of Borden.”

“I didn’t know Borden had gnu mayor.” Betsy said.

“Nah, not new, I’ve been mayor for 6 years.” said Gnippy.

“That’s not…  never mind.” Betsy said “this conversation is beginning to remind me of a baseball team that I once heard about.”

“I not much of a sports fan.” said Gnu. “all those lions and tigers and bears scare the hell out of me.”

“I see.” said Betsy “I was told that I could hire you to transport me and my cargo somewhere and that you could keep your mouth shut.”

“Ah, you have been well informed, young man, for the right price I’ll haul you where you need to go in my truck and forget I ever saw you. For to tell you the truth, wildebeest’s have very poor memory.”

“I thought you were a gnu.” said Betsy.

“A new what?” ask Gnippy.

Not this again. “Never mind” said Betsy. “Can you meet me at the reedy cove just west of town around sunset?” Betsy asked. “I’ll be there with my cargo. I’ll tell you where we’re going when you get there.”

“Aye, that’ll cost you about 50 dollars.” said Gnippy.

“I’ll be paying you in gold.” Betsy said as the gnu’s eyes lit up.

Just then Betsy saw someone out of the corner of her eye and jumped behind some boxes, cowering just out of sight. When the man was gone, Gnippy asked her what she was so afraid of.

“I thought I saw a man name Patrick. I must avoid him at all costs.” Betsy said.

“That wasn’t Patrick, t’was his cousin Beaux. I think his last name is Vine.” said Gnippy.

Betsy resisted the urge to smack her head. “Look, don’t be coy with me” she said “Beaux may be a good ol’ boy, but I need to avoid Patrick, and his cousins Beaux and Luke or I could be in real hazzard. I could wind up pushing up daisies. And I don’t have time to duke it out with any of them.”

It was Gnippy’s turn to look confused. “Look, Mr. Bull, I will be at the cove at sunset. You be there with the gold and I’ll take you where you need to go.”

Betsy left the alley but did not notice a thin, pale mustached figure having a gander at her. Lou had overheard the entire exchange.

That evening Betsy waited at the appointed time and herd the gnu’s truck coming down the dirt road. When he arrived, she explained how to get to Luke’s farm and gave him half the gold in advance with the promise of more when they arrived at the farm. Betsy trotted around and jumped in the back of the truck and set on her rump for the ride through the evening.

She hoped to sneak into the barn and hide the gold while Luke was distracted with his female companion. She didn’t know what men found so appealing in their females with their udders so high upon their chests. People are just weird, she thought.

They arrived uneventfully at the farm. Betsy paid Gnippy his remaining gold and sent him on his way. She made it into the barn, found a hiding place for the gold and then set about coming up with a story to explain the absence of Portia and that chicken, what was his name. She thought she heard a honking sound, but figured it must be old Gnippy Gnu driving away.

The End

A Fun Surprise!

I love to write, as is obvious, but having wonderful “followers” makes it all the more fun! I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my posts that vary between the serious and as one follower described it, “zany” posts.

I recently ended a crazy series about Anna/Tanya and love how many of you stayed with me throughout the several stories of series that doesn’t seem to end! In my last post, Farewell Anna! one of my followers, who has a great sense of humor,  added onto the story. I do have creative followers who love to add their insights into my stories, making me laugh and yes at times, ….”smack my head”… If you read the comments in my stories I am sure you have noticed that!

I was thinking of how the addition that this follower wrote needed to be shared, and then he surprised me last night with another part to his story. He wondered if I would like to use it for a post and I loved the idea! His additional conclusion to my story will be in 2 parts. I hope you enjoy Part 1 today. Laughter is something needed every day and I do believe you will get that from Jason’s story.  I am sure Jason would appreciate hearing your thoughts on his contribution to a saga, that has grown into much more than what had started out as just a simple story! Thanks Jason for sharing your creativity! For those of you not familiar with the story about Anna, it may help to know that Betsy is a cow, like no other cow, and Portia is a pig


About a year later, under the deep emerald blue seas, in a cave with an opening shaped like a heart… bubbles rose from the inky black depths and settled against the roof of the cave. Deep within the cave, there were dim lights moving through the darkness. Three divers pressed on through the meandering passages until they arrived at a large underground cavern filled with air. The three emerged from the black water and into the cave.

“Snort, the map was correct” grunted Portia, her azure green eyes glimmering with greed.

“It better be. It cost moooore gallons of milk than I can count.” said Betsy, water dripping from her cowbell.

“You ladies going to sit here clucking, or are we going to find the gold. Cluck Cluck.” said the un-named chicken.

“Won’t the farmer be suspicious?” snorted Portia.

“No, he thinks we’re sweet dumb farm animals.” said Betsy with a disdainful sneer.

“Come on! Cluck Cluck. Into the cave. Times wasting!”

With nothing but their flashlights against the overpowering darkness, our three unsuspecting treasure hunters pressed on into the cave. When suddenly a rush of wind passed Betsy ear, she dropped to the ground just as a blade shot across where her head had been a second before.

“Mooooooo!” Betsy bellowed “There are udder traps, I mean booby traps in this place.”

“Yeah, snort, you two be careful.” said Portia with a smirk on her snout.

They pressed on through the darkness. “What’s that up ahead?” clucked the chicken. There was a rush of metal and bones and the chicken was caught off guard.

After the feathers had settled, Betsy and Portia could see the poor chicken run through with the dead pirates sword. His skull appearing to be agape in laughter.

“Pirate Sanders the gray beard!” Gasped Betsy.

“I hear he was a colonel before becoming a pirate.” oinked Portia. “Snort. We must be more careful lest we end up skewered like the chicken.”

When they got to the entrance to a larger cavern, Portia came to a sudden halt. “Mooooove.” bellowed Betsy.

“No, wait!” Portia snorted “It could be another trap!”

Betsy and Portia carefully shined their lights around until they found the carefully concealed trip wire and saw the trap. “You really saved our bacon, Portia.” mooed Betsy.

They carefully stepped over the trip wire and reached the treasure chest at the center of the chamber. It was filled with gold coins that gleamed in the light of their flashlights. And on top there was a crown. Betsy read the inscription in the inside.

“What does it say? Oink, What does it say?” snorted Portia, because pigs can’t read.

“It says ‘King Jack’” said Betsy with a chuckle “I wondered what became of him.”

Betsy and Portia began hauling the treasure chest back through the cave to the water’s edge. As they neared the waters edge Betsy turned just in time to see Portia rushing her and slammed her against the cave wall. “The gold is all mine!” snorted Portia.

“Not so fast.” Betsy bellowed as she became a whirlwind of hooves and horns. Hooves, and horns, and a cowbell rained punishment down on Portia. Portia fell against the cave floor and Betsy pounced on her to end it once and for all.

But at the last second Portia darted to the side and put those years of karate practice into effect. She landed a pork chop to Betsy’s head and a ham hock to her rump. Betsy was being pummeled and tenderized by Portia’s knuckles. But Betsy still had fight left in her and t-boned Portia driving the wind out of her.

The two competitors tusselled on the floor, in an udderly ridiculous struggle to see who would hog all of the gold for herself. Their were snorts, and moooos, and the continuous ringing of a cowbell….

Late that evening after the sun had set and the sky was deep magentas and indigo, something emerged from the surf on the shore of Tanya’s island. Four hooves hit the wet sand dragging an old treasure chest, off to find an abandoned row boat. The faint honking of a goose was heard high in the sky.

(to be continued)

Farewell Anna!

Yesterday’s post, The Clue that Answered All! apparently didn’t  answer all, so here we are again! If you have been following Anna’s story from the very beginning, I am sure that it comes as no surprise to you that yesterday’s post wasn’t really the end. I hope you now enjoy hearing the climax of the Anna/Tanya mystery.


They were getting close to shore. Tanya had her back turned, and was oblivious to what awaited her. Tanya rubbed her hand down Patrick’s muscular arm as she looked him in the eye, asking if he wanted to come into her cottage when they arrived.

Almost reaching the shore, Tanya turned around and her face went ashen at the sight of Luke in his cop uniform.  She turned towards Patrick. “You know who I really am, you set me up!” she spat out in an icy tone.

“I guess, you aren’t going to invite me into your cottage after all?” Patrick said. “By the way, thanks for the back massage, it felt great …. Anna!”

Tanya’s face got beet red as she slapped Patrick on the cheek and jumped into the water. Patrick was stunned for a moment, then he watched her in the water. He wasn’t exactly sure where she was planning on swimming too, so he wasn’t in a hurry to jump in and grab her. He was a strong swimmer, it wouldn’t take long to overtake her. He steered the boat into shore and docked it, then jumped into the water. Within 10 minutes he had caught up to her and grabbed her around the waist. She flailed some, but she knew it was no use, so she slapped his cheek again. He was going to be more than happy to turn her over to Luke! Let him deal with this crazy girl!

“Hey cous!” said Patrick as he got out of the water carrying a struggling Anna. “Care to help me out?”

In no time, Luke had the cuffs on Anna and was reading her rights.

“Good Luck with her”, said Patrick, “She is a feisty one!”

“You are coming with me, I can’t take her by myself, you know the rules. You are the FBI guy. ” Luke replied.

“You didn’t bring any other officers along?” ”

“No, I figured we could handle it.”

Patrick smiled, ” Well it has been a while since I saw your wonderful family,  so sure I will come along with you and little Miss. Sourpuss.”

Anna gave a frosty glare.

Luke shook his head, ” You better watch it, you want her to leave more marks on your cheek?”

“Ha! She is in cuffs now, can’t touch me! She sure did enjoy touching me earlier in the day though.” he said, with a smirk.

Anna’s face was getting redder by the minute. Luke gave him a look, and Patrick stopped. He knew he had said enough, and that he probably shouldn’t have said those things, but it had felt good.

It was dark by the time they got to Luke’s house. Anna would have to stay there for the night, they would transfer her to the jail tomorrow. Luke didn’t want her in the house, so he had made up a little bed for her in the barn. He would padlock the door shut.

When he walked in to the barn with her Betsy let out a loud MOO,  which made Anna jump, as she remembered the nightmares she had back at the cottage about Betsy. It felt like Betsy’s eyes were looking right through her.  Made a chill run through her. She wasn’t watching where she walked, stepped right on Portia’s tail. Portia let out a loud squeal as Anna turned to see a pot bellied pig staring back at her.

Charlie the Chicken was being quiet for once in his little corner, observing everything closely. Anna had been delivered right to them! Tonight would be fun! They would get justice for their dear friend, the “Chicken Man!”

Luke asked Anna if she was hungry, but she refused.  She didn’t want any hot milk either to help her sleep, which Luke had offered. He knew she was a criminal, but  he still had a genuine, kind heart.

“Well try to get some sleep. We will leave after a hot breakfast tomorrow.  Goodnight.”

There was no reply.

Luke patted Betsy, Portia and Charlie goodnight.  He couldn’t pinpoint it, but there was something in their eyes that he thought looked strange.

Back in the house, Annie was loving being with Patrick again, and showing off her new baby brother. Patrick held him in his arms, such a precious bundle of joy.  He hoped that someday he would get to hold a baby of his own. Little Lance smiled up at him and his heart melted.

Early the next morning Luke went out to take Anna some breakfast. He opened the barn and Anna came rushing out knocking him down,and the food went flying!

“Take me to the jail NOW!” she cried!

“Get me away from here and far, far away from these animals!” She bolted from Luke and jumped into his squad car. Patrick had run out of the house due to the screaming and watched in wide eyed amazement at Anna being in hysterics.

Luke looked in the barn and Betsy stared back at him with Charlie sitting on her back. They had become great friends after all. Portia was contently chewing on a corn cob. Luke wasn’t sure but he could have sworn that it looked like they all were smirking!

He shut the door and started walking away. Was that singing he heard? It was the strangest singing he had ever heard, but it was coming from the barn. He opened the door and all was quiet, closed it and walked away, sure enough it started again. It sounded like Betsy, but since when did cows sing!

He got in the squad car, Patrick was already in the other seat. They were ready to get Anna to jail and get back home again. They were all going to have a picnic by the creek , under the Weeping Willow tree. Luke smiled, Anna had been caught and all was well once again. The windows in the squad car were open and as he pulled away, there was loud squalling from the barn.

“What is that sound?” asked Anna.

“Just Betsy singing you a farewell song,” Luke said, and down the road they went, to the sound of Patrick’s laughter.



Keep Smiling!


With all the talk about the Corona virus and the general panic going on, I thought we all could use a SMILE BREAK! ENJOY! Its always more fun to Smile!






The first 2 pictures are from Pinterest but the last 2 I am proud to say are my adorable great-nephew and great-niece! Their parents were more than happy to help me spread some smiles with all of you. Yes, I am in love!