Without a Clue

What happened and where was she? Sarah was feeling like her grandmother, ferhoodled. Very confused!  One minute she was walking home and the next …. she was on 5th Avenue in NYC, holding onto a bag of chicken legs and donuts.

The honking of horns was going to give her a headache. “Excuse me Miss.” said one man as he eushed past her. She had stepped out of his way only to step into someone else’s path.

Whoa! She got shoved out of the way, almost losing her balance. She did manage to lose her bag of chicken legs. They were scattered all over the road now!

“Katie! Kate!” Quick come, lunch break is over. We have to be back in court. The jury has reached a verdict.

Sarah was studying the cowbell in her hand, which she had forgotten about. Suddenly she felt her arm being grabbed. “Didn’t you hear me, you look like you are daydreaming Kate.

“But wait, I am not Kate.” Sarah said as she felt herself being pulled along.

The other lady looked at her and laughed.  “You were just on lunch break, Kate, it wasn’t Happy Hour! Were you drinking?”

Sarah didn’t know what to say. She let herself be pulled along as the other lady prattled on about the court case. A case that she had no clue about what was going on! Right now she had no clue about anything that was going on.

“Do you think the jury will rule in  the plaintiff’s favor? Do you really think that Miss. Scarlet murdered the Professor?

Soon they were in front of the courthouse and Sarah found herself in line to go through security. BUZZ! Sarah had set off the alarm! Why had…then she remembered the cowbell in her pocket.

“Miss, we need you to empty your pockets and go through again please.” Sarah felt her face grow hot as she pulled her cowbell out. The security officer gave her a curious stare.

Tbe lady who had mistaken her for Kate, looked at the Security officer and said “It is her good luck charm.” The man picked it up,  handing it back to Sarah and said, “Good luck Miss!” Sarah mumbled a Thank You, still feeling embarrassed.

“Kate, I have to ask, what are you doing with a cowbell?”

“Its my good luck charm.” she said, and she rang it 3x! Pink and purple smoke filled the hallway and when it cleared Sarah breathed a sigh of relief, she was back in town!

She was so glad to be back, but her mind was swirling. What had happened? She couldn’t stop looking at the cowbell while walking back to the Inn.

Opening the door she called out, “Miss. Lisette, I am so sorry I took so long! You will never believe what happened!”

Lisette came around the corner. “So glad you are back, I was beginning to wonder how many games you were playing at the Fluffer Nutter Shop!”

“Games? What? Oh yeah! Well actually, I didn’t play any games. I….”

Lisette couldn’t believe her eyes! “Where did you find that cowbell?”

“In the grass and let me tell you, this is one very magical cowbell!”

“I know!” said Lisette, “How do you think I ended up here.”

Now Sarah’s eyes were wide! “What! This cowbell brought you here?”

“Let me make us some Creme Brulee coffee, this is going to be a long story.” Lisette replied, while walking into the kitchen, leaving Sarah staring after her in wonder.

The Ringing of the Bell

Sounds of the  “Maple Leaf Rag” floated  upstairs to where Lisette was busy cleaning rooms and getting ready for new guests.

The music of Sarah’s piano playing  combined with the scent of the burning  cinnamon candles filled Lisette with warmth.

She was excited about the new guests that were coming. They were a couple coming back from their honeymoon. Lisette paused in her cleaning as she started daydreaming about how it would feel to be in love!

“Miss. Lisettte” I am going into town now, anything that you would like me to pick up for you? Sarah asked as she called up the stairs.

“I could use a 5 pound bag of flour and some chicken legs. Thank you! I will bring some money down in a minute.”

Lisette finished making the bed and then walked downstairs to Sarah. “Here is money for the groceries and here is some extra money. Stop by the Fluffer Nutter Shop and pick up a cream filled donut for me and whatever your favorite kind is.”

Sarah smiled, “Thanks! Will be back soon. Well unless I get talked into a game of Scrabble with Mr.Fluff. He always comes up with the craziest words. Words I had never heard of before!”

“Have fun!” Lisette said as Sarah walked out the door.

Sarah didn’t get caugbt up in a game this time. Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nut were in deep concentration over a game of Clue. She loved it when they were played Clue. It was fun to pull her trick at times. They would be in such deep concentration that they wouldn’t notice her peeking at the cards in the secret envelope.

She did it again this time.  Thanking them for her 2 donuts she walked to the door and then on the way out she yelled, “Mrs. Peacock did it in the ballroom with the candlestick.” and laughed as she heard them yelling, when she walked out the door.

Walking down the sidewalk Sarah was smiling. She was almost back to the Inn when she saw something shiny lying on the sidewalk. It looked like an old cowbell. She picked it up giving it a shake, to see if it would ring.

Hmmm….thought Lisette. Sarah must have got into playing a game with Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter for she had been gone quite awhile.

…to be continued..