The Day Everything Changed!

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Max covered his eyes, at a loss as to what to do! He sat alone out on the hill. At least it was peaceful out here, away from his wife growling at him.

She was in a mood today and the little ones knew to be on their best behavior around her. They wanted to follow Max when he left, but he needed peace and quiet to help him think.

Now that he had been out here for an hour already he was giving up hope of the peace and quiet helping him.

He was supposed to be hunting, thats what Harriet had thought he was doing. She would be even more disgruntled if he came back with nothing.

Max couldn’t concentrate though. His older son had been gone for over a week now and no one knew where he was. Harriet was so worried and Max felt guilty. Had Claude left because of Max?

He had only been trying to help Claude gain some courage. The other lions were talking and Max knew that Claude was getting a bad reputation.

It made Max angry the things they were saying, but he was ashamed to admit that there was truth in their words.

Claude was more scared than the other lions and Max didn’t understand why. They called him Claude the cowardly lion. They didn’t say it in front of Max though. The ones who had, suffered the fate of feeling the power of Max’s paw and claws!

The night before Claude disappeared Max had given him a lecture about being brave. Now he realized that he probably should have been more gentle with him.

“Dad! Dad! Come quick!”

Max turned to see his 2 cubs running towards him. His heart started to pound. Now what had happened! Things were bad enough, they didn’t need anything else to go wrong!

Panting hard Leo made it to Max first. Leona, his sister, was right on his heels. Leo turned around to his sister, sticking out his tongue.

“I won, I beat you!’

Leona took her paw and swatted Leo and then she pounced on him. Max shook his head, Leona may be smaller, but she was feisty. This wasn’t the first time she had pinned her brother down.

“Leona get off your brother! Why are you guys here? What happened?”

“Claude is home!” they sais in unison.

A load fell off Max’s chest. His son was home!

“Well what are we waiting for, lets go!” Max said and they all took off running. This time Leona was ahead of Leo.

As they got closer to home Max saw a crowd gathered and his son was in the middle. Harriet was standing beside him and she looked happier than she had in a long time!

They were celebrating into the night. Max was full of pride for his son. What a story he had told. What an adventure! Most importantly no one dared to call him the cowardly lion anymore. Not after what he had been through.

Leo and Leona looked at him with admiration in their eyes. “Tell us again. How scary was the wicked witch?”

Claude stood on his hind legs and roared as Leo and Leona held on to each other. Then Claude began his story once again, of his adventure on the yellow brick road.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Our Sheltie is lying under the tree, she loves that spot whenever we sit up the tree each year. December is here, let the December magic begin! We had a great time over Thanksgiving being with my husband’s family. Lots of food and laughter and many hugs. We just got back last night and now there is laundry and grocery store shopping to do, but first you all need some quotes right? Enjoy and have a great first week of December! December is an extra special month here, for there is a certain someone’s birthday, plus our anniversary, plus Christmas! We have the beginning, middle and end all covered! Oh and we are anxiously waiting for my nephew and his wife to have their first child this week! Can’t wait to snuggle a newborn in my arms again!


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Mama’s Roses

046f781a4024f796d2217edfe570ae51 This painting is from Pinterest and was done in 1908 by Waterhose.  It’s called “The Soul of the Rose”


She breathed in the scent of the sweet rose. Taking deep breaths she tried to stop the butterflies from having a party inside her stomach. Oh how she longed for yesterday, to go back to an easier time. Her life now seemed to be more full of questions than of answers.

These days life seemed to be taking her on quite the ride. Sometimes she could relax, and breathe and take the time to smell the roses, but other times she felt like she was hanging on to the caboose for dear life as the train sped down the tracks.

Speeding down the tracks and sometimes heading  for what seemed to be dark tunnels. She would stretch forward trying to look for the light.

This place held so many memories, she was afraid to step out and go somewhere new. Taking another breath of the sweet rose, she quieted the butterflies inside of her, telling them it would be okay. She was embarking on a new day, a new adventure and there was a part of her spirit that as eager to soar.

Memories came back of when she was a little girl. Planting roses with her Mama, digging in the dirt and eagerly waiting to see the flowers bloom. So many days they had spent working side by side together in the flower garden.

The years passed and her Mama got older. It got harder for her to walk around as much.  Juliet would clip the roses and bring them inside for her to enjoy. They would share cups of tea and talk about memories of days past, savoring the time together, as the wonderful aroma of the roses filled the room.

The roses were like her Mama, their fragrance spilled out for others to enjoy as they passed by. Her Mama’s fragrance of gentleness and love also overflowed, touching all who knew her.

This place was so special, but now her sweet Mama was gone and it was time for Juliet to move on. To be thankful in her heart for all the yesterdays and to move on to embrace enchanting tomorrows.

Courage rose up in her as she deeply breathed in one more time the fresh scent. She would forever carry inside of her the aroma of her Mama’s sweet, blushing pink rose.



Impossible? No!

There are movies that entertain and make us laugh. Then there are the movies that touch our hearts and may make us cry.

Recently there was a movie recommended to me by a friend and I found some time to watch it today. I am  so glad that I did! The movie was inspiring and it warmed my heart. One of those movies where after its done you just sit there being in awe of the story that you just watched. A movie that really does fill your heart with happiness .

It was an older movie, set back in the 1930’s. I probably wouldn’t have known about it if it wouldn’t have been for my friend.  So many thanks, Colin!

Thinking that there may be some other people out there like me who had never heard of it I thought I would share a little more about it.  I  highly encourage you to watch it so that your heart can be blessed like mine.

Ingrid Bergman stars in it as she plays the role of  an English lady, Gladys Aylward. “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”, is based on her true story.  Gladys feels called to China to be a missionary but is turned down, saying she isn’t qualified. She could have given up on her belief that she felt called to China, given in to the ones who told her it was impossible and not safe to go, but she didn’t.

She was determined and because of her faith and determination she did make it to China.  She made it there with money that she saved working as a maid. It took time to save that money, but that didn’t stop her.

While in China she gained the love and respect of the people there. Even the respect of the leader of the village she lived in.  He enlisted her help to help stop the the ancient custom of foot binding in the village. Gladys had a heart of compassion and you could see that in her life.  She was enjoying life in China until trouble came due to the Japanese invading. Gladys then is faced with another challenge. She is faced with the task of embarking  on a dangerous journey to help save the lives of a large group of orphans. It looks impossible, but Gladys doesn’t know the meaning of that word.

This movie shows us to not give up just because you may be told that it is impossible! When you have faith and an irrepressible spirit, you never know what may happen!