What About George?

What really happened as Jinx and Jangle on their Christmas Eve adventure and who was George? Your questions  will soon be answered. If you haven’t read my earlier post, Twas the Night…. yet, you will want to read that first.

What About George?

Candy Cane was getting impatient. Jinx and Jangle had been back for a whole day now, but they had been sleeping all day! They came back just as all the Elves were getting ready for breakfast. Ate a quick bite, but didn’t say much of anything to anyone for they were too sleepy. They were not used to staying up all night!  Poor Jangle’s face fell right into his pancake that he had already poured syrup on. Jinx was laughing at Jangle and not thinking about what he was doing, until he felt something warm on his lap! He had poured the warm syrup right onto his lap, missing the plate completely. They both finished eating with flushed cheeks.

Candy Cane and Snowflake were sitting around Santa’s bed again waiting anxiously for Jinx and Jangle to come. Snowflake had just arrived saying that they were getting up now and would be over shortly to see Santa.

“Do you think they liked George?” asked Candy Cane with a sly smile.

Santa Clause chuckled and said, “Lets just wait and see if they bring him up as they tell us of their adventures.”

Candy Cane groaned, one of the first questions she had wanted to ask them was about George! “I will try to bite my tongue, but it will be hard if they don’t say anything! You know how I like to ask questions!”

“Yes”, said Santa,  “I know, your curiosity gets the best of you a lot of times.”

It wasn’t much longer until they heard a knock on Santa’s bedroom door.

“Come in!”  Santa said.

“Welcome back guys! We are all anxious to hear about how your night went!”

“Oh it was quite the exciting night”, said Jinx with a twinkle in his eye.

“It was truly magical!”, said Jangle.

“To travel through the sky with the stars shining bright, it was such a “Wow!” feeling!”  Jinx  said. “The reindeer did great!”

At this comment, Jangle started laughing, “Well most of the reindeer did  that is, Jinx did have a little run in with the tricky reindeer when he…”

Jinx gave Jangle a look, and interrupted him saying, ” Let me tell you about sweet Sally, Santa.”

Santa smiled, he knew he would get the full story from his reindeer about what Jangle was trying to say.

“Go ahead Jinx, tell me about sweet Sally.”

“Well she was sleeping on the couch when we got down the chimney. Jangle fell and knocked over something which woke her up. She raised her head opening her sleepy amber eyes and looked at us and said, “Santa”??

We told her that we were his elves, but that she had to go back to sleep. Her smile was so big, and she asked if she could have a hug from us. We gave her a hug and she smiled contently, saying how her brother would never believe that she had seen Santa’s elves, but she knew the truth. Once again she closed her eyes and soon was back to sleep.

Santa smiled. “There always seems to be some children that wake up when I come down the chimney and it does warm my heart to talk to them.”

Snowflake spoke up, ” How were the milk and cookies?”

“They were delicious, sadly though there was no mix up this time Santa, no spicy hot cookies from Mrs. Smith”, said Jangle.

“Oh and Taz , Bill Jones dog, did make Jangle jump high with his barking at first,” laughed Jinx,” but I remained calm and let him sniff us and he did calm down. He even let us pet him when we went to leave.”

“Much to our relief Luther the snake remained in his cage!” said Jangle. “He did watch us with those beady eyes of his though, followed our every move. That was one house that I was kind of anxious to get out of.”

Jinx shook his head in agreement.

“So glad to hear that things went so well”, said Santa.

“Now for the big question … Did you get to every house?”  Santa asked.

Candy Cane sighed, as Snowflake smiled at her. He knew what question she had hoped Santa would ask.

“We did get to every house! Had to make some U-turns at times, but we made it!”  Jinx and Jangle replied.

“Wonderful!” said Santa, “I am very pleased! Well done!”

Jinx and Jangle beamed, with a touch of red to their faces as Santa praised them.

“How are you feeling Santa, we should have asked that when we first came in.”

“I am doing pretty well. Tired of lying around, but I gotta listen to the Dr. I get more hungry though lying around, you all wouldn’t have saved any cookies for me perhaps?”

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other and smiled as they picked up a little gift box.

“We sure did save you some! Here you go Santa!”

Santa’s eyes gleamed, “Oh thank you so much! Now I just need some Egg Nog to dip them in!”

Candy Cane spoke up “I will get you some Santa, but Jinx and Jangle I do have one question for you…”

Santa looked at Candy Cane and she flushed, ” I will go get the Egg Nog now, Santa.”

She came back with the Egg Nog and Santa shared the cookies with the others. They were enjoying eating and then Jinx spoke up.

You know Santa, you warned us about Luther and Taz, but there was something else that you forgot to mention.

“Oh you must be talking about … Candy Cane could you refill my Egg Nog please?”

Snowflake started laughing when he saw Candy Cane’s face as she quickly grabbed Santa’s mug.

“Just hang on Jinx, until Candy Cane gets back. ”

Candy Cane came back with the Egg Nog and Snowflake said, “Could I have some too?”

Candy Cane made a face at him as Santa chuckled.

“Okay Jinx, continue please, what did I forget to tell you about?”

“You didn’t warn us about George!”

“OH yes, George, the pet monkey, that belongs to Dave and Sarah!”

“He hopped on Jinx’s back and about gave him a heart attack,” said Jangle.

“It was quite amusing! Jinx would put a candy cane in a stocking and George would take it back out!”

“Then he jumped on Jangle’s back just as he had lifted a mug of milk to drink, making his spill it all over himself, laughed Jinx.  “He was quite the friendly monkey! He tried coming up the chimney with us! It took us forever to get him to let go of us.”

They all laughed and were glad that the Christmas Eve night ride had been a success!

They did need to use the emergency water bucket at a couple houses! Then there were the  2 beautiful Persian cats at one house and 4 mischievous cats at Kate’s house, who were all wide eyed watching Jinx and Jangle. When they finally got bored watching them and turned away, Jinx and Jangle then laid their cat toys beneath the tree and some gifts for their humans. Oh what a fun night it had been!

Jinx and Jangle looked at Santa and said in unison, ” Santa, can we come with you next year?”

Wednesday’s Wit and Wisdom

Happy Wednesday! A while back a faithful reader of mine had mentioned about calling “Tuesday’s Thoughts” , “Wednesday’s Wit and Wisdom” when she had read the post one Wednesday. I thought this was the perfect week to do that and I do like the ring it has to it. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and perhaps you are still enjoying it. We had a wonderful day of being together and just relaxing, while sharing love and laughter.

Some of you may be wondering about Jinx and Jangle. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten them. Did they have a successful Christmas Eve making all their deliveries? What did they think of “George”?

I hope you enjoy today’s “Wit and Wisdom”, may you keep smiling. Christmas may be over, but we can keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year long and let it overflow to others!


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Twas the Night….

If you missed Part 1 yesterday about Jinx and Jangle’s latest adventure, here is the link for you.  Christmas Countdown

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and thank you very much for taking some of your precious time to read my posts and to comment throughout the year! Have so appreciated the friendships I have formed on here with readers and look forward to it continuing into 2019!

Twas the Night….


No one was sure of what to do. The Dr. had examined Santa and gave the diagnosis that his ankle was indeed broken. There was  no going down chimneys for him! What was going to happen, Christmas couldn’t be cancelled!  There really only seemed to be one solution. A solution that had Santa nervous!

Jinx and Jangle had been put in charge of Santa’s special reindeer awhile back, so they were the ones that the reindeer were most comfortable with.  Jinx had learned by now how to handle the one tricky reindeer. It only made sense to send them on the most special mission of the year!

Jinx and Jangle were very sorry that Santa was hurt, but they were ecstatic at the same time! A kind of sad-happy moment!

Santa was giving them last minute instructions from his bed.

“Remember be careful how you land on the rooftops, you don’t want them caving in on you! Also if there is smoke coming out of the chimney, whatever you do, don’t go down it! Take the emergency bucket of water and pour it down the chimney.”

Jinx was writing as fast as he could as he kept saying, “Yes sir, Yes sir!”

“When visiting the Smith family, be careful about eating their cookies, I think last year she accidentally put red pepper instead of cinnamon in her cookies. I never had guggled down a glass of milk as quickly as I did that night. In fact I had to go to their fridge and pour myself some more!”

Jangle was smiling, for he loved hot stuff, he secretly hoped that she would make that mistake again.

“Be careful of Taz, that is the dog that Bill Jones owns. A very nice dog, but he can scare you at first with his growling. When he sees your red suit you should be fine. Though you definitely aren’t as big as me, but I think it will be OK.”

Jinx and Jangle both said in unison, “You think…??” as a look of worry crept across their faces.

Santa chuckled, ” Yes, you will be fine, I just hope that the Richards remember to close Luther’s cage before they go to bed.”

Jangle said, “Umm…Santa sir, who would Luther be?”

“Oh Luther is their pet snake. It’s okay, he’s not poisonous, but Oh I had quite the time catching him one year!” again Santa chuckled at the looks on Jinx and Jangle’s faces.

“Don’t worry, I am sure all will be fine. You 2 will have everything under control, just like always, right?”

“Umm…Yes sir, just like always!” they replied.

“You know, I was feeling nervous about sending you guys out, but I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure now. ” said Santa. “Well time is ticking, guess you guys better get to moving. The sleigh should already be loaded.”

Jinx and Jangle got up and said, ” Rest up Santa, and don’t worry about a thing, we won’t let you down!”

Santa smiled and said, ” I am sure you won’t!”

They closed the door behind them as they stepped outside and walked towards the sleigh where all the other elves were gathered.

“Are you sure we can do this Jinx?”  Jangle asked

“Sure, what could go wrong. We have the list, and the reindeer know the way, we can just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

“But what about Luther?”

“Lets not think about him right now, Okay!”

They walked the rest of the way in silence. They got to the sleigh and the other elves were cheering for them which boosted their spirits.

“You guys will do great, after all its a magical night, let the magic flow as you zoom through the sky!”

Jinx and Jangle smiled, they could do this, it would be a night like no other! They confidently got in the sleigh and Jinx took the reins. “Now Dancer, now Dasher and Prancer…” and then Jangle and the rest of the elves joined in, “On Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen….Now dash away, dash away all! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”  and away they flew!

Snowflake and Candy Cane were watching them soar into the sky. Candy Cane leaned over and whispered in Snowflake’s ear, “Do you think Santa remembered to warn them about George?”

“Who is George?” replied Snowflake

Candy Cane said, “Remember, George! Last year….when Santa got the surprise of his life, because …”

Snowflake started laughing. “OH YES! George!! Oooh yes, how could I have forgotten!”  They both started laughing as they ran to visit Santa wanting to know if he had told Jinx and Jangle about George.

Soon they were sitting around Santa’s bed drinking raspberry hot cocoa laughing about George, for indeed Santa had forgotten. They all eagerly looked forward to Jinx and Jangle’s return, it would be a night of adventure for sure!




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you buy a box of Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries for your hubby’s stocking … and then … “Sorry dear, they jumped out of the box and into my …!”

When a memory pops into your head and you laugh all over again!

When you get that “nudge”, keeping you on your toes, making you think twice about something.

When giving Love, the greatest gift of all, you will find that it wraps itself around you, as well as the ones you are sharing it with!

Time to Shine!

As I have said before, inspiration for my posts come from a variety of places. It can be something I see, something I hear, something I read, or just my brain saying “Hey, what about this!”  Tonight I give a shout out to Tippy for his blog post, https://unicorniks.com/2018/12/08/stolen-quote-limelight/.  After reading it and commenting on it with him and Colin, it sparked an idea in my mind. Whether it was a good idea is up for you readers to decide.

Time to Shine!

What was that, a little light was shining into the box. He squinted for he had been used to it being so dark for a long time. Oh he felt the tingles of excitement, as the light continued to shine in. Whoa! He was moving. Where was he going? Was the time finally here?  It had been a long sleep for him and his friends and they were ready to shine once again.

The box  was set down and this time there was a lot of light that poured in, plus a lot of noise! He heard the familiar, happy voices of the children. They were always happy when they saw the box that he and his friends were in. It made him feel special.

Jimmy was so anxious to get out of the box once more, but he knew he needed to wait. One by one his friends were getting taken out before him. First went Jack, then Jill came after.

All of his friends were excited too. There was an extra shine to their complexions on this special day. The day that they came out of the attic. Some were bright red, and some shimmered gold and some had a silver tint to their complexion, but all of them shined bright.

“Mommy, its my turn this year! Remember! ”

“Yes Shane, I know, here you go, now be careful with it.” replied Shane’s Mom. 

“Up we go!” said Shane’s Daddy, as he lifted him up high to put him on his shoulders.

Jimmy was always a little nervous about this part, for he really didn’t want to be dropped!

“Put it on straight Shane.”, his Daddy said.

Jimmy did his best to straighten himself up, it felt good to stretch!

“I did it!” shouted Shane, and his Daddy brought him back down to the ground.

Jimmy felt so good being up so high. He was at the tippety top of the tree! He always got a little dizzy at first, until he got used to it.

“Turn on the lights Daddy, turn them on!” the children begged

“Oooooh….Awwww…So beautiful….So pretty!” were the cries from the family below as they admired their Christmas Tree.

“I love the twinkling star,!” said little Sarah

Jimmy twinkled a little brighter just for her.

Jimmy and his friends were elated, tonight was their night! It was time for them to shine bright, for tonight they were in the limelight!





Cheers for Rudolph!

It’s that time of year again to watch Christmas classics and there is one movie, that has always been a special classic to me. It has stood the test of time,  being around for over 50 years!

I watched it every year as a child, as a teenager, when I had children, and still now with my older teens. When the song comes on the radio in the car I still sing along to it. Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer is more than just a cute movie. There are great lessons in it.

I can’t tell you the number of times that this song has come to my mind over the years.  A very simple song, but a song that gives hope. Hope for a better tomorrow,  if your day isn’t going to well. Hope to hang on!

It also shows Clarice  not going along with the crowd of the other reindeer that made fun of Rudolph, she didn’t give in to them. She saw Rudolph for who he was and she helped give him courage to believe in himself. And who can forget the adorable scene where he is twitterpatted as he jumps in the air.

Who hasn’t identified with the Island of Misfit Toys before? How many kids out there have felt that there was something odd about them and that they just didn’t fit in at times. In Rudolph those misfit toys are saved and made to feel special!

Plus, who like Herbie has wanted to do something different from what was expected of them? Wanted to venture out into a new thing, an elf being a dentist?? Why not! Look what he was able to do by being a dentist, he saved his friends!

Yes, Rudolph will always be a special movie to me, one  that lightens the heart and is a part of Christmas cheer. In this world filled with technology that is constantly changing and a world where it seems judgement and hate run rampid at times, I hope that we can be reminded of the simple message that Rudolph portrays! That there is nothing wrong with being different! That we need to accept ourselves for who we are, not try to wear masks and hide our “blinking nose!”

That we have a purpose, whether or not we can float like all the other boats, or we choose to ride an ostrich instead of a horse. Each one of us is special in our own special way! Go SHINE and ENJOY BEING YOU!

The Magical Night

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the North Pole all the elves were working as the final hour drew near.  Well, perhaps not all the elves!

Snowflake was walking through the Toy Factory and he heard a strange sound amidst the happy chatter of the other elves and the whirring sound of the toys.  He looked around and soon spotted the source.  Over at the table in the corner.  Jinx and Jangle were snoring away with their heads on the table.  Snowflake thought he would have some fun and grabbed some cymbals that were nearby and crashed them together. He had never seen Jinx and Jangle jump so high before!   He quickly scurried away as they were looking around, rubbing their eyes, wondering what had happened.

“Well, I am awake now, how about you Jangle?”  Jangle just shook his head as he was still waiting for his heart to stop beating so hard.

“Lets get back to work, for today is the Big Day!  Tonight we may get our first team of our own reindeer!”   Jinx said with an excited tone to his voice.

“Oh I can’t wait!!” replied Jangle,  ” Surely this will be our year!”

“Yes, our year indeed!”,  Jinx was talking as he was testing the wind up “Pop goes the Weasel” toy.  He wasn’t paying attention and when the weasel popped up he jumped, making Jangle laugh.

“That weasel gets you all the time, doesn’t it!”

“Oh don’t pay attention to me, concentrate on your reading!”, Jinx replied.

Jangle was reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”,  making sure all the reindeer’s names were correctly spelled.

They steadily worked through the day, singing as they worked.  Jinx was even dancing a little jig as he worked.  They both had trouble containing their excitement awaiting the big announcement from Santa about the reindeer teams.

At last the end of the day came.  Jangle had approved the final book and Jinx had turned the last “Pop Goes the Weasel” toy.  They both had cautiously fixed the tuba like toy that had sprayed sparkly confetti all over Jinx before.

Everyone was standing outside awaiting the arrival of Santa and all the teams of reindeer.  Jinx was still dancing a jig in nervous anticipation.  “Patience my friend”, said Jangle.  “Take a deep breath and smile!”

At that moment Jinx’s foot slipped as he was was dancing and down he went into a pile of snow.  “Poor Jinx”,  Snowflake said,  as he threw a snowball at him when he was down.  “Yes Poor Jinx!” someone else cried as another snowball flew through the air.  Soon Jinx and Jangle and the other elves were involved in a massive snowball battle.

It came to a stop when they heard Santa’s  cheery, loud “HO-HO-HO!”  They all quickly brushed themselves off and turned their attention to jolly Santa.  He smiled and surprised them all as he pulled out a few snowballs from under his big red coat and let them fly into the crowd. After all, Santa enjoyed a good sense of humor too!

Splat!  The snowballs hit Jinx and Jangle.  Their friend Frost was standing nearby but had moved away just in time.  He smiled at them and said, ” Poor Jinx”, “Poor Jangle.”

Santa let out a deep belly laugh and then cleared his throat to give the big news.  “It is that time again.  Time to call out the names of the reindeer teams.  I know all of you are excited.  Just remember even if you don’t get a team, you are still very important!  There is still important work that we need you to do here.  Keep your heads up and your turn will come.  Thank you all for all the hard work that you do!  Now without further adieu I will call out the names of the teams for you.

Oh,  Jinx and Jangle’s hands were getting sweaty due to their nerves.  Their eyes were pinched shut as they listened to the names being called.  There was only one more team left.  Who would the drivers be?

Santa paused and everyone was silent.  He then spoke and said, ” For this last team of drivers I have thought very long and hard about it!  I consider this one of my most favorite teams of reindeer, next to mine of course.   I needed just the right drivers for this team.”

He took a deep breath and said, ” I hope that I made the right decision and don’t end up smacking my head, but please give a round of applause for 2 elves that have been waiting a long time for this chance.   They have worked very hard amidst some mishaps along the way….”

In  hearing these words, Jinx and Jangle’s eyes flew open.   They  looked at each other, “mishaps along the way”, he had to be talking about them!

“Jinx and Jangle Congratulations on your own team of very special Reindeer!”

Everyone started clapping and Jinx and Jangle jumped for joy and ran up to Santa with words of gratitude pouring out of them!

Their time had finally come!  They had made it!!  This was going to be such a special night!  A night that they would be sure to remember.  It would be perfect,  for what could possibly go wrong!

Santa gave them their map of directions and was busy instructing them on the names of the reindeer and telling them some  little facts about each one.  He was giving little hints of how to keep the reindeer going,  for sometimes they could surprise you and decide that they wanted a nap in the middle of the journey.  But there was no time to nap on Christmas Eve.  Some of them could be stubborn at times, and needed a little enticing.  He told them about the one reindeer who enjoyed jokes and how he could be tricky.

Jinx and Jangle’s faces were beaming and they were trying to pay attention, honest they were, but their hearts were so excited.  Their minds kept dreaming about the night and how amazing it would feel driving their own team of reindeer.   They could hear Santa talking, but their minds were talking louder.

“Well that is all you need to know,  you should be ready now,   any questions?”  There was silence as Santa looked at Jinx and Jangle.  “Jinx, Jangle, did you hear me?  Any questions?  You were paying attention right?”

“What?  Oh Santa, yes, yes indeed! Heard every word.  We are ready!  You can count on us sir!”

Santa smiled, telling himself not to worry.  Yes, his reindeer were in good hands he was sure of it!  What could possibly go wrong?  He shook their hands and patted the reindeer goodbye telling them to be good to their new drivers.  He thought he caught a glint of mischief in the one reindeer’s eye.  It was good that he warned Jinx and Jangle about him.

Jinx and Jangle  watched Santa leave and turned to each other with glee!  What a magical night it would be,  a magical night indeed!

A Special Gift

The votes are in, we are watching Elf tonight!  I can’t help but smile during that movie.  What is one of your favorite Christmas movies?

Thinking of Elf, made me think of our favorite holly, jolly elves, Jinx and Jangle.  We will have to check in with them tomorrow, since it will be Christmas Eve!  Do you think they will finally get Santa’s approval to have their own team of reindeer? 

If you have missed stories about Jinx and Jangle, here is a link to the most recent ones.  The latest one had 2 parts to it.  The Adventure Begins  and  The Adventure Continues…Part 2.  Enjoy and tune in tomorrow for their next adventure!

This week I had a visit from a very dear friend of mine and she surprised me with a very special gift.  It was a homemade ornament made with a heart full of love! 

Back in April she lost her dear husband to cancer.  We have been friends with them for over 20 years and it was hard to see Pat leave this earth way too soon.  So hard to see the hearts of my friend and of her dear children be so broken.

I was trying to think of something special to give them this Christmas and here Sherry came up with such a special idea of her own.  An idea of a way to share Pat with us this Christmas. 

She took one of Pat’s shirts and made a star out of it, stitched Love Pat on it with a heart in the middle.  Sprayed it with his favorite cologne.   One more great example of how its not about the size or cost of the gift that makes it special! Its all about love! The love behind that gift is so precious to me.   I will treasure this gift.  It is hanging right now in the middle of our Christmas Tree.


I hope that you can feel love this Christmas!  May it swell up in your heart and overflow out of you into the hearts of others that you meet.  Love is what Christmas is all about. 


Love it or Hate it?

Eggnog….Love it or Hate it?  No this post isn’t only about Egg Nog, it is just what is on my mind, for my hubby walked in the door a short while ago with it in his hand.  It isn’t Christmas without Eggnog.  Okay, so maybe that is exaggerating a little. But I have liked it since I have been little.  It has been a tradition for many years.

Any food or drink that is on your Christmas menu every year, or was on your menu when you were a child?    Sweet Potato Pudding is another favorite of mine.  I also remember my Mom making Cathedral Windows, Pecan Sandies and Pecan Surprise Bars.  Now my taste buds are starting to tingle!   Oh yes I can’t forget my Dad’s Mincemeat pie!  Okay onto something else besides food!

I was reading a book at work today and learned a fun fact that I don’t remember knowing before.  I am wondering if I am the only person who never knew.  Hoping that I may enlighten someone out there with this fact.  I learned how Teddy Bears got their name!  Who doesn’t love a Teddy Bear?  They are the most popular stuffed animal.  They were named after our 26th President, Theodore, “Teddy”  Roosevelt!  I remember studying about the Presidents in school but I don’t remember them ever sharing that fact.  Please feel free to speak up if you also somehow missed this little fact!

If you already did know that fact, here are a few other ones that perhaps you don’t know.  Yes, we all need some extra information to store in our brains.  You are welcome. 🙂

Only Female mosquitoes bite.  Hmmm….  Not going to comment on that one!

Dr.Seuss was challenged by a friend to write a book using no more than 50 different words.  He did!  The result….Green Eggs and Ham! 🙂

The duffel bag gets its name from Duffel, Belgium!

In 1934 Hawaiian Punch was originally developed as a tropical flavored ice cream topping!

Any little facts you would like to share?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

Have a Delightful Friday night with perhaps a glass of Eggnog in one hand and a book in the other? 🙂  Or Eggnog on the table while music is playing and you are writing out Christmas cards?  Eggnog on the table as you are wrapping presents?  Eggnog in the kitchen as you are baking cookies.   See its kind of like Green Eggs and Ham…. It goes with anything!

Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you are smiling!