The Runaway Sleigh

Mason’s diner was busy on Christmas Eve. There was a Buy one, Get one Free special on Cara’s Christmas CandyCane Latte.

Cara walked by Mason and said, “I think someone is waiting for you over there.”

Mason looked to where Cara was pointing. Amanda was standing under the mistletoe, looking lovely. She had the look on her face that made him weak in his knees.

“How much mistletoe did you hang in here?”

“Can there ever be such a thing as too much mistletoe?”, with a gleam in her eye, she  walked past Mason to greet Bard, who was waiting for her under the mistletoe

Tippner was sitting, watching all the mistletoe couples feeling grateful that he hadn’t been bit by the love bug. He was single and a free man. Nobody told him ….Oh, there she was. Tippner took a long drink.

What was going on with him. Why was his heart fluttering at the sight of her? He was single Tippner. Mason may have given in when Amanda wrapped him around her finger, but he wasn’t. Not …

“Excuse me, is this seat taken? Would you like some company?”

Tippner looked up into the hazel eyes of  Tina. He found himself smiling wide, as he invited her to take a seat.

“Merry Christmas Eve, Tina”

“Thank you, same to you. Any plans for tonight?”

“No plans other than  me, myself and I spending  a relaxing evening at home. Do you have special plans?”

“Oh yes.”

“Oh, I see” There was an awkward pause. What was that feeling he had? He felt disappointed, but why?

Yes, Tina was real pleasant. Fun to interact with when she cut his hair, but he hadn’t thought of her more than a friend until lately. They had been talking more and had met here at the diner before to share a meal together.  Something was happening and he felt helpless to stop it.

Tina continued talking, “Yes, big plans. Me and some chocolate fondue, and fruit. You are welcome to come over if you would like.”

Cara was at the register asking Mason a question when Tippner and Tina walked up and Tippner paid for their meal.

“Oh look, its mistletoe”, Tina said, with a coy smile.

Tippner looked up at the mistletoe and said, “Yes, you are right, thats what it is.” He stood there smiling and then bent down giving Tina a kiss.

Cara and Mason watched in shock, had Tippner been bit by the love bug?  They didn’t have time to say anything to them, they only watched them walk out of the diner together.

“Magic really can happen on Christmas Eve!” Mason said.

“Told you there can’t  be too much mistletoe.” Cara replied, feeling smug.

Much later that night Tippner awoke with a start. What was that noise on his roof? He ran to the window with his orange polka dotted nightcap on to see what was causing all the clatter.

To get a better look he ran down the stairs and tripped on the bottom step. Picked himself up off the floor feeling only a little sore as he ran out the door.

When what to his eyes should appear but a sleigh and eight flying reindeer. Tippner scratched his head, something was wrong. Where was Santa?

He stood there staring at the sleigh up on his roof and he saw two tiny heads pop up from inside the sleigh.

Their hair stood on end they looked pale with fright. “Oooh what did you do?” Said the one

“Me! It was your idea to hide in the sleigh so that we could fly with Santa!”

“Yes, my idea to fly WITH Santa, but tell me do you see Santa, you doolally!”

“It wasn’t my fault that the reindeer took off without him!”

“And I guess it wasn’t your fault that you picked up the reins and said “Dash away! Dash away all!”

The elves than noticed Tippner standing in the yard. “Hi!” They called down, feeling a little embarrassed. “I am Snowball and this is Alabaster.”

Snowball, thought Tippner, that was a funny name. Of course doolally was too, which Snowball had called the one named Alabaster.

“I have some milk and cookies if you would like to come in.”

Alabaster said, “Great, I am hungry!”

But the other elf was holding him back. “We can’t,  we have to get back before Santa notices that his sleigh is gone!”

Tippner being kind at heart and wanting to get a few more brownie points for the nice list said, “I will bag up the cookies for you to take with you.” Snowball was happy to hear that and Tippner ran inside to get the cookies.

When he came back out he had them in his hand and the reindeer successfully had landed the sleigh in the yard so that they could get the cookies from him.

Snowball put out his hand for the cookies. “Thank you, now we better fly back, its almost midnight!”

Tippner was looking at the sleigh and reindeer and wishing he could fly through the sky with them. Maybe he should ask.

“Would I be able to hitch a ride along to the North Pole? Santa could bring me back home.”

The elves looked at each other, should they? They did kind of crash onto his roof so it would be kind of them to give him a ride.

“Sure, hop on, I hope you don’t get motion sickness.” Tippner was thrilled. His friends would never believe this!

WHOA! Tippner fell back as Alabaster took off, this was going to be quite the ride, as long as he didn’t fall out! These elves weren’t only crazy drivers they were singing at the top of their lungs. They sounded similar to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Meanwhile back at the North Pole, Santa was frazzled, where are my reindeer and where is my sleigh? There was only one answer as to who may have stirred up mischief by running off with his sleigh, “Alllllabaster!’

The Christmas Wish

   Timmy shook the snow globe to make the snow fall. He wished that he could be at the North Pole, enjoying the falling snow.  Instead he was stuck in Florida with flamingos.

He hoped that Santa got his letter with his Christmas wish! His list wasn’t long, a couple of toys and a freezer full of snow! How fun it would be to make a snowball and then throw it at Loony Lucy, his neighbor.

He had left that part out of his letter, Santa may not have liked that idea. But if Santa knew Lucy, surely he would agree that she deservef to have a snowball thrown at her.

After throwing the snowball at Lucy he and his friends could build a snowman. Perhaps it would come alive like Frosty. Oh, what fun they would have with a freezer full of snow. Three more days, he could barely wait. He shook the snow globe again and smiled with anticipation.

“Timmy, its time for bed, did you put your pajamas on and  brush your teeth?”

“No Mommy … I don’t  want….” He stopped midsentence, what if Santa heard him?

“I am doing it now Mommy!”  He put on his ToyStory pajamas, quickly brushed his teeth and hopped onto bed.

His mommy walked into his room five minutes later. “Goodnight Timmy” she kissed him on his cheek. Then she noticed a  cowbell lying next to him. “Where did you find this?”

“When me and Dillion were playing in the field I saw it in the grass. Dillion wanted it, but I was the one who found it.”

His mommy stroked his forehead. “Well maybe you can play with it for awhile and then let Dillion have it for a little.”

Timmy sighed, but nodded his head “Ok”

“Thats my boy, sweet dreams!” She turned on his nightlight anf walked out of his room.

He would have sweet dreams alright, he would dream about his freezer of snow. “Santa, I want a freezer full of snow, don’t forget!”  He rang the cowbell he had found and drifted off to sleep.

Timmy was up early the next morning.  He was playing with his race cars while watching cartoons. He was so happy to be on Christmas vacation.  Playing with his cars was so much better than stupid math.

Later in the day he decided he wanted to play with Dillion.  He walked into the kitchen, “Mommy! Can I have Dillion over?”

“After lunch you can.” She walked toward the freezer, opened it and yelled. “How did snow get into my freezer?”

Timmy ran to the freezer and his eyes widened in astonishment! Santa was early! Oh this was going to he the bestest day of all!

His mom was holding a piece of paper looking so confused.

“The snow is from Santa Mommy, its what I asked him for! Can I play with Dillion now, please oh please, I don’t want lunch.”

His mom didn’t answer, instead she read the note out loud. “Merry Christmas, You rang the bell, here is your freezer full of snow. Enjoy the snow, Timmy, and don’t be too mean to Lucy. Your friend, The Christmas Cow.”

Now Timmy was in shock too, who was the Christmas cow and how did she know about Lucy?

The shock wore off as he had a fabulous time in the snow with his friends. They laughed and played, never wanting the snow to melt away.

He had even let Lucy hit him with a snowball. She had a good throw, maybe she was okay after all.

The day had flown by. He was looking in the freezer before bed.

“Timmy close the freezer now!”

He took one more look. “Thank you Christmas Cow!” He said, bursting with happiness.  He had finally been able to play with snow.  But oh no, he thought, if this snow was from the Christmas Cow, where would Santa put the snow that he had asked for?

“MOMMY! We need another freezer!”

Christmas Magic

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Things were in an uproar at the North Pole but Santa was trying to stay calm.

Mrs Claus was sick and there were oodles of cookies that needed baked. Fortunately Doc, one of the new dwarves, was taking good care of Mrs Claus. Santa was happy about Doc,  but he was pulling his hair out over Dopey.  He didn’t know what he was going to do with him.

He had been in almost every department and created havoc in each one! They had to make over a dozen new toys due to Dopey accidentally breaking so many.

So far he was doing well in the new department that Santa put him in. There really wasn’t….

The door burst open to Santa’s house. “Santa, sorry to disturb you but we have a problem.”

Turning around Santa looked into the eyes of a frazzled CandyCane. “What happened?”

“You won’t believe it!” Wringing her hands in despair she kept talking.

“Dopey was watching the clocks, like he was told to do  Making sure that the clocks were keeping the right time. All was well until he messed with the cuckoo clocks!”

Santa groaned, bracing himself for whatever CandyCane was going to tell him.

“He thought the cuckoo bird didn’t sound right so he fixed all fifty of them! He fixed them alright. They all go “Moooo!”now!”

Santa dropped the batch of cookies that he had pulled out of the oven. Quickly they picked them all up. The 5 second rule was in effect, the cookies were fine. But oooh what was he going to do about Dopey.

Mama had said there would be days like this! Nobody knew the troubles he had in having to deal with elves and now dwarves.

“Send him to muck out the reindeer stalls with Snowball. Those two should get along fine.” CandyCane laughed. Yes, Dopey and Snowball were alot alike.

“Who should be in charge of fixing the cuckoo birds?” She asked.

“Find Alabaster, he knows about cuckoos.”

CandyCane shook her head. Yes, of course, he would be an expert in cuckoos. Made total sense.

“And tell Tink that he needs to figure out what all of this is going to cost me. Fixing Dopey”s mistakes.”

CandyCane opened the door and then turned around. “One more thing ..” She looked apologetic. “Noone wants to work with Grumpy. He is bringing everyone down. Well everyone except Happy, that is. I don’t think he ever stops smiling!”

Santa sat down, and motioned for CandyCane to leave. When she left he put his face in his hands.

A week passed and Santa was feeling jolly again while attending the winter festival with Mrs Claus.

“These cookies are delicious, I am impressed. Thanks for making them” She gave Santa a kiss on his rosy red cheek.

Her eyes danced with mischief as she pinched a little of Santa’s belly. “I do wonder how many cookies wound up in here. I can pinch much more than an inch.”

“Pfttttt! Noone wants a skinny Santa.”

“No worries about that happenimg! I need to get you a bigger belt.” Mrs Claus chuckled as she put her hand in his and they walked down the street.

“How beautiful! You draw the most amazing pictures, Bashful.”

Bashful gave Mrs Claus a grateful smile and then bent his head down again over his drawing board.

Santa was glad Bashful had come to the festival. He was slowly coming out of his shell. He had a superior talent for drawing and Santa had been encouraging him to use it. The Toyshop was looking festive with Bashful’s pictures decorating the walls.

Dopey was doing a great job of mucking the stalls and he and the Dr had made friends with the reindeer. The Dr seemed to understand them, like no one else did. Santa called him Dr Doolittle and was looking forward to learning from him.

He had always thought he had a good bond with the reindeer but being able to understand everything they said was exciting.

The cuckoos were all fixed and Alabaster was proud of himself. Candycane walked by him taking a break, eating some peppermint bark. Santa had shown his appreciation by giving Alabaster a whole box of his favorite treat.

“Ahh! Its the cuckiest of cuckoos.” CandyCane said, secretly wishing that Santa had given her a large box of peppermint bark.

Happy was running and shouting beaming with pleasure. “Time for the tree lighting everyone, gather around!”

One couldn’t help but smile when looking at Happy. He dazzled with Christmas cheer.

Everyone made a circle around the tree and sang “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Then the countdown began for the Christmas tree to be lit.

“10,9,8,7,6,5,4 …..!” There was nothing! The tree was dark. They counted again. “5,4,3,2..!”

“Sleepy, Wake up and light the tree!” The crowd erupted in applause and expressions of awe at the sight of the glowing tree. For a moment in time all the stress, hustle and bustle of the busiest season of all was forgotten and all was well! Even Grumpy couldn’t hide his smile. The Christmas magic was working.

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Once Upon a Night …

Here is the conclusions to Matilda, The Mother-in-law

Evening was coming, the sky was growing darker. Matilda was almost finished with decorating her Christmas tree. Her real tree, not the sorry looking aritifical tree that Paisley had at her house.

She had felt so smug when Paisley had called her yesterday, making sure she was feeling okay. Yes, the gullible girl had fallen for the “nut allergy” hook, line and sinker. Matilda couldn’t belp but take advantage of Paisley’s guilt. Told her how she still felt pretty bad, that she had broken out in such itchy hives.

Paisley was so apologetic on the phone and told her that she hoped she hadn’t said anything to Mark about it. That they could keep it between them. For Paisley would hate it if he knew what she had done to his dear, sweet mom.

Matilda still chuckled to herself about that. She hadn’t replied right away, hoping to make Paisley nervous. After a few moments passed she made herself sound reluctant as she promised not to tell him. Knowing full well that she never intended to tell him.

He would be so mad at her. Poor guy has been so brainwashed by woman that were nowhere close to being good enough for him. No one was good enough for her baby. She had to look out for him.

Matilda shook her head in frustration Hopefully Paisley wouldn’t be too hard to scare off.

Blowing out her Peppermint Bark candle she headed upstairs to her bedroom. Sbe would read for a little while before going to sleep.

Around 11:30 Matilda put down War and Peace. Her eyes were heavy and couldn’t keep them open for a second longer. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Then the clock struck 12.

Matilda bolted upright in bed, trembling like a mouse who sees a snake.

“Who….Who are you? I will call the police if you don’t leave.”

The large man smiled calmly. “Go ahead and call them, they can’t see me, only you. I have come on a special mission to see you. We have places to go.”

“You are crazy, I don’t believe in ghosts I must be dreaming.”

The man didn’t reply, he only put out his hand and said, “Let’s go!”

She put her hand in his, though still wary, but curious as well. Where was he going to take her?

They flew through the wall to her astonishment. He really was a ghost!

Before too long rhey stopped at a large stone house. She gasped, this was where she used to live years ago. The ghost took her up to the 2nd floor bedroom. A young woman was stretched out on the bed sobbing. The poor woman, thought Matilda. Looking closer sent a chill over her. The young woman was her.

The unwanted memories flooded back. He had left her. Her one and only true love had broken her heart when he walked out the door, leaving her with two year old Mark.

Her mom had pushed him away. Made it impossible for him to stay. Oh, she had been so horrible towards him. Matilda had tried so hard to find him but he disappeared with no forwarding address. She had never been the same after that.

The young woman’s sobs continued and Matilda covered her ears. “Take me away! I don’t want to be here!”

Without a word the ghost grabbed her hand and they flew out of the house and into the sky. They stopped in front of a nursing home. “Why are we here?” There was no reply and the next thing she knew she was in small bedroom.

Matilda covered her mouth with her hand at the sight of the frail old lady by the window. She looked so sad. The lady’s eyes pierced Matilda. It was her, she was a lot older but there was no mistaking that it was her. Why was she so sad and why was she here?

“Matilda, its time for bed now.”

A nurse had entered the room and went over to the lady by the window.

“No, my son isn’t here yet, I know he is coming. He has to come, its Christmas. He loves Christmas and I got him a gift.”

“I am sorry Matilda, maybe tomorrow. Let me help you to bed.”

The old lady was helped into bed and the nurse left, turning off the light. Matilda looked at the ghost. “Why didn’t my son come? Why?”

He put his fingers up to his lips. Matilda heard voices in the hallway.

“Poor Matilda she keeps waiting for her son who will never come. Its so sad, she is pitiful.”

Another voice said, “Yes, it is. He pays for her to be in here but that is it. Apparently he never forgave her for chasing away his one and only true love, Paisley. He lives alone and is miserable as well. His neighbor keeps me posted.

Says that his house is never decorated for Christmas, that little kids call him Scrooge.”

Matilda grabbed the arm of the ghost. “My son turned into a Scrooge? NOOO! Not my happy, kind son. NOOO!”

She woke in a cold sweat screaming “Nooo!” The vision of her son sitting in a dark house looking at Paisley’s picture, she couldn’t get out of her mind. It was the last place the ghost had taken her. Blue Christmas had been playing on his stereo.

“Oh what have I done! I can’t lose Mark, I can’t.” Sobs shook her body.

One week later Mark and Paisley were headed to his Mom’s for Christmas dinner.

“I still say that you must have cast a spell on my Mom, what was in the drink again that you served her?”

Paisley laughed, “I didn’t do a thing I am as shocked as you are by her change. One moment she was trying to make me feel horrible over the phone about her “nut allergy” and the next day acting like my BFF. She has showered me with gifts and often calls to chat.

One moment I was making plans at how to beat her at her own tricks and well, there is no need for them now! But they were good ideas.’ She gave Mark a sly grin.

Mark shook his head, smiling, “I will be careful to not get on your bad side. I don’t know what happened but I am not complaining. She told me I needed to keep you, that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I couldn’t agree more!” He leaned over and kissed Paisley while tbey were stopped at a light.

Matilda watched out the window. It was starting to snow as Mark and Paisley pulled into the driveway. Her heart was filled with joy for it really was the most wonderful time of the year!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Reclined on couch with a mystery novel late last nightCouldn’t put it down until I finished it …. Wish I could solve the mysteries of life like that … Just read to the end of the book … What answers do you have to life’s mysteries?

You can only help a person so much … Some things they have to do on their own

If you were an elf in Santa’s workshop and inventing the most popular gift for Christmas, what would it be ?

Testing the Sleigh

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Were they living at the North Pole? Cassandra was beginning to think so. Her nose was pressed up against the window pane. If she was to step outside a snow drift may swallow her up.

Thankful for the warm fireplace, Cassandra walked away from the window, grabbed a book and sat by the fire.

What adventure would Sally go on now? Cassandra had fun reading about Sally but a part of her longed to have an adventurous life like Sally! Maybe someday.

As her Mom’s piano playing rang through the room, Cassandra began to read.

“Time for bed dear ”

“Oh Mama just one more chapter please!”

Jane smiled at her daughters pleading eyes and relented.

“One more and than get some sleep. Christmas will soon be here and we have lots of baking to do tomorrow.”

Cassandra could almost taste her favorite cookies by just thinking of them. She loved Cookie Day, they made so many cookies to give away and plenty to keep. Though wifh Cassandra’s dad and brother the cookies never lasted long.

“Goodnight darling.” Kissing her on the cheek her mom walked up the stairs to go to bed. Now it was only Cassandra downstairs. She didn’t mind. There was a certain magic in the air, being alone downstairs while the snow fell. Feeling all snug and cozy, with their Boston Terrier lying at Cassandra’s feet.

A blast of cold air blew in. It startled Cassandra, making her shiver.

“You dummkopf! Look where you are going.”

Lost in wonder, Cassandra watched the unfolding scene in front of her. There was a sleigh halfway in her house and 2 elves arguing!

“It isn’t my fault, blame the GPS! I think it malfunctioned.”

All one could hear was the GPS repeating, “recalculating, recalculating…”

“Sure is a good thing we took this electric sleigh out for a trial run before Christmas Eve. I don’t think its going to work. We are going to still need to use the reindeer. They know the way to go!”

Mesmerized Cassandra continued to stare. There were real elves in front of her! Not just any elves but Santa’s. They had to be! Kind of funny looking with their big ears, but yet they were cute.

Noticing Cassandra the elves got a little color to their cheeks.

“Please excuse us, we are so sorry for the intrusion. We will just back out and be on our way.”

They started backing out when Cassandra snapped out of her daze.

“Please don’t go. Not yet. Are you Santa’s elves?”

“Ssh! Its supposed to be a secret but yes, we are. Pleased to meet you.”

Oooh Cassandra was jubilant with joy! There really was a Santa, she knew it!!

“My name is Alabaster and this “doolally” is named Snowball.”

Cassandra scrunched up her face. “Doolally… what does that mean?”

“It means noodlebrain.”

“Thats silly,” she laugbed. Then a light came to her eyes, “i can call my brother that!”

Snowball looked at Alabaster. “Well aren’t you teaching fine things. You are going to get her in trouble and put on Santa’s naughty list, for calling her brother names, dummkopf.”

Alabaster felt guilty and tried to change the subject fast, hoping Cassandra would forget the name.

“How would you like to go on a ride?”

“Are you crazy?” Snowball’s eyes were big with surprise.

“Yes,yes,yes! Pleeeeese!” Cassandra was jumping up and down.

“Bundle up warm and then we will go.” Alabaster told her.

“With a huge bounce in her step she went to the closet to dig out her boots and gloves and her thick ruby red coat.

Snowball was still shaking his head.

“Relax, it will be fine. We will just take her for a little spin.”

Skepticism was all across Snowball’s face. He hoped Alabaster was right or they may both be looking for new jobs!

Cassandra was as quick as a snap, bundled up from head to toe. “Lets go!” She exclaimed!

Alabaster may not be Santa, his belly didn’t shake like a bowlful of jelly but he had her bundled into the sleigh as quick as a flash.

Over the rooftops they flew. Cassandra felt like she could reach out and touch a star.

Too soon they came back down, landing right at her door this time, instead of running into it.

Little Cassandra’s face radiated pure happiness, which made the elves beam with pleasure as well.

“Well the hour is late, we gotta go.”

“But how will I remember you and know that all of this wasn’t a dream?”

“Miss. Cassandra, we bestow upon you our one of a kind elf hats.”

In total shock she accepted them from Alabaster’s hands. This indeed would be a night to remember.

Snug in her bed for a long night sleep, she could still feel their hugs as they bid her adieu.

What was that? “Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, she tore from her bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window she flew like a flash, threw open the shutters and tore up the sash.”

“Oh , this sleigh is no good! Now it won’t get off the ground!”

Cassandra watched, muffling her laughter. Then suddenly before her bright green eyes the sleigh rose in the sky and she heard, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”

The Magical Sparkle

10 days until Christmas! The town was all decked out in holiday cheer. Absolutely picturesque, with store fronts having a friendly decorating competition. The winner would be announced on Christmas Eve.

“Holly,Jolly Christmas’ was playing when Tippner entered Mason’s diner. He stood under the door a little too long.

“Merry Christmas Tippner!” Miss. Blossom kissed him on the cheek and as he wiped it off Miss.Peanut kissed him on the other cheek as she went out the door.

Tippner grumbled, “Why do you have to hang up mistletoe?”

Laughing, Cara said, “Oh don’t be a Scrooge!”

Tippner sat down at his bootb muttering to himself, “I will be a scrooge if I want.”

In his opinion there was too much glitz around town. He felt like he was living in a Hallmark movie or something. It was like the clouds had rained down glitter.

His store was decorated with the Grinch’s face everywhere! Cara and Sarah just shook their heads and rolled their eyes at him.

The diner was busy, everyone was out shopping and they all needed a coffee break. Cara needed a coffee break too. Her Candy Cane Chocolate Lattes were selling out, she better get more ingredients for Christmas Eve.

“Mason, we are running low on eggs and peppermint creamer, could you run to the store?”

“I need to run a special errand so I will pick them up on the way back.” He put on his coat and gloves.

Cara looked at him, “But I thought you said that you were finished your Christmas shoppimg?”

Smiling, he shrugged, “Have to run, before they close.”

“You have plenty of time, the stores here have extended hours.” Cara replied, as she fixed more coffee.

“But this store isn’t in town. See ya later.” With a wink he headed for the door.

“Not in town, then where are …” the door closed. Cara wondered where he was going, Amanda was coming in a few days. Hmmm….maybe it was something for her. A slow smile spread across her face.

Hours later Cara was ready to get off her feet. It had been non-stop customers. Of all days for Mason to go on a secret errand. Just wait til she saw him tomorrow. Perhaps she would take an extra long lunch break, tomorrow.

Having just mopped the floor she started walking towards the back of the store when she heard something at the door. The Closed sign was up, who was there?

Opening up the door a crack, she almost got knocked down when a sheep dog burst in. His muddy paws trampling all over the floor!

Cara groaned. He was a mess! They didn’t have snow this week, they had rain and mud. It looked like he had been out in it for a long time.

“Where did you come from big fella?” She put out a bowl of water and he lapped it up so quickly. Poor fella, was probably hungry too. Finding some food in the back she filled a bowl with food and one with water. He wagged his tail with delight and sighing, she went back to mopping the floor all over again.

After eating the dog had laid down watching Cara. She couldn’t help but smile at him. They already had 3 dogs but Cara couldn’t turn him back out in the rain. She would bring him home. Bard would understand. He knew she had a big heart when it came to anomals. Hopefully they could find his owner before Christmas.

The door blew open and Tippner ran inside with his muddy boots. “Tippner!!’

“You have to come! There’s been an accident. ”

Cara’s eyes deepened with concern looking at Tippner’s stricken face. “Who?”

“It’s Mason, a car ran a redlight and plowed into him.”

Forgetting about the dog, Cara ran out the door with Tippner and jumped in his car. Neither of them spoke as Tippner drove to the hospital.

Fear clutched at Cara’s stomach, as they drove.

When they got to the hospital, Cara gave Sarah and Grayson a tight hug,

“How bad is it?”

“He is unconscious, swelling on his brain, all we can do is wait.”

Tears mingled as they all hugged again. The waiting room quickly filled up. Word spreads quickly in a small town like Bittersweet Creek.

Through the night people were there with Cara, Bard, Grayson, Sarah and Tippner. Old Man Fuzzywhistle came and Cara had never seen him with tears in his eyes before. But they were there when he walked out of Mason’s room.

Tippner kept banging the vending machine, it made him feel better and so far he had managed to dislodge 2 Snickers bars.

Grayson paced the floor as Sarah tried to get him to sit down. Finally he did, with his head in his hands. Others had their heads bowed in prayer.

Tippner looked around and said to Cara, “If only Mason could see how many people truly care about him. He would be overwhelmed.”

Grayson raised his head, ” Yes, people liked him for more than just his wavy, luxurious hair. Something we men in the family have to suffer with. The genetic trait of awesome hair.”

Everyone laughed, it felt good to break the tension.

“Silent Night, Holy Njght….” Carolers were in the hallway. Cara leaned against Bard and Sarah and Grayson were wrapped in each other’s arms as they listened. Tippy momentarily had stopped banging the vending machine and peace filled the room.

It was the wee hours of the morning and everyone had sore necks and backs but noone wanted to leave until they knew that Mason would be Ok.

Cara had phoned Amanda and she was leaving as soon as she could.

The hours passed and still no change. Tippner went to the diner to make coffee for everyone. He got pounced on when he entered the diner by one excited sheepdog!

The sheepdog started licking hun. He knew this dog, where had he seen it before? Yes, this was Randy’s dog! What was it doing here? He had told Randy he needed to move here, get away from those crazy women that put spells on him. Apparently the dog wanted knew to get away from them. He would call Randy later, he was probably worried, but doubted that he wanted disturbed at 3am!

At 7am Amanda arrived. Her eyes were red and swollen. Cara and Sarah gave her long hugs and they showed her Mason’s room and left. Only one person in a time was allowed in.

Amanda took his hand in hers, gently rubbing it. She was trying to swallow the lump in her throat.

“You have to wake up Mason, a whole waiting room full of people are waiting for you and I need you.”

“I need to see that smile that melts my heart and feel the touch that makes my heart race.”

She couldn’t say anymore as she laid her bead on his chest.

“Amanda, why are you crying? Where am I?”

Her head jerked up and she yelled, “You are awake! Doctor, Doctor!” She kept pushing the call button. It was happy chaos as the Dr and nurses gatbered around his bed.

It was Christmas Eve and Mason was coming home! He was doing fine. The Dr couldn’t believe it, the fact that he had survived with just bruises and scrapes was a miracle. His car was a mangled piece of metal.

“When is the Dr coming? I am ready to get out of here!”

“Relax, he is coming. In the meantime, we could watch more Hallmark movies ” Amanda gave a teasing grin, it was the only channel the hospital got.

Mason groaned as the Dr walked in.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Amanda laughed, I think you he needs a prescription for Hallmark movies.”

Once the Dr discharged him they stepped outside and he breatbed in the fresh air.

“Ahhh! Frels so good and look its snowing!”

“Its perfect, just like a movie!”

Amanda stuck out her tongue to catch a snowflake, could this day get any more magical?

“I love you Amanda Rose,” and they kissed as the snow fell, lost in a world of their own. The snow sparkled like diamonds. Amanda knew that nothing could shine brighter than her heart at this moment, not even the diamond ring on her finger.