Forever and Always!

My “baby” is a Senior, graduation day would have been this coming Friday, but ….  like graduations across the US, COVID-19 has prevented them from happening. COVID can’t keep this Mom from being sentimental though. So if you need a break from the pandemic craziness and want to take a walk on the sentimental side, enjoy this short video clip of a book that I read to my children countless times.

The memory of this book  came to me as I was thinking  of him graduating and remembering when I took him for Kindergarten registration. I felt so proud as he sat politely and answered the questions and showed what numbers and colors he knew. Then we got up and said goodbye and started walking out of the room when he turned around and looked at the 2 teachers at the registration table and said, “Just so you know… I am NOT going to kindergarten, I am staying home. Turned around and started walking away as I now was left with a touch of redness in my face. Oh how the years have have flown, he did go to kindergarten and has excelled in school and I couldn’t be more proud!



Cookies for Daddy

946a7a9f2dc3b62aabad68548b454b05 artist Morgan Westling (painting off of Pinterest)

“Daddy is going to be so happy! I gonna make this taste so yummy!”

Little Molly was excited. Mommy was out grocery shopping, so she was going to have a tea party with Daddy. She was making some cookies, they only took  a few ingredients and Mommy said they were easy enough for her to make. Mommy had all the ingredients sitting out on the counter. Daddy would put them in the oven when the cookies were ready to be baked.

“Daddy, the surprise is ready to be baked!” Molly yelled.

Smiling he put his book down, and walked into the kitchen. Molly hadn’t wanted him in there earlier for she wanted to surprise him. Daddy loved surprises!

“Oh these look really good Molly! Can I eat one now?” He pretended to take a cookie from off the cookie sheet.

“No Daddy!” Molly batted away his hand as she shook her finger at him, you must have patience.

He laughed, as he wiped a little flour off the tip of Molly’s nose.

“What shall we do as we wait for the cookies to bake?” he asked Molly.

Molly quickly had an answer. ” You can read to me Daddy. You didn’t finish my bedtime story last night, you fell asleep!”

They walked over to the couch and Molly climbed up onto her Daddy’s lap.

Daddy gave a sheepish grin, “I thought you fell asleep while I was reading last night.”  he said.

Molly grinned, ” I was just pretending. Then I started to fall asleep but you started snoring!. You were loud Daddy!”

Molly started squirming as her Daddy tickled her, then they settled down and he started to read.

The timer went off, just as Molly’s Mommy walked in the door. She looked at Molly and her Daddy all cozy on the couch and told them that she would get the cookies out, they could keep reading.

When she walked into the kitchen she saw the spilled flour, but just shook her head and smiled. Molly would get older and learn how to clean up. She started putting away things when she noticed that the sugar bowl  she had set out was still full, but the salt canister was totally empty. That’s strange, she thought, what was the salt doing down. Oh yeah, she had got the canister down to fill it up right before she left. She looked at the full sugar bowl once again and the empty salt canister and it dawned on her what happened.

“Mommy, Mommy! Are the cookies ready to eat? ”  Molly came running into the kitchen pulling Daddy behind her.

“They sure smell good!” Daddy said.

“You can have the first one, Daddy!” said Molly.

“Umm… Molly honey, I am not sure if the cookies are quite ready yet.”

“But they look ready Mommy!”, Molly said.

“Yes, they do. I think Mommy is just jealous because you didn’t offer her the first cookie.” Daddy said to Molly with a grin.

“Sorry Mommy, these are for Daddy.”

Mommy smiled big as she assured Molly that was quite fine, when Molly handed the first cookie to Daddy.

“Thank you so much, that is very nice of you.” he replied, as he took a cookie from Molly.

Molly watched in anticipation as Mommy’s eyes sparked with amusement,  watching Daddy eat the cookie.

“Daddy your eyes are getting really big!” Molly exclaimed.

Mommy poured a tall glass of water and handed it to him as she bit her lip with a smile.

Molly piped up, “Mommy, I am sorry, but I used up all your sugar, see.. and she pointed to the empty canister of salt on the counter. Daddy didn’t see, for he was busy pouring himself another glass of water.

“Mommy is Daddy Okay?” Molly asked with a frown, he sure is coughing a lot.”

“Daddy will be just fine my dear, why don’t we go and read some more books.” Mommy said, trying to smother her laughter as they walked out the kitchen door.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes things don’t always turn out as you expect …. Remember the boat ride  that was only supposed to be a “3 hour tour!” 

Imagination can be great in writing, except when it slams on its brakes and you are in the middle of the road. 

The JOY in a child’s heart when their birthday comes around shouldn’t leave when their an adult …. Birthdays should be celebrated at every age! 




A Sunday Scramble

This is a little bit of everything for today’s post, with thanks to Pinterest for the pictures.

I saw this  first picture and thought how it might get a good discussion going on how as a society we are more quick to want meds and surgery to fix something that a simple lifestyle change might go a long way in fixing. Do you agree with the picture?


This second picture stood out to me, for we have seen the movie Balto lots of times. Our kids loved it and it is a good story. It is animated, but its based on a true story. Have you seen it? 

Gunnar Kaasen and his team of 13 dogs, led by the Siberian husky, Balto, completed the last leg of a 1925 trip to deliver 300,000 units of diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska.


This 3rd picture is just a picture that made me go “Awh!” and every day we need a “Awh!” moment. 🙂 



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Logic can sometimes be overruled by emotions. 

Books and music are  wings to our soul. Wings that can help us delve into our innermost parts, and other times take us on a ride to new heights! 

The child dances in the moment with unabashed joy, the dog wags his tail with glee, and the cat purrs contently, neither one worried about what the next moment may bring, so why do we? 


Being a Friend!

When was the last time you spoke to a stranger? The last time you smiled at someone you didn’t know? I love walking by little children and have them call out “HI!” as they smile really big and wave.

Here is a  short video clip that made me smile and I hope it does you too! Children may be small, but sometimes they can teach us so much!

What is the Answer?

I saw an article this morning about a school that is trying to teach young children about empathy and compassion. That sounded great, it was just the one statement that I had a problem with.  In order to teach about empathy and compassion they will not be giving out any type of awards or trophies for achievements or sports events anymore.

I know decisions like this have been made for awhile now by different schools, and even though it is nothing new, it still bothers me.  What are we really teaching our children by this? Is this really the way to help them be more compassionate and empathetic? It doesn’t make sense to me, but perhaps I am missing something.

The argument I have always heard is that they don’t want to make the other children feel bad, the ones who can’t do well in sports or don’t excel in school work. I understand that, but I still don’t know if what schools are doing now is the best solution.

Every child is different, there will be ones who excel in sports, and ones like me who strike out, more than I hit! Ones who excel in music, and some in art, or something else totally different. Its OK to not be good at something, and I am not sure if that message is getting across when we decide to totally eliminate acknowledgement of winning at a sport or another accomplishment.

I think of my sisters who are very talented in art and singing. I did not get those genes, but I never felt bad because of it. My sister got straight A’s. I  preferred using more letters of the alphabet. My parents were proud of my sisters, they hung their artwork on the wall and told them how much they loved their singing. I didn’t feel less valued because of them applauding my sisters. I enjoyed listening to my sisters sing as well.

Here is the key, my confidence in myself didn’t come from things I could do, it came from just plain liking who I was.

I didn’t care about others getting awards in school or winning trophies for sports. I am not saying that I never wished that I was good at sports or could make the honor roll, but I learned to just accept that I was not cut out to be an athlete. That  certain school subjects didn’t come as easily for me, and that I much preferred reading actual words with letters in them, not trying to find out what X and y were supposed to = and  what Y to the power of 10 was!

I realize that sadly not every child comes from a loving home. Not every child has caring parents  to instill self confidence in them.  So what is the solution when it comes to sporting events and other things at school?  How do we boost self confidence and not hurt it?  Yet at the same time preparing them for the real world, where there will be things that they are going to lose at, and people that will be smarter, etc.

You heard my thoughts, now I would love to hear yours!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Make the most of your time between the Sunrise and the Sunset of your days!

Conversation with a good friend adds wonderful flavor to any meal!

If had to do over again, what subject would you dread a final exam in? Feeling relieved that school finals are wayyyy behind me!

As a bonus for today, I have included this song. There were several great suggestions yesterday when I asked for songs to go with my post about children growing so fast. Thank you! I knew my readers could think of some, since my brain had been too tired to work at the time. I chose this one only because it was new to me and I thought it might be new to a lot of you as well. It also was the one that choked me up the most, I saw mykids in the pictures and yes the memories rolled down my cheeks. Enjoy!


The Hands of the Clock

6018c14a06f3f3dee69b021940b314f4by Dmitri Annenkov


She walked into the room, pausing at the door, looking at the treasures on the shelf.  The worn teddy bear that her child had carried almost everywhere and cuddled with every night. Remembering how no one got any sleep, if that teddy couldn’t be found. The late night trip back to the supermarket to rescue it when it had accidentally been left behind.  The airplane that flew all over the world when her child was at play. Oh, the many adventures that they had.

There was the toy drum for when her child wanted to strike up the band and lead a parade. Through the house they would march, down the hall and back again. Singing a song, or two or three, and it didn’t matter if it was off key, it was sung loudly with glee! 

Wiping her eyes she let the memories roll down her cheeks. Then she spotted the books on the shelf and they brought a smile. Smiled at the memory of the many nights cuddled under a blanket and reading to her child, until her voice would crack. Remembering the thrill she had watching her child fall in love with books,  becoming so engrossed in them, losing all track of time.

She picked up the books and it was like she could hear her child’s voice. So clear it was, it seemed like it had just been yesterday when she heard the words, ” Mommy, please read me one more chapter. I don’t want to go to bed yet. Turn back the clock.”

“Mommy please, I’m still playing with my plane, just one more hour, turn back the clock.”

She spied the apple on the shelf and once again smiled through her tears as her child’s voice rang once more through her ears,  “Mommy, I’m hungry, I need just one more bedtime snack!”

Oh, the memories of yesterday, where did the time go! When did her children grow?

She wants Peter Pan to come and fly them all to Never-Never land. She wants to turn back the clock!

But as much as she wants to turn back the clock, she is excited too. Excited to see what the future holds. A new chapter is being written, and her heart smiles as she hears the ticking of the clock.

The ticking of more memories to be made and more moments to cherish, strike up the band, there still was a lot of marching left to do!

** As the days continue to draw closer to a “empty nest”  I was trying to think of a song that might fit this post. None came to mind, still a little too sleepy. 🙂  If one comes to yours, feel free to share. 🙂 **