The Passage of Time

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Warmth flooded through her heart to see her favorite tree still standing. Charlotte’s boots sunk into the snow as she stood admiring it once again. At least there was one thing that had remained unchanged after all these years.

Coming back to her hometown felt good but she hadn’t been prepared to see all the changes. She still had held onto her childhood image of it.

Condos had replaced the cornfield where she and her friends had played many times. Hiding behind the stalks.

The little grocery store that had been on the corner, was now one of the big chains. Charlotte fondly remembered Sam, the kind old man that had owned the store. He always had chocolate chip cookies and a balloon for each child that entered the store.

Bonnie’s hair salon had been replaced with a larger one. She was retired and enjoying her grandkids now. Charlotte was glad that at least Bonnie had stayed in town. She had enjoyed a visit with her earlier over some salted caramal lattes.

Charlotte was really hoping she would get to see Miss. Lorti the librarian. The library was still on Willow street but Bonnie told her that a man had come to town and swept Miss. Lorti off of her feet. It was a whirlwind romance and it wasn’t long before she had packed her bags and eloped.

The library had been one of Charlotte’s favorite places to go. She would carry home a stack of books every time she visited. She would often stop at her special tree on the way home, sit down beneath it and read one of her books.

Charlotte looked at her watch. It was 3pm on the dot, would Ellen be here? They had made a pact long ago to come back on this special date at this special time. Did Ellen remember?


She turned her head and saw Ellen heading her way in her bright orange coat. Her heart beat with excitement. She had come!

They gave each other a warm embrace.

“It is so good to see you! We have so much to catch up on.” Ellen said.

Yes, thought Charlotte, a lot of things may change but she was so thankful for friendships that stood the test of time.