Sweet Dreams

The Moon was shining down on the farm and all were asleep.  All except Odessa, that is, for she was out hunting for food.  While she hunted the others dreamed.

Dewey was dreaming about breakfast.  A much more pleasant dream than the one that he had the night before.  He had been dreaming  about his ride on “The Big Wheel”!  Oh that day would always be in his memory, the day when he surely thought that he would lose all of his 9 lives!  For a cat whose favorite things were eating and sleeping,  he sure did have a knack for getting himself into crazy situations!

What wonderful adventures he and his friends have had.  Yes, some were scary, but many of them were fun.  He had never  dreamed that his best friends would include  a magical Jackalope, and a witty Barn Owl, along with a crazy Man-servant.  But they did, and he wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Oh the fun adventures that they had.  Especially the ones where there was much laughter, usually due to playing a joke on the Man-servant.  Dewey smiled in his sleep as another memory flashed in his mind.   What was that, another idea was forming in his mind.

Jaxon was dreaming about his magic powers.  He wondered if the day would come when he could perfect his magic powers and do some bigger things.  He dreamed about the day that he tried to make Dewey fly.  That sure had turned out to be an interesting day!  You never knew what could happen when you lived on Moonbeam Farm.

Jaxon was so glad that he had found such great friends and a wonderful place to live.  His friends definitely kept life exciting!  He loved that he could use his magic powers to make his friends be able to communicate with each other.  Dewey and him still got many laughs whenever Odessa and the Man-servant would get into it with their words.  Hmm…that gave Jaxon an idea, and he smiled as he drifted back to sleep.

The Man-servant had been  dreaming about the day when they all found out that they were going to be in a book.  So exciting!  He knew that it was a lot of work to write a book, so he would keep patiently waiting.  He knew Carolyn and Colin were hard at work, and that progress was being made.

Patience  was no problem for him!  He needed large doses of it sometimes in dealing with Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon;  they all could be so tricky,  but what amazing friends they were!  He was sly as well and had his times of winning, where he managed to get one over on them.  He smiled to himself as he thought about the Rooftop incident.  There was also the time that the cupboard door which held Dewey’s  food  would not open for some mysterious reason.

He smiled at all the adventures that they have had.  His friends could definitely create a lot of mischief, but they could give him sweet surprises as well.  He still remembered the wonderful sight of all the different colored balloons that they had tied to his tractor.  It was fun releasing them into the sky and watching them fly.  Who knows where the wind would take them as they soared up high in the sky.  Who knows what the next adventure in store for them may be!

The many memories of past adventures kept coming.  The time that Odessa tried to tell him how to ride a bike and what the end result of that was!  The surprise of his Cardboard Cake  and the surprise of some ” thoughtful” gifts that Dewey and Jaxon had given him.  Their surprise when they got thrown into the pile of leaves!  The many times that Odessa’s sharp wit left him speechless and fumbling for words.

He shook his head,  what a life he had!  He wouldn’t trade it for anything,  but now he better get back to sleeping.  Dewey may be peacefully sleeping now,  but when he woke up  for breakfast the Man-servant needed to  be ready.  Dewey wasn’t as strong in the “Patience” department yet as the Man-servant was.

The stars were out and the night was still as once again all were asleep at Moonbeam Farm.



The Horse Race

The week-end is here and we are off to the races!


Well perhaps not literally! I am inviting all of you to the races.  You can come but still stay in the comfort of your own  home. Yes, you guessed right, we are headed to Moonbeam Farm. Another fun story from the book that Colin and I are working on.  I thought I would give all of you a little treat, since you answered trivia questions about our Moonbeam Farm gang on Thursday. If you missed seeing the answers, here is a link to my post yesterday. Friday’s Super Short Stories and more.

I have always enjoyed horses. They bring back such sweet memories.  I remember visiting my Aunt and Uncle when I was young, and they  had several horses in their barn. Seeing them and going for a ride was always the highlight of the visit. I can still smell the scent of the hay when I would walk into the barn and I remember the joy I had at feeding them. The fun memories of childhood. I think it was the Kentucky Derby that my Uncle would go to each year. Not to place bets at all, just to enjoy an exciting  race of beautiful horses. They really are magnificent creatures.

Get ready to enjoy an exciting race now! You can place bets in your mind of who is going to win, just try not to get the horses names confused. I can guarantee that you have never heard horses with names like these! The creativity with the  horses names did come from Colin,  need I say more.  I feel confident that following this horse race, will give your brain some exercise. Enjoy and may your horse win!

The Horse Race!

Every year, the town held a Founders Day celebration which always included a horse race around a local field. This year, it was being run in the field on the other side of the barn at Moonbeam Farm. The Man-Servant, while not a gambling man, would always watch the race and place friendly bets with Odessa, Jaxon and Dewey.

Dewey had dozed off after breakfast, and suddenly woke up to an empty farmhouse! It was unusual for the Man-Servant not to be around at this time, so he went over to the barn and saw Jaxon rearranging the straw on his bed. “Hey… Jaxon! Have you seen the Man-Servant?” he asked. “It is horse race day today.” said Jaxon. “He’s probably in the field trying to find a good place to watch the race!”

Dewey went out into the field and saw the Man-Servant sitting on a low branch of a large oak tree, and just above him was Odessa. “Hi guys!” said Dewey. ‘Isn’t it a bit early for the race?” The Man-Servant looked down to where Dewey was standing. “The race starts in thirty minutes, and Odessa and I wanted a good place to watch. Are we going to bet again this year?” They have bet in previous years with the winners being waited on for a day by the losers.

Jaxon just then arrived, so Odessa flew down and picked him up. She then placed him on the branch next to the Man-Servant, while Dewey just climbed up the tree trunk to where the others were now sitting. “Okay.” said the Man-Servant. “My bet is on Second Chance to win!”

Odessa just laughed. “Second Chance? Really? Don’t you remember him from last year? My pick is Third Strike!”

Dewey and Jaxon looked at each other and burst out laughing. Dewey turned to them both. “You’re kidding right? You honestly think that either Second Chance or Third Strike can win this race? Are you both totally out of touch with reality?” The Man-Servant smiled at Dewey. “We’ll soon see won’t we? Who are you picking?” Jaxon decided to get involved in the conversation. “I am going to pick the winner!” he said. “I am picking Seventh Heaven!” Dewey just looked at Jaxon and rolled his eyes. “I am in shock.” he said. “There are only six horses in this race and you guys are picking Third Strike, Second Chance and Seventh Heaven? Incredible! You guys will soon all be waiting on me for a whole day because my horse is First Choice! It’s going to be the winner!”

As the race was about to start, the Man-Servant got his binoculars out of their case. While Odessa could see across the field really clearly, the Man-Servant needed his binoculars. He could also then give Dewey and Jaxon a commentary when the horses were furthest away from them.

The race started from the far side of the field and, as in previous years, it consisted of four laps. As the horses came around the bend and down the straight which took them by the tree, it was First Choice who was leading! Dewey was jumping up and down on the branch. “Look guys! He is already out in front! Get ready to be my servants for a day!”

As the horses went around the curve and headed for the start/finish line area, the Man-Servant gave his commentary. “Okay guys. First is now second. Seventh first. Third and Second have just been passed by Knot Like Lee and Lou Zher is picking up the rear.

Dewey just looked at the Man-Servant. “What?” he said. “Do you mean that First Choice is now second, or that Second Chance is first?” “Hold on Dewey.” he said. “They’re just coming round the bend towards us again!” They all watched as the horses went thundering past their tree. Odessa was happy because Third Strike had managed to get into second place behind Seventh Heaven. They all watched intently as they went around the curve and headed down the straight to complete the second lap.

“Right!” said the Man-Servant. “As they start lap three, Third is still second but Second is now first!” Dewey looked at him again. ‘Do you mean that Third Strike is in second place, or that Second Chance is in third place, but then who is in first place?” The Man-Servant was too excited to answer!

“Finishing the third lap, Third is fourth, Second is first, First is third and Seventh is second!” said the Man-Servant. Dewey and Jaxon were exasperated as they did not understand what he was talking about.

“This is the final lap guys, and they’ll soon be near us again!” said the Man-Servant. Dewey and Jaxon were all standing on the branch now, and Jaxon was jumping around when he saw Seventh Heaven was in the lead, with Odessa’s Third Strike right behind it. Dewey was shouting “C’mon First Choice! Get moving!” The Man-Servant was also shouting at Second Chance to go faster as they went round the bend for the final time and headed for the finish line, all six horses were very close.

Dewey kicked the Man-Servants leg. “This is the end of the race Man-Servant so commentate clearly so we all know what is happening!” “Okay Dewey.” he said. “As they start the straight away down to the finish line, First is third. Second is first…”

At that moment, Dewey bit the Man-Servant’s leg. “Man-Servant! You really suck as a commentator. We have no idea what is happening out there!” The Man-Servant looked down at him. “The race is over Dewey! Lou Zher sprinted to first place with Knot Like Lee right behind him!”

Jaxon looked up at the Man-Servant. “So none of us won?” “No Jaxon.” said the Man-Servant. “Our horses came in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th!

Odessa picked up Jaxon from the branch and placed him on the ground, where he was soon joined by the Man-Servant and Dewey. Odessa then flew up and on to the Man-Servant’s shoulder, and they all headed back to the farm.

“Tell me Man-Servant.” said Odessa. “Why did you pick Second Chance to win?” “Well,” said the Man-Servant, “I liked the name. I liked the idea that it was getting a second chance. Why did you pick Third Strike Odessa?” Odessa looked at him, and rolled her eyes. “My horse’s name was not Third Strike Odessa, but just Third Strike. I picked it because I like the attitude behind third strike. It’s like a polite threat that something was going to happen… as in three strikes… third strike… get it?”

Dewey had been listening. “I picked First Choice because… well… it’s First Choice!” Jaxon was smiling at all the comments. “You guys are so not clued in at all about horse racing are you! You don’t pick a horse based on its name. You study the form of the various horses, and then make an educated decision based on everything you learn. That way there is a very good chance that your horse will do well.”

The Man-Servant, Odessa and Dewey were thinking about what Jaxon had said, and then Dewey asked. “So why did you pick Seventh Heaven?” Jaxon didn’t answer, but suddenly started racing towards the open farm gate. The others chased after him, and caught him at the door to the farmhouse. He was laughing so much that, for a moment, they did not know what to say.

Then the Man-Servant took charge. “Okay Jaxon. Why did you pick Seventh Heaven?” “I told you!” said Jaxon. “You have to study their form, and Seventh Heaven looked very good.” The Man-Servant shook his head. “Oh… Jaxon! I know that is not true because I did check the horses and Seventh Heaven was running her first race!” Odessa looked at Jaxon. “Tut! Tut! Jaxon. You are not telling us the truth are you?”

“It was my magic.” said Jaxon. “I consulted my magic as I thought that it could make Seventh Heaven win, and you guys would have to spoil me for a day!” Dewey looked at him. “You mean you tried to cheat?” Jaxon turned around to face Dewey. “You would have cheated if you knew how!” “Well yes,” said Dewey, “but I’m a cat!”

The Man-Servant was shaking his head. “You two are so bad! It‘s not nice to cheat.” Odessa turned to look at him. “Really? Really? I saw you talking to one of the horse owners yesterday, and heard something about owing you a favor. What was that all about? Am I the only one here that has any integrity?”

Just at that moment, Florence and Hermione flew into the yard and landed near Odessa. “It didn’t work.” said Florence. “We tried to distract all the horses like you said, except Third Strike, but those horses were really focused on the race. Sorry! We’ve got to dash!”

As soon as Florence and Hermione had flown out of the yard, the four of them just looked at each other, and then burst out laughing at what they had all tried, and failed, to do!

Friday’s Super Short Stories and more

Simple answers aren’t always so simple!

Curiosity creates questions…questions lead to answers which create more curiosity, leading  to more questions….. it’s a never ending cycle!

Now I will help cure the curiosity of some, though Colin may have already cured some curiosity.  I told him to feel free to share his answers on yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I had posted some short trivia questions about the gang that lives at Moonbeam Farm. The 4 characters that can easily charm their way into your heart. I am sure some of you have been up during the night wondering what the right answers are. May your curiosity be cured as you read on!

1.What are 2 of Dewey’s favorite things to do? Eating and sleeping! His belly is never full and he can sleep anywhere. Remember he fell asleep in the boat! But as some of you mentioned there is something else that ranks right up there with those 2, and that is giving the Man-servant a hard time! He is dedicated to that for sure. 🙂

2.  Who can be sassy putting the others  in their place pretty quickly with their quick wit? Yes, all the characters can be a little sassy, but Odessa is the WINNER! She can make the Man-servant speechless!

3. Who thought they had a wonderful plan to make Dewey be able to fly, what could possibly go wrong? (answer found in Dewey’s Flight!)  Jaxon, and as to what went wrong…. well you will have to read the story. 🙂

4. Who can be sly and give back as good as he gets? The Man-servant! Some of you have mentioned before how you feel sorry for the Man-servant at times, there really is no need to. He is very good at paybacks. The The Big Wheel is just one example of how sly he can be!

5. Where do they all live? Moonbeam Farm, where there is a never a dull moment!

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is Dewey at being patient? Now Poor Dewey did not rate very well with those who answered. One of you, who will go unnamed, (my Sassy Sis) gave Dewey a 0!!  If you would rate Dewey’s level of patience higher than a 2, please chime in! LOL!  I say a 4, and on a good day maybe even a 5. Then again, perhaps that is stretching it.

7. Who was stranded while being up high, deciding to just enjoy the view? The Man-Servant, thanks to Jaxon and Dewey! He didn’t even thank them for letting him rest awhile as he enjoyed the sights. 🙂

It was pointed out to me though that this question could actually have 2 answers. Before the Man-servant was stranded on the Big Wheel, Dewey and Jaxon were stranded on the roof! A plan of Dewey and Jaxon’s kind of backfired in that story. The Rooftop Incident 

8. This question is from a story further back, but I am sure there are some of you that remember. Who took a long journey, leaving behind their friends at the Farm? (making them curious, not to mention me, as I was sent the story part by part each day. Yes, Colin enjoys testing my curiosity!)  Odessa! If you have not read Colin’ s great story about her journey, I encourage you to. It is longer then most stories, but worth it. Here is a link to Part 1. Odessa’s Journey – Part 1

Thanks again for your love of these characters and the stories that Colin and I write. It is always fun to hear your responses about the stories.

Oh yes, there is one more question! How could I possibly forget it. It was the question about how Moonbeam Farm got its name. That one was a hard question, for apparently none of you remembered reading about it in any of the stories! Of course that could be due to the reason that the answer wasn’t in any of the stories! 🙂  A sly question, YES! Remember it was Colin who asked it. 🙂

It is a mystery, but I do like my sister’s answer. The Farm shines brightly as the Moonbeam casts its glow!



An Early Morning

Good Morning! I was awake way too early this morning? 4am! Crazy to be wide awake at that time, but I was. Any clue as to why, for I don’t have any. I did end up texting my sister who was up at 4am to get on the plane to come back home. I told her she must be the reason, since her brain was awake, so was mine! We do tend to share the same brain at times.

I went back to sleep at 6, but only slept for a hour until I awoke again.So now I am listening to Pandora on my computer and enjoying the stillness of the morning. I have already done a load of laundry, but who knows how productive the rest of my day will be. I have a feeling that the following picture may define me by this afternoon.

984da84fc9ea242915a26de29df480e2 It was an exciting book, but…..

Perhaps something so exciting will happen today that will keep me wired and awake! Maybe? Yes? No, probably not!What do you think?

I heard yesterday that it is always good to keep the brain working, brain therapy they say! Since I care about the health of your brains, here is some fun trivia for all of you. Trivia that has to do with “The Odessa Chronicles”,  the book that Colin and I are currently working on.  A book for the young and old. It is about our wonderful, crazy friends; Odessa, Dewey, Jaxon and of course the Man-servant! If you haven’t read any of our stories about Odessa the Barn Owl, Dewey the Tabby Cat, Jaxon the Jackalope and the Man-servant, then wait no longer. They are humorous,  fun, special characters that we have come to love. Here is a link to the latest story about them. The Big Wheel

Now get those brains working! I promise I won’t make you strain your brains too hard!  Think you can get them all right? Have fun, just guess if you don’t know. For you never know you may turn out being right.

1. What are 2 of Dewey’s favorite things to do?

2.  Who can be sassy putting the others  in their place pretty quickly with their quick wit?

3. Who thought they had a wonderful plan to make Dewey be able to fly, what could possibly go wrong? (answer found in Dewey’s Flight!)

4. Who can be sly and give back as good as he gets?

5. Where do they all live?

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is Dewey at being patient?

7. Who was stranded while being up high, deciding to just enjoy the view?

8. This question is from a story further back, but I am sure there are some of you that remember. Who took a long journey, leaving behind their friends at the Farm? (making them curious, not to mention me, as I was sent the story part by part each day. Yes, Colin enjoys testing my curiosity!)







The Big Wheel

Good Morning! I thought I would start off the week with a smile for all of you! Sit down and put your feet up and enjoy a trip back to Moonbeam Farm. Take another peek into the book that Colin and I are working on. The Man-servant works so hard at  taking care of Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon, and trying to maintain his sanity with them. Sit back and look what happens when Colin has the Man-servant treat himself, by going to the town carnival. Sounds like a fun day, right? What could possibly go wrong?

The Big Wheel

POUNCE! Dewey had landed!

The Man-Servant’s eyes popped wide open. Dewey loved pouncing on him when he was napping, just to see his reaction. His hands would wave about as he tried to get his bearings after being rudely interrupted and, by the time he had recovered from his abrupt awakening and looked around, all he ever saw was Dewey curled up on his bed and seemingly asleep! Dewey loved to play jokes on the Man-Servant!

A short time later, Jaxon arrived in the farmhouse as planned. He and Dewey had arranged to go on an adventure together and as soon as Dewey had finished his breakfast, they were on their way.

As they crossed the yard and went out through the gate and into the field, Dewey turned to Jaxon. “I pounced on the Man-Servant again this morning! You should have seen him jump!” Jaxon was laughing as he listened to the details. “I wish that I had been there.” he said. “You should be careful though because, one day, he might just realize that it is you, and then you will have some problems with him playing jokes on you!” “I hadn’t thought about that.” said Dewey. “I didn’t get my after breakfast treat this morning. Hmmm… perhaps he already suspects something?”

They carried on across the field, laughing about the things that they had done to the Man-Servant since he moved into Moonbeam Farm, when Dewey suddenly stopped. “What’s up?” said Jaxon. “Can’t you smell it?” he said. “There is a wonderful aroma of food! There is a ton of food around here somewhere!” Jaxon stood still and listened because he has incredibly sensitive ears. “I can hear music!” he said. “I was at a fairground once, and it sounded just like this, and there was lots of food! Let’s go and find the fair!”

They found the fair behind a large building, and Dewey was following his nose through the people and up to a popcorn cart. Jaxon was right behind him and, fortunately, the people were too busy to see them scurrying along the ground. Dewey suddenly called out. “Jaxon! There is a bag of popcorn here on the ground!” Dewey grabbed the bag and they both went under the cart and opened it up. “It smells much better than it tastes” said Dewey, but Jaxon was not listening as he was focused on all the feet around him!

“What are you doing?” said Dewey. “Look over there.” said Jaxon pointing at a pair of boots. “Don’t you recognize them?” Dewey looked hard. “They are similar to the Man-Servant’s boots.” he said. “They ARE the Man-Servant’s boots!” said Jaxon. “Let’s follow him and see where he goes.”

The Man-Servant had decided to ride the Big Wheel, and as he lined up to get his ticket, Jaxon and Dewey were watching him and looking at the Big Wheel. “It’s really big!” said Dewey. “I know!” said Jaxon. “Look how high these chair things are going to go once it starts turning!”

The Man-Servant climbed into his chair; lowered the bar in front of him so that he could not fall out, and waited. It was not long before the Big Wheel started turning. Dewey and Jaxon both looked up in amazement as they saw the Man-Servant going higher and higher, and looking smaller and smaller. Eventually of course, he was over the top and coming down again. Dewey and Jaxon had now started to just look around when Dewey noticed a big red button on the side of the Big Wheel near to where the operator was standing.

“I wonder what that button does?” said Dewey. Jaxon looked sat him and smiled. “It stops the wheel from turning!” Dewey had a sly grin on his face. “Well perhaps we should push that button when the Man-Servant is up high! Wouldn’t that be fun?” Jaxon shook his head. “No, we shouldn’t do that as it is for emergencies, and only the operator should press it.” “Oh… that’s a shame!” said Dewey! He then crept around until he was in front of the operator, and suddenly jumped up with a loud “EEK!” The operator fell backwards and onto the red button! The Big Wheel suddenly stopped!

Jaxon looked at Dewey. “I think you just broke the Big Wheel!” he said. Dewey was laughing. “I know… and guess where the Man-Servant is?” Jaxon slowly looked up at the Big Wheel, and then he too burst out laughing. “He’s at the very top! How he will get down?” Dewey just looked at him. “Come on Jaxon. Let’s get out of here fast!”

The both ran as fast they could, and were soon back in the yard near the barn when they both stopped; looked at each other, and burst out laughing again. “I wonder if the Man-Servant will get home tonight?” said Dewey, and then started laughing again!

Suddenly there was the familiar whoosh-whoosh sound as Odessa landed next to them. “Okay guys. I could hear you from inside the barn … so what’s up?” Dewey could not tell her the story, as he kept laughing at the thought of the Man-Servant being stuck at the top of the Big Wheel, so Jaxon explained what had happened. Odessa’s eyes opened really wide. “You mean the Man-Servant is probably still stuck at the top of a Big Wheel?” “Could well be!” said Jaxon. Odessa just looked at them both and grinned. “This is something I have to see!” she said, and took off in the direction of town.

The Man-Servant was still sitting in his chair and waiting for the problem, whatever it was, to be fixed when Odessa landed on his safety bar and looked at him. “What are you doing up here Man-Servant? Admiring the view perhaps?” The Man-Servant just looked at her. “Yes Odessa, I got on this Big Wheel and decided to stop it when I was right at the top just so that I could admire the view!” Odessa cocked her head to one side. “That’s rather inconsiderate don’t you think?” The Man-Servant looked at her. “What?” Odessa repeated. “That’s rather inconsiderate don’t you think? You decided to stop and admire the view, and everybody else has to stop because of it. Humans are exasperating!”

The Man-Servant just stared at her. “I didn’t really stop it Odessa!” Odessa hopped along the bar to get a little closer. “Then why did you say that you did?” “I don’t know!” said the Man-Servant. “It just seemed a good response to your question?” Odessa gave her best confused look. “I don’t understand your species! I am going back to the farm. Have a nice time up here!”

Just as Odessa took flight, the Man-Servant called out to her so she circled around and landed back on the safety bar. “What!” she said. “Can you check up on Dewey and Jaxon and let them know that I will likely be home later than usual today. They’re probably playing in the yard.” “Actually,” said Odessa, “when I left, they were both up on the farmhouse roof and jumping off it into the flower beds!”

“What!” said the Man-Servant. “You didn’t stop them? They could seriously hurt themselves.” Odessa just blinked her big eyes at him. “When I saw them they were in the yard.” The Man-Servant looked rather annoyed. “Then why did you say that you saw them jumping off the roof?” “It just seemed like a good response to your earlier comment. I have to go now Man-Servant. Enjoy your ride!”

Odessa then took flight once again and headed back to Moonbeam Farm. She glanced back as she headed over the town and noticed the Big Wheel start turning again.

She saw Jaxon and Dewey, as she flew into the yard, and told them that the Man-Servant will probably be home soon as she had seen the Big Wheel starting to move again.

He arrived about thirty minutes later, and decided to explain to them why he had been delayed. “I was riding the Big Wheel when something happened and a safety switch stopped it from turning.” he said. Dewey was grinning. “Were you feeling on top of the world?” Jaxon added. “Was it nice to be going in circles and then suddenly stop?” Odessa flew over to him. “Hi Man-Servant. What was it like to reach new heights?”

The Man-Servant looked at them all. “How come you all seem to know so much, and why are you all grinning?” Odessa moved in closer. “I told them that I had found you when I was flying over the town!”

“Well,” said the Man-Servant, “it was not a very pleasant experience sitting at the top of the Big Wheel while the staff was down below trying to find out why the emergency button had been activated.” Dewey and Jaxon just looked at each other and tried not to laugh.

“Isn’t it time for our supper?” said Dewey. “Absolutely it is.” said the Man-Servant, as he got up and went to the cupboard where he kept Dewey’s food. “Oh… there seems to be a problem.” said the Man-Servant. “Your cupboard door won’t open!” Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa all looked at him. “What do you mean it won’t open?” said Dewey. “I can’t open the cupboard door. I guess somebody has pressed the safety button so I shall have to look for the cause and then reset it, unless it resets itself… but I think that I’ll have a cup of tea first!”

“How long will it take to reset it?” said Dewey. “Oh… only about twenty to thirty minutes.” said the Man-Servant. Twenty-five minutes later, the Man-Servant tried the door and it opened so Dewey was able to have his supper.

Dewey was talking to Jaxon and Odessa later when he said “What are the chances of that happening. The Big Wheel, and my food cupboard door, breaking down on the same day?” Odessa just looked at him and rolled her eyes. “I don’t think it was coincidence Dewey. I think he knows it was you. I would suggest that you are super nice to him for some time now as it might take him a long time to forget this day!” Dewey just stared at Odessa. “Whatever!”

Dewey in the Spotlight!

Happy Saturday! The week-end is here! To start your week-end off right I thought I would share an interview that Colin had with one of our wonderful friend’s from Moonbeam Farm! If you missed seeing how Dewey came to Moonbeam Farm, here is the link to the story.  Once Upon A Time (part 3) and Once Upon A Time… Part 3b. You will also find links to Odessa and Jaxon’s stories, if you missed them. How did these Adventurers find each other?

Dewey is a very special cat and he of course could not let Odessa( the barn owl) be the only one in the spotlight! He felt that he needed an interview as well, so Colin was nice to oblige.

Out of simple curiosity do you have a favorite friend from Moonbeam Farm? If so, feel free to share who and why. Would be fun to know. Now we better get the interview done, before Dewey falls asleep!!


Dewey Interview – General

Colin: Hi Dewey. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Where should we start?

Dewey: Given the amount of air-time that Odessa has been getting, I was wondering when my interview would be coming but, before we start, I have a question for you!

Colin: Okay Dewey… go for it!

Dewey: I brought my favorite bowl with me. Would you mind putting some food in it for me?

Colin: Not a problem Dewey but while I am…………………..

Dewey: Sorry to interrupt old buddy, but can I have one of my cushions here… appropriately fluffed up of course, as this carpet is rather… well, not my first choice of some place to chill!

(A few minutes later)

Colin: Okay Dewey. Tell me what you think about your origins in the stories.

Dewey: Well, I am obviously indebted to Odessa. I have no idea how I got into that log at such a young age because you chose never to disclose that in the story. I also know nothing about my Mom and Dad. Do I have any sisters or brothers? I think that you owe me an explanation!

Colin: To be totally honest Dewey, there are many aspects of all four of you that have not been explained. That is just a very easy way of “leaving the door open” for more stories.

Dewey: So do I have a Mom and Dad?

Colin: That has not been decided yet.

Dewey: Do I have any brothers or sisters?

Colin: That has not been decided either!

Dewey: Do you have any more food because my bowl seems to be empty again?

(A few minutes later)

Colin: Well Dewey, we don’t have a lot of time so why don’t we just focus on Odessa. How do you feel about having a bird as a friend?

Dewey: In general… not a lot, although (don’t tell Odessa) I kind of like having her around.

Colin: Can you explain that for our readers?

Dewey: Of course. Odessa is like a big sister to me, except better!

Colin: In what way is she better?

Dewey: Well… to start with she is big! She can fly so well and totally intimidate small creatures on the ground, just like I do sometimes. Oh… and she has a very sharp beak, and a wicked set of claws. If I had to pick somebody to be on my side in a difficult situation, then I would pick Odessa!

Colin: What you think about Jaxon?

Dewey: Oh I love Jaxon. He is a cutie. He really doesn’t say too much, although I love it when he tries to communicate with Odessa… and his magic is fun, and concerning, at times. Can we talk about the Man-Servant?

Colin: Of course.

Dewey: Well… our first meeting was fun because although he was wide awake when we first met, his behavior was so “unhuman” that I knew that there would be an awakening later. You should have seen his face when he suddenly realized that him and I could communicate!  That was so much fun, and even when he dropped his cup of tea and made a mess of the floor, I just had to laugh. I also had to make sure he knew that I expected him to clean up after himself! In general, we get along pretty good and he is very entertaining when trying to talk with Odessa!

Colin: Our time is out Dewey, so thank you so much for sharing some of your thoughts. I’ll let you have the last few words here, so what would you like to say?

Dewey: Well Colin. I think it odd that you can overlook the obvious at times, but do you see my food bowl? Can you see anything in it?

Fun-Loving Friends

Happy Wednesday!! Last Friday I shared a beautiful picture of Odessa that Jodi,  a sweet blogger  friend painted. Well Dewey didn’t think that Odessa should get all the attention, after all Dewey believes that  he is a special cat.   He actually is awake in the picture!  He must be getting hungry. I believe his beautiful green eyes are saying, “See how sweet and innocent I am, Please feed me!” dewey-the-cat-moonbeam-farm-in-watercolor-8x10-140lb-saunders-hot-press

Jaxon his laid backed pal,  enjoyed seeing the pictures of his friends. He is modest and didn’t feel that he needed his picture done, but he also realized that a lot of people may not know what a Jackalope looks like. He has a big heart, so he thought that perhaps he could help out by letting others see a picture of him. You will never find a sweeter Jackalope than Jaxon!


Thank you again Jodi for your lovely pictures of our friends who live on Moon Beam Farm. If you haven’t met the gang from Moon Beam Farm yet, don’t waste another minute! They are eager to meet you and entertain you with all their fun adventures. It has been an exciting adventure for Colin and I as we put our book together! Follow this link to a post on Colin’s blog that tells you more about the coming book. https://meandray.com/  This gang is something else, you never quite know what they are going to do!

Here is another  link that gives you a glimpse at an adventure that Dewey had. Dewey’s Flight! You just never know what all can happen at a wonderful place named  Moon Beam Farm!

Speaking of Moon Beam Farm, have any of you ever wondered how……. No, don’t think I am going to ask that right now! 🙂 I think I am feeling sleepy like Dewey, was awake too early.  Must be nice to be like Dewey and just sleep whenever he wants to. Sleeps until the Man-Servant fixes him his gourmet breakfast. Maybe my breakfast will magically appear this morning! Then again, I have 2 sleeping teenagers. No, don’t think it is going to happen. I don’t live at Moon Beam Farm!





Dewey’s Flight: Back to the Farm!

One more story in Dewey’s Adventure. I am pretty confident that he is not going to want to try another flying adventure again. I think he learned his lesson. Cats aren’t meant to fly! Plus he needs to listen to what his friends tell him. Will he listen to them next time?? Well…. he is a cat, remember! 🙂

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 7 – Back to the Farm!

 Odessa, Florence and Hermione escorted Dewey back to the farm, but it took a lot longer than it should have, because of Dewey’s damaged wing. Soon however, the farm house and the barn were in sight and the four of them slowly dropped down and landed in the yard.

Jaxon saw them land and called the Man-Servant. “Dewey’s back! Dewey’s back! Odessa, Florence and Hermione are with him!” The Man-Servant came out of the farmhouse and walked to where they had all gathered. “So I guess you were totally lost until these three owls found you. Right?” he said to Dewey. “You owe them big time because, in case you had forgotten, owls usually sleep during the day!” Dewey looked rather subdued. “Sorry Odessa. Sorry Florence. Sorry Hermione.” He then turned to the Man-Servant “Is my bowl of food waiting for me?”

 Odessa took charge of the conversation. “Forget food for a while Dewey. Do you have any idea how much danger you were in?” Dewey just looked at her. “My wings feel funny.” Odessa stomped around for a few seconds. “Dewey you lunatic cat, you could have been killed.” The Man-Servant had been listening. “What are you talking about Odessa. Where did you find him?” Odessa just looked at the Man-Servant, and then at Dewey. “Are you going to tell him what happened out there, or would you like me to?”

 Dewey looked up at the Man-Servant. “I got rather carried away and ended up near the Big Water. On my way back here, I was attacked by a hawk.” Odessa then explained how the three of them had found Dewey and realized that a hawk was diving down on him so they lined themselves up and then kept diving down onto it until it gave up and flew away. Odessa then stared at Jaxon. “And what were you thinking giving Dewey those wings?” Jaxon shuffled his feet on the ground. “Well I thought it would be fun, and I did tell Dewey to stay low and where we could see him.” Odessa looked in shock at Jaxon. “He’s a cat Jaxon! What more do you need to know! Cats will always do what they want to do. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what they agree to… that’s just the way cats are!”

 All four of them decided to carry on the conversation in the farmhouse, and once they had all settled down, Dewey once again complained about his wings. Jaxon looked at him and grinned. “What do they feel like Dewey? Like weak? Like you cannot move them?” “Yes” said Dewey “That’s exactly how they feel. What’s wrong with them?” Jaxon laughed out loud. “Be thankful that you are not flying high over the fields near the Big Water Dewey. The magic is wearing off and you would be falling to the ground from a great height, just like any normal cat. You would probably not survive the fall my friend!”

 Dewey looked at the faces that were now watching him. “That could have really been serious couldn’t it? Thanks guys for coming to my rescue and bringing me back.” The Man-Servant sat down on the floor next to Dewey. “Dewey” he said “You really must listen to what people tell you.” Dewey looked at him “You mean like you?” “Yes” said the Man-Servant “Like me”. Dewey stood up and looked straight at him. “Well how come my bowl is still empty. Just how bad are your listening skills!” Odessa rolled her eyes and, looking at Florence and Hermione said “C’mon guys. We can do no more here. It’s time to sleep!”

Dewey’s Flight: The Battle!

Good Morning! One of your biggest questions may be answered today! What will happen to Dewey? Do you think he will ever attempt to fly again?  Will Odessa and the other owls successfully rescue Dewey or……??? Enjoy another part of Colin’s suspenseful tale. 🙂 If you missed Part 5, here is the link to it. Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 5-Meanwhile!

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 6 – The Battle!

 While all that was going on, Dewey was watching the hawk on its dive in his direction. He suddenly realized that its intent was to attack him, and immediately made a sharp turn. The hawk just missed him, although one of its outstretched claws did catch one of Dewey’s wings. Dewey was now totally focused on what it was doing, and totally forgot about trying to find Moonbeam Farm.

 He watched it gaining height once again, and then he saw it turn towards him. This time he was ready with a plan. He was going to wait until the very last moment, and then turn and dive towards the ground. He thought that perhaps the hawk would try and follow him and perhaps hit the ground.  As the hawk started another dive towards him, he just waited. Just before it would have caught him in its claws, Dewey made a very sharp turn and went down to within a few feet of the ground. The hawk followed him down but, at the last minute, it decided to regain some height and start again.

 Dewey did contemplate landing and running across the fields, but his wings would get in the way of his back legs so he really couldn’t run very well.  “Hooked nose” was probably very experienced at chasing creatures on the ground anyway!  He decided that, as landing was almost certainly going to end in disaster, he would just fly high enough to allow him to twist and turn, and hopefully confuse the hawk. He was starting to get a little tired now, but did manage to gain sufficient height that he could maneuver in any direction he wished when he had to.

 The hawk was starting another dive, and Dewey was waiting for the right moment to suddenly change direction. As it came closer and closer, Dewey just waited and waited. Suddenly, he made a sharp turn to the left, dropped down and made another turn to the right. The hawk was again foiled, but did once again catch a wing with one of its claws! This was worse than the first time and Dewey noticed that now it was not working as well as it should.

 He once again climbed back up into the sky and wondered what he had left to do. It was not going to leave him alone, and he was tired, and he had a damaged wing. He watched the hawk repeat its routine of climbing, turning and then diving. He waited right until the last moment and was about to make a sharp turn when he heard a lot of noises just above him. He looked up and saw Odessa who had just pounced on the hawk.  Florence and Hermione were in line behind her and diving in sequence so it could do nothing but try and fend off its attackers. Soon the battle was over and the hawk flew away.

 Odessa dropped down to fly next to Dewey. “Well… for a cat… I guess you just set a new standard in thoughtlessness! Didn’t it ever occur to you that there are aerial predators that are designed for flying… unlike you! Just look at yourself. You have two wings sticking out your sides, and four legs hanging down below. Unlike birds, you’re about as far from being aerodynamic as you can get! Really! What will you think of next? Anyway, be thankful that we got here in time. Now let’s get you home.”

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 5-Meanwhile!

Good Morning! Are you ready for a new week? Dewey was in a rather scary situation in Part 4, will he get out of it today?  If you missed Part 4, here is the link.  Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 4. Having trouble waking up today? Reading Part 4 and 5 may give your heart the jolt it needs to wake up, don’t need caffeine. 🙂 Have a great day. Thanks for following Dewey’s story and feel free to share your thoughts below! Let Colin know that he made your heart race!


Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 5 – Meanwhile!

 When the Man-Servant and Jaxon realized that Dewey could easily get himself into trouble, they decided to wake up Odessa. They both went into the barn and stood just beneath her roof beam. “Odessa!” called the Man-Servant. “Odessa! Wake up!” Odessa opened one eye and looked down at him. “What on earth is your problem?” she said “I have been out all night, and this is my sleep time. Have you no respect for others?”

 Jaxon then explained the magic that had enabled Dewey to fly. Odessa looked at him in disbelief. “You actually thought it would be a good idea to give a cat wings? What were you thinking? I guess that was the problem as clearly you were not thinking!” Odessa then looked at the Man-Servant. “I guess you agreed to this insanity?” The Man-Servant was feeling a little embarrassed. “Yes” he said “I thought it would be kind of interesting to see how Dewey gets on with flying.”

 Odessa just paced up and down her roof beam muttering something under her breath about being surrounded by idiots. She suddenly stopped and looked down at both of them. “Incredible!” she said. “We have a Jackalope with too much magic available to him, and a human who does not think things through too well! Incredible!”

 The Man-Servant looked back up at Odessa. “We need your help Odessa.”  “Yes I can well imagine you do, being as I am the only one here who can also fly! Don’t tell me… Dewey flew off and you have no idea where he is. Am I right?” “You are quite right Odessa” said the Man-Servant. “Of course I am!” said Odessa. “I am an owl! You are a human, and Dewey’s a cat! Who needs to know anything else? Giving him the ability to fly was doomed from the moment you guys dreamed the idea up!”

 The Man-Servant and Jaxon both apologized for waking up Odessa, and she slowly settled down. “I suppose you want me to find him right?” “Yes please” said the Man-Servant. “He took off over the fields in the general direction of the Big Water.” Odessa suddenly looked very serious. “You guys do understand that if he tries to fly over the Big Water, he is not likely to be coming back. He is not designed for very efficient flying and I doubt if he would get even half way across. Anyway, I shall fly as high as I can which should give me the best chance of seeing him. I cannot see it being that difficult to spot a flying cat!”

 All three of them went outside when suddenly Odessa turned to Jaxon. “Jaxon! See if you can get in touch with Hermione and her Mom, and ask them to meet me over the fields near the Big Water.” Odessa then took flight and soared as high as she could go and then turned in the general direction of the Big Water. Jaxon, in the meantime went racing across the field to the tree that Hermione often sits in during the day.

 Hermione was there as expected, so Jaxon told her the story about Dewey and asked if she and her Mom could meet up with Odessa. She just sat staring at Jaxon for a moment. “Is this a joke? A flying cat?” Jaxon explained that sadly it was not a joke. Hermione took flight and went off to get Florence.