Sunflower Smiles


Rows and Rows of Sunflowers, bringing smiles to all who see. 




When we were at the Sunflower fields last weekend we saw this Monarch flying around, looking so pretty as it flew from flower to flower.  I wasn’t able to capture it being still, but my husband managed a shot. On Monday Colin posted his poem “A Monarch Butterfly” on his blog which made me think of Sunday, at the Sunflower fields. I would like to share the poem here. If you are drawn to it, like I was, I would highly recommend his book of poetry, “Just Thinking”, a collection of poetry from the heart, that moves the heart.

“A Monarch Butterfly”

 You flew into my life.


Eye catching:


Your coat of many colours,

Gracefully swirled,

As you moved

In some mystical dance.


I was in awe.

Such beauty;

A Princess…

Right in front of me.

Colours flashed

As you turned around.

A sight indeed to behold

And… all could surely see.


But I was puzzled.

While I could see you

Oh so very clear,

To others it would not appear so.

They clearly saw me,

But passed on by,

And they seemed perturbed.

Didn’t they know?


“Why me?” I asked.

“Why me at this time?

The mysteries of life

Are long gone.

Why would you visit me

Oh fragile princess?

Why am I

Your chosen one?


I reached out to touch,

But you rustled your wings

And gently moved away.

What did I do?

Were you despairing

Of my clumsiness?

Should I even touch

A delicate being like you?


What was your purpose?

The silence was confusing to me.

Your being was a mystery

I did not understand,

But then you moved closer.

You reached out to me

And, for a moment,

You touched my hand.


You told me that I dream.

But to what ends?

They’re always elusive,

As you seemed to know.

Then you moved again.

Were you going to leave?

I had so many questions

Before you go.


But that was the moment

I shall never forget.

The warmth,

Enveloped in a shroud

Of harmony, of oneness.

I was at total peace,

As together we moved upwards.

Upwards and into the clouds.


Dreams would soon be realized.

I just knew this was to be

As we travelled through the air.

Just us two.

The sky became brighter.

My soul was now free.

My questions all gone.

The answers were… all along, you.

The Wings of Love

“Jasmine stop barking!” Madeline was coming down the hallway and peeked in Conner’s bedroom.  She saw their black and white Shih-tzu, Jasmine, barking at Conner. He  was sound asleep, but beginning to move  around a little bit. 

Jasmine looked up at Madeline with those big, pleading eyes of hers. The ones that were so easy to give in too!  Madeline smiled, she knew what Jasmine wanted.  She loved sleeping with Conner.  Madeline picked her up and placed her under Conner’s arm.  Jasmine snuggled in against him and with a sigh of contentment, closed her eyes. All was right with her world now.

Madeline looked tenderly at Conner covered up with his favorite purple dinosaur comforter. He loved the color purple and loved his dinosaurs. The best 5 year old dinosaur expert there was, he could say the names of all of them.  Looking around his room you could plainly see his love for them, by all the stickers on the wall. Saying goodnight to each one before bed was part of his nightly routine.

She bent her head down to kiss his forehead. Longed to pick him up for a hug, but didn’t want to wake him.  Soon enough he would be wide awake and a ball of energy for Drew.

Gazing at him with eyes full of love, she felt like her heart would burst. She didn’t want to leave him today. It was a Saturday, she should be home, but there was a special workshop that her job required her to attend. Letting out a sigh she bent down once more, brushing back his black curls, and placing a  tender kiss on his soft cheek.

“Mommy loves you precious one!”, she whispered, as she quietly walked out of his room.

The aroma of her favorite kind of coffee wafted up to her as she was coming down the stairs. A smile crossed her face when she saw her dear husband  sitting at the table with a mug of coffee waiting for her. His handsome smile always warmed her heart.

“Awh honey, thank you!”  They sat there for a few moments not saying much but enjoying each other’s company in the early morning hour.  Their kitchen table faced the big glass doors to their deck outside. Madeline looked forward to sitting out there with the warmer mornings coming soon.

The sky was ablaze with such a colorful sunrise.  It was like the sky had been painted just for them.  They both were savoring the peace and beauty of the morning as their eyes whispered words of love.

She got up and walked over to Drew giving him a kiss goodbye.

Catching her by surprise he playfully wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her down onto his lap. 

“Oh how I wish I could stay, but I have to go my dear!”

“Okay, you can go if you  can answer one question. Who is the best husband in the world?”

With a twinkle in her eye, she said, “ Hmmm….hard question, may have to think about that one!”

Mischief gleamed in Drew’s eyes as he tickled her. She squirmed with laughter, trying to break free of his arms.  He loved the sound of her laughter.  Showing mercy he let her go, but his eyes warned that there may be more paybacks coming later.

Her laughter echoed down the hallway as she went out the door.

Drew busied himself with getting ready for the day before his fireball of energy son woke up. He managed to get a few things done, before Conner came sleepily down the stairs.  A yummy breakfast of Conner’s favorite blueberry pancakes soon had him wide awake and chatting away.

They had played in the backyard for most of the morning.  Conner loved swinging on the swings and going down the slide. He would jump off the swing and run to the slide and then run back to the swings again. Drew breathed in the fresh air and was thankful for the time he got to spend with his little boy.

Butterflies were flying by as Conner was distracted for a little in trying to catch them. He squealed as one landed on his shoulder, then he stood very still not wanting to scare the butterfly away.  It was such a rare and sweet moment seeing Conner standing so still.  He stood there with a big smile on his face looking at the beautiful purple butterfly on his shoulder. Drew didn’t recall seeing many purple ones before, which made the moment extra special.

When the butterfly flew up into the sky Conner’s eyes followed it. It was like the butterfly had only flown down to say a special “HI” to Conner.  Conner stood watching it for a little and then ran back to the swings.

“Daddy push me high! As high as my purple butterfly!”  They played on the swings for a little longer before they went inside.

“Daddy, watch me!”  Conner came flying around the corner with his Superman cape on that he had found in the toy chest. He had been playing with his cars and trucks as Drew was working at his desk, but now it was time to be Superman.

He kept whizzing by Drew’s desk in his office. Suddenly Drew reached out and grabbed him, lifting him high up in the air. Conner shrieked with delight.  Drew held him for a bit and then put him down, only to repeat the process a few more times.

“I want some ice cream Daddy, please!”

“Let’s have some lunch first and then we can stop for ice cream after we stop at the store.”

“Yay, ice cream, ice cream, I get to have ice cream!” He danced a little jig in front of Drew. 

Drew laughed as he rubbed his hands through Conner’s curls.  He thought of how children found such pleasure in simple things. He wanted to freeze this moment in time, for he knew Conner wouldn’t be little forever. Before he knew it he would be asking for the car keys.

Conner ate lunch quickly.  He was anxious for his ice cream.  Soon they were in the car headed to the store. 

Once they got to the store, they got out of the car and Conner took Drew’s hand as they walked across the parking lot.  “Look Daddy, Look! Its my butterfly.” 

Sure enough, to Drew’s surprise, there was another purple butterfly that flew right in front of them. Conner was all smiles as they watched him fly.

“I want to fly Daddy, fly like my purple butterfly!”

(to be continued…)