Saturday’s Smiles!

Hope that all of you  have been having a good weekend and that these sweet animals will bring you some smiles. Feel free to add a caption to the pictures if you want! I just couldn’t resist posting them when I saw them on Pinterest. You really can lose yourself on that site. 🙂

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Our Little Visitor

I opened the door to go outside and get the mail and here is what I saw.


He was having his clover breakfast, he turned his head and noticed me.


He had been waiting for me, for he came running straight for me! He had a very important question to ask.


He said “HI! Can I please be in your  blog post this morning? Everyone loves bunnies, right?”


How could I say no  to such a  cute. little bunny? I greeted him back and said how fun it is to walk outside and see him. Its been happening a lot lately.  Since he has been a frequent visitor I thought it only polite to say yes to his request!  I assured him that he would be in my post and with that reassurance he ran off in a blur.

May your Saturday be filled with Smiles.  Stop and smell the roses and watch the bunnies, don’t let the beauty of this world pass you by in one big blur!