Feeling Blessed!


My husband and I took a hike today in a new area. The woods were so quiet as we walked by lush green plants and pretty wildflowers. The more we walked we began to hear the distant sound of water flowing. Found our way down to the creek and walked along it for a little ways, enjoying the sound of the water. I told my husband that I would love to have a creek in our backyard again.

One of the first places we had when we were married was a cottage in a meadow with a creek. Loved going out there in the morning and sitting by it with a book, or my journal, so that I could write.

I love nature, I can never tire of it! It is a gift to us, and I feel rich being able to enjoy it. It clears the mind and makes you feel at peace. We found our way to a waterfall, it wasn’t a huge, rushing one, but still pretty to watch the water run down the rocks. The hike back up the mountain may cause me some problems getting out of bed tomorrow morning, but it was worth it! A beautiful day!

As we walked I thought about the things that made me feel rich, love and friendship, and being able to enjoy the outdoors. Having good health where I can get outside, and living in an area where the woods isn’t far away. Yes, I am a beach person, but I do love the woods as well.

A recent conversation also came to my mind. I was talking about “The Odessa Chronicles” and Colin and I can’t say that the book has made us rich as far as monetary gain, BUT.. I pointed out that the book did indeed make us rich.

I have an owl, cat and a jackalope that will be my forever friends! Oh yes, and can’t forget the kind hearted man-servant.
I have seen children’s smiles and felt their hugs, because of our stories.
I have had words of appreciation for the book touch my heart deeply.
I have seen animals that had only existed in my crazy imagination become loved by others.
Colin and I both agree that we have gained far better riches than money!
Sure, we would love for “The Odessa Chronicles” to become a bestseller, and I do highly recommend that you check it out. You can just click on the picture of the cover in the right hand margin if you are interested in finding out more. But whether it ever becomes a bestseller or not, we are blessed by the smiles that we know it has brought, and how the stories have touched us!
I pray that when you go to bed at night that you can feel blessed by riches that can’t be bought. They are the ones that we can store in our hearts and never have disappear!


Bluebird of Happiness


The Bluebird of Happiness sings his song for all who take the time to listen!

What things bring a song to your heart and light your face with a smile?  Here is a list of a few of mine.

The comfort of having a furry companion near and watching their antics.

The uninhibited joy that a toddler can express!

Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty around me.

The gift of laughter that is bestowed on me countless times!

Listening to music, letting it speak to my heart.

Surprise Dates with the One I Love!

The fun, fabulous friendships that I cherish!

Surprises in the mail!

Writing and being surprised as to where the pen leads.

A tight hug.

A gentle kiss when it rains.

Wrapped in a blanket, watching a favorite movie that I have seen numerous times.

The contentment of feeling blessed.

Continue singing your song  oh pretty Bluebird, and for the reminder that there is  always reasons to celebrate  Happiness!