A Day with the Birds

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Frank and George were surrounded by birds. Their boss had sent them to Florida for a case to work on. They had made sure to get down there a couple days ahead of time so that they could get a little sight seeing in. Then they would be meeting with  another detective to talk about the case.

“Oh look there are some flamingos!” said Frank.


“You don’t say, is that a fact?” replied George. “I see you know your birds, eh?”

“Ask me any facts about birds and yes sir, I will give you an answer. Can’t promise you that the answer will be correct but I will give you one!” he said to George, with a laugh. George rolled his eyes and they walked on.

“So what kind of bird is that?” asked George.


Frank was quiet as he squinted his eyes at it and scrunched up his face. What he does when he thinks really hard. “Umm… I will get back to you on that”,  he said.

” I bet you are familiar with the Cuckoo bird, in fact you both may have something in common.” laughed George.

“Hmm…and perhaps you know the Dodo bird very well!” Frank said with a smile.

They took turns at feeding the birds with the food that was there for them. They were glad they came to these gardens, it was a relaxing break for them.

Taking a break on a bench, they sat down to eat some lunch when someone else came by to say “Hi!”  It startled George so much, that he dropped his sandwich, and it was gobbled up in no time!


Frank turned to George and said, ” I have a tip for you, next time you may want to pack 2 sandwiches!” George mumbled a reply.

Frank patted him on the back, “Its OK, I will pay the check for supper tonight.”  George smiled, “Sounds like a 5 course meal coming up!” Frank groaned, as George was laughing this time.

After eating lunch, they continued their tour of the gardens. They talked about what they knew about the case so far, that their boss had sent them to investigate. The details were sketchy and they were not sure if the details were fact or fiction. Figuring out the truth would be a challenge.

There were 2 possible suspects involved in the case of the very valuable painting that was missing. One claimed to be a photographer, who was addicted to coffee and had a pet bunny. How could anyone suspect someone that had a sweet, cute bunny? Frank and George had seen the pictures of it. Though it was also believed that he had a gnu, who would have a gnu for a pet, and where did he get it from?

The second possible suspect claimed to be a math professor. That alone made him suspicious. How could anyone enjoy dealing with numbers! Plus it was believed that he just made the purchase of a large beach house. Did he sell the valuable painting that was stolen and spend that money on his new beach house?

Frank and George kept talking about the tips that kept being called into the police station, but so far, all of them were leading to dead ends.

They were quiet for a moment, until George’s stomach growled, breaking the silence.

“I think we should call it a day and go for supper. We can delve into this mystery tomorrow. Sound good?” asked Frank.

“YES!” said George. “Oh look! I know what that is. I am a bird expert too!” George said with a smirk.


“Very funny!” said Frank, as they made their way out of the gardens.







Trivia Fun

A few weeks ago I had a little trivia game on here. I was impressed with your guesses, some of you were very close to the correct answers. I have such clever “followers!” I thought I would give you all another opportunity today. Once again there will be 6 trivia questions. You can answer one, two or all of them, in the comments below. I did make them a little easier this time. The ones who get closest to the correct answer will get a “prize” and the prizes will be different from last time. I will point out that this time I made sure that the questions have definitive answers, all details are covered! Take a chance, give it your best shot, you have nothing to lose and hopefully a little fun to have. I will reveal the answers and winners tonight. Oh yes, and remember the one rule, No Googling for the answers! 🙂

  1. In feet how tall was the tallest recorded sand castle?
  2. What was the age of the youngest person known to climb to the top of Mt.Everest?
  3. In miles per hour, how fast can an ostrich run? (Being that the ostrich is well rested and there are no weather conditions preventing it from running at its typical speed.)
  4. In months, how long did the Pony Express last?
  5. How many men have walked on the moon?
  6. How many constellations are there?


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! The weather is in the 70’s now and it feels sooo good!  I was out on my porch swing  yesterday and it was so nice to be able to relax for a few moments listening to the birds sing.  I thought I would do something different and start off this post today with some birds songs. . I also just had to include this one picture that popped up when I was looking for quotes.  Keep Smiling and have a great day!



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Pain in the Neck

I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck. Hurts to turn my head left. I slept really well, at least I thought I did. I must have had my head turned at an awkward angle or else was shaking my head a lot in my sleep. Who knows! Hopefully tonight will get it straight again!

With my neck pain I started thinking of animals with long necks. Can you imagine a giraffe getting a crick in their necks?


I wonder if swans ever have problems with their necks. Perhaps that is what makes them bite sometimes, their necks are aching!

Do flamingos necks ever ache?


What about the poor ostrich ? What is his neck gets a crick when buried in the sand!


Yes, my neck may hurt, but I think I am better off than these animals, and better off than my husband! He likes to say that he gets a crick in his neck when he has to bend down to me. He is a little over a foot taller than me. I may get a crick in my neck when sleeping, but I don’t have to worry about bending! 🙂

The 2nd day of Winter…I mean Spring!

Good Morning! These videos were posted on Facebook by a beautiful Inn that has special meaning to Brad and I.  I got permission to share these video clips on here with all of you. Yes, it is Spring, and we should be seeing green grass, but you can’t deny the beauty shown in these clips. Hope that they bring you a smile!


Lassie, our Sheltie loves the snow. The snow took a break overnight but is well at it again today. Supposed to get an inch a hour through 5pm.



And the Comics are having fun with these first 2 days of Spring. My dear husband found these to pass on.

And a little view from our front porch. There are 2 bushes, the other one is just disguised as all white. 🙂