The people that I am about to tell you about are not actors, they are real people, real situations! I wish though that they would be actors for a fictional show, but you know what they say, real life is stranger than fiction!

My teenagers work at Arby’s Fast Food Restaurant. As those who have worked with the public before know, you meet all kinds of people! Let me share some examples with you.

Customer Number 1 – The man who spent 10 minutes at the drive thru window yelling at my teenager because of not taking his coupon. He had a coupon for a discount off a sandwich. A roast beef sandwich. The problem was he didn’t want a roast beef sandwich he wanted a slider which is different. It is smaller than a  roast beef sandwich and cheaper. He wanted to use the coupon on the slider. He was yelling so loud that the manager had to come over to the window and tell him to please leave! Seriously! What makes us feel like we are entitled to whatever we want. Its like going to Walmart and saying you want one product for the price of a different product!

Customer Number 2 – Arby’s are known for their yummy curly fries but one lady was dissatisfied. It wasn’t that they didn’t taste good, for she hadn’t even tasted them. She had only looked at them! She wanted a bag of new fries. Why? Because the fries weren’t curly enough for her! Yes, you heard me right. Its like expecting all french fries to be the exact same size of each other! There were fries in her bag that were not as curly as some other ones and as she said to my teenager “Well they are called curly fries, aren’t they!”

Customer Number 3 – Hands over a Wendy’s coupon. “Sorry sir this coupon is for Wendy’s.”  “Can you take it anyway?”

Customer Number 4 – “I want a chocolate chip cookie please”.  Hands the lady a chocolate chip cookie. “That’s not what I want! I want a chocolate chip cookie!”  “Ma’am, this is a chocolate chip cookie!”  “No, its not, I want that one!”  Points to a different cookie.  “Okay, but that is not chocolate chip.”    “But I want chocolate chip, how hard is that for you to understand!”  “Here you go!”  hands her a chocolate chip cookie. “NO! I don’t want that cookie, I want the chocolate chip one!” points to the other cookie!  Finally hands her the other cookie and she says “At last! Why was that so difficult!” and she walks away.

Customer Number 5 – Comes in very close to closing time. Half of the dining room is cleaned already. One section has been mopped and chairs are turned upside down on the tables. Section is blocked off. Customer moves sign takes chair off table and proceeds to sit down. ” Excuse me sir, this section is closed. ”   Customer smiles and says that he wanted to sit there and continues to eat.  No, this isn’t a teenager sitting in the closed off section, it is a grown man. In fact all of these customers have been adults!

It takes all kinds of people to make up this world, but some really do make you wonder!!!

To end on a lighter note I will give you 2 more customers

Customer Number 6 – Going through drive thru and gets handed a bag of fries. Empties fries into their bag and hands the fries back and says “You forgot to put fries in this!”  this would rate up there with the customer who comes back an hour later saying they didn’t like their sandwich, can they have something else for free?

Customer Number 7 – Ordered food at the one window and drove to the next to pick it up. While waiting for the food his truck ran out of gas! His face was so red, he had to push his truck to a parking space. I feel for that guy for Yes I can see that happening to me. LOL! But no, I don’t usually let my gas get that low and no, he was not waiting for an extra long time for his food.

Let me encourage you that when you go to a restaurant or a store, please make an effort to smile and be very nice.  I can guarantee you the employees will really appreciate it! Okay, I know there are some employees that could do better at customer service too, but that’s another post. 🙂

To sum it all up it reminds me of a quote! You know I have to get quotes in whenever I can.