Emerald Green Beauty

20190624_144716.jpgphoto from Lynn’s Canyon Park, Vancouver

The water was so crystal clear,  just the sight of the water had me mesmerized.  We hiked a little ways to get to this spot, but it was very worth it. Sat down on some nearby rocks and let my thoughts flow as I gazed into the water.

This place was like a hidden gem among the tall trees of the park. Every place has its secrets, right?

Life is journey of finding gold nuggets amidst the dirt, sand and pebbles of life and I felt that this spot was a gold nugget place to sit at and be refreshed.

I have learned that as we travel through life’s journey of twists and turns that sometimes we can find gold nuggets in the most unexpected ways that leave a lasting mark on your heart.

When we started our vacation I was leaving clues in my post as to where we might be traveling to.  There were guesses made and the correct place was named, but perhaps that wasn’t the last of the clues.

Perhaps there are still some hidden clues amidst my posts about what we did on vacation. Perhaps there is still some mysterious gold nuggets to be revealed. Perhaps in time, all will be made crystal clear!