What Did the Fox Say?

For those of you who may have been wondering what visitor joined us at the beach early Wednesday morning, here is your answer!  I was not planning to see a red fox when I turned my head. Sorry that the picture is blurry, was so startled to see it so close and quickly took a picture before it ran away. Then it just kept staring at me as I stared back. Who knows what it was thinking!

There was a real popular song back when my kids were younger called, “What Did the Fox say?”  One of those songs that you get in your head and you can’t get out. Any guesses on what this fox would have said if it would have spoken?

Feel free to share in the comments, your story on what could have transpired between the fox and I. You can let your imagination take over.

Colin you win the gold star for your “wild guess”  🙂 And who knows,  Tippy, perhaps next time I will see a sea cow. Though I think its more possible that I may see Nancy’s guess, a sea turtle. I would enjoy seeing that!





Friday’s Super Short Stories!

It’s Friday the 13th and a Full Moon tonight …. Superstitious? You may want to stay in bed! ( Any superstitions you remember hearing as a child? )

While at the beach enjoying the sunrise  … turned my head and realized I had company! What was it? Take a guess and I will post a picture of it later. A clue, it walked on 4 feet, but no, it wasn’t a dog or cat! 

Be like the sun! It always rises, breaking through the darkest night. 



The Clue of the Seagulls

“Frraank! Are you coming? ”  called out George from the car, as he blew the horn.

Frank came flying out his front door with his arms full, he hurried to George’s car as his thermos left a trail of  his coffee spilling behind him. He opened the car door, causing him to drop the folder he had been carrying under his arm. Papers spilled out, and George groaned, as Frank scrambled to pick them up. He bent down tilting his thermos causing more of his coffee to spill out.

At last Frank got all the papers gathered together and sat down and buckled up as he closed the door.

“Lets go!” he said to George.  “We don’t have all day, you know.”

George rolled his eyes and backed out of the driveway.

They had been on the road for about 10 minutes when Frank took a sip from his thermos. At least he attempted to take a sip. Apparently more of his coffee had spilled out then he had thought.

“Hey George, think we can stop at Starbucks before we get on the interstate, I need some more coffee.”

There was silence as George turned his head to look at Frank. Their eyes met and Frank quickly said, “Its okay, I can wait, just keep driving George.”

George shook his head, and then he couldn’t help but smile. Frank was a good guy, in spite of his coffee habit.

For the rest of the drive they talked about  the new case they were given,  and what they thought so far about it. It was quite the perplexing mystery.

“The clues are rather baffling”, said Frank, and George agreed.

” I mean what does the moon have to do with anything?”

“I have read these clues several times and still feel as much in the dark, as I felt before. ” said George.

“As much in the dark as a total eclipse of the moon, would be?” Frank asked.

“Very funny, but yes, just about! I keep waiting for something to jump out at me from these clues, but so far, nothing has.”

They were silent, both lost in thought as George turned down the road.

“Your destination is 800 feet ahead on the left.” Suri said.

The bungalow looked inviting and Frank was glad to at last be here. Now he could grab his coffee pot and make some coffee or perhaps he would make a cup of tea.

They walked in and were happily surprised by how cozy it looked inside. They never quite knew what kind of accommodations to expect when they were sent out on assignments.

Their feet sank into the plush, sea blue carpet. There was a fireplace , though they didn’t plan on starting a fire, for it was still quite hot out. The kitchen was a nice size with a lovely mosaic tile on the floor. It had the design of a sea turtle in pebbles.


Frank made himself a cup of tea and took a seat on the leather couch.  He looked across the room at the huge bookcase. One of those that was built into the wall. It was filled from top to bottom with books.

“Hey George, perhaps these books hold a clue to the mystery.? Why don’t you look and see if you find any on the moon?”

George walked over to the bookcase and silently browsed through the books.

“Well …. I don’t think we can count on these books helping,” said George.
“Not unless you speak another language! I haven’t found any in English yet!”

Frank  walked over to the bookcase and pulled a book from the shelf flipping though the pages and then another one.  He smacked his leg, ” Remember when we visited the North Pole, for that special assignment our boss sent us on.  Where we met Jinx and Jangle, Snowball and Candy Cane? Didn’t Candy Cane speak a different language at times? Though I am not sure what it was. Too bad she isn’t here right now, she may have been able to decipher this gobbley gook for us!

“Listen! Did you hear that?”  George asked.

“Yes! That is strange, sounded like a clicking noise to me, like a series of clicks.”

As suddenly as it came the clicking noise ended and all was silent once more. They shrugged their shoulders at each other and Frank spoke.

” I know we are here to solve a mystery, but lets head out to the beach for a little. It will help clear our minds so we can focus.”

“Sounds great to me, lets go!”

“Ahh! This is the life! Feet in the sand, and a gentle breeze blowing from the sea.”

They were sitting in their beach chairs watching the waves roll in and kiss the shore. A seagull was just inches away from Frank’s chair, sitting and staring right at him.


They sat for awhile being mesmerized by the waves and the seagull stayed, looking at Frank most of the time.  Then its friend came by and they walked off.  Frank watched them walk away and said, “Hey George, do you know how to interpret seagull language?


George watched them for a little and then started to speak…”I do believe that…”

Frank didn’t let him finish his sentence, as he jumped from his chair, ” I got it, I think I may have figured out a clue to the mystery surrounding the missing jewels!”

**to be continued** and just to let all of you know, No, I am not at the beach yet! Its just on my mind as the countdown gets closer! 🙂 

All pictures were  from Pinterest



The Splendorous Sky

We made it back from the beach last evening. As much as I did not want to leave the beach it is always nice to come home to those you love! My dear daughter really didn’t want to leave. At the last minute her work schedule changed and she wanted to join me and my friend Sherry. I am so glad she came,  she has liked the beach before but this time she caught the bug, the beach got into her soul. When you see sights like the following pictures, how can it not?

I was just so touched by the sunrise yesterday that I had to share it. To try to give you a glimpse of the beauty that was displayed right in front of us as we took our front row seats on the sand. These pictures were all taken within a hour as the sky kept changing.

Enjoy! For those who enjoy writing poetry, if these pictures inspire a poem I would love to hear it! Or perhaps they may inspire a short story which would be great to hear as well. If they make you smile and take a deep breath and feel relaxed for a moment in time that is the best. In this busy life we all need time outs and I can’t think of a better way to have a time out than to embrace the beauty of this wonderful world!










Friendship at the Beach

Home once again.  The beach is only a memory, but oh what a wonderful one it is!  Memories of  laughter, deep conversation, laughter, screams, walking the beach, watching the waves, and memories of investing in a friendship that is over 25 years old and going strong!

“What happens at the beach, stays at the beach!”  That was on a pillow in a gift shop that we were in.  Yes, I am not going to tell you all the details about our trip, but I will share a few.

The first one would be where some of the “screams” in our memories come from.  We were walking along the edge of the water.  One of my favorite things to do at the beach. Deep in conversation when all of a sudden the sand turned to quicksand!  The wet sand just gave way and down we went into a hole.  I am known for getting myself into “holes”, but this time I was in a literal hole up to my knees!  Fortunately I wasn’t walking on Sherry’s side or the hole would have been deeper!  First we screamed and then we laughed as we got ourselves out.  A man was sitting close by and he had witnessed our spectacle.  He did ask if we needed help, but he couldn’t keep the smile from his face when he saw that we were alright. I have this strange feeling that someone somewhere on the crowded beach was videoing the ocean and just happened to catch our fall!

The other memory is that there was close to 15 seagulls around me on my towel at one time!  Sherry was sure that I was going to get pecked but I wasn’t worried, I couldn’t help but laugh at her.  For just a few minutes earlier she had been saying that I should write a story  starring the 2 seagulls that were in front of me.  Now I had 15 to write about!  If you happen to see a story in the near future about seagulls , you know how it started.  The problem is Sherry had only named the first 2, that is 13 more names to come up with!

The beach may be me and Sherry’s favorite place to be.  It is beautiful!  Though there is one thing that is even more beautiful than the beach.  That would be the beauty of FRIENDSHIP!!!

Love ya Sherry! Keep Smiling!