Keep Smiling!


With all the talk about the Corona virus and the general panic going on, I thought we all could use a SMILE BREAK! ENJOY! Its always more fun to Smile!






The first 2 pictures are from Pinterest but the last 2 I am proud to say are my adorable great-nephew and great-niece! Their parents were more than happy to help me spread some smiles with all of you. Yes, I am in love!

When Love Shines Down!

Like a wonderful RAY of SUNSHINE


Little Miss. Charlotte Ray made her grand entrance into the world today!


WELCOME my precious great-niece! I am not quite sure how it happened that your dear Dad, my nephew, who I remember being born, now has a daughter of his own! Oh how time flies, but you won’t figure that out for awhile! I promise that you are in wonderful hands having him as your Daddy and doubly blessed with your sweet Mama as well! They both have been longing for you to come and are filled with immeasurable JOY and a heart full of LOVE for you! Be patient with them, this parenting thing is a learn as you go journey. Just remember you couldn’t be more blessed, for not only are you loved by them, but an amazing family of other relatives love you too! Yes, it may be a crazy family at times but don’t worry, I will try to bring you some sanity when needed. Love you little one. Welcome to this journey of LIFE! It can be quite the ride, so Hang on! But for now, just sit back and let everyone wait on you hand and foot! Soak it up while you can! 


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your great-niece is too snug in her little “submarine” and hasn’t got the message yet about it being time to evacuate! 

When the cake is sweet … but the love wrapped into it is even sweeter! 

Another year older …  and the heart made even more SWEETER, by the gifts (that can’t be tied with a bow)  of love from family and friends !

Keep Shining Billy!

I want to share another sparkle from this weekend. We had some friends recently move closer to us, about 2 and 1/2 hours away. They moved from Texas. We visited them on our way home yesterday and it was such a delight! Friends really add so much happiness to life!

Part of what made this visit extra special is that we were able to see their 15 month old baby for the first time.  A baby who I have shared about on here before and I am excited to share once more about him. Billy is  a very special little boy! Here is a link to one of my earlier posts  about him, Sunday’s Awh…Moments

Billy was born with a rare disorder. He had no pulmonary artery, his condition is called heterotaxy. He has had 2 surgeries since he was born and will be getting his 3rd surgery within a couple months. When he was born the Dr. was very blunt with my friends telling them he did not expect Billy to even make it a year. But Billy keeps amazing the Dr.s, not only has he made it, he is thriving. Gaining weight and growing, walking around furniture now. Most heterotaxy babies do not go home from the hospital without a feeding tube, but Billy did, and he was loving little bites of pizza when we were there. For children with this disorder their normal oxygen rate is about 85% . If our oxygen level would drop to 85%, a lot of us would be in the ER!

His Dr. now feels that if the 3rd surgery is as successful as the first 2, that he could still have many years ahead of him. We don’t know what the future holds, but just to see this little boy who has fought through so much, smiling, brings such joy. To hear him laugh, and see him pull himself up on furniture and walk around it, fills your heart with hope.

Thank you dear readers for your thoughts and prayers for him. I’m sure my friends would appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. The surgeries are very risky, I mean you are dealing with the heart. So as you enjoy this little one’s smile,  please keep the prayers coming!



The Time Has Come!

The time has come!

There was no more waiting. The long winter nights were gone. Spring had sprung in their hearts, for the time was here.

How they had longed for this day to come. Their aching hearts sometimes felt like they  were going to burst with the pain that they held.  They clung to each other when they felt like they could take no more. Their questions of “Why” and “How long?” seemed to only bounce off the walls as the echoes of silence roared in their ears.

How many nights had she laid awake not being able to sleep?  How many nights had she rocked in the rocking chair pretending that her empty arms were full?

They wanted to hear the sound of little feet running down the hall and see fingerprint smudges on the walls.

Their refrigerator was too bare. It should be decorated with a toddler’s art.

Would the names “Mommy and Daddy”, ever be meant for them? Or would they always hear them directed to someone else in the crowd?

Would he ever get the chance to pick up his child in his strong arms, throwing them up in the air and catching them again?  Would he hear the words, “Again Daddy, again!” Then would he feel the touch of their small hand tucking itself into his as they looked up at him smiling and saying,  ” I love you Daddy!”

Would his heart know how it felt to be melted by his child’s touch and words?

Would she ever be able to sing lullabies to her sweet child? Or would they remain silent, trapped in her heart, never to be heard.

She remembers how the hurt in her heart was so real.  She remembers all the tears that  ran down her cheeks and how on some days all she could do was cry.

The time has come!

There is a little one wrapped in a blanket now looking up at her. She isn’t dreaming, the morning has come. Her little one is here and she is  gazing into her  precious Mommy’s eyes.

The joy in her heart is bursting and as she looks down at her precious angel all she can do is cry.

This is lovingly dedicated to a dear couple whose prayers have been answered! A couple who has endured a long time of waiting and miscarriages. My heart goes out to the many others out there who are still anxiously waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled.

My dear friend is a Grandma, and I know she was crying too when she laid her eyes on her granddaughter for the first time. Welcome to the world beautiful one!  Your wonderful parents have hearts overflowing with love for you!

Sunday’s Awh…. Moments

Happy Sunday!  How has your weekend been?  Hopefully injury free!  I usually am the one that needs the bubble wrap, but this time it was my teenagers.  One hurt their hand and the other hurt their back.  The good news is that they will live!  As my one child said, ” It is okay Mom, it only hurts when I move!”  This child always has a way of  putting things into perspective.

If you are feeling a little sore and under the weather hopefully these pictures will make you smile!  As always, feel free to add your thoughts as to what these animals or babies may be thinking.   Share your thoughts in the comments and make us smile!



Now this next one is not just a random picture off of Pinterest!

22090033_1605155716171364_1644672321562880904_n  SURPRISE!  My friends wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for their precious little Billy, so they are letting me share some pictures of him.