The Surprise in the Woods

He was taking his dog for a walk in the woods and they were enjoying walking through the crunchy leaves. His dog had his nose to the ground reading all the messages left by the other critters that had walked the path ahead of him. Every now and then Sebastian would stop to leave his own reply to a message.

Craig was patient as he waited for Sebastian, he wasn’t in a hurry, just enjoying a leisurely stroll, admiring the beauty.  Breathing in the silence of the woods, Craig felt peace in his heart, and wore a smile upon his face.

They walked on and Craig was getting lost in thought about what his plans may be for the night. Suddenly Sebastian pulled on his leash and Craig was knocked off balance. He stumbled as he went over to the side of the path. Sebastian stopped and Craig tried to regain his balance when Sebastian took off in a full force run as Craig got pulled along.

What was his crazy dog after? “Sebastian stop!” he yelled. They went around the corner and came to a sudden stop as they saw ….

Yes, you read it right, I stopped. I am not trying to leave you hanging, just thought I would have some fun! What do you think brought Sebastian to a sudden stop?  It can be absolutely anything that your imagination comes up with. 

What is the autumn winds blowing into your mind right now? 

Love knows no distance


“Oh this spot is perfect! So glad you brought me here.”  Cara squeezed Troy’s hand.

Troy put his arm around her and they walked across the bridge, finding a place under a tree to spread their checkered blanket for their picnic.

The aroma of the fried chicken coming from the basket that Tara carried, was making Troy hungrier by the minute. His mouth was watering by the time Cara pulled out the fried chicken and handed it to him. She had also included her wonderful corn bread muffins and pumpkin pie. His taste buds were doing the dance of joy!

“Thank you for being such a wonderful cook. Everything tasted great.” Troy said, as he finished off a second piece of pie.  ” I can’t wait until we are married and I can eat your cooking every day! I think I may gain 20 pounds though from it.”

Cara laughed, “I am glad you enjoyed it, looks like you must have worked up quite the appetite. Sitting on a train must be hard work”, she teased, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hey, riding a train does work up an appetite! I left early this morning, those scrambled eggs I had for breakfast only lasted for so long. They served coffee on the train, but that didn’t help to fill my stomach. It was a pretty trip through the mountains, seeing the leaves changing colors, brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow! I looked out the window and dreamed of you. I may have dozed off some too, for 5 hours is a long  ride. But the road to love is never too long!” Troy said, as he winked at Cara.

She blushed, and shook her head. “Oh Troy, maybe since it was such a long ride, I should let you nap and just go home.” She smiled and started to get up to walk away, but Troy grabbed her hand and pulled her back down beside him. “No, no, I am as rested up as I need to be. I have a whole day, before I have to return , and I want to spend every bit of it with you.”

Her hazel eyes sparkled as she snuggled closer against him.

“I can’t wait until we are married, and you don’t have to ride the train back and forth to visit me!”  Cara sighed.

“Yes, the 5 hour commute gets long, and  24 hours goes by way too fast, but we can do our best to cherish the moments. So lets make them count! ” Troy replied, as he pulled her up, ” Lets go for a walk and tonight I may just have a special surprise for you.” Troy said with a glimmer in his sparkling blue eyes.

Cara wrapped her arms around him, “Do I get a hint?”

They started walking and Troy smiled as he said, “Its a full moon tonight, and I hear that surprising things happen when its a full moon.

Cara’s heart was full, with love shining out from it. She couldn’t wait for the full moon to shine.


Embracing Fall!

Happy September

Happy Fall!




What is one of your favorite things about the Fall? What is a favorite Fall drink or food that you enjoy. I love Apple Dumplings.  I love sitting around a fire, roasting S’mores! Or there doesn’t have to be S’mores, I just enjoy the heat from the fire and watching the flames dance!



Where Beauty is Found

In life we all go through a lot of things that can cause us to feel anger, bitterness and guilt. There are things that happen to us and to our loved ones that we cannot control.  There is something though that we can control.  We can control how we let ourselves be affected by what happened. We alone can make the choice to decide whether to hold onto the negative emotions or to let them go.

I have met many people throughout life and heard their stories. Stories about their joys, but also stories of their struggles. Stories of things that had brought them pain.  What has stood out to me the most as I listened, was their attitude when sharing the painful things. How with some, no matter how sad their story may be, a gentle, tender spirit shined through their words.  There was an inner joy, not based on past or present circumstances. An inner joy because they had made the decision to shine. They chose to  not carry around the heavy load of bitterness, anger or guilt. They had let it go.  I could see the softness in their eyes and yes, some tears they may shed when sharing, but the beauty of peace still radiated from them.

I heard a story on the radio that touched my heart and  it made me realize again how important your attitude is. It also showed how once again we really can learn from children.

A Mom was sharing the story about how her husband had left her and her 5 year old son and then ended up in jail, which meant no child support. She had to move her and her son into an old camper to live. One day she went to the school to pick him up and she overheard him talking to his new friends. They asked him where he lived and he told them in a camper. The Mom cringed in shame, embarrassed for her son. Then one child said to her son that he bets he wishes that he had a home to live in. The Mom again felt her heart ache as she waited for his answer. Than she cried at his response. Her son replied that he already has a home because his Mommy loves him and that’s what makes a home!

I want to be like that precious little boy, don’t  you?


Every year Autumn shows us a visual reminder of the beauty that can be found in letting go. Enjoy this short video clip.