The Moments of Beauty

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Marissa was mesmerized by the sight. Right now she felt like there was no other place that she would rather be. This safari ride had turned out to be amazing and as she watched the sun set her breath was taken away. She watched the elephants as they walked by the water. What majestic animals  they were.

She had always loved animals and seeing wild animals up close like this filled her heart and  made her at a loss for words.

A day like today had made all other thoughts leave her head. Today all she could focus on were the amazing animals that were roaming around, right in front of her eyes.

The lion and its lioness that she saw resting in the long grass, and the giraffe eating leaves from a tree. The baby elephant playing in the water and the zebras looking straight at her trying to figure her out.

She had come to Africa on business, but her stay had got extended due to flights being cancelled.  At first she was upset about being stuck here, but once she started exploring, she found herself slowly being enraptured by this place.  After today, she wondered if she wanted to go back to her hectic business life in the city.  How could she get tired of seeing scenes like this play out right in front of her eyes? Perhaps she should quit her job and become a safari guide.

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Marissa knew she was just dreaming. She did enjoy her life in the city, but she was thankful for this unexpected break in her schedule. She was finding time to breathe again and to open her eyes to the wonders around her.

She had no control of the events that caused flights to be cancelled. There was nothing she could do. Wasn’t like she could rent a car and drive to the US.  Sometimes there were things totally out of our control, but there were some things she could control. One of them was what she was doing right now. Taking the time to soak in the moment, letting time stand still and opening her eyes to the beauty right in front of her.


Where Beauty is Found

In life we all go through a lot of things that can cause us to feel anger, bitterness and guilt. There are things that happen to us and to our loved ones that we cannot control.  There is something though that we can control.  We can control how we let ourselves be affected by what happened. We alone can make the choice to decide whether to hold onto the negative emotions or to let them go.

I have met many people throughout life and heard their stories. Stories about their joys, but also stories of their struggles. Stories of things that had brought them pain.  What has stood out to me the most as I listened, was their attitude when sharing the painful things. How with some, no matter how sad their story may be, a gentle, tender spirit shined through their words.  There was an inner joy, not based on past or present circumstances. An inner joy because they had made the decision to shine. They chose to  not carry around the heavy load of bitterness, anger or guilt. They had let it go.  I could see the softness in their eyes and yes, some tears they may shed when sharing, but the beauty of peace still radiated from them.

I heard a story on the radio that touched my heart and  it made me realize again how important your attitude is. It also showed how once again we really can learn from children.

A Mom was sharing the story about how her husband had left her and her 5 year old son and then ended up in jail, which meant no child support. She had to move her and her son into an old camper to live. One day she went to the school to pick him up and she overheard him talking to his new friends. They asked him where he lived and he told them in a camper. The Mom cringed in shame, embarrassed for her son. Then one child said to her son that he bets he wishes that he had a home to live in. The Mom again felt her heart ache as she waited for his answer. Than she cried at his response. Her son replied that he already has a home because his Mommy loves him and that’s what makes a home!

I want to be like that precious little boy, don’t  you?


Every year Autumn shows us a visual reminder of the beauty that can be found in letting go. Enjoy this short video clip.






Irrepressible Spirit

“The wonder of dawn, each sunrise a gift.

   Reflected in upturned eyes.

Blessings abound, my cup runneth over,

Magnificent passion to live!

Thankful my heart – a tulip, a rose,

  blossoming in my soul.”

                                                                                                         by Vickie Baker


The above poem is from a book that I just started reading. It is called “Wings of Joy” by Vickie Baker.

It seems like I go in stages with books. Either I am wondering how it could happen that I have nothing to read, or I have a stack of books calling my name. I need a beach trip, sitting on the beach with a book and listening to the roar of the waves!  Ahhh! what better place can there be?

What image do you get in your mind as you read the short poem above?  Would you be surprised to know that the author is a quadriplegic? She used to be a trapeze artist but one wrong landing ended her career and the life she used to know. But yet she can write the words, ” blessings abound, my cup runneth over!”

Are you like me? Did you do a little gulp thinking, “Wow, how can I even think of complaining about little things when someone who is a quadriplegic can say that their cup runneth over!”

This is such a winning attitude and it really is the difference between living a life of self pity or deciding that you can rise above whatever life throws at you! Realizing that you may have a lot of challenges with this new spin on your life, but knowing that there are still many joys that await you and you aren’t going to miss out on them!

This wasn’t an overnight attitude that Vickie developed, she did have her hard days, days she wanted to give up, but she didn’t. Its not about her falling down, its about her determination to get back up! She didn’t let herself drown in a mire of self pity.

There is one more quote from her book that I wanted to share. It is so true!  In her book Vickie shares that humor was a big help in her recovery. She writes, “When we take a nosedive, humor is the safety net that helps us bounce back into the swing of things.”

Keep swinging and may your cup run over with JOY today about the things you have to be thankful for!

Feel free to share below some things that you are thankful for today!