Dandelion Wishes

Image from Pinterest

Looking back through the old pictures of her photo album her gaze lingered on this picture. As a child she loved blowing on dandelions and making a wish. When she got older she knew that dandelions had no magic powers, but it was still fun to blow on one, and pretend that her wish would come true. 

Smiling, Ava let her mind go back in time, remembering the different wishes she had made. She had wished for a unicorn but surprisingly one never showed up. Then she changed it to a horse, but was disappointed once again. 

Sometimes her wishes were for Bobby, the next door neighbor, to stop pestering her. That wish didn’t work either, but as he got older he didn’t turn out too bad. 

When she was 9 she remembered blowing on as many dandelions as she could wishing for a little puppy. Addison’s Mom got her a puppy and Susie had a puppy, Ava wanted one too! She still remembered the keen disappointment she felt when Daddy brought a kitty home for her instead. It didn’t take long though for Ava to fall in love with the black and white kitty. That first night it curled up on her chest, purring, and she was hooked. She named it Oreo after her favorite snack. There was nothing better than dipping her Oreo cookies into milk. After she ate all her Oreos she would give Oreo the rest of her milk to drink. They both loved snack time. 

Who knew that Oreo would ignite in her a forever love of animals. She had special pets as she grew up and she continued when she got a place of her own. She now owned 3 cats and 1 dog, they all got along well and she couldn’t imagine life without them. 

She had been working as the Director of the local shelter for 3 years now and it brought her happiness to be able to help the precious dogs and cats find forever homes. 

Her friends joked with her that she may be scaring away  MR. Right with her house full of animals, but that didn’t matter to her. Who needed men, she would always tell them. 

Closing the photo album Ava stood up, much to the annoyance of Midnight that had been lying on her lap. Asher the Golden Retriever followed Ava with his eyes and when he saw her heading towards the door he got up to follow. He was always glad to take a romp outside. 

Out the door they went and Ava watched Asher running around in the backyard, which was full of dandelions. She probably was the only neighbor that never mowed them down right away. She would wait until they covered her yard. Now she picked one up and reminded herself of her past motto that she didn’t need a guy. So why was she now picking up a dandelion, thinking about making a wish on a guy? 

But Bobby wasn’t just any guy, she told herself. They had lost touch for awhile after going separate directions but recently they had caught up at their Highschool reunion and Ava was surprised by the stirrings in her heart. He had asked her out for tomorrow night, she heard herself saying yes, before she could stop herself. Closing her eyes, she blew on the dandelion, making a wish. Who knows, maybe Dandelion wishes can come true! 


Sunday’s Rare Facts!

A rainy, blustery day here. Thought I would end your weekend with some crazy facts to ponder on once again. There seems to be an endless supply of them! Don’t worry though, I am not going to post all of them! Enjoy! 


I feel sorry for the sailors, for I know what a ruptured ear drum feels like!


Well isn’t that sweet, the male fox hangs onto the love of his mate forever!


Didn’t know crows were clever and pranksters too!


Hmmm,,,, not sure about this, someone want to try it and let me know if your hot cocoa tasted better out of an orange cup and for you strong coffee drinkers, how dark is your favorite coffee mug?


This made me smile! “Not talking back” is a great attribute of pets!

Fun Animals!

I thought that I would share some cute animal pictures again to close out your weekend. One doesn’t grow tired of animal pictures, right? Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find some.  I think these pictures are in need of some clever captions with them and I know I have clever followers, so feel free to leave some captions in the comments below. But if your thinker isn’t thinking, you are welcome to just enjoy the pictures! 






The Magic of the Rocks

Here is the sequel to my post Following the Glowing Rocks , after all I couldn’t let the poor guys stuck in the holes. Enjoy! 

The guys sat in the deep holes, wondering how they were going to get out. They shouted to each other, making sure all of them were okay, and they were. It would have been pretty sad to have climbed a mountain, with no injuries, only to hurt themselves by falling in some holes! Fortunately they  still had some bananas left in their food backpack that Billy carried. He tried his best to throw the bananas out of the hole and into the other holes, but it was really hard to do when he couldn’t see. 3 bananas ended up scattered on the ground, and the only one that got to eat a banana was Billy. 

It appeared that they all were going to be stuck in their holes until someone really kind came along, but how long that was going to take, was the million dollar question. 

Jack wished that there would be something interesting in the hole to take a picture of, but plain brown dirt wasn’t too exciting. Kolby decided he would make good use of the time by sleeping, and Quincy still couldn’t decide whether to stay seated or to stand, he was restless. Billy thought a nap sounded good too, what else was there to do, his eyes began to grow heavy, when suddenly they popped open! He heard voices. 

“What are these bananas doing on the ground? Were the monkeys throwing them from the trees again? They need to be careful, I could have slipped and hurt myself.” 

“Yeah, and if you would have slipped, we would have fallen off your back!” said Myrtle the turtle. 

“Hey! Who is out there, we need your help!” shouted Jack, his friends shouted out as well. 

Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag were stunned, where were the voices coming from? Then they spied the holes and figured it out! 

“My friends and I will try our best to help you, we just need to figure out how, replied Henrietta, the long necked hippo. 

“Just throw down a rope!” yelled Billy. 

“We don’t have one!” Myrtle yelled back. 

“Hey guys, I have the climbing ropes in my backpack.” Quincy said. Why hadn’t they thought of that before! They all smacked themselves on the head. He threw a rope out of the hole and Henrietta stepped on it. 

“Okay, start climbing.” said Henrietta. 

Quincy climbed up the rope and was so glad when he got to the top and out of the hole. Then he almost fell backwards into the hole when he saw who was stepping on the rope! A HIPPO! 

“Hi!” said Henrietta and the turtles, all Quincy could do was stare at them. 

“Hey Quincy, we want to get out of the holes too, throw us the ropes!” his friends called. 

Soon all of them were standing out of the holes and staring open mouthed at Henrietta and the 2 turtles. 

“Wow!” was all they could say. They looked at the rocks in their hands and they still were glowing. What kind of magical place had they walked into. Henrietta and Myrtle told them that they didn’t have to go that much farther to get to the tunnel. They encouraged them to go, saying what they would see there would be really cool! 

“Follow us, we will lead the way!” Henrietta said with a smile. 

Jack had never seen a hippo smile before, well he had never seen a long necked hippo either. He thought he knew his animals but he was beginning to question himself. What was he going to meet next, a short necked giraffe? 

The friends looked at each other, what did they have to lose? If they didn’t follow them to the tunnel, they might always wonder what they missed. So off they went. 

They enjoyed chatting to Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag, as they walked. It soon didn’t seem strange at all to be talking to animals. Before too long they saw the tunnel, and it took their breath away. It dazzled with beauty and looked so inviting. 

“Go inside it, go ahead!” said Myrtle. 

They all entered the tunnel and soon they themselves were glowing. Then the rocks transformed into instruments. Each of them had  an instrument to play. There were 2 guitars, a snare drum and a saxaphone! They were in awe! 

“Its the magic of the rocks! You have your own rock band now! Go ahead and play!” Henrietta said. 

“But we don’t know how!” 

“Yes, you do! You stepped into the magic tunnel with the magic rocks! Try it!.” said Myrtle. 

The guys couldn’t believe it, could it really be possible? Jack beat the snare drum and Billy strummed the guitar and soon it was like the instruments were playing themselves. They really sounded good! Then Henrietta started singing and they were in even more shock. A singing Hippo! They never knew a Hippo could sing so beautifully! They kept playing until suddenly they were holding rocks in their hands again. 

“Sorry, the magic rocks only last for so long!” said Henrietta. 

They all walked back out of the tunnel shaking their heads, so glad they had found the rocks and came to the tunnel. It was worth being stuck in some holes for awhile! 

“Thank you so much for leading us to the tunnel, this was awesome!” Billy said. 

“You really are a great singer, Henrietta!” said Jack. 

Myrtle and Tulag snickered. “Remember, it was a magic tunnel!” 

Henrietta made a face, “Oh you all are just jealous.” 

“Can you sing again for us, please?” said Kolby. “I love music and your voice was so beautiful.” 

Henrietta blushed and opened her mouth wide, starting to sing. 

She only got out a few words and the guys faces quickly changed from being in awe, to dismay!

“Like I said, the tunnel has a magic all of its own!” said Myrtle with a wink. 

“Well we hate to say goodbye, but we better get going before it gets dark and we can’t find our way back. Thanks again for your help today! Maybe we will have to come back again sometime.” They then made a hasty retreat, as Henrietta was still singing her lungs out. 

After walking awhile, Billy said, ” I think I am going to buy a guitar, I played really well!” 

Kolby said, “Umm.. remember we were in a magical tunnel!”  and Billy made a face. “But you never know, I just may be talented.” 

“Hypothetically speaking, perhaps,” said Jack. 

“I just know that all that rocking out to our great music made me hungry, lets all go get some food. Something besides bananas!” 

That was something they all could agree on!





On The Road Again

This post is a continuation of Monday’s story, Looking for Adventure!  

Tanya looked both ways before crossing the road, and making  her way towards the woods. She thought back to another woods, that was far away. The woods that she hid out in for awhile. She remembered the man in the woods who had owned the annoying, talking chicken. The chicken man had appeared to be a kind man, it was really a shame that she had to kill him, but she had to get his gold somehow. She started whistling as she entered the woods. 

“Do you hear that? Someone is whistling.” Ethan said to Jade. 

“Maybe its someone that can help us.” Jade said. 

They both stared straight ahead waiting for the person to come into view. Jade screamed and Ethan stood there in wide eyed disbelief! It was HER! 

Tanya couldn’t believe her eyes, she stopped whistling and her pulse began to race. 

Ethan drew in a deep breath and then lashed out at Tanya, demanding his money and keys. He was stunned as Tanya said nothing, but her eyes looked wild with fright. Was she actually afraid of him? She grabbed his wad of cash out of her jeans pocket and threw it at him, along with his keys. Then she turned around and ran so fast, it was as if something was chasing her! 

Jade and Ethan were in shock, but so happy! 

“She looked so scared! Definitely not the tough girl that she had appeared to be when she robbed us.” said Jade. 

“I know, that was so strange, but hey, we got my keys, lets go find my truck! ” 

They started to walk out of the woods, when they heard a voice behind them. 

“Glad you got your money and keys back. I could tell that girl was trouble and I thought I would give her a scare. I guess I succeeded!” and he let out a deep chuckle. 

Now it was Jade and Ethan whose eyes were big with fright, when they turned around. They were staring into the face of a huge black bear! 

“Oh don’t worry, I am harmless. I won’t hurt you. I didn’t want to roar for I knew then you all would be scared as well. I just stood up on my back legs and made a very menacing face at that lady. My name is Bobo, nice to meet you.” 

Jade and Ethan were speechless.  A talking bear? Maybe they were dehydrated and starting to get delusional. Before they could get their thoughts together they saw a hippo come walking towards them with 2 turtles on her back. Could this day get any more crazier!

“HI Bobo! You did great! We watched the whole thing. That was hilarious to see her run!” Henrietta said. 

“You…you… talk too?” questioned Ethan, shaking his head in confusion. 

“Yes, she talks, and so do we! Do you humans really think that you are the only ones capable of speaking?” Myrtle asked. 

“Welll…..” Ethan and Jade didn’t know what to say, they just started laughing. What an adventure this trip to Vegas was turning out to be! 

“Thank you so much Bobo for your help! We very much appreciate it!”

Jade was looking at Henrietta for awhile and then said, “You are one very unique hippo, your neck is so long!” 

“That’s not the only unique thing about me, I can sing too! Do you want to hear me?” 

“I gotta go!” and Bobo. 

“Wait! Take us with you.” cried Myrtle and Tulag as they climbed up on his back. 

Jade and Ethan watched , feeling perplexed. Bobo was running away, as Henrietta opened her mouth and started to sing. 

It didn’t take long for Jade and Ethan to figure out why Bobo and the turtles made a quick retreat. They grimaced as Henrietta continued. They didn’t want to be rude and run away from her too, so they stood there listening. 

When she finally stopped, they breathed a sigh of relief. 

“I never knew a hippo could sing, you are indeed a special hippo!” said Jade and Henrietta beamed with joy. 

Jade and Ethan couldn’t help but feel drawn to Henrietta’s cheerful attitude. They all  kept talking as she shared her story with them about escaping from the zoo and meeting Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Its been great meeting you Henrietta, but we should probably go now. We need to find my truck.” said Ethan

They said their goodbyes and Ethan and Jade couldn’t stop talking about everything as they walked out of the woods. 

Henrietta smiled. What a nice couple they seemed to be and she was so glad that Bobo scared away that mean lady. Now she was going to head back towards the river, she was sure to find her friends there and she was ready for a cool swim. 

When Jade and Ethan got out to the road they saw an ambulance, a police car and a tractor trailer driver looking very frazzled! As they got closer they heard the tractor trailer driver talking to the police. 

“I didn’t see her! It was like she came out of nowhere! I couldn’t slow down in time, she was smack dab in front of me!” 

Jade and Ethan looked at each other. “Do you think…?” asked Jade. They looked at the stretcher with the sheet over the body. and didn’t say a word. 

They climbed into Ethan’s truck and he turned the key. it started right up. He put his arm around Jade. “Now to find that special chapel!” With love in her eyes, Jade kissed him as they drove down the road and out of sight. 

Looking for Adventure!

Thanks to Jason, from http://jasonfrels.com/2020/11/21/sunset-by-the-river/ for another inspiring photo.

It had been a week now since Henrietta had escaped from the Las Vegas Zoo and she was having a great time! Not only did she have her new turtle friends, Myrtle and Tulag, for travel companions, but she met other friends in the woods as well.

There was Bobo, the brown bear, who was a friendly as could be. They had a lot of fun down at the river, he would catch fish while Henrietta enjoyed swimming and cooling off.

She had met Caramel the rabbit, who had been the Easter Bunny a few months ago and was still hopping around feeling so proud. Caramel had introduced her to his sister Taffy. Taffy was polite to Henrietta but Henrietta got the impression that she still held a grudge towards Caramel for being the Easter Bunny. She didn’t look too happy when Caramel was talking about it with a light in his eyes. Henrietta thought that him being the Easter Bunny was so cool! She secretly wondered if there ever could be an Easter Hippo! She wanted to do something important!

Rascal the raccoon had introduced her to his family, who were all so nice. There were also so many squirrels, chipmunks and foxes that she had met. The squirrels always seemed to be in a hurry to scurry up a tree, so she didn’t talk much to them, but she often heard their friendly chatter to each other in the treetops.

This morning Henrietta had awakened early, she was excited, for they were going to travel more today. They had found a new trail that they hadn’t been on before, and wanted to see where it led.

She was munching grass on the riverbank later that morning when Myrtle and Tulag came to find her.

“Good Morning Henrietta! Are you ready for our adventure today?”

“Yes, oh yes!” she replied. “Lets go! In fact I know the perfect song to sing as we go.”

Myrtle and Tulag silently groaned. They really did like Henrietta, but …. her singing, not as much! Oh well, she was so kind and happy, that they couldn’t help but be happy with her, even if her singing caused a headache. They needed to somehow make their shells more sound proof!

They had been walking for awhile, and Henrietta had just stopped singing, so Myrtle and Tulag poked their heads out to look around. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, a bright, sunny day. Who knew what possibilities the day may hold. Up ahead it looked like the trail may soon end. They were wondering if they would find anything exciting when Myrtle asked Tulag and Henrietta a question.

“Do you hear what I hear?” asked Myrtle.

“The peace of Henrietta not singing?” Tulag replied, as Henrietta harrumphed.

“No, listen!” said Myrtle.

They all froze for a moment, at what they heard. It was human voices, and Henrietta was afraid it was someone from the zoo looking for her. It didn’t take long though to figure out that whoever these people were, they were not from the zoo. They all sighed in relief as they continued to listen.

It was a man and a woman, and they didn’t appear to be very happy. They were clearly arguing!

“It was your idea!” the man said.

“Well she looked nice and said she needed help, excuse me, for having a heart!” the woman sharply retorted.

“So now what are we supposed to do, thanks to the dilemma that your heart got us into!” the man replied back. “We have NO money! NONE, as in zero! He stuck his hands in his jean pockets, not even any coins to rub together! I hope you don’t mind sleeping out under the sky.”

At this the young lady started to cry and the young man’s voice softened.

“Oh Jade, I am sorry. I know it wasn’t your fault.” He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him.

“We will figure something out.”, he said. “Maybe my truck will break down on her, would serve her right for stealing it and robbing us! I am just so glad that she didn’t hurt you! I can’t lose you!”

Henrietta’s eyes started to fill with tears, she felt bad for this poor couple. Then she closed her eyes, and walked off the trail to give the couple some privacy as they shared an intimate moment. It was silent, they weren’t talking anymore, their lips were busy in another way.

“We should do something?” Henrietta said to Myrtle and Tulag.

“Like what? You are a hippo and we are 2 tiny turtles, what are we supposed to do? We don’t have any money.”

“True!” said Henrietta, and they all were lost in thought.

Meanwhile not far from the woods, was a shiny blue truck on the side of the road with its hood popped open.

Tanya slammed it down with a thud! Just my luck, she thought!

She kicked at the stones along side the dirt road. A broken down truck and out in the middle of nowhere! How long would it take for another car to drive by that Tanya could flag down?

She guessed that she would have to walk to the nearest town. At least she had a wad of cash on her, she smiled at that. She had struck it right, picking a couple heading to Vegas for a honeymoon, with plenty of cash on them.

So she would be fine, she would figure things out. She always did. She might not like being stranded on this dusty road right now, but it sure beat sitting in a cell. They would learn, no one could keep Tanya locked up!

She looked around and saw a trail not too far away, looked like it headed into the woods. Ahh! She had always liked the woods, perhaps she would enjoy following the trail for a little. Take a break from being on the road. She smiled as she walked towards the woods, maybe the woods would help her clear her head, as she decided her next step.

(to be continued….)

Breaking Free!


What a feeling! She was free at last and feeling jubilant! She was proud of herself for managing to escape. While walking through the woods, her heart yearned for adventure. She hoped to find some, now that she was out on her own. 

She had been walking for quite some time, stopping every now and then to graze on some patches of grass.  She was longing for some cool, refreshing water. 

“Hey, watch your step!” 

Startled by the little voice, she stopped in her tracks and looked down. 

2 turtles stared back up at her. “No one ever watches out for us small guys! You almost squashed my mate!” the one turtle said, while giving her a mean stare! 

“Oh I am so sorry! I know I am big, and can be clumsy at times, but I truly would never want to hurt you.” Tears started forming in her eyes. 

Myrtle felt bad for yelling. 

“its OK, don’t cry.  Nice to meet you. I am Myrtle and this is Tulag. What is your name?” 

“I am Henrietta. So glad to meet you. I am really glad to be out on my own at last, but was beginning to feel a little lonely.” 

“We haven’t seen very many hippos, but the hippos that we have seen looked different than you. I can’t say exactly what is different, but something is just not right. Are you really a hippo?”  Myrtle asked. 

Henrietta sighed. How many times had she been called different. At least Myrtle was being nice about it though. It wasn’t kids jeering at her, like they had, when she was back in the zoo. 

“Its my neck. I have a very long neck for a hippo. Who has ever heard of a long-necked hippo,” she said, sighing. 

“I think that your long neck is cool, it makes you unique!” Tulag said. 

Henrietta brightened up. Nobody had called her long neck “cool” before! 

“Thank you!” she replied, feeling happy about having met Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Where are you guys headed?” Henrietta asked. 

“Down to the river.” Myrtle said. 

“Oh, could I come with you? I would love to play in the water for a bit.” 

“Sure!” replied Myrtle. “Can we hitch a ride? We could get there a lot faster!” 

Henrietta bent her neck down and said, “Climb aboard the Henrietta Express!” 

Myrtle and Tulag happily climbed on and Myrtle gave Henrietta directions to the river. 

As they were making their way to the river, they chatted. Henrietta was eager to know all about them. They shared with her about the adventures they have had since Myrtle escaped from her terrarium. Tulag would have never met Myrtle if she hadn’t escaped that day long ago. She had found him sitting on a log at the river.  Hearing all this made Henrietta eager, if they could find adventure, she could too. 

They had great fun at the river! That water felt wonderful to Henrietta. After they played for awhile they rested in the sun. 

Once fully rested Henrietta continued walking and Myrtle and Tulag rode along with her. They really had no destination in mind, but they weren’t worried. At least they were together. Henrietta started singing as she walked, for she was so happy. 

“Ummm… Henrietta, do my ears a favor, and please, don’t sing!” Myrtle said. 

Henrietta laughed. “Did you ask if I could sing louder? Sure I can!” and she did. 

Poor Myrtle and Tulag buried their heads inside their shells, until Henrietta finally stopped singing. 

The three were headed to find adventure, but Myrtle secretly hoped that the adventure would have nothing to do with singing! 







Fun in the Water


How is your Sunday going? Its a rainy, lazy day here. Here are some pictures of animals having fun in the water. Meet Zonya, Bubbles and her Mama, from my story yesterday. The otters weren’t in my story, but, they were just too cute.  All pictures are from Pinterest. If it is raining where you are and the animals inspire you, feel free to go out and walk/dance in the rain. If you want to make a your brain work a little, feel free to think of a caption to the last picture. You can share it in the comments below.