What will the Seven Dwarfs do?

I was asked yesterday what happened to Doc, Sneezy and Bashful, being that I had only included Sleepy, Happy, Dopey and Grumpy in my Friday’s post. To be fair to all the dwarfs I decided to post a story today including all of them. The twist to the story is that I would love to have help from all of you!

I will start the story and then someone can add to it, you can write just a line or 2 or more, whatever you prefer. As long as your creative juices keep flowing, you are welcome to keep going.  Have fun with it and write whatever you want. I am pretty confident that with the help of all of you, these dwarfs will have an adventure like they never had before!

The Seven Dwarfs and their Crazy Day!

“A-choo! A-choo!” Sneezy came stumbling out of his bedroom bumping into Grumpy, who wasn’t too happy.

“Must you sneeze so loud! Can’t Doc help you, isn’t that what Doc’s are supposed to do?” Grumpy said in a snappy voice.

Bashful looked up from the book he was reading, but didn’t say a word and quickly looked back down when Grumpy looked his way. At that moment Happy came out of his room whistling a cheery tune, causing Grumpy to cover his ears.

A Special Kind of Royalty

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The day had arrived. It really was here, she really was on the train. Her excitement was high! How long had she hoped to do this, dreamed to do it and finally the dream was coming true! Dreams really can come true, even without a fairy Godmother. She stretched back in her seat looking out the window, admiring the scenery.

“Mama Mama, are we almost there?”  piped little Tabitha.

“No sweetheart, we only just left not that long ago. Remember how I told you that this was going to be a long ride?”

Tabitha scrunched up her face, and then got a smile. ” Yes, I remember now. I am gonna start practicing.”

Juliet laughed, ” Practice what my dear? she asked Tabitha.

“Well my cutesy of course Mama!”

“Your what?” asked Juliet.

With her small hands on her hips, Tabitha looked at Juliet and said, “My cutesy!” as she bent her legs.

Juliet tried to hold in her laughter.

“That was great sweetie, but its called a curtsy my dear girl.”

“A cutesy, that’s what I said!”

Juliet smiled, it did look cute, for sure.

“I gotta practice Mama, for you said we are going to see special people.”

“Yeah, we are going to see royalty, right Mama!” asked Liam, who had been reading, but was now distracted.

“Are we seeing a real King”, said Liam, will he be wearing a crown and dressed in royal garb?

“I want to see a Princess, Mommy! I want her to see me do a cutesy, and Liam, you gotta practice bowing.”

They started practicing in earnest as Juliet sat there shaking her head. She better explain to her children.

“My dear children, we are seeing special people, but I am afraid that they are not royalty, no Kings and no Princesses. ”

Her children looked up at her with wide eyes, “But…but…”

“I am sorry.” Juliet said as she saw the disappointment in their eyes.

It didn’t last long though. until Liam spoke up.

“That’s okay, being royalty isn’t what makes people special, right Mama? Its whats in their hearts.”

Juliet’s heart was warmed,  as she put her arm around Liam. “You are exactly right my boy.”

“And I know these people have good hearts because you told me and Tabitha about them.”

“Yes they definitely  do,” said Juliet.

“So we best get to practicing again Tabitha. For if you are special in your heart, that makes you royal to me!”

That was all Tabitha needed to hear, as she eagerly practiced another curtsy.

Merriment danced in Juliet’s eyes, oh how she loved her children. Life was always an adventure with them.

Friendship Magic at Moonbeam Farm

Reading the “The Odessa Chronicles” had the feel of reading classic stories like Peter Rabbit. It is cute and gives a nice and comfortable feeling.” 

The above quote came  from someone who had just recently purchased a copy of  “The Odessa Chronicles” and she was sending me a message to let me know what she thought of it.  Reading her words warmed my heart.

There also was the time that an older lady, who I knew, came up to me with sparkles in her eyes. She proceeded to tell me how she had finished reading “The Odessa Chronicles” and she “absolutely loved” it!  She went on to talk about the characters as she gave a little laugh telling me how much fun they were.

This was a lady who I knew as being more reserved and quiet. As much as her words gave me joy, it was seeing the shine in her face and  hearing her excitement that really touched my heart.

It’s moments like these that continue to fill my heart with awe. I feel so thankful for the smiles that me and Colin’s book,  “The Odessa Chronicles” is bringing to the young and old!

I can’t stop smiling at how due to a friendship made with fellow blogger, Colin, that I was inspired to write a fun story about a cat named Dewey and his man-servant. How that one story led to another, which then led to Colin adding his magic, and collaborating on more stories. The more stories being written led to the idea of creating a book, which then led to “The Odessa Chronicles” being published!

One just never knows what surprises can happen!

Would you like to go to a place where friendship, love and laughter abound? Do you need a smile and relaxing break from the stresses of life?  In the pages of “The Odessa Chronicles”, meet Dewey, a  mischievous cat who always thinks of his stomach; Odessa, a  witty Barn Owl, who is very outspoken; Jaxon, an easygoing Jackalope that has magical powers; and the fun Man-servant who has a big heart and loves having Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon living at Moonbeam Farm with him.

Take a journey to Moonbeam Farm and share in the fun adventures that these crazy friends have together! In taking a peek into their lives your heart will be filled with laughter and with the warmth of friendship. You may even shed a tear at some of the more touching moments shared by our 4 friends.

For more information on “The Odessa Chronicles” and how you can order it, you can click on the picture of the book cover in the right hand margin.

If you have any other questions about the fun-loving characters in our book, or questions about the writing process, etc. feel free to ask in the comments below!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and let your friends know how much they mean to you! As our beloved characters on Moonbeam Farm  would attest to, friendships can come in a surprising way and be an amazing blessing!




The Shining Sapphire Friend

It happened long ago, one summer night at Farmer Jack’s farm, is where it has been told that it all began.

Farmer Jack had made his routine rounds, bidding his animals goodnight. Every night he would say some special words to each one,  giving  them a tender pat, for he loved them very much.

After he left and entered the farmhouse for the night, the barn was mostly silent. There was the sound of the mice scurrying and the loud sound of Clarence the bull snoring.  Petunia the pig would every now and then join in with some music of her own which made Holly the horse roll her eyes. The other animals tried their best to get some rest.

Out in the field it was another story. Cathy the cow was having trouble sleeping. Her mind was wandering. She had tried to count cows in her head but kept getting confused, for the pesky sheep kept interrupting. She would see them in her mind, trying to jump over the fence.

Cathy wondered what life was like beyond Farmer Jack’s field. She had an adventurous spirit inside her and tonight her curiosity was strong.  Dare she put her curiosity into action and try to jump the fence?  It would just be for tonight, she would be back, but oh, how she longed to see what all she may find beyond the field.

With a gleam in her eye she decided to give it a try and before she thought twice, over the fence she did leap.

She had done it, she was free! Happiness soared through her as she roamed the peaceful countryside, using the moon as her guide.

It shined a light on her path and it made her smile, feeling like it was shining just for her. At times she would gaze up high into the blue sky to look directly at it. Wait a minute, what did she just see? Did the sapphire moon just wink at her?

Cathy ambled on down the country road hearing the calls of some lonesome doves. She came to a spot where she stopped for a bit as she munched on some clover. After awhile she ambled away to see what else there was to find.

With her stomach feeling content with her snack, she continued on.  As she ambled on she began to get sleepy and thoughts went through her head. Perhaps she should turn around and go back to Farmer Jack’s. Perhaps this had been enough adventuring for one night, and  she looked up once again at the beautiful, sapphire moon.

It winked at her again,  this time she had no doubt as to what she had seen and suddenly she was wide awake!

An idea began to form in her mind as she kept her gaze transfixed on the moon. Could she do it ? Was it possible? Had it ever been done before, or would she be the first? Could she possibly jump up so very high and say “HI” to the moon in the sky?

Oh how it shined, beckoning her to come, she had to give it a try!

Gathering up all her strength she ran a little down the road and then jumped as high as she could, but she failed to reach the moon. Once again she took another daring leap, but once again she missed. It was no use, the moon was just too high. Cathy sighed as she kept staring at the moon wishing  that she could meet it in the sky.

Wait! What was happening? The moon was sinking down lower. Was it coming down to greet her? May she now be able to reach it!

Gathering up her strength for one last try she got a running start and took a giant leap!  A thrill shot through her, she had done it! She made it up to the moon and oh, her smile was ever so wide.

Time stopped as she and the moon played. The moon would sink and she would jump and then it would wink as they met each other in the sky.  On and on they went, until Cathy’s energy was spent and her moon friend had to bid her goodbye.

He winked once more before he left and Cathy’s heart was full. Heading home she  knew that no night would ever compare to this one. No night could beat the night that she had made friends with the moon.







“The Lucky Eagle”

They stood on the island looking at their boat, or more like the remains of what was left of their boat. None of them said a word, as they just stared out into the crystal blue sea.

The 3 of them had been given a brief vacation after the busyness of the Christmas season. Jinx and Jangle had thought it would be nice to bring Snowball along. He was the newest elf to join the team.

One day when they were talking Snowball had shared about his years of sailing a boat, and that gave Jinx and Jangle the idea to go on a boat excursion. They had asked Santa and he found a boat for them to use. Then they surprised Snowball with it. He was very much surprised when they said how they were going to take a little trip with it and he could be the Captain!

He was quiet for a few moments which led Jinx and Jangle to ask if everything was okay.

“Oh yes, yes, it is umm..fine! This should be quite the exciting adventure!” he replied. Jinx and Jangle agreed, as they patted him on the back, “Aye Captain!” they joked.

The next few days they gathered supplies to cover them for about a 3 day trip. On the day that they took off, Santa and the other elves gathered round to watch them sail off.

Everyone was clapping Snowball on the shoulder and he began to feel very proud. This really may turn out to be a grand adventure he thought as he smiled back at the other elves. Confidence rose up in him, he had faith that he could do this, surely he could!

They had only been sailing for a day  when the accident happened.  The accident that left them staring at the broken remains of  their ship which they had named, “The Lucky Eagle!”  The Eagle that was supposed to have smoothly glided over the crystal blue sea.

At this time it was just Jinx and Snowball looking at the wreckage. Jangle had decided to explore the boat to see what things he may be able to rescue from it. You never knew what you may miss if you weren’t sure to look in every nook and cranny. Jangle was always one for being very detailed. Not much could escape his eye. Jinx was the same way, but at this time he just was still in shock about the boat.

Finally he broke the silence and turned to Snowball and said, “I am curious, how many years of boating experience did you say that you had?”

“5 years.”  Snowball replied.

“Well I would say that is a good amount, what kind of boat did you sail?”

At this, Snowball hung his head, looking at his feet for a little … then he replied in a soft voice, “My toy sailboat.”

“WHAT!!!!” Jinx shouted as he stared at Snowball, whose face was turning red.

“Yeah, you see there was this creek behind….” Snowball started to explain, until Jinx cut him off.

“Please don’t tell me that sailing your toy boat is the only sailing experience you ever had!!” Jinx said.

There was silence as Snowball looked at the ground.

“Well, I am waiting…”

“Waiting for what, you told me not to tell you! I am going to go see if Jangle could use another pair of eyes to help him.” stammered Snowball, as he ran towards the boat.

Meanwhile Jinx remained speechless and frozen in place, with his mouth hanging open.

Had Santa known that Snowball only ever operated a toy sailboat? Jinx highly doubted it! But it was a little late to wonder about that now.

Later that day they were cooking over a fire. They had managed to save the matches from the boat and were able to find some wood on the island. By this time Jinx had calmed down, after all, they were all  in the same boat now. All stranded on an island. It didn’t do any good to be mad.

While they were cooking their food, Jangle spoke up. “Do you think this island has wild animals on it?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. The bigger problem is how do we get off this island?”said Jinx.

Meanwhile Snowball was staring off into the distance, not finishing the food that he was holding in his hand.

“Umm…Jinx about the wild animals…”

“I told you guys not to worry about that!  Why should we worry about crazy, wild animals. You all are getting yourselves scared over nothing!”

“B…but…” cried Jangle


Jinx JUMPED,   dropping the food that he held in his hands. He looked behind him and found himself looking into the eyes of the strangest animal that he had ever seen!

(to be continued…)


The Unplanned Adventure

Dawn was breaking and Erin was up getting a good, early start to her day. A cup of  hot chaomile tea she held in her hands , as she sat on her couch dreaming about the ocean.


She remembered the beauty of the sky when watching the sun rise and the 2 little visitors that joined her on the beach that morning back on that beautiful summer day. What do sea gulls think about she had wondered,  as she watched them.

It was nice to think back to the summertime as the cold winds blew, a snow storm was coming the forecasters said and it could be a BIG ONE.  Finishing her cup of tea, she stretched and got up to start her day.

To get her blood flowing she pulled out her jump rope. She recalled her younger years when she jumped rope with her friends and they chanted all those crazy rhymes as they jumped. “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear touch the ground…”  She was pretty fast as her friends turned the rope, but there were the times when the rope would trip her up. She kept jumping rope as she got older. It could be good mental exercise as well sometimes, depending what she was thinking about while she jumped.

Later that afternoon she was reading a very interesting autobiography, when she heard a knock on the door. Who could that be? She wasn’t expecting anyone.

Going to the door, she peeked out the window, to her delight she saw her friend Jan standing there.

“HI Jan!, what a nice surprise!”  Erin said.

“HI! I thought I would come and see if you wanted to take a little walk with me. With the storm coming, we may be shut in for awhile, so I thought it would be good to enjoy some fresh air. ”

Erin shivered, as she felt the breeze that blew in the door with Jan. Closing the door as she ushered Jan in she gave her a strange look.

“You want to walk in this cold weather? ” , she asked.

“We won’t go far, I promise, I just drove by a little place the other day that I would like to explore and thought it would be much more fun to go exploring with you.” Jan said, as she smiled.

Erin laughed. Jan always was up for adventure and Erin usually couldn’t say no to going along. You never knew what may happen when you were with Jan.

“Well can we go out for some Latte’s when we get back?”  Erin asked.

“Sure, it will be my treat!”, Jan replied.

“Well I won’t say No to that. Let’s go.”,  Erin grabbed her coat and gloves out of the closet and out the door they went.

They caught each other up on their lives during the past week as they rode in the car.

After traveling for about a half hour and going back some winding roads Jan pulled off on the side of the road and parked.

“Here we are,” she said.

Erin looked around and at first she just saw a lot of trees, but then she did see some trails leading to who knows where. She looked at Jan and asked, “Let me guess, you want to take one of these trails and see where it goes?”

“Yes!” Jan said brightly.

“Well you lead the way, I gotta start walking before my face gets numb. ”

Jan laughed, ” Its not that cold, run a little, that will warm you up.”

Erin gave her a look, ” You know I don’t run, unless I am running for my life and well if that happens, its likely that it won’t end well!”

Jan shook her head at her as she started talking about the joy that you can feel when you run.

They walked and they talked and Erin soon did forget about the chill in the air, she was warming up.

“Oh look Jan, up ahead, there is a fork in the trail. which way should we go?”

“Hmm…thought Jan, you pick!”

“Okay, lets go right. Hopefully there are no bears this way.”


“Well you never know! Remember that last adventure we went on, and…”

Jan interrupted, “don’t remind me!”

Erin laughed, “You do realize I will never forget!” and Jan sighed as they turned right and continued to follow the trail.

Will they meet a bear, or perhaps something else is waiting for them down the trail? One will have to wait and see. 🙂


What About George?

What really happened as Jinx and Jangle on their Christmas Eve adventure and who was George? Your questions  will soon be answered. If you haven’t read my earlier post, Twas the Night…. yet, you will want to read that first.

What About George?

Candy Cane was getting impatient. Jinx and Jangle had been back for a whole day now, but they had been sleeping all day! They came back just as all the Elves were getting ready for breakfast. Ate a quick bite, but didn’t say much of anything to anyone for they were too sleepy. They were not used to staying up all night!  Poor Jangle’s face fell right into his pancake that he had already poured syrup on. Jinx was laughing at Jangle and not thinking about what he was doing, until he felt something warm on his lap! He had poured the warm syrup right onto his lap, missing the plate completely. They both finished eating with flushed cheeks.

Candy Cane and Snowflake were sitting around Santa’s bed again waiting anxiously for Jinx and Jangle to come. Snowflake had just arrived saying that they were getting up now and would be over shortly to see Santa.

“Do you think they liked George?” asked Candy Cane with a sly smile.

Santa Clause chuckled and said, “Lets just wait and see if they bring him up as they tell us of their adventures.”

Candy Cane groaned, one of the first questions she had wanted to ask them was about George! “I will try to bite my tongue, but it will be hard if they don’t say anything! You know how I like to ask questions!”

“Yes”, said Santa,  “I know, your curiosity gets the best of you a lot of times.”

It wasn’t much longer until they heard a knock on Santa’s bedroom door.

“Come in!”  Santa said.

“Welcome back guys! We are all anxious to hear about how your night went!”

“Oh it was quite the exciting night”, said Jinx with a twinkle in his eye.

“It was truly magical!”, said Jangle.

“To travel through the sky with the stars shining bright, it was such a “Wow!” feeling!”  Jinx  said. “The reindeer did great!”

At this comment, Jangle started laughing, “Well most of the reindeer did  that is, Jinx did have a little run in with the tricky reindeer when he…”

Jinx gave Jangle a look, and interrupted him saying, ” Let me tell you about sweet Sally, Santa.”

Santa smiled, he knew he would get the full story from his reindeer about what Jangle was trying to say.

“Go ahead Jinx, tell me about sweet Sally.”

“Well she was sleeping on the couch when we got down the chimney. Jangle fell and knocked over something which woke her up. She raised her head opening her sleepy amber eyes and looked at us and said, “Santa”??

We told her that we were his elves, but that she had to go back to sleep. Her smile was so big, and she asked if she could have a hug from us. We gave her a hug and she smiled contently, saying how her brother would never believe that she had seen Santa’s elves, but she knew the truth. Once again she closed her eyes and soon was back to sleep.

Santa smiled. “There always seems to be some children that wake up when I come down the chimney and it does warm my heart to talk to them.”

Snowflake spoke up, ” How were the milk and cookies?”

“They were delicious, sadly though there was no mix up this time Santa, no spicy hot cookies from Mrs. Smith”, said Jangle.

“Oh and Taz , Bill Jones dog, did make Jangle jump high with his barking at first,” laughed Jinx,” but I remained calm and let him sniff us and he did calm down. He even let us pet him when we went to leave.”

“Much to our relief Luther the snake remained in his cage!” said Jangle. “He did watch us with those beady eyes of his though, followed our every move. That was one house that I was kind of anxious to get out of.”

Jinx shook his head in agreement.

“So glad to hear that things went so well”, said Santa.

“Now for the big question … Did you get to every house?”  Santa asked.

Candy Cane sighed, as Snowflake smiled at her. He knew what question she had hoped Santa would ask.

“We did get to every house! Had to make some U-turns at times, but we made it!”  Jinx and Jangle replied.

“Wonderful!” said Santa, “I am very pleased! Well done!”

Jinx and Jangle beamed, with a touch of red to their faces as Santa praised them.

“How are you feeling Santa, we should have asked that when we first came in.”

“I am doing pretty well. Tired of lying around, but I gotta listen to the Dr. I get more hungry though lying around, you all wouldn’t have saved any cookies for me perhaps?”

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other and smiled as they picked up a little gift box.

“We sure did save you some! Here you go Santa!”

Santa’s eyes gleamed, “Oh thank you so much! Now I just need some Egg Nog to dip them in!”

Candy Cane spoke up “I will get you some Santa, but Jinx and Jangle I do have one question for you…”

Santa looked at Candy Cane and she flushed, ” I will go get the Egg Nog now, Santa.”

She came back with the Egg Nog and Santa shared the cookies with the others. They were enjoying eating and then Jinx spoke up.

You know Santa, you warned us about Luther and Taz, but there was something else that you forgot to mention.

“Oh you must be talking about … Candy Cane could you refill my Egg Nog please?”

Snowflake started laughing when he saw Candy Cane’s face as she quickly grabbed Santa’s mug.

“Just hang on Jinx, until Candy Cane gets back. ”

Candy Cane came back with the Egg Nog and Snowflake said, “Could I have some too?”

Candy Cane made a face at him as Santa chuckled.

“Okay Jinx, continue please, what did I forget to tell you about?”

“You didn’t warn us about George!”

“OH yes, George, the pet monkey, that belongs to Dave and Sarah!”

“He hopped on Jinx’s back and about gave him a heart attack,” said Jangle.

“It was quite amusing! Jinx would put a candy cane in a stocking and George would take it back out!”

“Then he jumped on Jangle’s back just as he had lifted a mug of milk to drink, making his spill it all over himself, laughed Jinx.  “He was quite the friendly monkey! He tried coming up the chimney with us! It took us forever to get him to let go of us.”

They all laughed and were glad that the Christmas Eve night ride had been a success!

They did need to use the emergency water bucket at a couple houses! Then there were the  2 beautiful Persian cats at one house and 4 mischievous cats at Kate’s house, who were all wide eyed watching Jinx and Jangle. When they finally got bored watching them and turned away, Jinx and Jangle then laid their cat toys beneath the tree and some gifts for their humans. Oh what a fun night it had been!

Jinx and Jangle looked at Santa and said in unison, ” Santa, can we come with you next year?”

The Night of the Full Moon (Part 2)

If you missed yesterday’s post which was Part 1, here is a link to it. The Night of the Full Moon

I have wonderful readers and I love how creative they can be. I asked in part 1 about how my readers thought it might end. What choice would Julia make?  I appreciated the answers given and had so much fun reading the creative ideas , that I thought I would see how I could combine them into a Part 2. ENJOY!


Julia stood there still indecisive but knowing she had to make a decision. Their eyes met, his beckoning, and hers confused. What was happening? The rain was turning to snow! The snow was falling fast and it was looking like diamonds falling from the sky under the light of the full moon. She made her decision and she started walking towards the mystery man. It was impossible to run for the snow was growing deep fast.

At last she made her way to him and as she got a closer look at his face a strange sensation came over her. Where had she seen that face before? He said nothing, just smiled at her as he took the umbrella from her hand. He popped it open and suddenly there was a horse and carriage in front of them.

The horse was beautiful with its white mane flowing down its back. The contrast between its white mane and black body was stunning. There was a white heart right above its eyes. What a beauty this horse was.

“After you my lady!” he said, as he held out his hand to help her into the carriage.

She felt drawn into the mystery that surrounded him. Had she actually been holding a magical umbrella??  How did he make a horse and carriage appear?  Who was this man?

“May I please have your name?”, she sweetly asked, with her heart still feeling jittery at all that had just happened right before her eyes.

“Surely you can my lady, it is Lance Edwin Sanchez.”  he replied and his eyes never left her face.

Hmm…she thought to herself, Lance was a good name. It reminded her of Sir Lancelot, so surely he must be a good person, right?  Her gut was telling her that he was a true gentleman, so she decided to follow it, as she took his hand and stepped into the magical royal blue carriage. The interior of the carriage was a dazzling emerald green, with cushioned seats and plush pillows.

As she sat in the carriage, thoughts were swirling through her mind. His face still seemed to have a vague familiarity about it. Oh the things that happened in her life, perhaps she should turn her adventures into a book!

They rode in the carriage for awhile in silence and then he asked her a question.

“Have you ever wanted to meet the Queen?”

Her mouth dropped open as she stumbled for a response.

“Wellll I ummm…..haven’t thought of it much, but…”

He laughed, and his eyes danced in merriment at her obvious shock to his question.

That laughter…that’s what was so familiar! Where had she heard that laugh before?


Yes, I am letting you hang again. I thought you all did such a great job yesterday of giving your ideas, so I thought I would give another chance to all my readers. Where do you think they are going? Why does he seem so familiar?  There are no wrong answers, just let your creative thoughts flow. The snow is falling right now, as we are in the midst of the first winter storm of the season! That would explain why the rain turned to snow in today’s post. Just a little inside information. 🙂  Drinking hot drinks, reading under blankets and writing, as the snow falling gives a magical feeling.

Who is Jaxon? Part 2

On Monday I shared the 1st part of Jaxon’s story from “The Odessa Chronicles”.  Here is the link if you missed it. https://joyroses13.wordpress.com/2018/07/30/who-is-jaxon/

Jaxon is such a tender soul and sweet Jackalope. Colin and I have fallen in love with all the characters from Moonbeam Farm. We really had no control over that! I hope as you hear the rest of Jaxon’s story that you find yourself falling in love with him as well and that it intrigues you to want to know more about him and his best friends at Moonbeam Farm! Fun adventures await you in “The Odessa Chronicles!”


The Creator studied the Jackalope for a long time, and decided that to change its physical shape would be very risky. If this was going to be successful, he needed to use his magical powers. The first thing he did was to give the Jackalope the power of communication, in whatever language was necessary. He then confronted the Jackalope. “My friend,” he said. “You were created in a manner that should never have happened, and for that I apologize. Your survival abilities are currently very questionable, so I am going to give you magical powers. You will be able to understand all creatures as they talk to each other, so you will know what is going on, and make yourself invisible if necessary.” He paused.

“You will have many other powers, my dear Jackalope; however, there are some things you must understand. Your abilities to communicate and disappear as necessary will be permanent powers, but be careful with using any other magic. Some of your powers should only be used once, so always ask your inner-self about any intentions to use magic, and listen to the answer carefully. Are you prepared to accept these conditions?”

The Jackalope looked up at the Creator and slowly nodded his head.

“Very well,” said the Creator, “close your eyes and count to three.”

The Jackalope closed his eyes as instructed and, just as he finished counting, felt a warm tingling sensation all over his body. He then opened his eyes, and smiled. “Can I ask you for something else, Mister Creator?”

The Creator looked down at the Jackalope. “What is it, my dear friend?”

The Jackalope turned a little to one side, with some obvious embarrassment. “Mister Creator … can I have a name?”

“Well, of course you can,” said the Creator. “Your name is now ‘Jaxon’. You are going to be a unique adventurer, and you will live forever.”

Jaxon looked up at him. “A unique adventurer? Live forever?”

“Yes,” said the Creator. “You are the only Jackalope that will ever be created, so you are unique, and you must therefore live forever. I also believe that you will be an adventurer! Go out into the world and have some adventures!”



Celebration at Moonbeam Farm!





Time passed, and feeling CUCKOO may have happened sometimes while waiting!

And than, just like that …. it happened! It’s REAL! What was once just a dream is now available to be enjoyed by everyone and yes, my eyes may be a little wet!




Thank you dear readers for your support and encouragement throughout this wild and crazy adventure!

A special thank you to my amazing co-author, Colin, from https://meandray.com/. Thanks for what I often called your magic touch! Thanks for your patience also that may have been needed sometimes in working with me. How did Moonbeam Farm get its name again? 🙂

Also a big thanks to the very talented artist Jodi McKinney from https://lifeinbetween.me, You been with us from the very beginning of this dream, from the first story that appeared on my blog, and you made our beloved characters look awesome!

Looking for adventure? Take a trip to Moonbeam Farm. A place where love and laughter reside! Make sure you keep your eyes wide open though, for with the Moonbeam Farm gang you never know what may happen!