25 years and still Twitterpatted!

So full of youth with hearts full of love and dreams!
Bushkill Falls, 2020

Not quite as full of youth, but still hearts full of love and dreams!

Over the years we have accepted each other’s differences. He is not a coffee or tea drinker and I am not a morning person! He loves just about every vegetable there is and I love beef,chicken,seafood, and desserts. We do both love chocolate, though I may eat a tad more than he does.

He is very organized and I am ….. Not! He is whiz at numbers, they make my brain hurt! He likes his music a little louder and rockier, but there is a lot of music we agree on as well.

The list could go on and on about differences and similarities. What is important though is that we both still agree on our commitment to each other and on looking forward to what the next 25 years bring!

I woke up to these 2 memes and many more on my phone. I also have 2 dozen beautiful red roses on our table, and the gift of a lovely necklace around my neck. We may not have been able to go on a big trip like we had dreamed about before 2020 hit, but being with each other is the best place to be AND …. there is always 2021 when perhaps we can travel again!