The Colors of Oscar … Cost an arm, but not a leg … Ketchup Fails 111 times … and other Facts!


Poor Oscar! Magenta would have been cool.


That doesn’t paint a pretty picture in the mind.


Well … thats one way to get away from your enemy!


Now that is a scary caterpillar! I looked it up and if you touch it, you can have a severe burn or rash. In some rare cases it can cause swelling and difficulty breathing. Who knew that “toupees” were dangerous.


Another reason to never give up on something!


We can never have too many heroes.

Flying High!

This is Part 2 to Playing the Game

Mindy felt smug, she had the perfect plan. Once and for all she would settle this. Was Corbin her beloved Romeo who had courted her so romantically in his letters? Did he have a genuine beart or was he just a conniving con-artist who she was losing her heart too?

If he couldn’t or wouldn’t come to her then she would follow her heart to him!

Sbe had vacation time built up at work and she always wanted to see the Oregon coast. Being from the tiny state of Rhode Island Mindy was excited about exploring the West Coast.

Her plane ticket was bougbt and tomorrow she would leave. Was she nervous? Oh yes! More than once she had questioned her impulsive decision. But she had to know the truth!

With a prayer on her lips Mindy zipped her suitcase closed. She could do this! Like the story of the Little train that Could, that her mom had often read to her when she was a child. Mindy had courage and strength, she wouldn’t back down.

Two hours later she turned off the lights and climbed into bed. Sweet dreams take her away, she prayed. Don’t let it be a restless night worrying about what tomorrow would bring.

The flight had been smooth. So far so good, but her stomach was now churning with butterflies! Mindy had to do this quickly ot she would run out of nerve. All she had to do now was hail a taxi and show up at his doorstep. No problem!

A half hour later she was standing in front of a townhouse. The bright red door looked formidable. Oooh she was crazy!! Ding-Dong! She rang quickly before she turned and ran, trying to catch her taxi.

A gorgeous brunette woman opened the door. All Mindy could do was stare wide eyed! Maybe she had the wrong townhouse.

“Hi! I am sorry to bother you but does Corbin Donaldson live here?”

Mindy was sure that this woman could hear the pounding of her heart. It was as loud as thunder.

The woman flashed her an apologetic smile. “Yes, this is his house, but I am sorry he isn’t here right now. Can I help you?”

Mindy’a stomach sank. Was he at the hospital visiting his mother? Was he really a doting son, had she read him wrong? But why was there a gorgeous woman in his townhouse?

Taking a deep breath she mustered up her courage. “Do you know when he will be home, I would like to speak with him.”

The lady eyed her for a bit. Mindy almost shrumk back from her gaze.

“Why would you like to see him? May I ask your name?”

“Mindy Pbillips.”

The brunette’s face instantly changed. It lit up. “The Mindy Phillips? The one from Rhode Island that he can’t stop talking about! Oh dear, its really you! Oh, what are we going to do!”

Mindy blushed, he talked about her! But why did she wonder about what they would do. The lady seemed excited, but yet? And who was she??

“What a pleasure to meet you face to face. I am Corbin’s sister, Linda. Please come in. We have a lot to talk about!”

His sister! Relief coursed through her body as she followed Linda inside. What all did she have to tell? Mindy was all ears.

Corbin looked out the window. He hated flying but he knew he had too. It had been put off for too long. He took a deep breath to calm himself. The plane ride would be fine. He could do this!

Some things were worth overcoming, his fear of flying, was one of them! He had to do it for Mindy. She had become so special to him.

Glancing out the window he did a doubletake. He had only one glass of scotch, what was he seeing? Was that a flying Alicorn in the sky? It looked like a unicorn but had wings. Were they truly real? Who were those tiny guys on the back of it?? Ooh he really must be going crazy!

Mindy was overcome with emotion as she sat talking to Linda. How wrong she had been! His mom really was an ailing woman and his brother had got hurt in a work accident.

Fortunately Corbin had been able to get his job back and thats why he had finally bought the plane ticket to surprise Mindy. He hadn’t wanted to tell her in advance, for how could he once more back out and disappoint her. His psychologist had really been working with him to get over his paranoia of flying but would it work? So many times before he had tried. Went to the airport with his ticket in hand but each time he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“My brother really does care deeply for you! He has had this paranoia for years, eversince the time that he was in a plane crash long ago.”

Tears sprung to Mindy’s eyes. He had fought to overcome his fear all because of her! Oh, how could she have ever doubted him! A warm peace filled her and she couldn’t stop smiling, perhaps her prince really had shown up for her. Now she and Linda just needed to get him back home!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

I love cherries and plums, so why not a Cherry Plum … They are delicious … Have you tried one?

When your nephew tells you that if you drop his baby sister it will cost you $2million hundred thousand dollars!

Love can heal wounded hearts … Love can help someone grow … But Love can’t change someone … They will only change when they want to change …

Playing the Game

Painting by Daniel Gerhartz

The words that she read were wrapping themselves around her heart. She felt snug in a cocoon of love.

Her heart palpitated with excitement and an eagerness that she could barely contain.

With each letter that came she found her fondness growing. Growing for someone that she had never met, but with each lettet he was becoming less of a stranger to her.

Sometimes she would hold the letter in her hand dreaming of the sentiments inside, written just for her.

Was it the beginning of true love? The feelings that were stirring in her heart. She longed to think so, but…

Why couldn’t she rid herself of the nagging feeling in her conscience? The feeling of something that was off and not quite right.

When reading parts of Corbin’s letters to her friends they swooned, saying how fortunate she was to have found him. And she felt the joy of her friend’s approval but …. Oh why! Why was she doubting when wanting to  feel so happy?

Corbin appeared sincere in his letters, but the problem were the things he didn’t say.

Never did he mention about wanting to see her. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He did mention the desire to see her, but how he couldn’t afford to come.

She understood that. But her understanding was fading each time he asked her for money. Her sympathy for him was weakening as a new understanding crept in. Where was all  the money going that she was giving him??

First it went to help his ailing mother and then his ailing brother. Then things looked real promising, her hopes were up. He was going to purchase a plane ticket the next week, but the day before he purchased the ticket, he lost his job and rent was due.

As much as she hated to admit it, she was afraid she had been swindled. For either he had the worst luck of anyone she knew or there was something really fishy about her so called Romeo!

Picking up a piece of scented stationary Pamela began to write. Two can play this game, she thought.

The Gift of the Unicorn

Pinterest image

The tiny elves watched from their hiding place in awe! Wow! If only their friends could see this delightful spectacle.

Never had they seen something so magical, well besides the North Pole of course. Their home was the the most magical place on earth, but this may be the second most magical place ever.

Alabaster and Snowball were silent, they had no words, which was rare. Usually one would say something and the other one would have a witty reply. But now they were entranced and could only focus on the dazzling unicorn.

“Can you imagine us having our own unicorn?”

“Candy cane would be so jealous.” Alabaster laughed in agreement. “She sure would.”

They watched the fairies flying around the unicorn, wondering how they would feel about giving up one of their unicorns. The kind elves didn’t want them to be sad.

“Are you going to gjve them Santa’s message?”

Snowball put his hand in his pocket and then the other pocket and oops his hand went straight through! Feeling like a doolally, he made a face at Alabaster.

“I ummm … lost Santa’s message… it fell out of my pocket.” He put his head down again as Alabaster looked at him in disbelief!

“You lost the special autographed note from Santa! Now what do we do??”

Snowball shrugged his shoulders, he was clueless.

“I guess there is only one thing to do. We just need to convince the fairies that we are Santa’s elves and that he sent us to get their unicorn.”

Alabaster shook bis head, “yeah, riiight, no problem!”

Snowball mumbled a retort, he would show him. “Watch me, all you need to do is talk sweetly, put on the charm and Voila! They are eating out of your hand.”

“I can’t wait to see the expert at work. I will be right beside you soaking in your wise ways.”

Rubbing his chin Snowball felt proud as he turned his head away and started walking towards the unicorn. He didn’t see Alabaster’s smirk. He couldn’t stop thinking about Alabaster’s words. “His wise ways”, He felt a little taller as he walked to confront the fairies.

“Hello beautiful, stunning fairies!” The fairies looked up startled by the elves and their blue suede shoes.

“Don’t be afraid we come to give you wonderful news. Santa wants your unicorn! We unfortunately lost one of the reindeer and thought how a unicorn would make a lovely addition to the team. What do you say lovely one?” Snowball flashed his charming smile at the one fairy.

Before they could understand what was happening the poor elves found themselves thrown into a cage!

“Wellll…. you sure put on the charm! Glad I took notes. ” Alabaster joked and Snowball gave him the evil eye.

Alabaster hoped they would bring them some food. He was hungry. Just because they were holding them captive they wouldn’t withhold food, would they?

“Hey Miss. Fairy, could I have something to eat please? Some watermelon would be good.” He thought it would be helpful if he made a suggestion. Alabaster always tried to be helpful.

Snowball looked at him shaking his head. “You really think you are going to get food from them?? You are funny or maybe just crazy.”

Alabaster looked past Snowball and a smile spread across his face. “And you were saying..”

Snowball stared in shock at a fairy carrying a watermelon.

“I have a magical charm too, its my luxurious hair of course.”

CLICK! The cage opened up and PLOP went the watermelon on top of Alabaster’s head. CLICK! It shut again

Alabaster’s face turned red from embarrassment and from watermelon juice running down his face. Snowball tried to hold in his laughter but …

Oh, what a fine kettle of fish they were in! Snowball sure hoped the fairies called the North Pole soon to verify who they were and that they could fly in the sky on the back of their unicorn.

Meanwhile they leaned that fairies laughter sounded like bells as they flew around the cage looking at the two poor elves, who were caught in a trap, due to the fairies suspicious minds.

CLICK! They had dozed off and jumped at the sound of the cage opening.

“You are free to go, we talked to Santa. We are so sorry, but had to make sure. Our unicorns are special to us, we don’t give them to just anybody.”

Alabaster and Snowball were thrilled to be out of the cage and so forgiveness came easily. Soon they were up in the sky on the back of Stardust. It felt amazing! They were going home.

“Hey Snowball whats the word we use again to tell Stardust to stop once we get to the North Pole?”

“I can’t remember but I wrote it down, its in my … pocket.” He said “pocket” softly as he stuck his hand through the hole once again.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I was reminded this week again of the pain of calling businesses. When I called yesterday I was told that it would be about a 25 minute wait. I was welcome to stay on hold if I had absolutely nothing else better to do or leave my number and they would call me when it was my turn. I left my number and 30 minutes later the phone rang. I was impressed. It was shortlived! The automated robot told me that all representatives were busy and to please hold…!

How has your week started? If in need of some sanity hopefully you can find some in the quotes today. I am glad to say that after being on hold for 15 more minutes yesterday I was able to talk to someone and get the issue resolved. Happy Tuesday!







Thats how I do math.





To Grandmother’s House We Go!

Painting by Ludwig Knause

The wildflowers were so pretty. Little Hannah Grace couldn’t help but stop and pick some of them for Grandma Lola.

Hannah was excited. In fact this may be the bestest day of her entire life. Cameron told her he liked her. He whispered it to her at recess. Oh, he was soo cute. She skipped all the way home from school.

Mama looked at her a little strangely but didn’t say a word about her extra rosy cheeks and extra energy. Hannah was glad for she didn’t want to tell anyone. It was her and Cameron’s precious secret. Big sis would only tease her.

After she picked as many flowers as her small hands could hold she continued walking to her grandma’s house. It wasn’t far for Mama never let her go too far by herself.

It was just through a little path in the woods. Grandma Lola’s house was at rhe end of the path, as soon as you stepped out of the woods.

The woods were darker for there were tall trees blocking some of the sky. Hannah Grace felt a little afraid, but she would be okay. She was no scaredy cat!

CRACK! What was that noise? Little Hannah’s eyes darted around.

CRACK! There it was again. Someone or something was breaking sticks as they walked.

Hannah Grace stopped and waited. She heard someone coming. Saw a shadow and then…

“Cameron James!” Relief spread through her but then she put her little hands on her hips. She had seen her mama do it lots of times.

Holding her head high she looked him in the eye. “You scared me!”

Cameron hung his head. “I am sorry. Really! I was just having fun. I wanted to see when you would notice me.”

Hannah tried to make a stern face and give him the eye, but he only laughed. That made her laugh too, for she wasn’t really mad. She was thrilled that he followed her and was here now!

She took his hand and smiled broadly as they headed out of the woods and to Grandma’s door.

“Wait! Look over there!” Cameron pointed to a house covered in candy!

Their eyes got big and Hannah’s mouth was watering, she sure did love her candy. For a brief moment she looked at Grandma’s house. But then turned to Cameron.

“Let’s go, we won’t stay long but I am hungry!”

They ran towards the house and just as they got up on the porch the front door opened. An old, bent over lady greeted them with a crooked smile. She pointed her gnarly finger at them.

“Come in, come in my dear children.”

Hannah and Cameron shrunk back some. This lady looked and sounded kind of scary.

“Don’t be afraid little ones, are you hungry? We can have a party.”

Looking at the oreos, peanut butter cups and chocolate chip cookies put all scary thoughts out of their minds. They followed the old lady inside.

Two hours later Hannah Grace and Cameron James walked back outside groaning and moaning. Their bellies were so full, they couldn’t eat one more bite.

The old lady watched the children leave. Her stomach was growling. Where were Hansel and Gretel? Thats who she had been expecting, not these charming children. They were too cute. Oh, she was getting too soft in her old age.

When they got to Hannah’s grandma’s they looked awful. She gave them some yucky medicine and put them to bed to get some rest and sleep off their stomach ache.

Nobody had noticed the poor, confused wolf waiting outside. Where was little Red Riding Hood? This girl had a red cap but she was Hannah and what was the boy doing with her. Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t supposed to have anyone with her. He must be at the wrong house. Stupid GPS!

A Beauty Secret … Agatha Christie saves a life … A peasant made King and Other Facts.


How many authors can say that their story saved a life!


Never heard of a waterphone.


Had to post this for the picture! Never saw goats in trees before.


Do you? We have 2 or 3.


Hmmm….maybe this is how we should elect our next President.


And now you know the truth behind that phrase!

Wisdom Unveiled

Painting by Rembrandt, whose birthday was yesterday, July 15th,1606 ( just a few years ago)

A patch of morning light circled around Marcus at his desk. As one who had always been up early to greet the dawn he had never changed. Why should the birds be the only ones to appreciate the beauty of the morning.

While his gentle Beth was alive he had tried to get her to share in the joy of the early hours of dawn, but alas, he lost that battle.

Early in their marriage he learned that his gentle, demure Beth could be quite opposite when awakened early. It was best to let his sleeping wife lie.

Marcus opened the window so that he could hear the song of the morning doves. They had come after his beloved died and never left. Their simple songs had brought him comfort in the lonely days that had stretched out before him, seeming endless.

But he had survived!

Some wondered why Marcus kept living in his old, grandeur house. Didn’t he feel even more lonely being in such a large place?

The answer was always the same. More lonely? No, he felt closer to his gentle Beth in the sprawling mansion.

He felt especially close when working hard on transcribing her notes. The notes in her medical journal. Oh how intelligent his Beth had been. No one had known ahout her love of medicine .

It was unheard of for women to go to medical school but his Beth would have been a star pupil.

Marcus hoped that the day would come when women could attend medical school. When they could be more than nurses. When their intelligence wasn’t snuffed out by society’s ideas of the proper jobs for women.

Smiling to himself he completed the final sentence. Another article was ready to submit to the medical journal.

Glowing accolades were written about his last article, by Dr. Benjamin.

“Do you see that Beth? The man you couldn’t stand. One who often demeaned women, has been Dr. Benjamin’s biggest fan. Oh, if only he knew the true identity of Dr. Benjamin. If only he knew that it was you! There wouldn’t be a big enough piece of humble pie for him to swallow.

He caused you great consternation but we got the last laugh, didn’t we!”

Marcus smiled, his heart feeling light. It was a beautiful morning. A beautiful morning indeed. Things always had a way of working out. The world waa learning of Beth’s wonderful wisdom, one article at a time.

*After finishing this story I was curious and googled who the first woman was that was allowed to attend medical school. I smiled at the name, Elizabeth Blackwell in 1850. I guess Beth was a good name for my fictional character. 🙂 *

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your child asks if you want to go long boarding with him … You stand on the board … but then remember that being graceful and coordinated is not one of your talents … 

When your package comes … bringing a smile … any guesses of what it may be? 

Something to help turn the gears in your brain … Share a happy short story that turns into a short sad story in the comments  ... Sweet … Tasty… Icecream … in a cone … Oops … now melting icecream on the ground …