Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully your week is off to a great start and may this post help keep it that way. While scrolling in Pinterest for quotes the following picture showed up. Did you have one of these in your childhood? I spent many happy hours looking at fun pictures with this. What’s a toy from your childhood that made you smile? 










Mystery at the River



Thanks to Jason for this photo of his. It stirred my curiosity when I saw it. Hopefully a good story, will come out of this. Enjoy!

Tabitha never knew that days could be so long, with unending nights. How could she put into the words, the way that the tentacles of hope were loosening their grip on her.

At first they had been hanging onto her heart with a ferocious grip. The grip of a mother bear.

Jake was her explorer from the time that he was young. Finding new places to check out was a hobby of his. This river wasn’t new. He had been here many times over the years. Exploring was his passion, but he had favorite spots of his that he would return too on a regular basis. He often craved solitude and this river was the one place that he could find it.

10 days

Her hair blew in the wind. She picked up a scent. Closing her eyes, she went back to the last time she had seen Jake. He had been in a jolly mood that morning, joking with her over breakfast. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of Axe cologne. He was still learning the trick of knowing how much cologne to spray, so as not to overpower. But why? Why would he wear cologne if he had planned on going swimming in the river? Had he been trying to impress all the fish in the sea? It just didn’t make any sense.

10 days of fighting back tears, and then giving into them.

None of his friends had been with him on the last day that anyone saw him. He hadn’t shared any plans with anyone. But he was planning on going to his friend’s barbeque later that day, so it wasn’t like he had planned to go away. Steaks on the grill? Her boy with the empty pit, would not want to miss that!

10 days of poring over pictures of him from over the years as a way to feel his presence.

What had happened? How could Tabitha ever find rest if she never knew where her son had disappeared to? One day all was right with the world and the next day it was turned completely upside down!

Sighing she got to her feet. It was time to go home. Every day she came out here to try and clear her mind, hoping that watching the ripples in the water would calm her nerves.

Turning to go, she glanced once more at his shoes. Why hadn’t she took them home with her? It was like she couldn’t bring herself to touch them. She wanted them to be there for when he came back, for he would be back, he had to be!

What was that? Something silver caught her eye. It was in between the shoes. Confusion came over her. What would he be doing with a shiny cowbell?

Fun Animal Facts

Life would be so dull without animals! Enjoy the following facts.


This touched my ❤.


Thats a powerful sense of smell!


Isn’t it cute. I may have a heart for small things. 🙂


Too bad that Jillian didn’t come face to face with a “cameleopard” in my story yesterday, instead of a leopard!


Sometimes you just have to laugh!


Awh! Animals need friends too!

Frozen in Time

Pinterest image

“The leopard’s eyes pierced through her, as she froze like a statue, unable to move. This was one staring contest she had never planned on having!”

Jillian rubbed her eyes as the words started to blur. Her novel was coming along slowly. Now when she felt the ideas turning she found herself fighting sleep. Groaning she slumped down in her chair and looked at the clock.

5 minutes until midnight. Groaning louder she got up from her chair and headed for bed.

She had a 8am meeting with her boss first thing tomorrow. He had not been real forthcoming about why he wanted to see her, which made her curious.

Not too curious to sleep though, it had been a long day and she was beat. Closing her eyes, she hoped that no leopards would show up in her dreams.

“Good Morning Jillian.” Tina, the secretary smiled at her walking into the office.

Jillian wished her a Good Morning, but kept walking. Knowing that if she stopped to talk she wouldn’t be able to get away. To say that Tina had the gift of gab was an understatement!

Stopping at Starbucks had almost made Jillian late. The line was so long, but she had to have her double chocolate mint frappe to start the day.

Quickly throwing everything in her office she made it to her boss’s office with 5 minutes to spare.

The door opened just as she was getting ready to knock.

“Good Morning! Come on in.”

Jillian sat down in the mahogany, leather chair, anxious to hear what her boss had to say.

“You know I don’t like to beat around the bush so I will get straight to the point. Jack had an accident and broke his legs. We need you to fill in for him. He was supposed to go away on a 1 week assignment for us.”

Poor Jack! But oh lucky her! She was actually going to fill in for Jack? He was one of the best photographers that they had. She was going to go away for a week! Her assignments had always been close by.

A dreamy look was breaking out across her face. Feeling like a little kid being set free in a candy store.

“Jillian, did you hear me?”

She tried to focus. Nodding her head, she looked her boss in the eye. “Yes sir, I am listening.”

“Good. As I was saying. You will be going to Africa to photograph and write about one of the elephant reserves there.”

Butterflies were having a party in her stomach. Had she heard right? She was going to Africa! Her ship had finally come in! This was her time to shine.

Jillian couldn’t stop smiling. Her novel would have to wait, she was going to Africa.

So far her stay in Africa had been amazing! The elephants were magnificent creatures and her heart felt like it was in a constant state of euphoria.

Today she had decided to explore on her own some. They had told her she should always have a guide with her but Jillian was feeling confident.

She wanted to explore the other side of the massive reserve. It wasn’t only an elephant reserve, there were other animals to see. Thinking of the pictures she could get made her bubble over with enthusiasm.

Parking her landcruiser she got out to walk around. Promising herself she wouldn’t go far. Oh, but it felt so good walking around in the field, the tall grasses, feeling the gentle breeze. Staring at a….!

The leopard’s eyes pierced hers. Frozen, she was like a statue, unable to move. Her novel was coming to life right before her eyes!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The heat may be sweltering … but  I do love the bright sunshine that lights up the sky … it lights up the heart as well!

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When you have turned around 2x, due to being lost …. You smile, as you finally are heading the right direction … Then you see the ROAD CLOSED sign ahead …. AND that’s why they make thick, soft steering wheel covers, so one doesn’t hurt their head.

When you can’t deny the shoulder pain any longer …. you schedule an appointment and hope for the best …

Whispers of Love

Image from Pinterest

Hugging her bunny close to her, she wiped a tear from her eye. She was awake, it had all been a dream, only a dream. Molly’s grandmother would not be in the kitchen preparing pancakes for her. Sighing, she buried her head into Toffee’s fur for a moment. Why oh why did you leave me Grammy? Pinching her eyes shut she tried to make the dream come back to her. The dream of being wrapped in one of Grammy’s warm hugs.

“Molly! Breakfast is ready.”

With one more hug to Toffee, Molly got out of bed. She wondered if Mommy Kimberly had made pancakes. Her pancakes didn’t taste like her Grammy’s but she was so kind to Molly that it was OK.

It was only the 2 of them sitting at the table, Jacob had already left for work. When Molly took her last bite of chocolate chip pancakes, Kimberly surprised her with great news.

“How would you like to go visit Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm today?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Molly may have had clouds in her eyes before, but now her face was as bright as a rainbow. She loved going to visit her best friend Betsy, Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s cow.

Kimberly’s heart was light, she knew Molly loved the farm and being with Betsy seemed to always be good for her.

Soon they were ready to go for Molly got dressed in record time, instead of her usual dawdling.

They drove down the road belting out “Old McDonald had a farm”, and “The Wheels on the Bus”. Kimberly had never considered herself a great singer, but singing with Molly was always fun and it made the trip go faster. When they arrived Molly was craning her neck to try and see if Betsy was in the field.

“She’s there, she’s there!” She shot out the door like a bolt of lightning and ran for the field.

Kimberly stayed back to visit the new baby goats. They were so cute and she wanted to help Mr. Fuzzywhistle feed them with their bottles. She enjoyed talking to Mr. Fuzzywhistle, he usually had some funny stories to share with her and sometimes words of wisdom too.

Pinterest image

Molly ran her small fingers through the lush green grass, while talking to her favorite cow.

“I miss Grammy. I wanna hug her and have her hold me in her lap.”

Her bottom lip puckered out.

Betsy’s eyes shone with compassion. Little Molly had stolen her heart.

“You really loved your Grammy, I know.”

“She was the bestest Grammy in all the world.” Molly spread her arms out really wide, and then sighed. “She was the only one who loved me.”

Betsy bent her head down, nuzzling Molly’s face which made her giggle. “I know you love me too, Betsy. You and Toffee are my best friends!” She wrapped her small arms around Betsy’s neck.

“Miss Kimberly loves you too.”

Not a word was spoken for a few minutes. Molly continued hanging onto Betsy’s neck. Then her voice was barely audible as she whispered, “I know, but what if she leaves me too?”

The 2 friends were silent for awhile. Lost in thought, but enjoying each other’s company.

Then Molly remembered Kimberly mentioning how Mr. Fuzzywhistle had new baby goats, she wanted to see them!

“I gotta go Betsy, love you!”

Betsy watched Molly scamper away, and she went back to grazing. She wasn’t so sure what was so special about the new goats, but oh well!

“They are sooo cute!” Molly was all smiles, as she petted one.

“I haven’t picked names for them yet, think you can help me?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle smiled down at her, while stroking his beard.

Molly appeared to be in deep concentration for a short time.

“Jellybean and Whisper!”

Kimberly and Mr. Fuzzywhistle laughed. “Jellybean and Whisper it is! Thank you Molly, wouldn’t want them to be nameless.”

After spending a little longer at the farm, Molly said she was hungry.

“Why don’t we all go visit Mason’s coffee shop in town. They have mighty tasty ice cream, but you probably don’t like ice cream, do you?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle was grinning looking at Molly, whose face lit up.

“Ice cream! I love ice cream!”

It didn’t take them long to get to get to the coffee shop. Molly’s eyes got as big as a flying saucer when Mason brought out her ice cream sundae.

2 big scoops of cookie dough ice cream with with whip cream , sweet cherries and plenty of hot fudge.

Even Cara’s eyes got big, thinking it looked really good. “Hey Mason, could you make me an ice cream sundae too?”

The bell jangled as a customer walked in. Mason looked at Cara, ” Sorry, looks like you have a customer to wait on.”

Grinning he sat down with Molly.

Cara shook her head, but she had to smile as she watched him with Molly, making her laugh with his goofy faces. He always was good with the children that came into the coffee shop. It was like a superpower of his, he never failed to get a smile out of them.

Ahh! It was Mr. Tippner who had come in. Now she would still get to eat her ice cream sundae, she would quickly get Tippner’s order. He always ordered the same thing, a simple BLT. with some chips and applesauce on the side. It wouldn’t take her long to fix that, and then she could enjoy a yummy treat.

More laughter came from Molly, Cara looked over at her thinking that Kimberly and Jacob were so blessed to have Molly. No one knew much about her past, but for those who knew her, they all agreed that she was one special little girl.

Magical Wisteria

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Her mind was filled with trepidation, yet excitement as well. What awaited her?

It was as if she was riding a see-saw. One moment her heart was up ready for adventure, than worry about the unknown would bring her back down.

Aria had already said her goodbyes, her Mom and Dad were so proud of their only child. She was going to be a Queen, how could they not be proud! Their little girl, growing up and becoming a Queen!

Remembering her Grandma’s warm eyes filled with love and pride enabled Aria to keep walking forward.

While walking she thought back to the night that changed her life.

She had been startled by the fairy that flew in her window that night. Her wings shone with a brilliance that lit up Aria’s room.

“Princess Aria I come with good news. You have been specially chosen to be the new Queen of the fairies!”

Aria rubbed her head. Had she hit it real hard? A Princess? She wasn’t a Princess, but she didn’t bother to correct the fairy for she couldn’t speak, she was speechless with shock!

“I am Princess Lily and a week from now you will take a magical walk into fairyland.”

Aria found her voice long enough to ask “What?? How??”

“When you see the lavender wisteria appear in your backyard you will know its time. You will see the entrance to Fairyland.”

Aria noticed her parents standing in the doorway. They had heard voices and came to see what was going on.

They ran over to Aria hugging her tight. Who would have thought that on the night of her 13th birthday she would be visited by a Fairy!

“So what is Fairyland like? What kind of food do they have? I hope pizza!” Her dad patted his belly.

“Are their stores in fairyland? I will need to buy a whole new wardrobe of course.”

Aria’s dad rolled his eyes. Leave it to his wife to ask about clothing when their daughter is going to be a Queen! How can she think of shopping!

“Hey, does Fairyland have a golf course? I can’t stop playing golf.”

Princess Lily gave Aria’s dad a perplexed look.

“Golf? What is golf? But it doesn’t matter for you guys won’t be coming.”

“WHAT? How.can we not go, she is our baby.” their distressed faces made Aria’s heart plummet. They wouldn’t let her go now, she was certain. All they did was ruin things for her.

They started shouting at Princess Lily. It didn’t faze her, she simply took her tiny wand and bopped their foreheads with it. Instantly they stopped shouting. No words came out at all.

Aria was amazed. “What did you do to them?”

Princess Lily gave an impish smile. “They will wake up tomorrow in a much better mood. Trust me, all will be well. You are the appointed Queen to be, Princess Aria, they won’t stop you from coming to Fairyland.”

True to Princess Lily’s word, they woke up in the morning eagerly talking about Aria going to Fairyland. They couldn’t wait for her to come back and visit them and share her adventures!

Aria’s sweet grandmother was the one hardest to say goodbye too. They had a strong bond and Aria would miss her so much. Maybe she would be able to come back for her grandmother once she was crowned as Queen. The Queen had all the power, didn’t she?

Right before the entrance Aria paused. This was it, once she took a step there was no turning back.

Remembering the precious words of her grandmother she closed her eyes as she took the final step.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Is it really the middle of July already? My son had a great time at the beach, except when they were under a tornado warning. Thankfully all was well and he enjoyed the sun, sand, water and crabcakes. Now I am hungry for seafood.

Before the quotes I thought you needed a cute picture. Enjoy!











The Lost Treasure

Painting from Pinterest

Bending down to pick up the precious letter, Melinda grabbed it and continued walking to a private spot to read it.

She had been holding onto this letter for it was too hard to read at first.

When word had come of Donovan’s death, she was devastated. This was his last letter, never again would his heart bleed on paper for her.

He put the magic in her life and without him it would never be the same.

Finding a secluded spot she sat down under a tree and began to read.

“To the One who Colors my Sky:

You always believed in me and I can’t express how much that  meant to me. I knew I could count on you to be in my corner.

I have been saving for a long time and I can’t wait to show you the world. We have been separated for too long. The nights have seemed to go on forever without you and have been as dark as a sky without a moon.

I am coming my beloved. Once again the sun will rise when I look into your eyes.

If for some crazy reason I don’t make it to you I hope you get this letter. See the instructions attached to find where I hid the treasure.

Here is the key to the treasure. Use the gold wisely and you shall always have enough!

My heart may have been silenced but in my dreams it will forever beat for you.”

Melinda was tearing up again, hadn’t she cried enough? She turned over the letter to read the instructions but…. there was nothing there!

“Oh Donovan, what did you do? You forgot to write the instructions!!” She yelled in frustration, but had to smile. He always was a little absent minded. Somehow she would find the treasure, there had to be a way!

The Christmas Disaster in July

BUZZ! BUZZ! Snowball turned off the alarm and fell back asleep.

Whop! “Hey, why did you hit me with your pillow?” Snowball was sitting up feeling groggy, glaring at Alabaster.

“We are late! I thought you set the alarm. Its 9am!”

Snowball looked at the clock, Whoops! He had been planning to doze just for a brief time after the alarm went off, but apparently he slept too long!

Quickly they got dressed. Snowball opened the fridge to drink his daily dose of prune juice and finished off his bag of dates.

Alabaster turned on the coffee maker but it wasn’t working. He groaned, smacking his head.

“I told you that you used it too much yesterday, you broke it!”

He kept pushing the button sure that it would work, but had no success. Sighing he poured himself some prune juice.

When they were ready to leave they headed for the door and Snowball noticed something.

“Hey Alabaster, next time try plugging in the coffee maker. It may help.” Snowball stood holding up the dangling cord as Alabaster’s face got a little red.

They were standing outside the hotel waiting for a taxi when Alabaster yelled, “The gifts, we forgot the gifts!”

With the speed of a gazelle they ran back inside and with shock noticed the Out of Order signs on the elevator! Tbey had just used them!

Why oh why did they get a room on the 10th floor! Up the stairs they ran, but without the grace of a gazelle. They stumbled several times but finally made it.

Grabbed the gifts from their room and ran back down, or more like slipped and slided down the stairs.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs they paused to take a breath and looked more closely at the Out of Order sign. It wasn’t for the elevators, it had been pointing to tbe restrooms.

Neither of them said a word as they walked out the door to hail a taxi.

They had been so excited to go on this special trip for Santa, but they sure hoped that the day would get better.

Santa had wanted 2 elves to go and help some special families to have Christmas in July. They had been through some hard times so Santa wanted to bring them some cheer.

All they had to do was ring the doorbell say Merry Christmas from Santa’s elves and hand them the gifts. Normally elves were not to be seen but Santa thought it would create even more happiness for the families to meet Santa’s real elves.

They arrived at the first house and rang the bell. A little boy opened the door and his eyes widened when he saw the elves.

“Merry Christmas from Santa’s elves!”

“Mommmm! You have to see this!” The little boy was jumping up and down with excitement holding the gift in his hand.

His Mom came to the door holding a freshly baked pie in her hands. She jumped at the sight of the elves and dropped the pie right on their heads.

Feeling embarrassed she apologized. Alabaster and Snowball were good sports and the Mom gave them wet cloths to help them clean themselves up from the sticky shoo fly pie.

After many thanks from the boy and his mom, they were on their way to the next house.

Little Jane was delighted with her new dolly and her parents loved the restaurant gift certificates. They had to take several pictures of Snowball and Alabaster, saying how their friends would never believe them.

The next family were in their backyard barbequing. Tommy was swinging and jumped off at the sight of Santa’s elves! After giving the gifts Tommy wanted to push them on the swing.

They swung back and forth so many times that poor Alabaster and Snowball were feeling real dizzy by the time they got off the swing. So dizzy that they stumbled into the pool!

Fortunately the family’s Lab jumped into the pool and grabbed Alabaster first gently dropping him on the ground and then Snowball.

The elves were very quiet on the way back to the hotel to change clothes. This time they took the elevator!

With only 2 houses to go they were looking forward to being done and going out for a nice supper. With the way the day was going they were beginning to think that Candy Cane had been pushing some pins into a doll!

The next house was way up on a hill. At last they made it and rang the bell. Little Theo opened the door and started crying at the sight of the elves.

They didn’t know what to do. That took them by surprise. Trying to console the boy made him cry louder. The noise brought his big brother running. He eyed the elves warily as they gave their gifts, not saying a word. They quickly said their goodbyes and left.

Finally they reached the last house. A lady opened the door with a boy and girl at her side. They were all jubilant at seeing the elves. This made Alabaster and Snowball feel a lot better.

The little girl hugged her teddy bear and hugged the elves. Alabaster and The boy ripped open his gift and threw it down in disgust as he stomped out of the room.

“Oh No! You ding a ling!” Alabaster yelled at Snowball. “Thats the wrong gift. What kid wants underwear!”

Snowball apologized profusely to the lady and quickly handed another gift to her for her little boy. She called him back and he was much happier with his remote airplane.

Back in the taxi Alabaster shook his head. “Who was that underwear meant for?”

Snowball brought up Santa’s nice and naughty list on his phone. “Thats for some guys at Bittersweet Creek. Underwear and coal.”

He started frowning as he studied the list, “This can’t be right, how did Mason and Tippner get on the naughty list? Aren’t they the 2 guys we met in Florida a while back?”

“Yeah, Mason is the one who has the cool hair!”

“Hmmm…..well Santa is never wrong, so I guess they must have done something bad. But there is a note written by their names, lets see what it says.”

Alabaster leaned over to read the message on Snowball’s phone and they both started laughing.

Santa has a good sense of humor and it appears that some girl named Cara does too.

When they got back to the hotel they went out for supper. Fried, breaded chicken which was really crispy and baby carrots on the side. Followed up with strawberry shortcake.

After supper they decided to take their new kites to the park. They started soaring high into the sky and all was going well until … the string broke and torn string was the only thing they were left holding in their hand.