A Spider’s Magic

Painting by Morgan Weistling

What was that sound? Christina looked down. Oh No! She had been daydreaming again and now the sewing machine was jammed. Ugh! Mary would not be happy if she did not have this dress finished for her by five o’clock. A quick glance at the clock on the wall and her heart sank. It was 4:45 right now! There was no way she would finish it in fifteen minutes!

The door to her shop opened. Christina inwardly groaned as Mary stepped in. She was always punctual, unfortunately.

“Good evening! Is my dress ready? What’s wrong? You have bad news written all over your face, girl! Oh dear, did something happen to my dress? Whatever will I wear to…EEK!

Mary screamed as a big, black, hairy spider ran across her perfectly pink manicured toes.

A scream was caught in Christina’s throat too. She hated spiders, but didn’t want to show her panic in front of Mary. Though it looked like she didn’t have to worry about that. Mary was running for the door. “I will be back tomorrow!”

She left the door standing open and Christina was glad to see the creepy spider run out of the door. The aroma of lilacs blew in with the gentle Spring breeze. Christina smiled, the lilacs smelled wonderful, but she quickly shut the door. Didn’t want her uninvited fuzzy spider coming back in.

She rubbed her arms feeling the chills, thinking about the spider, but laughed at the same time. The spider had saved her day!

Looking at the ball of knotted thread on Mary’s dress, she was so relieved that she had until tomorrow to finish it. She still had to add many sequins to it. Mary wanted her dress to sparkle for the garden party she was having at her estate.

It had been a big project making this special dress, but the money she would get for it was worth it. She wouldn’t have to worry about rent this month. Plus if Mary was satisfied with her work she promised to spread the news to her friends. That would be a great boost to Christina’s business.

Turning the sign to close, she set to work on finishing Mary’s dress. It had to be perfect.

Christina’s neck was aching, bent over putting the sequins on Mary’s dress. The money may be worth it, but her neck was complaining. She still had the fine lace to put on around the edges.

Time passed slowly. Christina was fighting sleep and hunger. When she was finished she would treat herself to Mike’s fresh crab cakes. Would be pleasant to sit by the water and enjoy them. A half hour later she put on the last sequin and her cramped fingers were so grateful to be done!

Looking at the clock she decided to take a break now for crab cakes. Her stomach was growling and maybe Mike would be able to take a short break with her. Thoughts of him made her smile, warming her heart. He was on her mind more and more lately. Thats why she had been lost in a daydream earlier.

Closing up the shop she walked the two blocks to his restaurant enjoying the warm evening. This was the perfect, little seaside town. Her slice of paradise.

Mike’s Crab Shack wasn’t too busy. The dinner crowd had mostly left, as it was later in the evening now. He greeted Christina, looking genuinely pleased to see her.

“Good evening, my lady.” He made a little bow, giving her a wink.

Christina laughed, “Acting all formal tonight, I see. Where is your suit and tie?” She teased.

“One never knows, maybe I will wear it tomorrow?” She laughed thinking of him all dressed up standing behind the counter of his little shack on the deck. It was a small place but popular. Everyone knew he had the best crab cakes around.

Christina took her last bite, the crab cakes had hit the spot. Mike had been sitting with her earlier, their conversation had flowed easily. Looking up, she was happy to see him heading her way.

“How would you like to take a little walk along the water? It won’t take me long to close up.”

“Sounds great!” She hoped he didn’t hear how loud her heart was beating. All thoughts of the unfinished dress went out the window.

Christina felt like she was glowing as they walked. A delightful way to end her day.

They shared stories back and forth getting to know each other a little more. Mike had shared a touching story about his dear grandmother. Her opinion of him was rising, as he revealed a tender heart, when it came to his grandmother.

After talking they walked in comfortable silence for a bit listening to the water. Neither of them feeling in a hurry to leave.

The night was simple, but one of the best night’s Christina had in awhile. When they said goodnight, she hadn’t wanted to let go of his hand. Almost felt like she was breaking the spell of the magical evening. She was feeling so good, that she felt like she could float back to her shop.

Opening the door to her shop the dress was lying by the sewing machine, waiting for her. It was late but she wasn’t tired. Picking up the dress she … EEK! A spider ran off of it and scurried away. Christina rubbed her arms, feeling the heebie jeebies again! What was it with spiders all of a sudden being in her shop?

Picking up the dress a little more cautiously this time she took a look and … What had happened?? There was silk lace all around the edges of the dress already! How? She was confused. The silk was weaved in such an intricate way. The spider? Spiders weave webs, but … c’mon Christina, this isn’t a fairy tale, she told herself.

Perhaps her friend and assistant, Jody had stopped by to help her out. Jody knew she had been stressed about doing a perfect job on the dress. That would explain things. She would have to thank her. Now she needed to close the shop and go home to get some sleep.

Stepping outside to walk home she enjoyed the light of the full moon. It was like there was a touch of magic in the air.

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