When Magic Happens!

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Once upon a time in a far off land there lived a golden hair princess. The girl was a beauty and was known to turn the head of every guy in the kingdom.

Taken in by her radiant beauty made guys quick to want to be her shining knight. That is until they learned the one thing that the king couldn’t hide.

When the golden hair princess opened her mouth, one would be forced to cover their ears. Her shrill voice caused glass to shatter! No matter how she tried to lower it nothing would work. They were constantly replacing the glass windows of the castle and glassware was no longer used.

The King loved his daughter, Sarabella,so much and his heart hurt for her as she withdrew more and more inside herself. As the years passed, her golden smile dimmed and her suitors became less and less. Word had spread about the princess with the shrill voice. She began to resign herself to the fate of never being betrothed.

Her mother, the Queen, fretted and ranted. Surely there had to be something that could be done. Sarabella was their only daughter, Their golden haired princess. They wanted her to be happy and carefree, to be able to open her mouth without being afraid.

A day when the clouds were hiding the sun, the King rode off on his white steed. No one knew where he had gone. He hadn’t even breathed a word to his most trusted servant. All wondered at his sudden departure.

Many miles did the royal steed travel and with each mile that drew the King closer to his destination, hope grew. This had to work, the King knew of no other way.

When he saw the crepe myrtles lining the path he knew he had arrived.

Sure enougb, there the old man was, up ahead, talking to the one tree. The King respectfully called out to him and the man turned around.

“Hello! I have been waiting for you.” The man said.

The King felt like he should bow in this man’s presence. He was known as the Crazy man, but no one denied that he had magic powers.

“Goodbye, my children.” The old man started calling out their names, and the King didn’t know who was crazier. The old man, for naming his crepe myrtles or him for believing he could work some magic on Sarabella.

As he called out the last name, he turned towards the King. “Now we can go in.”

The King dismounted and proceeded to follow the old man up the hill, to his home. When they walked up to his front door the King was shocked to see an armadillo on each side of the door. The rumors were true. Some had guard dogs, but the old man had guard armadillos.

Did he have names for them, as well, wondered the King.

His question was answered as the odd man, spoke out loud. “We have company, Armando and Dillion, the King is here. The armadillos didn’t move, the King wondered if they were stuffed, but thought it best if he didn’t question the odd,old man.

They entered the house and sat down at the table. A pot of coffee was on the table, with two mugs. As the old man had said before. He had been expecting the King. That was part of his magical powers, or was it that he always had an extra cup on the table, ready for company?

The kingdom was divided over how many thought he did have magical powers and how many believed him to simply be delusional. After all he did name his trees.

The King hoped that his magical powers were real and wasted no time in explaining the reason for his visit.

“I come to you, in person, pleading to help my daughter, Princess Sarabella. Can you give her a normal voice? One that doesn’t break one’s eardrums and shatter glasses. I will reward you with anything you want if you can fulfill my request?”

The odd,old man didn’t say a word. He sipped his coffee, as the King waited. The King refrained from drinking the coffee. He had heard others tell how bitter the coffee was. Some thought it to be the magic potion, with bitter herbs, that the old man drinks. That maybe that was where his power came from. If that was true the King was ready to pour him another cup. But after he drank his first cup, he spoke. “Your request has been granted.”

The King was shocked! Was it really that simple? He drinks the magic potion and Poof! Wishes granted!

“I thank you with all my heart. Tell me, what reward can I give you? Anything, just say it and it is yours. You have my word.”

Once again the old man was silent. The King waited, and then with his four remaining teeth in his mouth he spoke. “I will follow you back to your castle and then tell you what I desire.”

This made the King slightly uncomfortable. Everyone would know he had come seeking out the old man’s help, but so be it. His daughter was cured and he couldn’t be happier. That was all that mattered.

They left right away. The old man rode the royal steed as the King walked ahead. When passing the crepe myrtles the old man said bye to each one, calling them once more by name.

A smile came to the King’s face. It was rather sweet. Him naming them. They were the prettiest crepe myrtles he had ever seen. Maybe they liked having names and that made them bloom.

The King was so glad to finally see his castle up abead. His legs were growing very tired!

Something was amidst as tbey approached the castle. The King heard the most beautiful singing and his servants seemed to be so excited. Then he spotted them. His wife and daughter walking in the gardens. As he got closer he realized that it was his sweet Sarabella singing!

Tears sprung to his eyes and he ran towards them. They all embraced, talking at once, with great joy!

The old man hung back taking it all in, not saying a word.

Then the King remembered. “I have someone for you to meet. He is the one who cured your voice, my sweet Sarabella.”

Sarabella and her mom looked in astonishment at the old man. They had never believed the rumors about his magic powers, but now there was no denying it.

Impulsively Sarabella threw her arms around him in a warm embrace. “Thank you so much! You changed my life!”

Her mom chimed in, “Yes, how can we ever thank you?”

“I have already told him that he can have anything he wants. All he needs to do is name it.”

The Queen smiled at her husband, “Good, good! You reward him and Sarabella and I will start planning for her special Ball.”

The Queen and daughter couldn’t hide their delight in imagining all the young men that would be sure to come. Sarabella was talking a mile a minute now, as they made their way back into the castle.

Feeling fantastic that all had worked out the king looked at the old man, and asked again. “What do you wish as your reward. Just name it and it will be.”

The old man looked directly into the King’s eyes, “Sarabella’, he said.

Fear shot through the King’s eyes. Surely he had heard wrong. “Sarabella went back to the castle, tell me, what do you wish as your reward?”

His answer made the King’s blood run cold, “Sarabella”.

There was much weeping that night, but what was the King to do. He couldn’t go back on his word. The King’s word was gold.

He was so proud of Sarabella the next day. She was so strong as they prepared for the wedding. This was not how it was supposed to be, it was so solemn, instead of a glorious affair.

“Now you may kiss the bride.”

Princess Sarabella looked into her husband’s eyes and was glad to see kindness there. He was waiting. He may not be the man of her dreams, but he would be kind. She could tell. With courage and a burst of gratitude for what he had done for her, she kissed him.

Everyone gasped at the transformation before them. The old man was young and had all his teeth. In fact he was the most handsome guy that Sarabella had ever seen. She ran her fingers through his thick, wavy, luxurious hair.

There was singing, dancing and feasting long into the night. The King was so happy that he had kept his word. He had passed the test!

Princess Sarabella’s husband was turning out to be quite the gentleman. Easygoing, caring and very much in love with Sarabella. His eyes shined like the stars when he looked at her. He promised to treat her well. It was a perfect match.

Okay, maybe the King had noticed him talking to some of the trees while his daughter was talking to her mom, but … if he wanted to name the King’s trees, so be it. No harm done.

The clock struck midnight and all was well. Princess Sarabella had a sweet voice and was married to a man who may be a tad on the crazy side, but he loved her, and they lived happily ever after! The End

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