Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Tried something new in regards to making S’mores.  Roasted a strawberry with marshmallow fluff on it and added some chocolate to it with graham crackers. Like a regular S’more. Well, sometimes what sounds good, isn’t as good as it sounds. A little too sweet, for even me. But one doesn’t know if they don’t try! Enjoy the quotes, may they bring the right amount of sweetness, inspiration and laughs to your week. 











56 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I love this, Joy! I’ve been making S’mores and bought the goodies for the grandkids for the weekend! I’ll have to try out the strawberry version! C.S. Lewis always said it best! And yes, look what happened to the Dino’s without chocolate! Sending love and hugs! You always bring me warmth and love! 🎶🎶💛💕❤️

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  2. I think your S’more needs some caramel.

    #8 makes a lot of sense to me. Seems to me like we can’t get away with anything, because whatever we do, it’s reflected in our demeanor. On the other hand, it also illustrates the benefits from being an anonymous benefactor.

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  3. 2) The problem with thinking you can’t do something is that you’ll probably never try.
    4) Yep… don’t be a snowflake. Just today, I heard this President John Adams quote from a 4th-grader… “Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.”
    6) I’d laugh… but even after a year, the end of my thumb still protests. Cupcakes tonight!

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  4. A fun variety of quotes between silly and thought-filled. Lots of comments, too, which is always a sign of an enjoyable post! While I found something to relate to in each of them, #2 stuck out to me because in physical therapy yesterday, whenever my therapist told me he wanted a rep of 5 of an exercise, I wouldn’t stop at 5 if I felt I could do more! That’s the first time I could see improvement for myself!

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    • Thanks Jo! Glad you enjoyed the variety and yes I always enjoy the comments. 😉
      Good for you at physical therapy, pushing yourself! Number 2 fits perfectly! I hope you keep improving!


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